Alive 03 Military Families

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We had a new shower installed. Now we can get a clean start with the Christmas holidays. hanks to our youngest son, and his brother in law. Keith also talks bout getting caught up on hiw other podcat, the Retro Radio Podcast. Check it out for some free, family friendly entertainment.

Main Topic: Militry Families, and coping with seperation.

Keith recounts the perspective from that of the military person. Also a little history of his first days reporting to his first duty station after boot camp. Seperation for short periods for guard duty, trips to the field, and being separated for his first wedding anniversary.

Robin talks about support groups, and substitute families for the military wife to draw on. How to get support when no official groups exist, and both Keith and Robin talk about readjustments on returning. Then there’s the topic of seperation anxiety for kids as well. Lots to be aware about, but not always easy answers. Communicating, and a little consideration for the others involved go a long way.


We got our first responce… sort of. A positive word from a listener on Twitter. Thanks for thinking our first podcast was cool. I hope we keep making them that way.

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2 thoughts on “Alive 03 Military Families”

  1. Really interesting hearing the accounts of your experiences with early years of marriage being affected by military life. (Thanks so much for your service to our country-both of you and your kids!) Other than the military life, I feel like we have a lot in common–we got married in ’81 and grew through years of tight finances and have been so thankful for having a loving church family who has been strong emotional support through good times and bad. Looking forward to the next episode!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Pam. Serving the country was a pleasure… well, OK, maybe not always very fun, but I’d still be doing it if I wasn’t too old and decrepit these days. 🙂 Keep the comments coming. And Robin says thanks back to you for the feedback.

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