Alive 002 Christmas Traditions and Memories

Recent news involves furniture that’s new to us. Also dealing with a visit with grandkids, phone and cable installers, and laundry.


We talk about Christmas traditions from before marriage, and how we blended them into our family. Stockings, visiting relatives, passing out and opening gifts, and more.

We remember early Christmases while in the military, splitting leave time between families. Traditions are always being remade, particularly with the death of a family member.

As Christians, how did we deal with telling kids about Santa Claus. Bottom line, have fun with it, but be truthful. There’s no need to ruin the beliefs of other kids and families who want to pursue including Santa. Being in on the secret can make it a fun thing.

To wrap things up, we share a few favorite Christmases, and worst Christmas moments. Special gifts, being away from home on Christmas, and kids puking on the boss. A mixed bag of bummers and blessing.


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