Bible Journal 15 God Wants You Back

A week of visitors, and crazy technology issues. Not to mention a consistent call from God that he wants you back. Here’s my week in the bible, and how I summarized it.

Sunday, April 12

Movie Night

Tired today. Didn’t get much sleep last night for some reason. Made it through church, then went home for an all day nap.

Movie night. Showed the movie, Courageous. Not a favorite. Has a good message, but can be hard for me to follow what’s happening.

Getting for the upcoming week of writing challenge with

Passage: Luke 24, Psalm 47.
Theme: Joyful Resurrection.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Luke 24. Finally able to tend to jesus, the women went to the tomb at daybreak, the first day of the week. it was empty, they were perplexed, and saw an angel. The angel reminded them this is what he talked about. The men were told, then john and peter went to see.

Two unnamed disciples were going to Emmos, and jesus walked with them teaching about the messiah from Abraham, the prophets, and psalms. it wasn’t until they broke bread together in a house at the end of the day that their eyes were opened, and they recognized him. The went back to jerusalem to report to the 11

While they were telling these things, jesus appeared, and showed them the marks in his hands and feet. he was given some fish to eat, then began teaching them. Telling from the law, prophets, and psalms all about him, the resurrection, and opened their minds. his suffering, resurrection, repentance, forgiveness to be taught from jerusalem to the world.

They were told to stay here until a sign would come. he blessed them, then went up to heaven. They worshiped, were joyful, and were continually in the temple.

psalm 47. Clap your hands all you people sing to god with joy. God is great and gives our inheritance.

he ascends with a shout. praise him, praise him. God is king, and he reigns.

Monday, April 13

Rainy Monday

Raining this morning. Probably no laundry today. Robin needs to run an errand or two. If the weather clears up, we may go tinker with some lawn mowers.

Trying to do some early work regarding writing, and reading. Filtered emails. Making headway at taming things.

uh-oh. my shift key quit working. Great, besides not getting all the uppercase letters, it’s going to make it a pain to select text. Wonderful.

Passage: Jeremiah 1-2, Galatians 1.
Theme: Straying from Truth.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Jeremiah 1. A priest of a certain line, and living at the specified time leading up to the captivity, had a vision.

From before the womb, Jeremiah was meant to be a prophet. he didn’t think his gift was in speech, and that he was too young. God said, go and tell, and he put the word in jeremiah’s mouth, and promised to protect him.

The word of god asked what jeremiah saw. An almond rod that was to represent god watching over the nation. Then a boiling pot in the north to represent the nation from the north to bring destruction. Evil would be unleashed to judge the nation. it was a hard message, but jeremiah had to bring it. he would be as iron and bronze, in that the people may give him grief, but not be able to harm him. it would be dismaying, but jeremiah had to overcome thedismay and tell it.

Jeremiah 2. Go preach against jerusalem. Remember the people’s early devotion to god?

The fathers strayed. They turned from god to seek emptiness, and became empty. priests, kings, and prophets didn’t recognize god, or the inheritance they were given.

Check it out and see. have nations ever given up their fake gods? This nation has given up their glory for fake gods. Be shocked and shudder. There are two evils, they left life giving water, and built their own faulty cisterns. Cisterns that don’t hold water.

is israel a slave? Why has he become prey? The destruction has been done to himself. Seeking the waters of Egypt, and of Assyria, or seeking after the lusts of those places. your own wickedness will find you out and judge you.

long ago the bondage was broken, but they wouldn’t serve god. God planted a lush vine for them, but they traded it for defiled and smaller vines. Wash, but the stain is before gods eyes. you seek after animalist lusts, and physical desires.

A thief is only ashamed at being caught. you make stone and wood idols, claiming them as father, but still cry out to me when something goes wrong. Get help from the rocks and wood.

i’ve tried to discipline you, but you stopped listening. When have i mistreated you, but you say we’re free to do our own thing. A bride can’t help but focus on the trinkets of her wedding dress, but you’ve been disloyal and unfaithful. There’s blood stains on you, but you play it as though you’re innocent and want me to be obliged to rescue you again. you think my judgements won’t apply to you.

Galatians 1. paul an apostle, not appointed by men, but by god. To the Galatians.

Grace and peace from god and jesus. he gave himself for our sins to rescue us from the evil age.

i’m amazed, you’re giving up the real gospel for a fake one. Anyone who preaches a different gospel is to be accursed.

Am i seeking to please men, or god?” if i sought the favor of men, i wouldn’t be a slave for Christ.

The gospel i taught isn’t according to men, or by men, but by revelation from Christ. you know my past, persecuting Christians.

When god called me, i didn’t consult men, but sought out the source.

it took 3 years before i met with peter and james in jerusalem.

Finally i went to other churches, was still unknown, other than they knew i was the guy who persecuted them, but was now converted.

Tuesday, April 14

Tree Planting

Spent time doing some outdoors chores. Thought the weather looked rainy, but it’s just overcast and cloudy. Warm though.

Got more of the sidewalk to the parking lot scraped off. Robin says we only have another square or two to get all the way. At first we thought there were gaps all down the length, but the rest of the sidewalk appears to be continuous. Took a break to finish another day, and not over do it.
While taking a break, we got two fruit trees planted.

A plum tree near the rear of the church, and a peach tree near the front. Both on the west side.

Picked up the yard, and checked on getting the mowers running.
Gotta get some office work started. Going to Robins mom’s Thursday and Friday, so the more I can work on, the better.

Passage: Jeremiah 3-4, Galatians 2.
Theme: Having True Faith.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Jer 3. Using a commonly held social analogy, God points out that a man who divorces a wife doesn’t go back to her. She has become as good as defuiled. As if she were a common prostitute and defiled. Especially if she had already got married to another. Israel is like that, only she has had many lovers, and should god take back the defiled land? Will he be angry forever?

During the days of Josiah, god points out how Israel was particularly adulterous, and unrepentant. It even made Judah become tempted, but in more treacherous ways.

Despite the faithlessness of Israel, god was ready to take them back. Only confess, repent and return to obedience to god.

Then good shepherds will be given. You won’t need the ark of the covenant any more, it won’t be rebuilt, and it won’t be missed. Both the nations of Israel and Judah will return to Jerusaolem to be reunited.

God wants them to have the most beautiful of lands, and to call him father, not turning away, and not dealing treacherously.

Weeping and crying is heard. Return faithless ones, god will heal the faithless. The idols and shrines are deceptive, return to god.

Confess that shame and humility have covered us. Consuming our labors. Sin and disobedience against god.

Jer 4. Return Israel. Put away the hated things without wavering. Honor the lord, and glory will return.

This word is for Israel and Judah. Break up the fallow ground, and remove the thorns. Circumsize your heart, or gods wrath will go out to you. Note: in the parable of the soils, Jesus said the thorny ground was the cares of the secular world.

Send out the trumpet signal to come and worship. Seek refuge, the destroyer has been sent from the north. Wear sack cloth. The wrath of god has gone out. Prophet, priest, and king will be appalled. Their hearts will fail

Has god deceived the people, claiming to have peace in Jerusalem, and sending a sword?

A strong and sure wind of judgement will blow. Woe because you are ruined.

Wash evil from your heart, and you’ll be saved. Instead wickedness is proclaimed. Siege is coming, and you brought it on yourself.

God is in anguish, his heart pounds at the devastation. How long will it go on? The stupid and foolish people. They are quick to do evil, and have forgotten how to do good.

God looked at the heavens and earth and saw it formless and void. No light, mountains shaking, men and birds fleeing, cities flattened, and wilderness. Note: formless and void means chaos.

Desolate, but not complete destruction. Mourn because god will not change his mind. Anguish, crying woe is me.

Gal 2. After a revelation, Paul returned to Jerusalem after 14 years to present the gospel he would teach to the gentiles. Done discretely, in private, and with the reputable. It had nothing to do with circumcision. It qwasn’t under scrutiny for them to change, since it was teaching from god.

When Peter came to Antioch, Paul challenged him to his face on a matter of hypocritical behavior. It had to do with Peter living as the gentiles, until other Jews came, then he distanced himself to act in the Jewish customs. Implying the gentiles ought to also live change to be circumsized, and live according to Jewish customs. It should be about the gospel, not church customs.

Its fine to be Jewish. Realize it’s not the works of the law that justifies, but the faith in Christ Jesus. Through the law, I died to the law to please god. I’ve been crucified with Christ, and it’s no longer me, but he who lives in me. he life I now live is his life. If righteousness comes through the law, then christ died needlessly.

Wednesday, April 15

Day of Shopping

Did laundry at the laundrymat.

Did some hardware shopping. Sparkplug for the push mower, battery charger, and other things to get the rider going.

Went to eat at the Cozy Cafe. Good food.

Back home, got laundry mostly put away, and mowing started.

Passage: Jeremiah 5-6, Galatians 3.
Theme: Lost the Vision.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Jeremiah 5. Jeremiah is commanded to walk thestreets, in search of a good man. For the sake of that one righteous man, the city would be spared. People say the right words, but don’t mean it when they invoke god’s name. They refuse to listen, or take correction from god. No repentance or admitting their way is wrong. Note: Reminds me of the situation with Lot, and Sodom and Gomorrah. Also of Diogenes, who sought earnestly for an honest man in Greek mythology.

They’re fools. They know the way, but don’t follow it. Lions will pounce on them when they leave the city.

Why should god forgive them, they’ve sought other gods. He filled and satisfied them, but they lusted after each others wives like wild horses.

Destruction has been commanded. Stripping away all the branches, but not destroying completely. The branches are not the lords, they’ve lied, and dealt treacherously. BThey say, ‘G

od won’t let bad things happen to us, the sword or famine can’t touch us’.

They’ll devour food, children, crops, livestock, cities.

Though it seems like it, there won’t be complete destruction, and you’ll be taken away to serve other nations.

Foolish people, you have eyes and ears, but are blind and deaf. Don’t you fear me, the creator, and one who sets boundaries that can’t be crossed? Stubborn people, you don’t fear the god who sends the rains and seasons. Your sins have kept blessings away, filled houses with deception, and brought on the conquerors. Evil ones have grown fat while widows, orphans, and the poor are forgotten. Vengance is coming.

An appalling thing is happening, false prophets, and priests who come in their own names, and the people love it.

Jeremiah 6. Run, flee from the destroying enemy who comes from the north. Punishment is ordained by god. He’ll abandon the city and leave it to the voracious enemy.

They’ll thoroughly strip the vine. The people have stopped listening, and man and woman, young and old will lose all. God’s wrath poured out from greatest to the least. Greed drives everyone, they’re no longer ashamed, and have forgotten how to blush.

God says to stand in the ancient paths of doing right, and you’ll find rest for the soul. They refused. Watchmen, or preachers, were sent. Listen up. Disaster is coming. Sacrifices are no longer asked for, or considered pleasing. Stumbling blocks are in the way, and destruction waits.

A cruel, mighty nation from the north is coming. No mercy is found in them as they ride into battle against you. You won’t be able to go any where to escape.

The people are being tested as bronze and iron, but none is surviving the test of the fire. All are being burned up.

Galatians 3. Foolish Galations, who has tricked you. You’ve been taught the gospel, purified in the spirit, but are falling for the flesh. It’s not the law that works the miracles, but faith.

Abraham had faith first, then was counted as righteous. it’s the believers, the faithful, who are descendants of Abraham. It’s what the prophecy that, ‘all the nations will be blessed in you’ is about.

Being under the law is to be under a curse. To not follow every part of the law curses you. No one is justified by law, but the righteous man, by faith is. Christ redeemed us from the law’s curse. His act opened the doors to even gentiles to be redeemed.

A covenant is binding, and bnot to be broken. Christ doesn’t break the old laws, but is part of a larger plan that began far earlier than Abraham.

The law is to describe sin, given through a mediator. Until the time of “the Seed” or ultimate mediator. The law can’t give life, it’s not contrary to god, but life comes from faith.

Before faith came, we were held in custody in the law. Its a tutor that leads to christ. Now that faith has come, all who believe are sons of god. All who are baptized into christ are clothed with christ. No Jew or Greek, no man or woman, no free or slave, all are one in christ.

Thursday, April 16

Facing another day in the Blackout

Going to Robins mom’s later. Was going to spend the night, but may be back later tonight. Gonna get into a crunch on journals, and the wordpress writing project. Not liking that, but it’s family, and that’s more important.

Passage: Jeremiah 7-8, Galatians 4.
Theme: The Heirs Who Lose the Inheritance.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Jeremiah 7Another word from god to Jeremiah, to stand in the temple to preach. All you worshippers here, change your ways. Practice justice to your neighbor, don’t oppress the orphan alien or widow, don’t shed innocent blood here, or worship idols, then I’ll keep letting you live in the land.

You trust in lies, stealing, killing, commit adultery, swear falsely, following other gods, then you come to this house You say we’re delivered, and think it gives license to keep doing wrong. I watch as my house has become a den of robbers.

God refers to a similar injustice at Shiloh, andas certainly as there was destruction there, it would happen here too. Note: apparently Shiloh is the Northern Kingdom equivalent to Jerusalem, and that kingdom had already suffered loss due to their bad behavior.

To Jeremiah, god told him not to pray, intercede, or try to stand in the gap for these people. Don’t you see what they’re doing? From child to wife, to dad, they do their part to sacrifice to other gods. It’s not to spite me, but a credit to their shame.

Note: God says a strange thing here. He commands to partake of the sacrifices, but he didn’t dictate the nation to do it from the time of their leaving Egypt. What? That’s the first thing he had them do once they left was to observe the sabbaths and sacrifice. Unless I entirely misread most of Exodus and Numbers. What did god command then…?

God claims the thing he commanded was to be obedient. Walk in his way, and all will be well with you. They didn’t do it. There has been a continuing stream of prophets, but they didn’t obey. They went backwards, and ended up doing more evil than their fathers.

Tell them these words, but they won’t listen. Truth has died in them, and been cut off.

Days are coming where the place they offered child sacrifices, Topeth, will be where the dead bodies of the people are cast. There won’t be room anywhere else for them, and wild birds and beasts will feast on the flesh. No joy or gladness will be heard.

Jeremiah 8. All the prophets, priests, and kings won’t escape the indignity of being killed, and not buried. Those who are left alive will wish to be dead as well. Why do you still refuse to return, this is what results from not repenting. Nobody said, ‘what have I done’? Note: To recognize they did wrong after, and say what have I done is za step in the right direction. At least they would have a concious, and remorse. Better to avoid doing that, but no shame at doing wrong was left at all.

You can’t say you’re wise, when the lord isn’t in a thing you do. Your wives and property will be given to others. From the poor to the rich, all are greedy. The prophet and priest practice deciet. There’s no shame, and they’ve forgotten how to blush.

God will surely snatch away everything. No crops, it’s going to wither and die. No peace, no healing, only terror. Besides the approaching enemy, god will send serpents. Note: serpents were sent to kill off the lustful people, just before they gathered to cross the river and inhabit the land. Maybe it’s reading too much into it to compare lust, with the punishment of the firey serpents.

The sorrow in gods heart is beyond healing, or making amends. They provoked, and it’s time to pay the price. God’s heart is broken at the behavior of his rebellious daughter, and that the relationship isn’t restored.

Galatians 4. Paul points out that as long as the heir is a child, he’s on par with a slave. The difference is the child will grow up, and inherit, but the slave is always a slave. Believers are that way, we are like everybody else, but when the time comes, we’ll inherit the kingdom.

Being a believer, an heir to the kingdom, why do you turn back? You return to being enslaved. Has my preaching been in vain?

Please be like me. I came to you in a physical weakness, and you supported me. Though it was a trial to you, you treated me like Jesus himself had come to you. Where’s that sense of blessing you had? Have I become an enemy for telling the truth?

To those who want to be bound to the law, read the law. Abraham had two sons, and it serves as an alogory. The son by Hagar the slave represents the earthly kingdom, but the son of promise represents the spiritual kingdom. Which is most desireable to obtain?

Friday, April 18

Visit By Caroline

After spending the last two days helping get the yard sale ready at Robin’s mom’s, the sale is today. Robin had to be back home today to do her monthly thing with the kids at church.

Caroline wanted to stay over, so we swung through Altamont to pick her up. Not sure how long she’ll stay, probably through the weekend for sure.

Got some recording done for the quest podcast. Two shows ready to pop out there. I ought to look at some retro stuff too. Maybe later though.

Passage: Jeremiah 9-10, Galatians 5.
Theme: Consequence of Not Repenting.
Who’s in it, and what’s going on:

Jeremiah 9. Using very human expressions, God says his head is full of water, and his eyes full of tears for the loss of his people. He’d rather leave the city to live in a shack in the dessert. Its because of their adulterous ways. They don’t know him anymore. Each one dealing falsely, untrustworthy, and decietfully with each other.

God will refine them. Their tongue is deadly, speaking peace, but behind the scene the intent is to lie.

God mourns for the abuse done to the land. Animals and birds have fled. The city will be made ruins.

Is there a wise man who’ll understand? The land is ruined because they have forsaken god and his laws. The people will be scattered.

God says. Send for the wailing women. Weeping, lament, and a dirge for the losses in Jerusalem. Death is everywhere.

God says. Don’t boast of wisdom, might, or wealth, but that you know me. God stands for peace lovingkindness, justice, and righteousness.

The day is coming to punish the circumsized, since they’re acting as they were uncircumsized. Hardening of the heart.

Jeremiah 10. Listen up. God says. Don’t be afraid of the signs like the heathen nations. Its because they’re dellusional by the handmade gods they honor.

God is great, and great is his God made the heaven, and stretched it out. He makes the lightening and the rain. Shame on the idols.

God is slinging out the inhabitants of the land.

Again using human terms, god says, ‘woe is me’. He’s as wounded as if he has a curse, a lack of blessing, put on him. A sickness that he has to bear, that his shepherds have become stupid. The noise of desolation is coming.

Its not in a man to know how to direct his steps. Judge in righteness, not anger. Save the pouring of wrath for the nations and families who don’t know you.

Galatians 5. Christ liberated us for freedom, so don’t return to slavery.

Being circumsized does no good, but obligates you to do all the law. To follow that way cuts you off from Christ. You’re under the law, not the spirit. The physical sign means nothing regarding following Jesus.

You were doing well, what happened? All it takes is a little leaven to affect the whole lump. A little bad teaching to start down a bad path. Paul has confidence they’ll do right, and get back on track. He doesn’t teach it, and has the marks of persecution on his body to prove it.

You were called to freedom, use it to love one another. The whole law is summarized by a word, to love. Don’t be fighting.

Walk by the spirit, not the flesh. They’re in opposition to each other.

Deeds of the flesh are listed:

19 Now the deeds of the flesh are evident, which are: immorality, impurity, sensuality,
20 idolatry, sorcery, enmities, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger, disputes, dissensions, factions,
21 envying, drunkenness, carousing, and things like these, of which I forewarn you, just as I have forewarned you, that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Followed by the fruit of the spirit:

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
23 gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.

Crucify the fleshly desires. Walk in the spirit.

Saturday, April 18

What Happened To Saturday

Didn’t have any notes for saturday. Got in some office time though, as Robin took the kids to do their usual Saturday stuff at church. Caroline went to help out.

Was also the day that David brought the stuff from the garage at the Altamont house.

Someone here in town, a former member of the Countyline church, borrowed some tables and chairs for a wedding.

Passage: Jeremiah 11-13, Galatians 6.
Theme: Restoration.
Who’s in it, and what’s going on:

Jer 11. God has a word specifically for the folks in Judah and Jerusalem. Listen up. God says he brought their fathers out of the iron furnace, Egypt. They were told to listen and obey.

Listen to the covenant, obey it. Warnings have persistently come all through time, up til today. Stop being stubborn.

A conspiracy to return to sinful ways is going on. They won’t listen, they follow idols, and inescapable destruction ois coming. They’ll cry to me, but I won’t listen. Their false gods certainly won’t save them.

Don’t pray for them, the decision is made. A valuable olive tree has become worthless.

It was exposed to Jeremiah that the people wanted to cut off god, and have his word appear on earth no more. People wanted to kill Jeremiah, because they didn’t want to hear his words against them.

Jer 12. Jeremiah asks why the treacherous have prospered. They say gods name, but he’s far from them in their hearts. How long will the injustice go on? Their evilness has ruined the land, and driven away birds and beasts.

If running with men makes you tired, how can you run with horses? If you fail in the city of peace, how will you do in the wilds of the Jordan? Don’t believe any of the nice words they may say to you.

God has forsaken his house. His inheritance is given to the wild lions, and will become wilderness. Desolate, and with no peace.

God will uproot his people, but he plans to bring them back. If they will really learn to obey, they’ll be built up. If not, they’ll be uprooted again.

Jer 13. Jeremiah is told to buy a new linen loincloth, or waste band, or underwear. After wearing it once, he is to place in the river. After many days, Jeremiah is to dig it up, and it is ruined, and worthless.

Just as the underwear has been ruined, so will the people become ruined. God made his people to be his underwear, and cling closely to him. They’ve become stubborn, and prideful, but were made for praise, and glory. Stubborn pride, opposite of obedience and tenderness. Note: my blog post on God’s underwear.

God will let them self destruct by over doing their drunkenness.

Here’s your chance. Give up pride, or god sends gloom, and darkness. Give god glory and humility, or face captivity.

Look and see, the enemy is coming. Don’t say, ‘why have these things happened to me’. Your sin has exposed your nakedness. You’ve become accustomed to doing evil, how can you do good?It would be like the Ethiopian changing his skin, or leopard changing spots. Note’ Its their nature, so engrained it can’t be changed.

Gal 6. If someone is found in sin, restore him in kindness. Don’t be tempted to join the sin. Carry one another along, Don’t boast in yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others.

If you’ve been taught the word, teach others and direct the glory to the source of the word. God is bnot mocked. What you sow, is what you reap. Don’t lose heart doing good to anybody. Especially do good to each other.

Paul signs off with large letters, probably in his distinctive handwriting. He warns about circumcision. Don’t do it, it isn’t necessary, and only matters to those who are hypocriticalIt’s more important to be in the spiritual kingdom of Christ.

He also points the marks he bears for Christ on his own body.

Bonus Intermission Track: Moriah Peters – I Choose Jesus

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