Bible Journal 16 The Price of Truthful Living.

A week of house guests, driving people around, and catching up o sleep, and podcasting. Then there’s the bible experience. Prime examples of obedience, or the lack of it, and how goe responds to that obedience.

Sunday, April 19

Sleepy Sunday

Haven’t been sleeping well lately. dID A LOT OF NAPPING TODAY. Z

passage: Jeremiah 14-15, Colossians 1.
Theme: God of Those Who Understand.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

A quick summary thus far. God’s people had left him. They followed after idols, and were rebelling to repent, and obey god. n

Jeremiah 14. The drought in the land is hard. There’s no water to be found by man or beast, and the vegetation is drying up in the parched land. Jeremia prays and laments to god to ease up. Don’t forsake us, the people called by your name.

God says. These people wander. Its time to call them to account. Don’t pray for them. I’m not listening to them, and I’m not accepting their offerings.

Jeremiah asks about the false prophets who offer hope. God responds. I never sent them, or gave them things to say. They’ll die by the sord that they prophesy won’t come. So many of the people will doie, there won’t be anybody to bury them.

God seems to shift gears, and speak the words he longs for his people to say. Have you completely rejected Judah? Why are we stricken beyond healing? We know our sins, and those of our fathers. Don’t hate us, we know it isn’t the idols who give the rain. You’re our on,ly hope.

Jeremiah 15. God tells Jeremiah that even if the two great prophets, Moses and Samuel, stood before him to pray for the people, he wouldn’t listen. Tell them to go. Go where? Sword, death, famine, or captivity. Four kinds of doom, sword, dogs, birds, and beasts to devour them.

Nobody will be there to mourn, pity, or ask about your welfare. You continuously don’t repent, you’re going backward. I’m going to strike you down.

Woe is me, men will say, asking why their mothers bore them into such destruction.

The iron from the north can’t be broken, or the fire put out.

What about those who earnestly pray, and endure for gods sake? What about the ones whpo found the word of god a delight, and ate them? What about the ones who didn’t take part in their merry making, will we also have to endure these terrible times?

God says. If you return, I’ll restore you. You’ll be my spokesman, make them become like you, and not you being like them. I’ll protect, save, and deliver you.

Colossians 1. From Paul and Timothy. Grace and peace to the Colossians.

Thanks and prayers over the faithfulness and love for the gospel. For your fruitfulness since you heard it.

Prayers for increased wisdom, for fruitfulness, for strength and being steadfast. Thankful in him, and being included in his kingdom.

Jesus is the physical image of the invisible god. Jesus is the creator of all, the head of the body of believers. It also pleased god to use him to redeem us all into his kingdom.

Though you were hostile and evil, he has reconciled you to him. Blameless and beyond reproach.

I rejoice in suffering… for your sake. In other words, all the suffering is worth it to have you in the kingdom. The mystery of god can now be known to those who are his saints. The people who god wills it to be known. We proclaim him, teaching to every man.

Monday, April 20

Monday Workday

Slept in, at least Robin did. I was up about 6AM and got in some early email checking, and notes for next month retro podcast.

Supposed to be doing some massive house cleaning, but, insted I’m trying to untangle a mess with the bible journal notes. Somehow skipped a day, and missing some notes on the daily bible readings. The journal parts aren’t so hard to jot down.

Also trying to work with only one working shift key. Making it difficult to do uppercase on the right side of the keyboard, selecting text, and getting symbols on the right side of the keyboard. pain.

Passage: Jeremiah 16-17, Colossians 2.
Theme: Deceived About Worship.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Jeremiah 16. God calls Jeremiah not to marry, or have kids. All the kids born in the land will die, and be cast out as unceremoniously as poop.

God says. Don’t feel sorry for the people, god has removed his peace, compassion, and lovingkindness. Men great and small will die. There’ll be no feasts, rejoicing, or gladness at all.

Tell them, but the people will want to know for what sin this is coming. Its for forsaking god, following idols, and doing even greater evil that the fore fathers.

The saying of the future won’t be ‘the lord lives, who brought us from Eghypt’, but ‘the lord who has brought out of the land of the north’.

God will send for many hunters and fishermen to hunt all hthe evil people. God knows who you are, hes watching you. Sins are not hidden.

The nations will come and say they’ve inherited nothing but lies. Can man make gods that are no godds. God will make them to know his power.

Jeremiah 17. The sins of Judah is engraved with an iron and diamond stylus, on their hearts. Because of that, they will be forced to give up their inheritance, and serve other nations

God says. Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind. He’ll only see stony dessert, no prosperity. Blessed is the man who trusts the lord. He’ll be like a tree planted by a stream.

The heart is decietful and sick. God searches the heart and the mind to reward it.

God is most high. Those who forsake god will be put to shame.

God said. Stand in the public gate and say, If sabbaths are observed, kings will return, and inhabitants will return. If they aren’t observed, a consumoing fire from god will destroy the city.

Colossians 2. Though Paul hasn’t been to Collsse yet, he wants to send a good word of encouragement to them.

Walk in, and be built up in Christ.

Let no one deceive you with worldly philosophy. Empty deception, and secular ways. In Christ is god in human form, head of all authority. You’re joined with him by death in baptism and raised in faith. Made alive, sins forgiven, nailed to the cross.

No one is to judge regarding your celebration of a feast, or food, it’s a mere shadow of things to come. Christ is the substance. Don’t worship angels, or self inflated fleshly visions, or things not holding fast with the head.

If you’ve died with Christ, what does the worldly things matter? Taboos, wisdom, or customs?

Tuesday, April 21

Another Tuesday

Just hanging out. Gotta record the journal podcast.

Found out that Melody A died. She had been in poor health, and recently in a coma. She wasn’t a vet, but was a constant volunteer at Hines. Taking the vets on outings.

Passage: Psalm 35, Jeremiah 18, Colossians 3.
Theme: Shaped for Obedience to God
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Psalms 35. Fight for me lord. Defeat them in battle, turning them away. Make them ashamed, their way dark and slippery. They’ve attacked without cause.

From my bones, my soul will rejoice in the lord. Who is like you, deliver and savior of the needy. They repay evil for good. I fasted and prayed for them, but when I stumble, they rejoiced and sneered at me.

How long will you watch on, rescue me. I’ll give you thanks and praise. Don’t let the deceitful win.

You see it, don’t be far from me. Judge me according to your righteousness. Bring shame and dishonor on them.

Let those who are on my side shout for joy, as I praise your name.

Jeremiah 18. God sends Jeremiah to the potters house. The spoiled pot is reshaped.

God explains that his rebuilding nations is the same way. When they don’t measyure up, he smashes them, and begins anew. Word to Israel, its smash time. Teach them to repent, and turn back. But they’ll say its too hard. They’ll just keep on doing what they want.

God says. My people have fiorgotten me. They walk on paths, not highways. I’ll scatter them.

The people heard the message, and planned to kill Jeremiah. Surely the law and wise counsil won’t pass from the priest and prophet.

Jeremiah appealed to god to not let his enemies win. Should good be repaid by evil? They dig a pit for me. Strike them in battle.

Colossians 3. You’ve been raised in Christ, keep seeking the things from above. Set your mind on those things, and in the last days, you’ll be revealed on his side.

Consider your earthly body dead to immorality, impurity, greed, passion, and evil desire. These are idolatry, and bring the wrath of god on you. Put aside anger, wrath, malice, slander, and abusive speech. Take on the new self.

Put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience. Bear along, forgive, love. Let the word of Christ dwell in you. Do all in the name of Jesus.

Wives submit to husbands. Husbands love your wives. Children be obedient. Fathers don’t exasperate your children.

Slaves obey masters, not only with the external deed, but from the heart. Do your work, as to the lord not men. The lord will give the ultimate reward.

Wednesday, April 22

Changing of the GHouse Guests

Yesterday Caroline went home. A day early, but she had a call from work to come in tomorrow. So Robin took her, and picked up Chris. He has another doctor appointment in STL, and is staying over a day early.

Slept in, well actually got up at the regular time, had breakfast, but was a little tired. We layed back down and read a book until Nate ccalled. Robin got up to make a trip to Greenville, and I thought I’d dink around in the office.

Got one of my iPhone cradles, and plugged it into the docking station. It powers up. However, its the one that pipes the audio out to non existing stereo speakers.

Fortunately, it also had my missing double ended male audio patch cord. We’ve also managed to turn up some adapters to make a small plug fit in a large plug hole. Got it patched into the mixer, but it only comes through on the right channel. And I have to sort of not fully plug in the plug to get audio into the head set.

Tested it with my audio editor, and… WooHoo! I get my microphone mixed with the iPhone audio. Now I need to work out the volume balance, or get in close to the mike to be heard without the line in audio overpowering me. I think I have a handle on it.

Passage: Jeremiah 19-21, Colossians 4.
Theme: Prophecies both False and True.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Jeremiah 19. God says. Buy a pottery jar, take some of the leaders and priests, and outside the gate, preach to them. God is about to bring calamity on this place. The people have forsaken me, and worship other gods. Note: Topeth, or this gate where Jeremiah is preaching, was a place where child sacrifice went on.

Topeth will now be a valey of slaughter, filled with the bodies that will be slain by the coming enemies. Bodies won’t be buried, and be eaten by birds and animals. The city a point of derision by others because of all the disasters.

The jar is to be broken to illustrate that just as it can’t be repaired, neither will the city be able to be repaired. The kings houses will be like the defiled grounds of Topeth.

Next, Jeremiah went to the temple to preach the same words to the people.

Jeremiah 20. A chief priest named Pashur, or liberty, heard Jeremiah’s messages and had him put in stocks over night. The next day Jeremiah prophesied to him. God has called the priest Magor-missabib, or afright. Because the priest and his friends would be a terror as Babylon came with the sword to destroy everything. For his false teachings, Pashur and his family would be carried away as exiles and die in the foreign land, as the wealth of the city would be looted.

Jeremiah laments to god. I’ve become a laughingstock. I preach what I’m supposed to, but everybody hates me when they hear it. If I try to not preach, the words burn in me, being a fire in my bones. I hear the whispering on every side. My trusted friends watching for my fall. God wins in the end. Praise the lord.

He continues by cursing the day e was born. Cursed is the news of his birth, and the messenger who brought it. Why was I born to live in all this shame.

Jeremiah 21. Word to Jeremiah when the king and high priests called him, and the Babylonians were coming.

God says. I’m making your weapons of war useless. I’m setting a plague on the besieged people. The king will survive to be given over to the Babylonians.

God says. Here’s the way of life and death. Stay in the besieged city and die. Leave it, surrender to the enemty, and live. I’m set against this city. It has been given over to the enemy.

To the king. Administer justice, and deliverance to the one who has been robbed and oppressed, that it may go well for you.

To people at large. God is against the prideful attitudes. Note: You can’t touch this. And god says, just watch me.

Colossians 4. Commands for proper relationships continue. Masters be fair to your slaves. Remember, you have a master in heaven.

Be devoted to prayer and thanksgiving. That the word continue to be preached.

Be wise and gracious With visitors.

People who are designated messengers are given. Other greetings from various people are included. Instructions to have the letter read in other churches.

Finally, Paul’s personal greeting to close.

Thursday, April 23

On the Go

Robin seems to be jumping alot lately. Driving her, driving there. We had Caroline, swapped her for Chris. Today is his doctor appointment, but before going, she wanted to help with the Assembly of God church with a give away thing they’re doing.

Trying to look at some upcoming topics for the quest podcast.

Passage: Jeremiah 22-23, Psalm 82, 1 Thessalonians 1.
Theme: Good Leadership.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Jeremiah 22. God says. Go to the king of Judah’s house. Do what’s just and right to the oppressed. Don’t mistreat the visitor, widow, or orphan. Or else, you’ll be desolate and destroyed.

Nations will wonder at the disaster. They forsook their god.

Don’t weep for the dead, but for the one taken away alive.

God says. King Josiah wiolol be taken away, never to see the homeland again.

Woe to him who isn’t just, right, or abuses the widow, and orphan. Do you think its a matter of dwelling in cedar houses that make you king? Do right and justice like your father did, and it’ll go well. Your intent is on dishonest gain. shedding innocent blood, oppression, and extortion.

The people won’t be sad to see the king go. No lament, and buried in the openness of Topeth likde a donkey. Utterly swept away.

Jeremiah 23. Woe to the shepherds, or religious leaders, for misguiding the flock. The flock is unattended, scattered, and god is about to attend to you. God himself will draw the flock out of the foreign lands, and give them good shepherds.

A righteous king from David’s line will be established. His name being, The Lord is Our Righteousness.

Jeremiah claims to be as woozy as a drunken man, as he sorrows at the prophets who have dropped the ball of leadership. Adultery fills the land. Prophet and priest are corrupt.

Prophets calling on baal, or guilty of adultery. Misleading people, strengthening evil doing.

Rampant corruption.

God says. Don’t listen to the prophets, they spourt a vision of their own. They tell the stubborn what they want to hear. There’ll be peace, and no calamity. God promises destruction is coming. If their words were from god, they would’ve been encouraging you to repent.

You can’t run or hide from god. He’s near, and sees you.

These prophets deceive by claiming to have had a dream. Their word is as different as straw is from grain. Check it and see. Gods word is true, like fire, or a stone breaking hammer. God emphatically, repeatedly declares that he’s against them, did not send them.

God is not happy at the abuse of saying, the oracle of the lord. Saying it doesn’t make it so. Stop saying it, or god will put an everlasting shame on you.

Psalms 82. God takes a stand and judges the leaders. Vindicate the weak, the fatherless, the afflicted and destitute. Rescue them from the wicked.

They are unaware, though the earth quakes. You are gods, and the sons of godds, but you’ll die like men. Judge the earth god, it all belongs to you.

1 Thessalonians 1. From Paul, Silvanius, and Timothy. To the Thessalonians. Grace and Peace.

We thank god, and pray for you for the work you’re doing. The work of the gospel. Your work for god in the surrounding ardeas is exemplary. You’ve turned from idols, to worship god. Teaching Jesus, who was raised from the dead, and has come to save us.

Friday, April 24

Lazy Day

Lounged in bed for a while this morning. Finished reading a novel I had been reading.

Pastor dropped off a key for Robin, for the Serento church. Hade a brunch.

After some quick research, Robin and I recorded a podcast. Now I need to edit and post it.

Gotta post an episode of quest on Job. then on to some discipleship items for future shows.

Passage: Jeremiah 24-25, 1 Thessalonians 2.
Theme: Preservation.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Jeremiah 24. After the king had been carried off to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar, Jeremiah had a vision. Two baskets of figs. One with figs that were very good, the other with figs that were very bad and rotten.

The good figs are how god regards the captives. They’ll develop a heart for god, and he’ll bring them back fully restored.

The bad figs are the remnant who stayed behind. They’ll be made a terror, a taunt, a curse.

Scattered with the sword, a pestilence, famine, and destruction.

Jeremiah 25. In that same year Jeremiah had been speaking to the people, but they haven’t listened. Repeated warnings to turn from idols are unheeded.

God says. You have not obeyed my words. God will send his servant from the north, Nebuchadnezzar, to destroy you. I will take away the voice of joy, and the voice of gladness. You’ll be a desolation and a horror for 70 years.

At 70 years, god will make Babylon a desolation, as Jeremiah has prophesied. Other great nations will make slaves of them.

God says. Those nations will drink of a cup of wrath, stumble, and fall by the sword.

jeremiah took the cup god offered, and made the nations drink it. Jerusalem, Judah, Egypt, and a long list of other neighboring nations, even to the northern nations.

God says. Drink, get drunk, and vomit from the wrath. If they refuse to drink, tell them they will surely drink. The work of calamity is begun.

Tell them, the lord will roar from on high. Against all the inhabitants of the earth.

Evil is going from nation to nation. A great storm is stirred up.

The slain will go unlamented, scattered on the land like dung. Shepherds and masters wail for the scattered flocks. Inescapable, a horror at the oppression of the sword.

1 Thessalonians 2. Despite suffering and mistreatment, we were bold to speak for god. Truthful, without deceit, we spoke the gospel. Not to please men, but god. No greed, or glory from men. Tender and gentle toward you. Entrusting the gospel to you, and our own lives.

We worked to support ourselves, so not to be a burden on you. You witnessed us to our upright behavior. Encouraging you to walk in a worthy manner.

We constantly thank god that you recieved the gospel for what it is. A word from god, and not from men. Suffering along with us from attacks from Jerusalem, people hostile to god. Wrath has come to them for keeping us from preaching to the gentiles.

We want to come to you, but satan keeps hindering us You’re our joy.

Saturday, April 25

Saturday Hanging out, trying to get some retro podcast stuff caught up. Took a lunch break, watched a movie, read some emil, and got an article posted for the writing challenge.

Working on laptops in the basement. Doing some AC cord sharing, and racing the low battery alerts. Robin is doing a system update that is finally actually loading, so she needs it for that. I just need to do some audio editing, and other stray writing.

Passage: Jeremiah 26-28, 1 Thessalonians 3.
Theme: Repentance and Perseverance.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Jeremiah 26. God sent Jeremiah to preach in the temple courts. The message was a warning of the things to come, and a chance to repent, so god would repent of his plan of destruction.

He finished, and all the prophets, priests, and people grabbed him. Why have you said these things when you said ‘as the lord lives’? They intended to put him to death.

They took Jeremiah to the officials, demanding the death penalty. They took him to the kings house.

Jeremiah said, I can only speak what god tells me to say. I’m in your hands, do what you wish, but know that if you kill me you’ll have innocent blood on your hands. Change your ways, obey god, and he’ll change the plans he has for you.

The officials and people changed their minds, no death sentence. Some of the elders pointed out a similar prophet who prophesied bad. King Hezzekiah had apparently put Micah to death for his prophecy, and god changed his mind about the destruct9ipon.

They also brought up a case of a prophet named Uriah who foretold doom on the city. He fled to Egypt when he found out the king meant to kill him. He was brought back, killed, and buried in a common grave.

But Jeremiah had a man on his side, who didn’t let the rest touch him.

Jeremiah 27. God tells Jeremiah to make bonds and a yoke, and call the rulers together for an object lesson. God has given all the nation, animals and all to Nebuchadnezzar. Through the time of his son and grandson, nations would be subject to him.

All who refused to subject to the yoke of the king of Babylon will be swept away and destroyed. Those who subject themselves to the yoke will survive, and the land will be given back to them.

Be in subjection to the king of Babylon, or face pestilence, famine, and plague. Prophets who tell you that you shouldn’t obey Babylon are false prophets. They’re lieing. You’ll die if you don’t give up to them.

He tells the priests and prophets not to listen to the false prophets. The temple utensils will be taken, and kept in Babylon. But when god is ready, they’ll come back too.

Jeremiah 28. One of the false prophets spoke to Jeremiah to say that the yoke is being broken on BNebuchadnezzar. In 2 years, it will all end. The king, the people, and the utensils will all be brought back.

Jeremiah responded to him, I hope it’s as you say. Listen to me, prophets through the ages have predicted things. You know who the true prophets are, because all their words come true.

The false prophet took the yoke off Jeremiah, and broke it. He claimed that god would do the same to Nebuchadnezzar, and all the ordeal would end in 2 years

God gives Jeremiah a word for the false prophet. Though the wooden bars were broken, iron bars would replace them. As a sign, the false prophet would die within the year. And that prophet died.

1 Thessalonians 3. Paul had apparently predicted that afflictions would fall on him. That’s why he stayed in Athens, and sent Timothy to check on them. He did have afflictions, and was concerned for their faith, not falling away. Paul was encouraged to know they were doing well.

At Timothy’s good report, it encouraged Paul, and his group. Comfort, thanks, and joy is Paul’s reward at the news, praying for them.

May god and Jesus direct us to you. May your love abound. Establishing you for the return of Christ.

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