Bible Journal 18 Invasions and Payback

The week of the squirrel, which adds another layer to the meaning of the word, ‘Invasion’ in the title of this installment. Don’t worry, there’s closure for the squirrel, but you can either wait for next week to hear more, or read my blog,
God never changes, always obey his word. Sometimes he changes his mode of operation, or the deal we have on the table with him. It can be hard, fearful, uncertain, but no matter how we see it, always obey the word of god.

Sunday, May 2

Saturday With The Kids

Messed up this entry. Lost my notes, and gpot the Sunday reading in last week’s show. Not to be left out, here’s a summary of Saturday of last week, then the rest of the week as usual.

I know the Jeremiah reading is right, but don’t know which Psalm goes with it. Better luck next year, skip it, and move on for now.

Passage: Jeremiah 41-43,
Theme: You Asked For It, Do It.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Jeremiah 41. Officials assassinated. Those rumors of assassination turned out to be true, and all the officials were killed. A caravan of 80 men arrived in the city, road weary from travel, with things to sacrifice in the temple. They were also lured in to be killed, and they were. All but 10 of them who begged for their lives, claiming to have stores of food hidden.

All the dead bodies were tossed into a cistern, and filled it.The leader of the assassins then rounded up the remnant, and left the land, crossing over into Ammon.

The remainder of the Hebrew army heard of this, rode in, and rescued the remnant, and staged them for a march to shelter in Egypt.

The people feared the Chaldeans, and what might happen if they stayed.

Jeremiah 42. The people went to Jeremiah to pray to god, and see what they should do. Whatever god says, we’ll do, no matter how hard. Jeremiah agreed, and prayed. Note: They did the right thing, but their true intent was to ask god to bless the wrong decision that had already intended on doing.

After 10 days of prayer, Jeremiah returned with the word. God says, stay here. I’ll protect you. I’ll build you up , and not tear down. I’ll show compassion on you, and make the surrounding rulers to also sho compassion on you. However, if you choose to go to Egypt, thinking you’ll find safety, food, and a safe place, you’re wrong. War, famine, and pestilence will follow you. You will die. There will be no survivors, no refugees.

Jeremiah wraps up with a reminder that god’s wrath will be poured out on them. Don’t go. You people asked for a word from god. You said you would abide by it. Now do what you promised. Don’t deceive yourselves. You will die.

Jeremiah 43. No sooner than Jeremiah stopped speaking, the leader of the army said, no way. You’re lieing. That’s not true. Somebody put you up to this so we’ll stay here and die. The army took all the people, and went to Egypt.

As they approached, in a certain place, god told Jeremiah to stack some stones. It was to be a sign. God is sending for Nebuchadnezzar himself, and in a year, he’ll set up his throne right here, over these stones. Then you’ll know that you will all certainly die of war, famine, and pestilence. Nebuchadnezzar will shatter the monuments and shrines the Egyptians hold dear.

Monday, May 4

Road Trip to the Bank

Took care of some quick office stuff, fixing a title to a post.

Went to the bank in Edwardsville for a deposit, then had lunch out.

Came home, watched a couple movies that had descriptive tracks. Hero 6 was OK, but still a little hard to figure out, even with description. Heaven is for Real, didn’t much care for it. It was a good story of overcoming financial hard times, and medical needs, but the heaven part could easily have been left out of it, and it still would have been good. Or if the focus was on the message the kid had from heaven, that should have been played up. But I would have probably liked it all the less for it if it did.

Squirrel report: They’re still here. Definitely 2 of them. They both are good at taking the bait, but not springing the traps. Or if they do, they can slip out between the cracks. Robin caught the one in the back in the cage, but he squeezed out before she could do anything about it. What next? Smaller traps? Adjusting these traps? Poison?

Passage: Jeremiah 47-48, Psalm 94.
Theme: Payback Time.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Jeremiah 47. More word to the nations.

To the Philistines. The flood of destruction from the north will wash over everybody, including the Philistines. It’ll come quick, so that fathers will leave sons in the face of it. They are ones who gash themselves.

Jeremiah 48. Word of destruction to Moab. The sword, devastation, and destruction is coming. Flee and save your lives, but you’ll also be taken captive. No city will escape destruction.

Up to now Moab has been undisturbed, and unchanged, but no more. Destruction and exile is in the future. Calamity comes quickly.

Judgement and cutting off the strength has arrived. Just as you considered Israel a laughingstock, so will you be. But god will weep for your loss, though he puts an end to the boasts, pride, idol worship, and wrong doing.

Moab gets some of the same punishments, and for the same reasons as Israel. The one who flees will be caught in a pit. The one hiding in a pit will be caught by a snare. Due to arrogance towards god.

You’ll be taken captive, but eventually god will restore you.

Psalms 94. God of judgement, rise and shine forth. Dish out compensation on the wicked. They dish out oppression on the people. On the widows and orphans. They say that god isn’t watching.

When will the senseless and stupid ones understand, the god who made the ear and eye will find you out. God knows the thoughts of men.

Blessed is the man that god chastens and teaches. He’ll have relief in the day of adversity. God will not abandon his people.

God has been my stronghold, and strength. You give me consolation and delight. Wickedness comes back on the evil ones, and they’re destroyed.

Tuesday, May 5

A Hot Day

It’s already hot. Nice downstairs, but hot upstairs. I wonder how to switch over to the AC. Maybe I’ll explore around to locate the switches to run the ceiling fans.

New stuff for Dave and Nate with their jobs.

Passage: Jeremiah 49-50, Psalm 120
Theme: What Goes Around is Coming Arond.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Jeremiah 49. More word to the nations.

To Ammon, the other descendant of Lot, besides Moab… because they had invaded, and claimed the land of Gad for their own, Israel would rise up, and not only take it back, but take over the land of Ammon. Note: the city of Ai is mentioned. I have to look it up, but from this I gather that it was a city at the boundary. One that initially, though small, kicked the butts of the army that Joshua led. On the second go, and with god fighting the battle, the city became the property of the Israelites.

Like everybody else, the Ammonites were boastful, they would go in exile, backsliding, trusting in treasures. God promises that he will restore them one day. , Wisdom, and anything resembling it seems to have fled.

To Edom, the descendants of Esau. Disaster will come, stripping you more bare than thieves, who may at least leave a few slim pickings. All his hiding places uncovered. He has been destroyed, but let your widows and orphans seek shelter in god.

God says. Everybody will have to drink the cup assigned to them. Horror and ruin.

Still talking to Edom, you have become small and hated among the nations. The rocky clefts of the mountains won’t protect you. God will bring you down.

Edoms overthrow will be as infamous as Sodom and Gomorrah. No inhabitants will ever live in that land. Though someone rushes into it like a lion, god will cause him to flee. Who is like god? Who will challenge me on this?

To Damascus. An ancient city, and one that god had found joy in. Note: There may be more than one Damascus, but I think the one here is actually in a Philistine area. Still, that favor has decayed, and the strength of the city is gone.

To other kingdoms, in particular Kedar, where ever that is. These are landds already defeated, and belonging to Nebuchadnezzar. Invade the men of the east and take away their camels and tents. Note: Apparently even the outlaying nomadic tribes will also recieve devastatoion.

To Elam. A people apparently reknown for their skill with a bow. God will scatter them with 4 winds. Their bow broken, and scattered to the directions of the 4 winds. God will defeat them before their enemies, but the day will come and they’ll be restored.

Jeremiah 50. To Babylon, the instrument of all this destruction, god tells Jeremiah these words. A nation from the north will attack and concquer you. Captured, shattered, and put to shame. Man and beast have been run off.

In that day, the nation of Israel will come, weeping, and seeking after god. Turning back to god, they’ll be restored in a special and permanent way.

The lost sheep that were led astray, seeking from mountain to mountain, and preyed upon. The enemy saying, it’s not our fault. It’s their own sin against their own god that brought this all on them. Keep wandering away from Babylon, because I’m getting ready to spank their butts.

You were just a little too glad to do damage to my sheep. Now its your turn for humiliation, and becoming a plundered wasteland. Its time for enemies to surround you, take deadly aim, and cut loose.

The sheep of Israel will return to their grazing lands. All the ravashing lions trampled, from Syria the original one, to Babylon the final one. Sins forgiven, the sheep favored, and again protected.

God has broken the battle hammer. Babylon is utterly destroyed. God has opened his armory, and will attack with all the big guns. Time’s up… game over.

Nothing but fujitives in the face of gods vengance. Payback time, and enemies surround Babylon, who has become arrogant before god.

God says. The redeemer of Israel is strong. Rest will finally come to the earth… just not to Babylon. A sword against the officials, the priests, mighty men, military might, and wealth.

A fall as infamous as Sodom and Gomorrah. Desolate, and no man will live there. A cruel and roaring army is coming.

Who wants to challenge me on this? I’m god, lord of armies.

Psalms 120. In my trouble I called on god and he delivered me. Delivered from lies and cdeciet.

Woe is me for dwelling in Kedar. I’m for peace, but they’re for war. Note: Kedar was just mentioned. A place ccommissioned to attack the nomads of the land. Also an early holding of the invading enemies who came to give the Israelites their spanking from god.

Wednesday, May 6

Another Chris Appointment

Chris spent the night, and went to his eye doctor appoi ntment this afternoon. Was going to get up, shower, get dressed and hang out. Instead I delayed the shower, and just hung out with Chris for a while. After lunch Chris and Robin left, and I got clean and ready for the day. Finally, but the visit was wortyh it.

Squirrel update. Still have them. The one in the back got caught a couple times,, but keeps slipping out of the bars before Robin can move the trap. Kitchen squirrel seems to be good at not going for the bait. Probably due to him being surrounded by a kitchen full of food.

I need to get busy and record the bible journal.

Passage: Jeremiah 51, Psalm 137.
Theme: Utter Pay Back.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Jeremiah 51. The continued word against Babylon. Enemies will surround her, and be relentless in her destruction.

Neither Israel or Judah will be forgotten by god. When the time comes, flee from Babylon and avoid the destruction to come. You wanted vengence? This is it. The nations will be drunk and attack with the cup that Babylon herself has given them to drink. Babylon has fallen, and is broken beyond repair.

God has arroused kings in a spirit of vengence. A signal has gone up. The end has come, and there’ll be victory over Babylon.

Wise creator of heaven and earth, lightening and rain, the best craftsmen are stupid by comparrison. Even the most beautiful idols have no power. Jacob and his inheritance is gods war club. With him, god shatters all people, tribes, and nations.

The destroying mountain of Babylon will be utterly useless. Not even a stone will be useful for a foundation.

A signal to call nations against Babylon goes out. Houses and cities burning. Messenger after messenger tell the king of Babylon of the utter ruin.

God says. Babylon will be like the trampled threshing floor after harvest.

The Israelites have called out in their oppression. Babylon has eaten us allive. God says. I’ve heard them, and I’ll plead your case. There’ll be vengence flooding over with horror,. Abandoned, forsaken, and forgotten by all the nations.

People of Israel, when you get the report to come out, come out to avoid destruction with Babylon. Her destructon is revenge for you, don’t stay.

The day of punishment is coming, and there’s nothing to do to stop it. The destroyerer is coming. God is the god of pay backs.

All these words were written, and sent at the time king Zedekiah was taken to czaptivity. As an object lesson, the scroll was to be read, wrapped around a stone, and tossed into the river. Symbolizing the fall of Babylon, never to be seen, or rise again.

Psalms 137. By the rivers of Babylon, we sat down and wept, when we remembered Zion. Our captors demanded a song, but we couldn’t sing.

How could we sing? But never let us forget you, god.

The day will be blessed, and the one doing it when our captors fall.

Thursday, May 7

Jills Birthday Then a Road Trip

After breakfast, we phoned Jill to tell her happy birthday. Chris was still here, so the 3 of us sang the birthday song to Jill.

Got the animal trap set, and headed out to take Chris home… but first… We had to run to Edwardsville to transfer some money to cover a bounced check charge. Road trip to Chris’ apartment. On the way Robin had to ccall the bank. She forgot her bank card. A few phone calls later, and since the plastic of the card is broken, and since it expires soon anyway, they’ll keep it, and issue a new one.

Dropped off Chris, Robin got some money she needs for the town wide yard sale this weekend to make change. Had enough to have lunch out. Filled up on Chinese food, but before we came home we had to stop at Carolines house. A short trip, then back on the road, and without incident we made it home.

Squirrel report. Success, one squirrel got caught and released yesterday. Robin says he shot of the trap, and knocked himself out on a railroad tie in the yard, before getting up and racing off. The kitchen squirrel not going for the bait. Robin is beginning to wonder if it was really just one squirrel the whole time. Tempting thought. Time will tell, and the absence of daily squirrel poop.

Passage: Jeremiah 52, Psalm 79-80.
Theme: Justice and Punishment.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Jeremiah 52. Final chapter, and more details on the epilog of the day of captivity.

Zedekiah was 21 when he took over. He reigned for 11 years. He did evil in the sight of god. From year 9 to year 11, Nebuchadnezzar held Jerusalem under seige. By then, the famine was so severe, no food was left. There was a breech in the wall. The king and his army got out and fled. However, the army was pursued, and scattered. The king was caught, his family killed before his eyes, then he was blinded. Put in bronze shackles, Zedekiah was in prison til his death.

The temple, and every large house in the city was burned, the walls torn down, and people taken captive from the poor up to the artisans. Only a few poor people were left to tend vineyards, and be farmers.

All the temple artifacts and utensils were taken. An inventory of the bronze items are listed.

A rag tag band of military and priests were rounded up, taken to Babylon, and killed. The rest of the people were driven to Egypt. Note: the earlier chapter gives more detail on what happened with this remnant of people, and Jeremiah’s words to them on their fate.

A listing of the waves of people captured by Nebuchadnezzar is given. After 3 raids, their wer just over 4600. Note: Compare that to the over 600K who were originally delivered to the promised land. Later in the time of Nehemiah and Ezra, this number would be around 10 times the 4600. More or less.

After 37 years of exile, about half way through, king Jehoiadin was shown favor, taken from prison, and given a place in the kings court in Babylon until he died.

Psalms 79. The nations have invaded, and defiled the temple. Bodies of your godly ones given over to the birds and beasts. No one to bury them. We’ve become a scoffing. How long will your anger burn? Pour out your wrath on the nations who don’t know you. Note: Clearly by this time the people had moved to a place of repentance, and seeking god. Still their own words are true, even against themselves. Disobedience and rebellion to god, as those heathen nations do, can only win gods wrath.

Don’t remember the sins of our fathers. Don’t hold them against us. Show us compassion, help us, deliver us, and forgive us, so the nations will know the power of our god. The sheep of your pasture will forever give you thanks and praise.

Psalms 80. Rise up, god, and save your sheep.

How long will your anger make us survive on our tears? Our enemies laugh at us, deliver us, shine your face on us, and we will be saved.

Note: the vine in the coming verses is an analogy of the nation of Israel.

Removed from Egypt. Cleared the ground before it, and planted it. It took deep root, covered the mountains, and sent out shoots to the rivers and sea. Why have you broken it down, and let other nations pick its fruit? Note: What? Is the psalmist totally ignoring where the fault lays? God tore it down, but the fault behind that action is because of the extensive rottenness of the vine. Still, the author recognizes that the only hope for restoratoipon is in god. The thing that seems to be unsaid is that it takes a return, a repentance, and recognition of the sins that got them in this mess.

God of hosts, turn again now. Note: No, it’s us who need to do the turning towards god. Then his favor will return.

Look down from heaven, take care of the vine. It’s burned, cut down. Put your hand on your man, and we will not turn back. Revive us, and we will call on you. Note: No, that needs to be the other way around. We need to be calling on god, obedient, then he’ll revive us. Certainly god’s hand is on us to preserve us to do his will

19 O LORD God of hosts, restore us; Cause Your face to shine upon us, and we will be saved.

Friday, May 8

Postponed Yard Sale

Today and tomorrow is the town wide yard sale. With all the driving and busy activity, it’s just too much to get things out, and on display. We considered just putting a few things out, like lawn mowers, and hanging a sign to come inside for more. not gonmna do it. We’ll have to do one later.

Did a podcast for the alive show. Gotta do some edits, and it ought to be out later today.

Squirrel report. Got the traps switched, so the one in the furnace room is in the kitchen and baited. No takers yesterday. Robin dropped an ink pen on top of the trap by accident, and it sprang shut. Come on squirrel, it caught an ink pen, how about joining the fun?

We came upstairs to sort through some of the boxes that got parked here. Giving the squirrel some alone time to get brave. Taking a little break to jot these notes down.

Passage: Deuteronomy 1, Titus 1.
Theme: How Did We Get Here?
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Note: Last year we had a lot of mixed hope and frustrations. Reading these readings brought mixed signals for me. The promises made to Abraham, the rise and fall of going to Egypt, the deliverance from Egy0pt, the step into the glimpses into the later story. Captivity for disobedience, restoration when the time was right. Now we’re back to Deuteronomy, the second giving of the law. Moses final sermon, and overview of their history thus far, and on the brink of the fulfilled promes to inherit the land Did all this mean my dispute with the VA would come to an end? Did it mean I needed to be more obedient? Would our housing situation change?

The answer thus far is, there’s always room to remain obedient, and improve. Our housing situation did change, but not in the way we could have imagined. Is there still hope that somewhere in these passages of fulfilled promise that the VA will deliver with agreement on my compensation claim? When ever, and how ever god handles that, it’s also going to be unexpected, and in a way that I never could imagine. Waiting. Praying. Trustting in gods timing.

Deuteronomy 1. The words of Moses, at a spevcific geographical place, 11 days journey from Horeb, and across from the Jordan. After 40 years in the wilderness, and defeating kings Sihon, and Og Moses begins his speech.

The journey began at Horeb, and god directed them in a meandering path to the land. While still at Horeb…

There, the burden of carrying the government of the people was too much. Tribal leaders were appointed to take care of the small stuff, and channeling the big stuff to me. Applying laws the same over the stranger as well as the nation.

We left Horeb, wandered through the wilderness, came to the land, and I told hyou it was time to take it.

You wanted spies to be sent, I agreed, and they were sent. Reports of the oland, and some of it’s fruits were brought back. Note: I thought god was the one who initiated the spies, but it may have been one of those things that everybody was in agreement with.

You rebelled, and grumbled. This is too big for us. I tried to encourage you, reminding of what you witnessed so far. God delivering from Egypt, taking care of us through the dessert, this won’t be any different.

God got angry, and doomed us to wander, until the rebellious died off. He was angry at me too, forbidding me to enter. Only Caleb and Joshua, with the vchildren who you feared that they would be scattered.

You then wanted to fight, but it was too late. God was no lo nger in it. You thought it would be easy, but you got hyour butts kicked.

Titus 1. Paul writes to the believers in the gospel. A truth, ordained and planned by god from long ago. To Titus, a child in the same faith.

Your mission in Crete, to appoint elders in every city. Ethical men, of one wife. with believing children, and not prone to rebellious, self centered, short tempered, not a drunkard. Insted, hospitible, loves doing good, just, faithful, devout, sensible. Holdimng to sound doctrine to vcombat the false teachers.

Legalistic teachers must be stopped. Its empty, rebellious talk. Turn from religious myths, and hold to truth. Even a Cretan poet said of his own people, they’re lazy liars. Reprove them so they’ll turn to the faith. Note: towards the faith, not away from it.

To the pure, all things are pure. To the defiled, nothing is pure. They say they know god, but their actipons prove otherwise.

Saturday, May 9

Breakfast and Computer Work

Had the family breakfast this morning, Humble Servants did the singing. Came home and got started with computer work.

Caught up on retro notes. A few episodes posted.

Mike stayed over, and had a good visit with him.

Squirrel report. He has been pretty quiet. Beginning to wonder if he got out somehow, but it has been dreary, and overcast. Weather is supposed to stay this way, so he may just be laying low.

Passage: Deuteronomy 2-3, Titus 2.
Theme: Build Up for Victory.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Deuteronomy 2. Still reviewing the journey, Moses recounts the final stages. Edom, the family of Esau, was afraid, and didn’t allow passage. They did allow buying food and drink along the way.

Thy next p[assed bhy Moab, a nation descended from Lot. They weren’t to take any land from Edom, or Moab, both lands dictated by god as theirs.

It actually took 38 years to get to this pooint. The time starting at the point where they refused to enter the land the first time. Note: it took about 2 years to get from Egypt to that first failure to enter the land.

All the men, old enough for war, those who had been 20 and up, had died off. The day had come. God directed them to cross a river to go between the lands of Moab and Ammon. Both sons of Lot, and none of their land is to be touched by the people. There were 2 kings in their way, Sihon, and Og. God would fight the battles, and put fear in the hearts of those who were being invaded.

Moses sought peaceful passage, offering to pay for food and water. Sihon said no, god said, march.

God fought the battle, all the people were killed, and the animals were ours. Every city, no matter how high or protected, fell to us.

Deuteronomy 3. The same happened for king Og. All his people came out, god fought, and all the land was given to us. God utterly destroyed them, the animals were ours. All the cities fell to us.

Cities and lands were listed to define the border of the land. Also that Og was the lzast of a race of giants. His bed was made of iron, and was 9 by 4 cubits.

Borders of the land is described, as it was divided among the firstborn tribes, Rueben, and Manneseh-Joseph, and Ephraim-Joseph

Moses commanded, and the tribes agreed, the women and kids would stay, but the men had to fight with the rest. After the land is concquered, they could then return. Joshua was commissioned to take charge at that time as welol.

Moses begged god to let him cross the Jordon. God said no. All he would do is let Moses see it from a tall mountain. He also endorsed Joshua as his man.

Titus 2. Teach sound doctrine. Menn are to be dignified, even tempered, sensible. Grounded in faith, love, and perserverence. Women are to be the same, and reverent in behavior, not gossips, not prone to much wine, not liars. They’re to encourage younger women imn loving husbands and kids. Sensible, pure, workers at home, submissive to husbands, so gods word will be defended.

Yooung men are to be sensible. Be an example of good, purity, dignified, above reproach.
Slaves, obey masters. Be pleasing, and not contentious. Serve in good faith.

Gods grace is here, bring salvation to all men. Turn from ungodliness. Look forward to the hope that Jesus has redeemed us into. He gave himself to purify us.

These are the things you need to be teaching, and talking about.

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