Bible Journal 19 Trust, Obedience, and Blessings

Closure on the squirrel adventure, ordeals with floods, and changing streams with the daily reading plan, Lots of curve balls of life tossed our way

Sunday, May 10

Mothers Day

Mike is here, and in church with us today. Dave will bring all his family afterwards. Probably will be here around 1PM, or so.

Squirrel report. Mysteriously, no sign of him. Maybe he just got out on his own. The disturbing thing is… where? Will other critters get in that way?

Passage: Deuteronomy 4, Titus 3.
Theme: Amazing Obedience.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Deuteronomy 4. Listen up. Stay obedient to god. You’ve witnessed for yourselves what happens when people don’t. They fall away, dead.

Moses has taught the commands and statues. Do them. Nations will marvel at your understanding, wisdom, and having a god who answers your prayers.

Be diligent. Don’t forget. Keep it in your heart, teach them to your kids. Tell what you saw, so they’ll teach it to their kids. Fire on the mountain, gods voice in the fire.

You heard my voice, but never saw any part of me, so you wouldn’t be tempted to make any idol in my image. Idolatry is what is getting the people in the land kicked out.

Moses again tells that he is forbidden at entering the land due to gods anger at him. He again warns off the worship of idols. Note: If god would forbid his favorite prophet, he would easily pumnish them on this matter. Remember the covenant. No idols.

A warning. Years from mnow, after being well established, idols will be worshipped, and as sure as there’s earth and heaven, you’ll be scattered. The corruption will put you into captivity, and hyou’ll serve others. The oppression will make your remnant yearn for me.

Consider your unique situation. Events like those surrounding your extraction from Egypt, the protection in the dessert, the battles against armies you just went through Obey, and all will go well… for a long time.. As long as you obey.

Moses ordains the first 3 cities of refuge. Thus ends the giving of commandments given by Moses in a specific point of time, and place, and to this distinct group of people

Titus 3. A reminder to be obedient, and submissive to leaders. Be ready, with malice to none. Be peaceful, and considerate. We were once disobedient, deceived, and hateful. Through Jesus, we’re regenerated, changed. not by any righteousness on our part, biut through his mercy. That is what justifies us. Trust it. Do right, play well with others. Don’t get entangled in arguements over the law.

I’m sending people to you, help them out.

Greetings from everyone here. Grace and peace.

Monday, May 11

The Sump Pump

Had a house full of grand kidds here yesterday for mothers day. Robin had to cook, and they got here late, but it was still a good day to have the brood around.

Woke up to the sump pump doing that thing where it cycles on and off on a short cycle. Not as bad as before, but still something to check on. Robin went to check on the float, and broke it off. uh-oh.

Had a quick breakfast, and got back to the pump. This isn’t good, it’s already starting to flood past the sump hole. Called David, and he came over from Altamont. By now, Robin has it basically working, but Dave helped to piece it all back together, and mount it back in the hole like its supposed to be. Keeping an eye on it. As I’m writing this in the dining room paart in the basement, I can hear gurgling from the floor drain on the other end of the building as the pump kicks in to do its job Wierd, but it’s because all the floor drains are connected together, and sharoing the wealth of the overflow.

Passage: Psalm19, Deuteronomy 5-6, Psalm 1.
Theme: Beneficial Obedience.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:L

Psalms 19. The heavens declare god. Day and night tell his wisdom, endless words that reach the ends of the earth. The sun like a strong man racing across the sky.

Gods law is perfect, restoring the soul. Its also sure, pure, true righteous, endures, and makes us wise, glad, joyful, and more desireable than gold. In keeping the law is great reward.

14 Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart Be acceptable in Your sight, O LORD, my rock and my Redeemer.

Deuteronomy 5. Ten commandments are re-given. Moses speaks. Listen and learn. God made a covenant with you at Horeb. Made with you, not your fore fathers. God who delivered you said.

Have no other gods.

No idols. God really hates this. The punishment is far reavching.

Keep the sabbath. Everybody rests including strangers and animals.

Honor father and mother.

No murdering.

No adultery.

No stealing.

No bearing false witnessing.

No coveting a neighbors wife, land, or animals.

God told you these commands, wrote them in stone, and you heard it yourself. God was pleased with what he heard from you, and desired you keep the commands, so it will go well with you in the land.

Deuteronomy 6. Additional commandds god told Moses.

Hear o Israel, the lord, our god, is one god. Love the lord. Write his words on your heart, teach them to your kids, talk about them at home, and away. Note: the term ‘one god’ can be translated as a unified god, as opposed to a uniquely singular god. Also to write the words on houses, door posts, etc. Hmm… godly graffiti. Words, not images to make into idols and worship.

Great works will be done by you in the land. Great gifts given to you, and its because you obeyed, and the promised land is yours. Fear, worship, and swear by only god.

Obey god, don’t contend with him. He’ll fight your battles as you drive the enemy out of the land. When your kids ask about god, tell them how god delivered you from Egypt. We were slaves, god came and showed signs, then we were rescued. Thats why we do these commands, and as long as we do them, our prosperity will continue.

Psalms 1. How to stay blessed. Avoid walking in the way of the scornful and evil people. Always meditate on the law, using it as a filter for all daily activities.

The wicked are like chaff. They won’t endure or stand through the judgement. God knows the rightes one.

Tuesday, May 12

More Sump Adventures

My iPhone bit the dust in the sump pump and water bailing adventure yesterday. It got dropped in an inch of water, and is indefinitely out of commission. The trouble for these diaries is that it’s where my bible reading plan resides. The good news, there are many thematic plans, and I’ll be shifting gears starting today. It also means that by the end of the year, there could be some books, or passages that get skipped, or others that get read twice.

Squirrel report. Hopefully the final report. Since we caught and released the one, the other squirrel hasn’t been seen, or heard from. We’re assuming he’s gone. Don’t know how, where, or when he let himself out, but he’s gone.

Got in some early recording work for the journal, while Robin went to get a pipe fitting for the sump. It works, and the ordeal is over. Now it’s time for laundry, and some clean up after the flooding mess yesterday.

Passage: Deuteronomy 7-9, Proverbs 2. Alternate: Psalm 149.
Theme: What You Deserve, Compared to God’s Favor.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Deuteronomy 7. When you enter the land, and after god defeats the enemies for you, don’t feel sorry for the people. Sho no pity, don’t marry, or let your kids marry them. Don’t take their idols to worship for yourself.

God loves you. Not because you were the most numerous, but because he promised to your fore fathers. He’s a god who keeps his covenant. He deliveres, and repays. The obedient are rewarded, and the disobedient are punished.

Continued obedience will ensure your blessing, abundunce, and increase. Don’t pity those who are driven out. Don’t follow their idols

Don’t fear the people, or their greater numbers. Don’t wonder how you’ll beat them, god is doing that for you. He delivered you out of the greater Egyptians didn’t he? He’ll fight them with the hornets, and in ways that you could never do. They won’t be driven out at once, or the land would be over run with wild animals. Once you have the land, don’t worship their idols. Burn them, destroy them, and don’t let them snare you. Don’t be polluted by them.

Deuteronomy 8. Obey gods commands, remember all the lessons of the wilderness. God 0provided. Man can’t live by bread alone, but by the words that come from god. God is an amazing provider. You never lacked for anything in the dessert, and this land is amazingly abundant.

Always remember god in the increase in the land. Otherwise you’ll become proud, thinking it was all due to your own effort. When you get to that point, your pride will topple you, and god will kick you out.

Deuteronomy 9. You’re going into a big old land, full of big old people, but its god who’s fighting for you.

It’s not for anything you did, or your righteousness, but because these people are so evil that you’re getting the land. Your not righteous, but stubborn and rebellious. On more than one occasion you were nesarly all killed by god in the dessert for stubborness. Particularly the instance with the golden calf almost cost not onlhy the lives of the nation, but that of Aaron. Turning so quickly into disobedience.

If not for the intercession of Moses, they would be dead. But the calf wasn’t the only time. They were poised to enter the land before, but rebellion cost them hyears of wandering. Moses prayers won the favor of god on the people.

Proverbs 2. Yearn for wisdom and understanding. Seek it and it will preserve you in the face of the adulterous ones. You will discern the knowledge of god. He guards and preserves the righteous. You’ll be guarded from the evil. Walk in the way of the righteous, not down the path of the evil, who will be uprooted.

Wednesday, May 13

Wednesday Trip to the Dead Zone

Making a trip to Robins mom’s to get some stuff of her dads that she wanted. Ought to take back her live animal traps. Not sure what else is scheduled. It’ll be an all day ordeal, I’m sure.

On the way home, stopped in to pick up groceries at Aldi’s. Carried them in, plus the stuff we brought back from Robins moms. plus some laundry that was left on the line.

Passage: Deuteronomy 10; Proverbs 3; Psalms 37. alternate: Psalm 91 and Deut 11.
Theme: Trust God, He’s Worth It.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Deuteronomy 10. At that time, of the golden calf incident, and fire on the mountain, god had Moses cut two stone tablets, and write the ten commandments on them. He dictated, I wrote, and there they are, in the ark of the covenant.

A few places on the last leg of the journey are listed, notably the place where Aaron died, and his son Eliazar took over. Also a reminder that the Levites would have no inheritance in the land.

All god asks is for your obedience. Love him, observe his commandments. The earth, and all that’s in it is his. The great, mighty, impartial god. He shows love on the orphan widow, and the stranger. Fear the lord, cling to him. He delivered you from Egypt.

Proverbs 3. Don’t forget, keep gods commandments. Write them on your heart.

5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding.
6 In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight.
7 Do not be wise in your own eyes; Fear the LORD and turn away from evil.
8 It will be healing to your body And refreshment to your bones.

Honor god and prosper. Don’t reject his discipline, he only chastises those he cares for.

Blessed is the one who finds wisdom. It’s more precious than gold or jewels. Long life, honor, peace. Wisdom is how god created heavens and the earth. Seek wisdom, and you won’t be afraid, you’ll hold fast.

Don’t hold back good, or wealth from your neighbor , as long as it’s in your power to give it. Don’t fight with others, don’t envy the ways of someone else.

The devious,, wicked, scoffers, and ools are abominations to god.

The righteous, and afflicted are blessed, and shown grace. They will inherit honor.

Psalms 37. Don’t worry over evil doers, they wither like the grass. Trust god, and do good. Your righteousness and judgement will shine.

Don’t worry, be patient with the lord. Evil doers will be cut off. the righteous will inherit the land. You will look for the evil ones, but only the humble will be found.

The wicked plan against the righteous, but their strength will be broken.

16 Better is the little of the righteous Than the abundance of many wicked.

The blameless will inherit abundance.

God knows the days, and the time for payback is coming. The wicked will vanish like smoke.

God knows your steps, when you fall, he’s holding your hand, and won’t let you go down completely. The righteous will not be forsaken.

Leave evil, do good, the lord loves justice. The righteous are wise, and last forever, the evil are cut off. God is in his heart, he will not slip.

A wicked man may appear to be a luxurious tree, but when he’s gone, there’s no sign of him. The salvation of the righteous is the lord. He saves them because they take refuge in him.

Thursday, May 14

Chores Around the House

Got a bunch of chores lined up. Finishing up a few last loads of laundry, maybe some mowing, messing with wet rugs, and who knows what all.

Got in some office clean up, if not much else.

Passage: Deuteronomy 11-12; Proverbs 4. alternate: Mark1.
Theme: Anticipated Blessings Unimaginable, but a Warning.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:L

Deuteronomy 11. Always obey god. I’m not talking to future generations. i’m talking to you, right here, right now. You knoew what you’ve been through. God delivered you, he provided for you. Obey and always be strong in the land.

This land isn’t like Egypt, it’s a lush land. Abundant, and watched over by god. Obey god, and he’ll keep watching to the land.

Don’t be deceived and follow other gods. God will dry up the land.

Write these words on your heart and soul. Write them on hands and heads.

Teach them to your kids. At home, and away, night and day. Write them on the door posts. Note: Who is to teach the kidds? Moses? No. He’s talking to these people, but they are to teach their own kids.

Teach and obey to multiply your days. Love god, hold fast to him. God will fight your battles, and stretch out the land. Nobody will stand before you.

A blessing and a curse. Obey, be blessed, and prosper. Follow other gods, be cursed.

Deuteronomy 12. Obey these commands.

Utterly destroly their idol worshipping places. Tear down theoir altars.

Seek the lord. Sacrifice your offerings in the only authorized place god will show you. Eat and rejoice there.

Time to stop doing right in your own eyes. Don’t sacrifice on the cult idols.

You can eat meat anytime you like. Only not the blood. Also no firstborn, or offerings intended for god. Bring them to his holy temple. Blood is the life, pour it out like water.

Take over the land,, but show absolutely no interest in their idols, or worship bnterewt m

Proverbs 4. Listen to me as a father. These are words my father passed to me. Hold fast, don’t forget, prize wisdom and understanding.

Wisdom preserves life, it guides your steps. Avoid all the ways of the wicked. The evil exist to do evil.

The path of the righteous is lit by god.

Listen to me. Never forget. Hide wisdom in your heart. Have nothing to do with deceit.

Friday, May 15


Got in some yard mowing, before the rain came. Had to jump start the rider, then it ran out of gas. Robin got it refilled, and the bulk of the mowing. Still need to do trim work, but it’ll wait.

Did some work on the retro podcast, and other office jobs.

Passage: Deuteronomy 13-14; Proverbs 5. alternat: Mark 2.
Theme: Correct Behavior, Accept No Deceit. F
Who’s in it, and what’s happening

Deuteronomy 13. Rules for prophets, and being led astray.

People claiming to be a prophet need to show a sign, the sign and all they ssay must come true, or they are false prophets. Even if his sign comes true, but he says to follow false gods, he’s a false prophet. Its a test from god, keep on loving the lord. Kill all false prophets.

If a close relative, brother, child, wife, oparent, try to convince you tyo follow sa false god, report them. Announce what they said in public, and kill them. Don’t pity them. Throw the first stone yourself.

if a city has begun to worship other gods, investigate for yourself. If the report is true, kill all the people, and animals. Take all the booty to the town square, and burn the whole place to the ground. Never rebuild it.

Deuteronomy 14. Various rules on what correct behavior looks like.

Don’t cut yourselves, or shave parts of your head as part of worship. It’s what worshippers of the dead do, and god has chosen you as his special people.

Eat clean animals. Any variety of bovine critters. No beasts with split hooves that does not chew the cud. Camels, rabbitsk, and pigs are out. Note: camels and rabbits chew the cud, but don’t have split hoof, and pigs have a split hoof, but don’t chew the cud.

Of the water, only fish with fins and scales. All else is unclean.

Of birds, anything other than birds of prey, or are scavengers. No bats.

No road kill, or things that dies on its own. Foreigners may eat it, but not you. Also don’t cook a baby animal in its mothers milk.

Tithe the produce of the field. Eat the grain, first born animal, and drink wine in gods presence, in the city where he’ll show you. Nowhere else. If its too far to travel, sell your stuff, and use the money to buy what you eed in that city.

Remember to bring the tithe to the center of each town for the Levite, who has no other inheritance.

Proverbs 5. Observe discretion. An adulterous woman has smooth words, but later they’re bitter. Her feet are in the grave, and her way is unstable.

Stay far from her, she’ll steal your youthful strength. Strangers and aliens will own you, as yiou fall into destruction.

Drink from your own cistern and well. •Don’t share your stream with strangers. Let the fountain of the wife of your youth be blessed, and find satisfaction in her alond.

Saturday, May 16

Saturday Catch Up

Too wet to do any outdoors chores. Besides, Robin doesn’t need to over do it. She worked on bulletins, and a little clean up in the sewing room. I finished up some edits on the alive podcast, did some uploading, shownotes, and looked at the Sunday school lesson for tomorrow.

Hanging out, watching an old John Wayne cowboy movie, and waiting for the laptop battery to die on me.

Passage: Deuteronomy 15-16; Proverbs 6 alternate: Mark 3.
Theme: Obligations and Festivals.
Who’s in it, and what’s going on:

Deuteronomy 15. Laws concerning debt forgiveness, slavery. and the poor.

At the end of seven years, forgive all debts. Release the person’s property back to them. Collect outstanding debts from a foreigner, but not from a fellow Jew. If you do all this, there will be no poor among you. Lend to other nations, but dpon’t borrow from them.

If there is a poor Jew among you, lend generously with an open hand to him. Even if the year of forgiveness is near, freely give. If he should call out to god under oppression, his voice will be heard. You will be blessed for your generosity.

If you buy a countryman as a slave, set him free at the seventh year. Give him plenty of 0provisions when he goes. if he refuses to go, because he likes working for hyouj, pierce his ear againsyt the doorpost, and he’ll be your slave forever. All this goes whether a man or woman slave. No hard feelings at his release, god will bless you for it.

Rules of the firstborn animals. They all belong to god, but no defective animal can be used in a sacrifice. You can eat it, with the foreigners as well. Don’t eat the blood, it is its life.

Deuteronomy 16. keeping the festivals.

Eat unleavened bread at Passover to remember the quick nature of the departure from Egypt. Sacrifice only in the city god shows you, at sunset, to remember the time you came out. Six more days of unleavened bread, then another solumn sabbath.

Feast of weeks, is 7 weeks after the first day that harvest begins. A free will offering, and rejoicing for everybody in the land from free to slave, countryman to foreigner.

Feast of booths, is 7 days after gathering and making the first wine. Living in tents for 7 days. All are to partake and rejoice.

These 3 times, every man is to be in gods city. Don’t come empty handed.

Appoint fair and honest judges. Take no bribes, judge impartially.

Don’t set up any idols, worship trees, or any other false god.

Proverbs 6. If you’ve found hyourself obligated to another, in debt with money, or speaking harsh words, go to that person in humility. Don’t sleep until you’ve done this, and deliver yourself.

Learn from the hard working ant. Don’t be lazy. Gather while you ca n, to have when times are scarce. Sleeping, relaxing, folding of the hands when work should be done brings -poverty on fast.

A perverse and evil person is one who says one thing, but means another. He signals one way, but intends something else. Worthless and wicked.

Six things, no 7 things god hates…

17 Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, And hands that shed innocent blood,
18 A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that run rapidly to evil,
19 A false witness who utters lies, And one who spreads strife among brothers.

Remember these teachings from your parents. Tie them on your heart, and on hyour neck. They’ll guide you where ever you go. They’ll light the path, and guide you away from lustful, adulterous desires. Don’t play with fire, can you keep from being burned, or smelling like smoke? You won’t go unpunished. People may have pity on a thief who steals out of hunger, but he still has to pay the price as the court dictates when he’s caught. Adultery is a self inflicted sin that can have no restitution. No ransom will satisfy.

Intermission Includes:

  • Your Majesty Is Every Where
  • You Have Given Me Forever
  • You Are My God

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