Bible Journal 20 Obey God, Honor Each Other

More about my boring life, but some birthdays could
be the start of some busy adventures.

Sunday, May 17

Typical Sunday

Went to church, relaxed at home.

Passage: Deuteronomy 17-18; Proverbs 7. alternate: Psalm 107, Mark 4, leave off Deut 18.
Theme: Honoring God by Obedience to the Law.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Deuteronomy 17. Honoring god through sacrifices, and laws of government.

Animals with defects are not to be sacrificed at all.

Regarding any man or woman who is found guilty of a sin requiring death, especially worshipping other gods. Investigate thoroughly. Kill them, but on the witness of 2 or 3 people. The hand of the witnesses will be the first to put them to death.

Regarding any case is too hard to decide. Take it to the city god will apoint, and the reigning Levitical priest will decide. Their verdict must be followed to the letter. Not turning to one side of the road or the other.

Regarding setting up a king over yourselves. Seek gods guidance. The king can’t be a foreigner. He shall not multiply riches, might, or wives for himself. Note: By the time of Jesus, the Herods had become the ruling family. They were foreignerds, from the nation of one of Lots descendants. Either Moab, or Ammon.

The king needs to keep a copy of this scroll of the law, so he can read it every dahy. Gods law needs to be engrained in him so he can ruole fairly.

Deuteronomy 18. Rules regarding Levites, and their inheritance.

They are to survive by eating the offerings to god. They have no other inheritance other than god.

They are to get certain cuts of meat from animals, grain, oil, and sheep shearing from the people.

Levites from far reaches of the country, when they visit the holy city, hold equal status as the Levites there. They have an equal share in temple service, and in eating the sacrifice, and tem0ple service.

Don’t incorporate pagan worship practices into your worship. Particularly child sacrifice, divination, witch craft, sorcery, casting spells, no mediums, or ones who call up the dead. These are exactly the reasons these people are being driven out. God hates this, don’t do it.

God will raaise up a prophet to continue to be the go between. He’ll speak to god, and get word from him on your behalf. Its because your own words back at Mt Horeb. You asked that god not speak directly to you any more. If a prophet speaks from his own behalf, or from false gods, any wordds that god didn’t speak, that prophet will die.

How will you know whether the prophet speaks from god, or himself? His prophecy must come true. If it doesn’t then don’t listen to him, or fear him.

Proverbs 7. Treasure the commandments, write them on your fingers, and on your heart. Treat wisdom and understanding like your sister, or a close friend.

Through my window, I saw a foolish man sneakibng off to the house of the adulteress. Under cover of darkness, she seduced him, giving all sorts of reasons to justify the deed. She had paid her vows at the temple, her husband was on a long trip, lets make love all night long. And the fool fell for it, as surely as a bird is snared in a trap.

Listen up. Pay attention. Don’t let your heart turn aside. Don’t join the many fallen. Her ways lead only to the grave.

Monday, May 18

A Podcasting Monday

Was able to record a quest episode with Nathan C. Even Robin joined in. Had a good session, and will likely make it a crossover episode.

Spent a chunk of the day getting it edited in the oven… I mean office.

We took the mop bucket back to the church, that pastor let us borrow last week. At home, Robin finally decided it was time to kick on the AC. She wanted to cut down on the humidity , and mustiness of the basement. Especially after the flooding. Set the theromostats where she wanted it for downstairs, and put the upstairs on 80. Still, the blower ran for a long long time.

Benn up in the office for a bit now, and it feels nice. Less than 80, and the blower seems to be settling down, and cycling off and on at decent intervals. She could set it a little warmer if need be, but I’ll wait to see how it works out in the next day or so.

Passage: Deuteronomy 19-20; Proverbs 8; Psalms 128. alternate: Deut 18,19, Mark5.
Theme: Passion or Pity.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Deuteronomy 19. Cities of Refuge established.

For incidents of accidental death. Where no malice or hatred was the motive. An example is given of a man chopping wood, and his ax head flying off to kill someone. The blood avenger still has the right to kill the killer, but not as long as he flees to, and remains within the city and its outlaying fieldds.

There is to be at least 3 cities of refuge.

However, if anger is the motive, and someone intentionally kills another , even though he arrives in the city he is to be turned out. He is to be given to the avenger of blood.

On honesty. Don’t move boundary marks.

The testimony of 1 witness isn’t enough. It takes 2 or 3 to judge against someone. If a false witness is identified, he is to receive the punishment the man on trial was to have received. Don’t pity them. They serve as an example for others to fear, learn from, and stay on track. Life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, etc.

Deuteronomy 20. When you approach the enemy armies, don’t fear. The Levites are to give a pep talk. God is fighting for you, don’t be afraid. The army officers are to give a pep talk. Who’s afraid… go home. You might discourage those who are here to fight.

When approaching a city, offer terms of peace. If they accept, the people will be your slaves. If not, kill all the men, the women, children, and animals will be your spoils of war. That rule is for the distant cities. All the cities within the borders of the promised land, kill everything that breaths.

When besieging a city, don’t cut down fruit trees, only non fruit bearing ones. Might as well eat from them.

Proverbs 8. Wisdom stands at the gates, calling out for everyone to understand. Even for the fool to learn Wisdom speaks truth, and hates evilness. Wisdom is better than silver or jewels. Nothing compares.

Wisdom and knowledge is the power of kings. Fear the lord, and hate evil. Those who seek wisdom will find it. Fill your treasuries with it.

The lord had me at the beginning. In eternity past, wisdom waas established. Before creation took place, wisdom was there.

Don’t neglect instruction. Blessed is the man who listens to wisdom. He who finds wisdom finds life, he who hates wisdom loves death.

Psalms 128. Blessed is he who fears the lord. You will prosper, and your family is like a fruitful vine.

May you be blessed from the holy city. And may you always see prosperity as long as you live.

Tuesday, May 19

Boring Tuesday

Had a nice breakfast table talk this morning with Robin.

Since my iPhone disaster last week, I had to shift my thematic bible reading plan a little. Of course, when it came bback to life yesterday, it waanted me to read those unread days in my bible plan. Not sure I’ll switch back for the podcast, but I may share the additional reading where the thematic plans differ.

I say all that so I can return to our breakfast discussion.

We talked about if people applied Moses techniques to the wedding vows, how it would look. Going into graphic detail of the horrible emotions of a divorce if the vows are strayed from. Blessings for you today, but disobedience and disloyalty to the bows will bring on curse after curse… but happy wedding day. Wierd.

Passage: Deuteronomy 21-22; Proverbs 9. alternate: Deut 20, Mark 6.
Theme: Pure Living.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Deuteronomy 21. Murder, Marriage, and Rebellion.

If a dead person is found in the open field, and nobody knows how it happened, the elders a nd judges are to measure to see which city he is nearest. A sacrifice is to be made near the spot with an ox, and in running water. It’s to ask god to forgive innocent blood.

When captives are taken after a battle, and you see a woman you want to marry, here’s what to do. Shave her head, let her mourn for her lost loved ones for 30 days, then marry her. If it doesn’t work out, let her go free, she isn’t to be sold as a slave. You shamed her already.

If a man has 2 wives, and one is loved more than the other, and both have children, he can’t deny the firstborn. In other words, he can’t make the first born of the son from the loved wife take the double portion over the other, if the unloved wife’s son was born first.

If you have a son who is rebellious, stubborn, a drunkard, and a glutton, the mom and dad are to take him before the elders of the city. The rebellious son is to be stoned to death. Purge the evil from your midst.

If a man is to be put to death, and it requires hanging him on a tree, take him down at dark. Bury him that day, and don’t leave him all night. Being on the tree in the first place is cursed.

Deuteronomy 22. Various laws on watching out for one anothers safety, and staying pure.

If you see a stray animal, take back to the owner. If you don’t know who owns it, take it home, care for it, but give it back to the owner when he comes asking for it. Do the same for lost property, take care of it, don’t neglect it,k but give it back when asked for.

No cross dressing. Women don’t wear mens clothes, and vice versa.

If you happen upon a birds nest whether on the ground, or in a tree, and there’s eggs in the nest, it’s OK to take the eggs, but leave the mama bird.

When you build a house, put a parapet around it, so people won’t fall over the edge and get hurt.

Don’t plant 2 kinds of crops in the vineyards. The crop will be defiled, less productive, and less desireable.

Don’t plow with mixed animals, an ox and a donkey. Note: Different animals for different jobs. Use the right tool for the right job.

Don’t mix wool and linen in cloth.

Make tassels for the corners of your garments.

If a man should claim his wife wasn’t a virgin before marriage, her family is to take the sheets from her wedding bed, the evidence of her virginity, and let it be proof for the city elders that she was. When proved true, her father is to be paid compensation, and the man chastised for defaming a virgin of Israel. He can also never be able to divorce her.

If the man’s claim is true, then the wife will be considered a prostitute, taken outside the city, and stoned to death.

When a married man is found with a married woman, both are to be taken outside the city, and stoned to death.

If an engaged virgin is found with a man, both are to be taken out and stoned to death. Its because he is considered to have been with another mans wife, and she for not crying out for help.

If the same thing happens in the open field, kill the man, but not the girl. Even if she did call out, nobody would have been around to hear her. It’s no fault of hers.

Don’t marry your father’s wife.

Proverbs 9. The house of wisdom calls out to the foolish to come, eat, and be satisfied.

Correcting a scoffer, or evil person only gets insult, resistence and hatred in responce. Correct a wise man and he’ll love you for it. Fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom.

The stupid woman calls to the ones who are trying to live righteously, to get them to come into her house. She claims that stolen water is sweet, but it really leadds to death.

Wednesday, May 20

Garden Attempt

Tried scratching out a garden patch out of part of the driveway. Then it started to rain. Well, a sprinkle, but it was enough to get us back inside.

Robin has been feeling less than energetic, but probably more due to the overcast weather than anything else. Its supposed to be sunny again tomorrow.

Passage: Deuteronomy 23; Philemon; Proverbs 10. alternate: Deut 21,22, Mark 7.
Theme: Accepting a Neighbor… Or Not.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Deuteronomy 23. Various commands for good behavior.

Who can join the people as a citizen, a member of their assembly, their church. No man witgh his private parts cut off, nobody of illigitamet birth, Nobody from Moab or Ammon. The people of Moab and Ammon refused to let you cross their land, and they, at least the Moabites did, hired Balam to try to curse you. Seek neither peace or prosperity from them.

Don’t hate Edom, your brother, and don’t hate Egypt who sheltered you as a foreignner. They can join the assembly at their 3rd generation.

Keep yourselves insulated from the practices of the people, as your armies move through.

If a man has a night time emmision, he has to stay outside the camp, bathe, and not return until the following evening. Note: Night time emmision? Like what… taking a bathroom trip… a sexual thing… that seems pretty vague. There must have been a camp outside the camp.

When you go poop, take a shovel, go outside the camp, and cover up your business. God walks through the camp, and he doesn’t want to step in any land mines.

Don’t hand over a run away slave to his master. Let him stay with you. Treat him well.

No daughter… or son… shall be a prostitute. Don’t accept the wages of either a prostitute… or a dog… as offerings in the temple.

Don’t charge interest to a countryman. Not on food, money, or anything that can be loaned. Knock yourselves out with foreigners.

If you make a vow, fulfill it quickly. It would be better to not vow at all. Vowing, and bnot doing is a sin. Not vowing at all is no sin.

When in a neighbors vineyard, eat your fill, but take none in your basket. In standing grain, eat the heads by plucking with your hand,m but don’t use a sickle.

Philemon 1. A letter from Paul and Timothy. To Philemon, and a few others. All who seem to be holding church services in the home of Philemon.

Paul holds Philemon in high regard, taking joy in him, and often praying and thanking god for him. A man of faith and love, a man who is a blessing to the saints, and a man who is a refreshing to Paul and the saints.

Here it comes… though I could throw my weight around as an apostle, I’d rather ask you to do this as a friend. I’m sending Onesimus back to you, a slave that you considered useless. He has been very useful to me, and I hate to part ways with him. I didn’t want to keep him here without your consent. Having him to minister to me here was as though it were you doing it for me. Possibly his seperation from you was for this reason, that he would become a believer, and you would have him back. Not as a slave, but also as a brother. As beloved to you, as he has been to me.

For my sake, accept him. If he has wronged you, or owes you, charge it to me.

I’ll pay it in full. Remember though that you owe me as well, for your new life in the faith.

I’m confident in you, and you’ll exceed my expectations.

I hope to come to you soon, so prepare me a place.

Greetings from the others with me. Grace.

Note: As seen in Deuteronomy 23, Moses commanded not to return a slave. Paaul didn’t have to write this, or return the slave. However, a change must have been very clear. A change that elevated Onesimus, shedding any of his undesireable past. As long as Philemon, with this glowing recommendation, would have him baxck, he would be surprised at the usefulness of this changed brother. Paul stakes himself on the line. asking, not commanding. He is willing to cover any cost or obligation of perceived loss. His statement that Philemon owed him had nothing to do with Paul paying for his salvation. Instead it meant that Paul delivered the gospel, and without that, the salvation debt couldn’t be covered for Philemon.

Proverbs 10. Various short proverbs, contrasting good and evil.

A wise son makes parents glad, a fool makes them grieve.

Stolen goods are empty, but wisdom is right.

Righteous are fed by god, the evil go hungry.

Carelessness leads to poverty, dilligence pays off.

Gathering in summer is wise, sleeping in harvest is foolish.

Blessings are on the head of righteous, violence is hidden in the evil.

The righteous are remembered, the wicked will rot.

The wise recieve commands, but the fool is ruined.

Integrity is security, but perverse ways are found out.

Eye winkers and fools are trouble makers, and ruined.

The righteous spout life, the fool holds violence.

Hatred stirs up trouble, love conquers sins.

Wisdom on discerning lips, and a rod on the back of fools.

Knowledge for the wise, ruin for the fool.

Wealth is a fortress, poverty is ruin.

The righteous wage is life, the wicked wage is punishment.

Heeding instruction is life, ignorance is to stray.

Hidden hatred, lieing lips, and slander, are for fools.

Many words lead to sin, few words are wise.

The tongu

e of the righteous is silver, a wicked heart is worthless.

Righteous lips feed many, fools die of no understanding.

God blesses, makes rich, and adds no sorrow.

Wicked to fool, compared to wisdom to man of understanding.

Wicked get their fears, righteous desire is granted.

Tornado wipes out unrighteous, but righteous have a foundation

Vinegar, and smoke are as annoying as a lazy man.

Fear of god extends life, days of the wicked are shortened.

Hope of the righteous is glad, hope of the wicked dies.

God is strength to the right, destruction to the wicked.

Righteous are never shaken, evil will never live there.

The righteous mouth spouts wisdom, the evil tongue is cut out.

The righteous word is acceptable, the evil one is perverse.

Thursday, May 21

Podcast Trouble

Didn’t know what to do today. Uploaded a retro original I spent a few hours editing yesterday. Also a folder of files to have things out there in case I ever get word on going to the BRC at Hines.

Thought I’d link some draft posts, and get the bible journal linked, if it wasn’t already. Problems and entanglements set in.

The journal file never got uploaded. My connection today is crawling Try to get those drafts up, and get caught in a snag.

Short story, another file needs uploaded. Getting it done while I write this stuff down. Fun.

Also put together some initial notes for a future quest episode. Maybe it would be a good one to invite Michael Prince back to do. .

Passage: Deuteronomy 24-25; Proverbs 11; Psalms 49. alternate: Philemon, Deut 23, Mark 8.
Theme: Honor, Grace, and Marriage.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Deuteronomy 24. Laws on marriage, purity, and more.

If for what ever reason, a marriage ends in divorce, it’s OK for the woman to remarry. However, it’s adultery if she should go back to her previous husband once her new husband either dies, or divorces her.

When a man marries, he is free from duty in the army for a year to make his wife happy.

You can’t take a half of a mill stone as a pledge for a vow. Note: In other words, if it’s something a person uses in their livelyhood, don’t deprive them of earning their living, if you need some collateral from them.

A kidnapper is to die. He is a theif.

If you think you may have a serious disease, like leprosy, it’s your duty to report yourself.

Don’t enter a house to take a pledge someone owes you. Wait outside, and give him dignity to bring it to you.

Pay your slaves on time, and with what they are due. Don’t oppress either a countryman or a foreigner in this.

If a death penalty is required, a father can’t be killed for a son, and vice versa.

Justice is the same for yourselves, orphans, and the foreigner. Don’t take a widows cloak, remember what it was like to be enslaved.

Don’t entirely pick your fruits, or harvest the field. Don’t go back for a forgotten sheaf. Let the foreigner, poor, widow, and orphan gleen from it.

Deuteronomy 25. Being fair in disputes.

When a decision is determined in court, the punishment is to be carried out to the letter. If a beating is the decision, give 40, less one stripe, and do it before the one wronged.

Don’t muzzle an ox while he’s threshing.

If a woman should be childless when her husband dies, one of his brothers must marry her to give her a child. The child will be considered his brothers child. If he refuses, she is to take him to the court. If he still refuses, she is allowed to publically humiliate him, by taking one of his shues, and spitting in his face..

Iftwo brothers fight, and a woman tries to stop the fight by grabbing the junk of the one she’s not married to, her hand is to be cut off.

Use consistent measures for buying and selling.

Remember when Amilech bothered your stragglers? Once you’re established in the land… get him. Pay back time.

Proverbs 11. A bunch of adages on honesty, fairness.

False balances, pride, humility, integrity, righteousness, the wicked die, joy over the dead evil, being trustworthy, taking wise counsil, honor, grace, ruthlessness, reward of the evil, reward of the righteous.

The reward of the righteous, the punishment of the evil. Gold rings in pigs snouts. The generous man prospers. Seeking after good, or after evil. Misplaced trust. Seeking after the wind.Reward and punishment in the end is sure.

Psalms 49. Listen up. Everybody. I’m going to sing wisdom to you.

Though the enemy suround me

, why do I have hope? What price can be paid to the lord? What does it cost to live eternally?

God sees. Both the wise and foolish die. Both the rich and poor. Just like the beasts.

The foolish are destined for the grave. The upright are redeemed.

A man can’t take his ricches with him. His glory is in this world, but without understanding, he’ll be just as dead as any beast.

Friday, May 22


Helped out a tiny bit with Robin this morning. I watched her clean the bathroom, and I watched her wash the dishes, that’s helping… right? I guess I did pick up something from the floor for her… and I rubbed her back… that ought to count for at least a tiny bit… I hope.

After lunch, went to the office to take care of some trouble with the FBCA page, and skim through the ton of email junk. Making headway. Also gotta get some updates posted on their site.

Listening to some podcasts that have been stacking up while I get it all done.

Passage: Deuteronomy 26-27; Psalms 19; Proverbs 12. alternate: Deut 24, Mark 9.
Theme: Motivated to Do Good.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Deuteronomy 26. The worship when making tithe offerings.

A basket of the first fruit is to be brought to the priest, andd an interchange between the person, and priest is begun. Remembering the oppression in Egypt, and deliverance that god brought them out. This presentation is to be a joyful thing.

In the third year, this tithe is given to the Levite, orphan, widow, and foreigner in the land. The recitation continues. This is the set aside portion. Its all there, none has been eaten, or made unclean, or offered to the dead. Thanks a nd blessings to god.

Do this to honor god, declaring him for yourselves, and that you’re following in his ways. Be his treasured possession. Obey his commands.

Deuteronomy 27. Cross over the Jordan, and set up a monument with the words of the law on it. A spcial altar is to be built, and a peace offering made.

Listen. Today is your day. You have become a people. Obey god.

Half the tribal leaders were to stand on one hill top, and half on the other where Moses was preaching. One group represented a blessing, the other a curse, and the Levites were to say…

Cursed is the idol worshipper. All the people said, ‘amen’.

Cursed ar those who dishonor their parents. And the people szaid… amen.

Cursed is the boundary mover. And the people said… amen.

Cursed is the one who misleads the blind. The people said… amen.

Cursed is the one who is unjust to the foreigner, widow, or orphan. The people said… amen.

Cursed is the one who sleeps with his fathers wife… or an animal… or your own sister… or mother in law… and the people said… amen.

Cursed is the one who secdretly strikes a neighbor… or an innocent person… and the people said… amen.

Above all, cursed is the one who doesn’t keep these commandments… and the people said… amen.

Psalms 19. The heavens declare god. Day and night are filled with speech and knowledge, but none can tell all the wonders. The sun is compared to a joyful man who races across the sky.

Gods law is perfect, it restores, makes wise, it’s just, pure, enlightening. His law is true, they endure, they’re more valuable than gold, sweeter than honey

14 Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart Be acceptable in Your sight, O LORD, my rock and my Redeemer.

Proverbs 12. Various proverbvs on the contrast of good and evil.

Loving discipline is wise, to hate it is stupid. Seek favor from god. Being evil will never establish you. A good wife, and good counxcil, are awesome. The wicked lie in wait to do evil, they’ll be overthrown.

Better to be humble with a servant, than proud and have nothing. Have compassion on animals, be industrious, The evil want the fruits, but the righteous knows where they come from

What comes around, goes around. Evil people are caught in their own traps, and the righteous are blessed by their deeds.

A fool is right in his own eyes, he spouts off what’s on his heart. A wise man hides dishonor. Speak truth, not lies.

Don’t be deceitful. Be healing. The diligent will rule, but the slackers won’t. Don’t worry, do good work. Be a righteous guide,.

In righteousness is life, in wickedness is death.

Saturday, May 23

Happy Chris Birthday

Got up, and gave Chris a call to wish him happy birthday. Robin was going to sing it to him, but we got his machine. Later we called, and got all the singing greetings taken care of, and caught up onnews.

After the early phone call, Robin was upset over a text message. She tried to see how Natalee is doing, and Amanda told her to stop sending messages. Its not like we constantly bug her. Short story, Robin and Mike have it worked out. She also researched what rights grandparents have with grandchildren. In Wisconsin, there are laws in place for grandparents.

Passage: Deuteronomy 28; Proverbs 13. alternate: Deut 25, Mark 10, Psalm 131.
Theme: Blessings or Curses.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Deuteronomy 28. Obey god, and be blessed. Blessed in town and country. Your kids, lands, and animals. When you come in, and go out.

Your enemies will arise, but be defeated. All you set out to do will be blessed. God’s storehouses are opened to you.

However, if you don’t obey, these curses will come on you.

You’ll be cursed in town and country. Your kids, lands, and animals will be cursed. Cursed when going in, or going out. You’ll have curses, rebuke, and confusion in all you do, until you are destroyed. You’ll be eaten up with pestilence, blight, sickness, and the sword, until you’re dead. The skies above, and the earth below will rebell against you, and be as iron and bronze.

Your enemies will defeat you. It’ll be you who’s on the run. You’ll be an example of terror to all the nations of the earth. You’ll have plagues worse than those in Egypt. Incurable boils, itching, blindness, madness, and more. Oppressed and robbed, all you’ve worked for and built up will be taken away and enjoyed by others. Note: Moses goes on at length about the horrors and dishonors the people will go through. Utterly hated, destroyed, taken captive, and an accurate image of the terrible days that Jeremiah, and other prophets describe.

All these curses will come on you, until you’re utterly destroyed.

You didn’t serve god with a glad heart, so you’ll be forced to serve others. You’ll be humiliated as you serve under the yoke, until you’re all dead. This will happen from a nation that you don’t yet know. People who don’t know, or care who you are. They won’t stop until you’re all dead, your animals gone, food eaten up, and all you’ve worked hard to build is torn down. You’ll be so destitute, you’ll be forced to canibilize your young. Refined ladies fighting over who gets to eat which baby.

Disobedience will bring on all maner of plagues. Miserable andrecurring plagues, worse than anything you saw in Egypt. As much as god watched over you to bless you, he’ll take the same care to destroy you and curse you. Scattered, serving others, no rest, afraid, no satisfaction.

Proverbs 13. Various proverbs on justice, being industrious, and merits of good over evil.

Be disciplined, not lazy, discrete, avoid deceit, and more. A man appears to be rich, but is evil. Another appears to be poor and humble, but is rich.

Merits of wise counsil. avoiding ill gotten gains, find reward in obeying the laws. Wisdom leads to life, evil .leads to death. Wisdom is fruitful, foolishness is folly.

Wicked masters fall, but loyal servants are blessed. Take correction with honor.

Walk with wise to become wise. The righteous are rewarded. A good man leaves a legacy for his grandkids, and takes the inheritance away from the wicked.

Holding back the rod hates the son, to discipline is to love.

The righteous have enough to satisfy, but the evil never are.

Intermmissions include:

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