Quest ep 03 Sin, Man, and God, Part 1.

After the solo episode Keith made, Nathan is back to record again.

Meet the Hosts.

Find out some of the bible studies and reading the hosts have started in the new year. Comparing super heros to Jesus, and a thematic bible reading plan that tries to match similar chapters together. Reading stays in whole books, and whole chapters, so the themes are on a broad scale. Keith has used it to start yet another podcast on the network. Check out his online Bible Journal. Podcast recommendations of things we’ve been listening to lately are shared, and even some comparing notes on our hair dos. Podcast run the range of audio cartoons, to theology, and beer… huh? Hey we don’t endorse everything, and offer disclaimers where disclaimers are due.

Topic: Sin, Man, and God, Part 1.

We look at a method to share the plan of salvation. It uses the points of Grace, Man, God, Christ, and Faith. Because we run a little long, we’ll bring the final points in part 2.

In the relationship between God and man, sin keeps us from being close to him. Sin is the nature of man, but grace is extended to draw us back into that relationship. What can we do to be good enough, or earn it? God’s kingdom far exceeds what we can imagine, and all we have to bring to the table is… pocket lint. If we could pay for our own entry to heaven, it wouldn’t be salvation. Only one price will cover our inclusion there. A price of blood is required, and Jesus took care of it. That grace is available to all who seek after it.

Why is the price so high to enter heaven, and why can’t we get there by our own works? In short, ask God. It’s his rules. Sin is built in to all of us, and even the smallest infraction breaks our perfection, as sure as a tiny pin point bursts and ruins a balloon. Getting into God’s heavenly kingdom just isn’t possible under our own good works.

Get the rest of the points to find salvation… coming soon!


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