Quest ep 04 Sin, Man, and God, Part 2.

After a rough start, Keith and Nathan share what’s been happening with the hosts. Keith tells about a frozen van breakdown, and missed doctor appointments. Also recomendations for James Kennison, and all the creative work he does online. Creating artwork, web comics, and his podcast network that can be found at: Also there’s plugs for Keith’s other podcasts that can be found on his own network at

Things that were hinted at in the previous installment are explained in more detail. Namely, Keith shares about his disability, and what he does to keep busy as a blind person.
Plus a plug for the, Keith’s other podcasting work. The avalanche of plugs continue with A quick nod to Daniel J Lewis, and his
Clean Comedy Podcast.

Keith also fills in some details surrounding his new church house. God has been in the move from the start, andnew mission opportunities have fallen into the lives of Keith and his wife. Listen to how he was able to move in, and some of the history of the building. Churches don’t have bathing, or laundry facility, how do you do that?

Topic: Grace, Man, God, Jesus, and Salvation, Part 2.

Nathan picks up where we left off, and we transition into talking about God, by reviewing the matter of sin. God is love, longsuffering, willing that all should come to him, and not be punished.
God is just, and fair, but where is the line drawn to know how good is good enough to be in his kingdom? What sacrifice cqan satisfy the requirements of God? Anything at all? No, only a sacrifice of blood. A sacrifice that animal sacrifice can only cover, and one that only Jesus alone is qualified to redeem fully.

What’s involved in actually becoming a Christian? Faith. What exactly does that level of belief mean, and is that all there is to it? It’s surprisingly simple, but it needs to have a few things going on. The Holy Spirit needs to be the one who opens your eyes and ears to understand, chances are he’s already doing that to draw you closer to him. Next, once you see the sin in your life for what it is, turn away from it, and make Jesus lord of your life. What does that mean? To put Jesus as the ultimate authority in your life in making good, ethical decisions. Have you recently accepted Jesus as your lord and savior, and looking for a “Happily ever after” life? It doesn’t work so easily. Life goes on, and is a continuing process in growing a relationship with God.


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