Alive and Still Married 30 Favorite Places

At long last, we’re back to recording. Since our previous show at Christmas, we put together a group on Facebook. Do a search there for Heltsley Podcast Network, to check it out. Join, and take part in the discussion in the small, but growing community.

The new group is where we got the topic for today.. There were some other good responses as well, so stay tuned to upcoming episodes.


We have lived in a variety of places over the years, and we were asked which was our favorite. That’s a tough question, since there has been both good and not so good things about each place.

Robin reviews all the places, and we talk about what we like about the places we lived. Maybe we ought to invent our own place where we could roll them all together. I think we’re pretty happy where we are… but then again… If money were no object, might there be a place we can decide on going?


There isn’t any trivia, or words of the week, but you won’t want to miss this weeks recipe.
Robin even has a bonus breakfast treat.

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