Alive and Still Married 31 Empty Nest Transition

We have a guest in the kitchen studio, our son, Chris contributes as we talk about our topics today. Robin has put and to our noisy refrigerator, so things should be a little quieter.

After getting caught up, and hearing about a mission outreach that Robin participated in, we get right to the main topic.

In response to a question from the the HPNCast Community,
our Facebook group, Robin presents our topic. Thanks to Michael Prince of who asks:

What was the adjustment likewhen the kids grew, and were gone? What are some things you did, or wish you had done to help in the transition?

We may be a good example of what not do do. Launching kids isn’t always text book perfect. They sometimes don’t move out right away. They sometimes make long term, return visits to the nest. For us there was a revolving door that only ended in the past year and a half. It’s not always a bad thing, and comes with different levels of stress. The end goal is to have intentionality, and responsibility to move out, and stay out.

The best thing to do is prepare your child to have a strong faith, and ethical code to be able to weather the storms of outside, and most likely false world views. A faith that is theirs, and not one based only on what mom said, or what dad tells them.

From the kid’s perspective, it may seem forceful to be tossed out of the nest. However from the parent side, it can be just as hard to see kids fall down. Let them, but work in love to help them get back up on their feet. Remember that their habits and priorities won’t be your own, just respect that style difference as they find their way of responsible living.

Isn’t the empty nest lonely? It can be, but again, we may not be the best to address that topic. We haven’t been without kids for all that long.

Recipe with Robin.

Ham Salad Sandwiches. Robin, and our guest, Chris share the ingredients, and tips on how to put it all together. Plus a bonus cookie recipe… but they cheated and made it from a mix.

Tidbits of Trivia. To wrap up, Keith shares a few details of trivia.

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