Quest for Truth 59 Call to Purity

We’re taking the week off due to the Easter holiday, so we aren’t live in the studio. Does that make us dead in the studio?

Instead, enjoy this recording of a talk Keith gave a few months ago on the topic of purity. Do you feel called into an area of Christian leadership, or service? Great. For the other majority of Christians, you are called to do something too. Calling… its not just for pastors and missionaries.

Each Christian is called into a new kind of priesthood. What does that look like? How does it compare to the old kind? We have a new, living temple to see in, and we can start today by living a life that is pure. We can do just about anything, probably even that thing that you’re especially good at doing. If you can do it, and glorify God in doing it, that’s your calling, so keep it pure to serve him as best as you can.

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