Alive and Still Married 35 Overworked Love

The show is a little late this week, and we fill in some background on the delay. Trips, doctors, and printing up some mailings for another group we’re involved with, but here we are.

Robin reads off a few more marriage quotes, and the topics regarding love are on a more upbeat tone. There’s still plenty of deep things to ponder.

The recipe of the week is: Busy Day Cake. A simple recipe to mix all the ingredients up quick, and pop into the oven in a hurry. Listen in, and have your pencils ready to jot down the instructions.

Trivia and word of the week. There’s no word this week, but we have some responses from our trivia question from last time, Listen for the options of who had the most developed biography in the old testament. If you know, drop us a line. There’s also a quick bonus question.

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