Alive and Still Married 36 Grandparents Raising Kids

After a week off, Robin tells how having 6 grandkids in the house for a week distracted us from our regularly scheduled programming. The kids and babies have all returned home… well, except one. Due to complications the we don’t feel the need to go into, we have found ourselves in temporary guardianship of him. The matter has sparked our topic for the day, when grandparents find themselves once again raising kids.

Main topic

Robin uses online sources to use as our discussion points. We talk about reasons that might lead to having a grandparent take charge of raising their grand kids. Regardless of the reason, emotional feelings of guilt, inadequacy, or resentment can creep in. Empathy is called for to understand each party from child, to parents, to grandparents roles, and handling the changes. Grandparents may face the need to raise kids on a fixed income, or find they have 2 or more kids on average, per grandparent to provide for. House rules need to be made up front, with input from the grand kidss, but be flexible to modify rules to be fair on both sides of the rule.

Grandparents also give up freedoms to come and go as they please. They find themselves having to consider schedules of the children and school activities. Being involved in, and engaged with homework assignments is important for anyone raising kids, and actually blends the best of both worlds of public education with home schooling. The changes, grief, emotion, and culture shock doesn’t have to be as difficult when all parties involved can recognize their responsibility in the new arrangement.

Recipe with Robin? Sorry, not this time, but we do have a word of the day, and trivia. We must have stumped listeners last week on the trivia, but we share the answer.

Get ready to send in your answers… In the 8th plague, what animal covered the ground in Egypt. Was it:

  • Scorpions
  • Worms
  • Locusts
  • Snails

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