Alive and Still Married 37 Random Crazy News

Recording in a slightly different studio, that means we moved from the kitchen to the living room, we share a few late breaking happenings. Nothing too exciting, just rainy weather, basement floor drains that are backing up in the high water table, and the same old frustrations with support from the VA.

Stepping away from the typical theme of family and marriage, we take a look at a few headlines involving strangeness with animals, people who should know better, guns at school, dragons, guitars, and all that just in time for bad news for criminals in Maine. It seems that funds for court appointed lawyers has run out. I wonder if they have a family plan, or discounts for group rates?

Oh wait, it gets worse for one unfortunate golfer as he encounters a rabid fox, and a sky diver who got tangled in the airplane landing gear. A dumb crook is picked up on petite burglary… is that a real charge? There’s no shortage of animals in the news. You might feel comforted by a donkey on campus, and if you want to live snake free, move to Alaska… unless your crazy neighbor has a pet python who got loose.

Even if you’re having a bad day, doesn’t that make you a little more glad that it isn’t worse?

Recipe with Robin. She shares a quick and easy way to make Corn Custard.

To wrap up, we give the answer to last week’s trivia question… which nobody responded to. I guess it was another hard one. Get your pencils ready, and hover your mouse pointers over the comment section to drop us your answer for this week’s trivia.

Which book in the bible starts with the phrase: “The revelation of Jesus…”

  • 1 John
  • Jude
  • Philemon
  • Revelation

We leave with a few words of the day that didn’t stump Robin, and an app for iPhone to change the way you look in your selfies.

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