Dangerous Christian 01 Enter the Stranger (Crossover Show)

For our first installment of our own audio drama, Dangerous Christian, enjoy this crossover episode as a Christmas present. For more, visit the new home for Dan Christians, and his friends over at Dangerous Christian, A new kind of superhero. While there, be sure to subscribe, and watch for the show to appear soon in iTunes, and other directories.

Introducing a new kind of super hero.


Storm clouds darkened the skies. Even the air took on a new, and dangerous feel. Winds kick up, the telltale signs that warn that tornados could be roaring through the neighborhood.

But more could be brewing, with dangers worse than any tornado could ever bring.

A family in turmoil, a town with sinister threats, and one man on a mission to right the wrongs, motivated by overcoming the evils in his own past.

Join Dan Christian, and his artificial intelligent creation SWORD, as they probe the problems, and uncovers the face of truth, behind the masks of lies.

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