Quest for Truth 116 Easter: Fact or Fiction, with Chase A Thompson

The first thing you’ll notice is the opening, pre-show comment sounds so much better than the audio Keith is stuck with in the show. Unbelievable, but it’s the exact same microphone. Thanks Skype. Audio troubles aside, which make a tiny glitch or two as the show progresses, we are glad to have a special guest. We skip all the usual segments to interview Chase A Thompson about his recently published book. Easter: Fact or Fiction.

The book is more than the logical arguments behind the historic and philosophical reasons to have every confidence the resurrection account is true, Chase also offers his own story of having doubts, and what it took for him to begin his journey to understand why the New Testament accounts are trustworthy. His personal testimony and background are told in the same honest look as what he gives to common challenges to the risen Jesus.

We talk a little about The Gospel Friends podcast, which Chase has been a co-host, we talk about what you’ll find in the book, including: The empty tomb, Hysterical women, and The Crucifixion stigma. The opening chapters contain probably the single most compelling reasons to trust that a dead person really came to life, and the account is a historical one.

Do you still need more? There are 20 chapters to cover several logical arguments, the reliability of some unlikely eye witnesses, conspiracy theories, and why they don’t make sense. In the interview, we pick apart some of the challenges that the whole thing is a myth, and the handwritten books of the New Testament are somehow in error. The embarrassment factor, and sometimes mundane accounts don’t seem the kind of things someone would make up, if the idea was to create a hoax, or conspiracy, or make Jesus out as a legendary hero.

Grab your copy of Easter: Fact or Fiction: 20 Reasons to Believe Jesus Rose From The Dead. Kindle Edition by Chase Thompson (Author). It’s a fairly short book, easy to read and understand, and for the price of $0.99, you can’t go wrong. It’s a good read for anyone who may be having doubts to what they believe, or those just curious about events that have shaped our history.

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