Quest for Truth 117 Mothers Day in Arkansas

Doing a solo episode, Keith is joined by the Retrobots. They want to hear Nathan’s sermon he gave the day before for Mother’s Day, so they tell how they plan to use an old time machine to do it. It’s one that used to be used in Keith’s other podcast, in the early years to visit the old time radio days. They somehow manage to sabotage Keith, and get themselves lost, as they travel to Western Arkansas. Who knew it would be so difficult to travel back just one day in time?

After taking a peek in at Pine Ridge, Arkansas to see what people are doing, and that Mousey Gray gent who thinks people are like a mother to him… well, except for his actual mother. She’s more like a father to him. Huh? We all finally manage to arrive in one piece, more or less, at the doors of the Missionary Baptist Church.
Services are already in session so… sshh… be quiet, and have a seat.

Nathan preaches on Proverbs 31, and shares about the important women in his life, and all the ways they care for, and nurture those in their lives. He attributes all the respect a family or household may have to the industriousness of mothers. Moms do so much for us that there isn’t enough words to do them honor.

Enjoy this tribute to mothers, even if it’s a day or so late when we put it together, and a little more than that by the time it gets posted. Let us know what you thought about the presentation, or if you would like to have us discuss a particular topic. Leave a comment on the web site, send us email, or even use the voice mail number. (401)753-4844. Feedback is always nice.

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