Quest for Truth 118 Saving Sinners, with Charles E Fuller

The Old Time Revival Hour is a show from the world of old time radio, that first aired on March 10, 1940

Rather than playing the full hour, which consisted of a half hour of music, prayer requests, and reading letters from listeners, with the second half featuring the sermon, Keith comments on some of Charles Fuller’s biography, and the struggles he faced. He felt that Christianity was becoming to liberal in it’s political stance, and it was straying from foundational teaching, namely the truth of the gospel.

Though he was on the air off and on in the 1920’s, he wasn’t on regularly until the early 1930’s. In those days religious programming wasn’t allowed to have a commercial sponsor, or a foundation to support it. All funding had to come from listeners, and money could only go to the radio ministry. No outside missions work could be supported with those contributions. An area that was important to Charles Fuller.

Though he supported himself with his 20 acre orange ranch, weather caused crops to fail as he tried launching his radio ministry. Sickness struck his wife, and young son, to the point of near death. The ordeals caused him to rely on God for money as the needs arose. At times it seemed the answer would be to phone in to cancel his radio time slot, or to declare bankruptcy.

Tracks from this episode are inserted between comments by Keith, but the entire show can be downloaded for free on the Internet. By and large, shows from old time radio are considered in the public domain, however most of the hundreds of Old Fashioned Revival Hour shows are held by the Fuller Theological Seminary. You will need to visit their library, or purchase them online.

Details shared about Charles Fuller, his family, and life are taken from his biography, written by his son, Daniel Fuller. Read the biography online for free.

Tracks included are:

  • Opening theme song, and announcement
  • Hymn: He Included Me Too
  • Charles Fuller: Mentions how churches play the show before service, and prepare men for salvation of souls.
    • Plus a hymn: Jesus Calls Us.
  • Hymn: Trusting Jesus
    • Followed by Charles Fuller: Making appeal for prayer to keep broadcast going with free will gifts.
  • Hymn: I Must Tell Jesus
  • Grace Fuller: Reads letters from listeners, begging to stay on the air, and sending nickels, dimes and quarters. Others reporting salvation, help through sickness. From people of all ages including young people.
  • Hymn: When Your Heart is Aching.
  • Charles Fuller: Saving Sinners, based on 1 Timothy 1:15 and surrounding passage.
  • Benediction Hymn: Just as I Am.

As the program signs off, be aware that the contact information given for the radio ministry is out of date, and no longer applies. However, to contact us, feel free to use the comment form on these show notes. Send email, or through our HPNCast Community Facebook group.

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