Quest for Truth 131 A World of Materialism

In an earlier solo installment, the topic of worldview was the focus. There were five major ones that challenge a biblical worldview, and today we give a brief look at another. To see the others, with a summary of each, and the book that inspired the episodes, check out Secular: What in the World Is It?

Before we begin, our long lost co-host has returned.

Meet the Hosts

Nathan gets us caught up with a project that’s near and dear to our hearts. Our audio drama production of a modern day, low key kind of hero is underway. Casting calls are being responded to, and if you want to be part of it, it isn’t too late. Nathan is taking requests, but feel free to drop me a line, and I’ll forward your inquiry.

Summer camps have been a success, both for the one Nathan went to, and one we are involved with. Lots of kids and adults having fun in the Summer sun.

Time is of a premium so we turn to the main topic.

First, we touch on a hot button topic or two. Namely those regarding the recent racial tensions, and some challenges that face bringing a Christian message into the mix. I hope it doesn’t come across as being one sided, but this is a topic that was intended to cover several weeks ago, but we never quite got it to the table.

What does it mean when we use words like racist, or bigot? More often than not those labels get used without actually knowing. They get cheapened when they are tossed out for a simple matter of disagreement. Using those words without understanding their meaning, or the person or group that get tagged with them makes the labeler the racist or bigot, not the one being labeled.

In today’s climate, that may sound a bit petty. There’s along unhealed rift between blacks and whites. All lives really do matter. They are equally valuable and important, and to pick a side isn’t helping. Christ was neither white nor black as we might define those races. It was still his blood that was shed for people of all colors. If you don’t believe it, thinking religion has been polluted over the years… you may be right… or you may be wrong.

Now is a good time to touch base with the roots of Christianity. What did the first century writers have to say? You know… those men of color, who lived in the Middle East, and taught there, and in Northern Africa. What did they say, and which flavors of the Christian religion still closely hold those teachings? I’m not here to say. Some definitely do not. Some do. No single race holds the monopoly on Jesus. It pays to do your own investigating, paying attention to the evidence the earliest writers documented.

With our extended bunny trail as wrapped up as we can make it, our attentions turn to the promised topic.

Without using the name of this worldview, Keith tries to describe it. What does it stand for? Why might some people find it appealing? Where are it’s shortcomings? Nathan has it figured out, and we pull the mask off… the Marxism worldview.

To summarize:

  • It’s all about materialism and money. Social standing, and equality.
  • The ideal is to ensure equality for all regarding social standing, income, and power.
  • To close the gap between the very rich and the very poor. A classless society.

Does that sound appealing to anyone out there who may be feeling oppressed and under appreciated?

Wait, there’s more…

  • No individual should have the right to own a means to make money, and not share it with his workers.
  • No individual should be able to set an unrealistic price on goods, making them unaffordable by the workers.
    • Especially when it drives the owners income up, and further from that of the laborer.
    • Especially when the product is unaffordable to use by the worker who made it.
  • When the social economic environment is stabilized, all will live as one, in peace and harmony.

Still sound appealing?

We try to use real examples of how this ideology actually crushes the people it claims to help. It’s an ideology that still has to have a form of government to oversee it. When all the people are brought down to the lowly, equal state, it means the few, elite in government power, are unrealistically elevated above the common citizen. It means a free market and competition is gone. It means the public, actually government owns production, sets price, quality, availability, and choice. Without free market competition, there’s no motive or incentive to improve or develop new products.

The capitalistic democracy that we know and love here in America may get a lot of criticism, but by and large it has been more successful and shown more promise in creativity in realms of art, science, technology, and more, than the quality of life in those practicing Marxism. Sure, there are those who are extremely wealthy, but more often than not they do provide benefits for their employes. Wages are rarely set so the product isn’t affordable to the laborer. There often stock options, giving ownership, and a share in the profits to the worker, and other ways of giving back to the needs of society.

How might this worldview pollute the church, and biblical worldview?

Our time is rapidly running out, but when looking at what might be considered appealing, the motive centers firmly around materialism. In a word, greed.

This worldview also teaches that all means should be used, even violence and terror, to overthrow the oppressor, and share goods equally. Revolution is encouraged to squash the opposition, unless its Marxism itself. There can be no opposition in the ranks.

Definitely a far cry from the teaching of Jesus. Where’s peace, love, forgiveness, building one another up, helping the poor, the orphaned, and the widow? Harmony and peace is attainable in this world, through Jesus doctrine. It can never be through the teaching of Marx.

There’s more we didn’t get into, like the rejection of all religion, and forcing atheism on everyone. Also the idea that humanity, actually the common worker, is the authority to decide morality. All ideas that are at odds with Christianity.

To officially wrap it up, we share a thought for the week. And just in time too. The Retrobots… well actually our unruly one… was sent out on a mission, and has come sneaking back into the studio. A good time for Nathan to make a hasty departure.

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