Quest for Truth 135 Peace, Joy, and Hope

In something of a solo episode, Keith reviews a message of hope for those who have found the true way into God’s grace. Nathan can’t be live in the studio, but he has a few thougts on the topic recorded for us. Keith shuffles them in as we turn to the upbeat words found in Romans 5:1-11.

But first, in a short segment on meeting the hosts, Keith reminds folks to watch for the guest appearance Nathan made on the Old Time Superman podcast. By the time this show is posted, their 1000th episode should be available. Also to get ready for the launch of our very own original audio drama, Dangerous Christian. Production is well underway, and our first episode will be here before you know it. Tell your friends, and be sure to support the project on Nathan’s Patreon page, leave a rating and review, and encourage us to keep the shows coming.

Main Topic

In presenting the message in Romans 5:1-11, Keith shares some key words, and uses Matthew henry’s commentary to add some good news that has stood the test of time. Nathan reads the scripture, and interweaves his own ideas on the meaning of such foundational concepts as being justified, having faith, and the hope of God’s eternal grace to those who believe.

To be clear, we have peace once we are justified, a price that can only be paid by Jesus. Believing that fact, we are given the faith of the HolySpirit, who fills us. Actually if we bring anything to the table, it’s not belief, it’s a burden of guilt, sin, and shame.

This faith gives an admission ticket to God’s grace. A grace wherre he’s pleased with us. No wrath. His judgement is only for those who refuse to recognize sin in their lives, those who see no shame in it, or for whatever reason they see no burden of guilt with sin. Having access to God’s grace is always a reason to rejoice and celebrate.

When sin is removed, covered, paid in full by the sacrifice Jesus made for us on the cross, we have hope. An expectation where we can be confident in eternal matters.

There’s a proof for our faith. Suffering, or troubles, or the pressures in life. As the pressure is turned up, we see the depth of hardship our God can deliver us out of. The deeper the trial, the more our faith is strengthened, the more we experience firsthand how secure this expectant, confident hope reaches. God sees no shame or disgrace in enduring this kind of hoe, or the tests we go through to get it. There’s no shame in God’s love, or in the Holy Spirit who fills us.

The ultimate image of love is portrayed in how Christ died for us. Not after we did something, or cleaned up our act. He loved us enough to die, when all we could do was bring him our sin, and immorality.

Nathan wraps up by reading a parallel passage, 1 Corinthians 15:12-20. Sin isn’t just some kind of filth, or dirt that can be washed offf. Jesus refers to it as leaven. Think of how leaven works by permiating to every part of a lump of dough. Only sin is a leaven that pollutes. Nothing tastey, or good about it. Not something that is washed from the surface, but is shot through our character.

That’s the power that the justification from jesus has. Hope. Admission to grace. Time to rejoice.

In closing, our Retrobots share a thought of the week.

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