Quest for Truth 142 Bible Survey 16: Jesus Fulfills the Law

A special guest joins Keith in the studio, but first an answer to a few challenges to whether the Bible is reliable, and can be trusted.

Myths include:

  • The bible was made up by the emperor Constantine.
  • There was no Christian god, before Jesus was invented in the early 300’s AD.
  • the Bible was canonized by Constantine to suit his political agendas.
  • Christianity would never have spread if not for the corrupting influence of the Roman emperor.
  • The oldest surviving manuscripts only dat to the Middle Ages, so how can they be trusted to be accurate in relzating events that happened a thousand years earlier?

A scan through accepted secular histories can debunk all these myths. It’s easy to date copies of the oldest fragments of the New Testament to around 300AD. Being copies, we know there were originals long in existence before this. Plus the earliest church leaders, students of the original disciples, widely quoted from the books and writings we now call the New Testament . Where did corruption come from, if the church has become corrupt? From people who hide the Bible away, and teach their own agendas above what god says in his word. When in doubt, throw out the commentary, and read what the Bible says.

Since the original writings are no longer with us, the thing to do is stop talking about how we came to have the Bible, or how it was preserved, and read what it actually says about itself, and about what god wants. Keith includes 11 points from J Warner Wallace’s book, Cold Case Christianity to prove the early dates for the writings, the witnesses, and how to know the events are real.

Main Topic

Bible Survey 16. Jesus Fulfills the Law

Matthew 5:17-20; Romans 8:1-4


  • He came to fulfill the law.
  • They that are in Christ, are free from condemnation.

John Steinklaubber joins in to discuss what it means to have the law fulfilled, The law is important, and will not pass until the end of time. Still, it carries a heavy weight in responsibility if we expect to live up to god’s standards. If you can’t meet the standard of perfection.

For the rest of us, we need the new covenant that Jesus offers. The law of the spirit liberates, and reconciles us to be part of god’s kingdom.

To wrap up, we flip the usual format to put some random questions at the end. Enjoy our fun discussion of discovering our true passions in life.

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