Quest for Truth 143 Modeling Christ, with Doug McCoy

Today, Keith interviews pastor, podcaster, and author, Doug McCoy. Learn about his ministry and how he came to follow Christ. We talk about his various podcasts, most having to do with movies, games, and well… whatever Doug likes, and likes to share. His books are available on Amazon, and range from video games, to Halloween, to Thanksgiving, and more.

We talk about living our faith in a sometimes hostile world. Sometimes people want to hear more about the gospel, sometimes they don’t, but the two best things to do is pray,;and model the Christian life. Pray for the opportunity to share, ;pray for the right words to say, and when there’s nothing other to do, than giving people their space, pray for a hardened attitude to be softened. But model Christ to them.

Shifting back to the topic of writing, we discuss how characters, and stories can be developed to telll a story with Christian undertones, without being something that’s in your face with bible lessons. A book that’s Cristian, not a straight Christian book that uses a story to teach.

The question is also posed: If you had to pick a different occupation, other than what you do now, what would it be? Just how does one go about becoming Indiana Jones? Regardless of the choice, modelling the life of Jesus is going to be woven through it.

Diving further into the world of randomness, we share our ideas on a quote by Albert Einstein.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge will get you from A to B, but imagination will take you everywhere.

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