Quest for Truth 145 Back to Basic Doctrine, with Doug McCoy

Some pre-recorded bits are mashed together as Keith asks his recent guest, Doug McCoy, a few basic doctrinal beliefs that Christianity teaches. In a later recording session the same questions were asked of our usual co-host, Nathan Caldwell.

Listen to see how similar… or different they are… as they go head to head on these seven basic areas of belief.

  1. God, Holy Spirit, JesusHow do they relate to each other? To humanity?
  2. Humanity. Purpose of man. Is it basically good, or basically bad?
  3. Sin. Is it really a problem?
  4. Salvation, What is it? How do we get it?
    • Conviction,
    • Confession,
    • Repentance,
    • Faith,
    • Justification, Regeneration,
    • Sanctification
  5. Elect. Pre-destined or Choice?
  6. Sacraments
    • Baptism. Infant, or believer. Once, or repeat. Is the method important?
    • Communion, How often, wine or grape juice.
  7. Eternal destiny.
    • Heaven. A real place? Who gets in? All or some?
    • Hell. Is it a real place, Is it forever?

Any of these topics could merit it’s own show, so the responses are basic reactions to each point. Do you have a comment, or need some clarification? Drop us a line by Email or leave a comment on the show notes. We would love to here your ideas.

Thanks to Doug McCoy for letting Keith grill him on these questions. Find out more about Doug at McCoyCast It’s the place where you’ll find Doug, “Podcasting the Things that Interest Me.”

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