Quest for Truth 146 Finding Real Peace

After a moment of getting caught up, and a short segment of Meet the Hosts, we focus on a seasonal topic.

Christmas is the time to celebrate peace on earth, and good will towards men. But what does that mean? Nathan shares about a final time where peace will come to earth, and be the normal way of life.

What’s the source of peace? It’s an attribute of God’s character. Being made in his image, we, as humans, can achieve peace on a small scale, but true peace comes from God. It came in the flesh when Jesus was born, and is passed on when his disciples continue to carry that torch of peace.

Why do we need peace? In our turbulet world it offers shelter and safety. In coming to such a conflicted world, peace seems to sometimes stir things up, and create more conflicts. But only because forces of evil in the world aren’t willing to give up power so easily.

No matter how stirred up life becomes, or the depth of depression and despair, real peace can still find its way to offer a bubble of safety and hope. A peace that no storm can rage against, and win.

Christmas carries a lot of man made baggage with it. If you can have fu n with such inventions of the holiday to find joy, that;s great. Santa, snowmen, reindeers, and all the decorations, and mor.

Just don’t forget why peace came to earth. A peace that only God can offer. A way of salvation that only he can provide, so all people might return to him.

To wrap the show up, we close with a few parting thoughtd. Keith explains the episode last week, anfd the free, limited time availability of his new book in ful audio form. If you missed it, it might still be available, but is primarily for those who purchase the book from Amazon. Nathan shares a word of support for a few felow podcasters, and shows on sandwiches, marriage, and being a good dad.

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