Quest for Truth 147 The Heart To Heart Hour – Christmas Program. 351222

Before we get to our feature from the world of old time radio, we share a fresh word on this age old message.

A friend to the podcast responded to a request to make some observations. Based on the popular hymn, Mary Did You Know? And a related scripture, Kris shares her thoughts on the virgin birth, and God coming down to earth in human form.

About Kris: graduated from a tiny Christian college in Portland, OR with a liberal arts degree in Bible, social sciences, and English. She’s spent the majority of her adult life as a volunteer in a variety of places, the majority of it with the BSA and Cub Scouting.

Our feature:

The Heart To Heart Hour (KNX) Christmas Program. 351222

Featuring: Rev. Charles E Fuller. Copyright is held byViola University, and hundreds are available in their library. This episode is one of a few that arre freely offered on the Internet.


  • Glory for Me.
  • Dedicateed to young people in various locations. Hark the Herald Angels.
  • Rev Fuller recognizes people in the audience. O Come All Ye Faithful.
  • He Shares plans for expansion to new times and stations. Thanks to listeners. Give aways include photos and book. Hark the Herald Angels, (Bob Hartman piano)
  • The reverend speaks to the home audience, with dedications to various mothers and grandmothers. God Will Take Care of You.
  • Veterans of the foreign war are thanked for their support. Dedication to them, and families of those serving. My Faith Looks Up To Thee.

Prayers of thanks are given, for the Christmas season, and for the Gospel to be received with conviction, and speaking to the heart.

  • Though Mrs Fuller, and son Danny aren’t able to attend, Rev Fuller calls attention to the words in the verse of the song… He’s the One.
  • A request for financial support from listeners is made. Offers a chance for listeners to respond to the ABC’s of the gospel. Christ Receiveth Sinful Men.

Passage: Acts 2:38 The gift of the Holy Spirit.
Gifts and giving. As much as we enjoy the packages of the holiday, there is a greater, eternal gift. How do we get the sacrificial gift of Jesus? Repent and be baptized. For the remission of sin. If evil men can give good gifts, how much more so does god give even better gifts.

  1. The gift of Christ, from god to the world.
  2. The gift of the Church, from god, to christ.
  3. The gift of the Believer, of themselves to god.
    • Being ambassadors for Christ to take the gospel to the world.
    • Created for a good work.
    • Receive the Holy Spirit, to experience his joy and peace.
  4. The Gift of the Holy Spirit.
    • Promised to the church.
    • He doesn’t need to come down, he’s already here.
    • Powerful, like the wind, will change you if you don’t Harden your heart.
    • Gives courage. Believers will prophesy.
    • Poured out as water. Fills. And satisfies.

The price Acts 2:22-36. Cost god his heart, placing it in hands of wicked men who crucified him.
The gift comes freely through repentance. Acts 2:41-47
Prayer to respond to the call.
Closing hymn: Jesus Paid It All. In closing, Rev Fuller shares the gospel of receiving through repentance, and faith.


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