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With the briefest of openings, we get right to a list of questions, gleaned from a variety of sources. Our Meet the Host segment turns into a session of asking the hosts anything, and we do our best to respond. To cap off the show is a brief look at some
Compare and contrast between Abraham, and Jesus. Each being founders of physical and spiritual kingdoms, and each facing their own temptations with different results.

Ready? Here’s the questions, asked, and once in a while commented on by our Retrobot guests. They ask the questions. Nathan and Keith give their answers.

  1. Being the start of a new year, are there any things you have started? Resolutions, bible reading/study plans, goals to work toward, etc.
  2. What are the top 5 things you would like to get out of 2018, before the year is over? (Either goals that are attainable, or ones you wish were).
  3. what is one of the most significant things you read this week from the bible? (Give the theme of it, or state it in a sentence or two).
  4. Do you ever keep notes in a journal? Either a prayer, or bible study journal? what benefits or methods would you recommend for those who might want to try it?
  5. If you could choose to know everything about one topic, what area would you choose to be an expert?
  6. Do you feel like you attract a certain kind of person?
  7. If money were no object, where would you like to go for a vacation?


-Genesis 12, Matthew 4

Similarities and Comparisons.

Abram vs Jesus

Righteousness: Both were righteous in their own way. One because God declared him righteous. The other because he was already God, who came to earth in human form.

Lineage: Abram established a nation who became God’s chosen people. The vessel where all the world would be blessed. Jesus was the fulfillment of that nation, and vessel to extend the call for all nations to return to be righteous to God.

Qualifications: Abram was in the line of people who came out of Noah, and from Adam, who managed to cling to the thread of right living, while all the other nations went their way. He stood as the focal point to grow a righteous nation out of him. Not perfect, or without failings, but entrusted to live right.

Jesus was unique, being both man, and God. A product of the nation Abram started, but also its creator. Living a sinless life, he alone is qualified to be the focal point to launch an eternal, spiritual kingdom.

Temptation: Abram went to Egypt to flee famine. His fears caused him to give into temptations to lie about his wife. It didn’t go well. Despite that, God still blessed him, and returned him to his land.

Jesus was led, by the Holy Spirit to a place. In that place, Satan was allowed to tempt him. Things went well. Jesus overcame, was ministered to by angels, and his ministry began. His spiritual kingdom grew, starting with the disciples that were called.

Kingdoms/Nations: the physical kingdom is all we know through our experience now. It’s limited, temporary, although it can be a very blessed experience. It’s easily corrupted by sin. The spiritual kingdom started with Jesus. We can experience it now, even while in the physical world. But once the physical passes away, the spiritual kingdom remains for eternity.

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