Quest for Truth 151 Legends, Healing, and the Future Church

With special guest, Doug McCoy, from Nathan is back, and we’re live in the studio.

Meet the Hosts. Doug shares how his area of California is free of fire, and floods, but the fog is thick. Keith has been working out, and has a slightly scratchy throat.

We get started with the main part of the show. Each of us bringing a topic, and the rest of us adding our comments to it.

Nathan leads off with various points were we have to determine whether it’s from mythology, or from the bible. Golden fleeces, fire in the sky, signs, and more.

Doug asks about the future of the church. is it all over? Should Christians just pack it in, and get with the secular program? Is there any hope that the church will prevail against the gates of hell? Though there is much that might be changed to suit our changing world, thereare core doctrines that can never be compromised. Correct worship is important, but how can people worship, if they don’t first know the gospel of Jesus? For that matter, is there any other gospel than Jesus? What about people who claim there are other good ways to live, or that even an atheist can live with good morals? Hint: it depends on how you perceive an eternal destiny, and how you define morality, and the standards you base it on.

Keith brings up the topic of faith healing. Is it real?

Situation: Your wife is having a failing battle with cancer. Add to that depression, and mental disorders. the claim is that she would be healed, but she lost her faith, if she ever had it at all. If she didn’t have sin in her life, this would never have happened.

She goes off all medication, and life goes haywire.

Though healing is recorded in the bible, and God can certainly heal human bodies, most who claim to heal people today are bogus. If people really could heal in biblical fashion, it would be instant, and complete. Such people would do well to set up their ministries in hospitals , not churches, on TV, or the Internet. There would be a clear track record of completely healed people in their wake as proof. Any random person should be able to come to them to be completely healed, not hand picked shills in the audience.

Responses to such faith healing claims, and being sick or disabled.

  • Sickness or healing has nothing to do with faith.
  • Some people are radical, wacko, hypocritical, judgemental. In short they have a misguided idea of faith.
  • Just ignore them.
  • There’s nothing wrong or sinful in suffering or hardship.
  • Don’t turn from the faith you have.
  • Hhardship builds or refines character.
  • Hardship proves depth of faith.
  • If having no faith, or a sinful life equals bad health. Why do you wear glasses?
  • If faith means pain free, why did it hurt when i kicked your shin?
  • If we all die, that means we get sick beyond healing. Do we all lose our faith? Are we all doomed to hell then? No.

In closing, Doug shares his contact information: has a new website to check out for his church, Houston Missionary Baptist Church in Houston, Arkansas. Finally, we alll share our thoughts for the week to wrap it all up.

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