Quest for Truth 153 What About Eternal Destiny?

Featuring a guest host, Robert Harrington of the It’s Just Us Podcast who joins us in the studio. Technical difficulty means that Nathan Caldwell isn’t able to join the Skype call. Not to mention there was more computer rebellion, and a fallback recording setup had to be used. Sorry for the less than ideal recording quality.

Keith spends a little time interviewing Robert Harrington, and we learn a little about his marriage podcast he did with his wife, as well as other podcasts he has been part of. We bring back our Dumb News segment, and though it would have been more fun with Nathan added into the mix, we still have fun learning about wacky animals, people doing crazy things, and other absurdities.

Before we transition into the main topic, Robert answers a bonus question where we learn about a secret passion he has, and might pursue if life didn’t intrude, or bills need to be paid.

Main topic.

What is eternal destiny all about, and how can it shape what our faith looks like?

Is this world all there is? When life is over, is that the end? Life is short in the scope of forever, so what a person believes about an eternal destiny can be a big thing in deciding how to live life. If there’s nothing else, then the best you could say is you’ll be dead for a lot longer than you were alive, and there’s no coming back.

But what if there’s more. What if the teaching in the Bible is true about an after life, doesn’t it make sense to learn about who gets in, and who doesn’t? If its eternal life, or eternal death, we’ll end up there a lot longer there than here. We know we can make a decision now that will have eternal consequences. There is no such guarantee, in fact the choice in this life can’t be changed in an after life, according to bible teaching.

Forming a decision that shapes our life, and daily walk through it can be a huge deal in what we find important in this life. A way to guide us in a way of continually seeking after a truth that matters. An eternal truth, not just one that might change with the context of a short life. Knowing what waits outside this life means knowing something about the price to get there, and what God’s purpose for our life is all about.

To wrap up, Keith shares a closing thought of the week.

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