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Bible Journal 01 Covenants and Blessings

Keith shares a little about personal happenings, and comments on his journey in reading the Bible.

Sunday, January 4
Cold Day and More on the Way

Bible Stuff based on a thematic reading plan.

Passage: Gen 9-10, Hebrews 4
Theme: Rescue from destruction past and future.

Monday, January 5
Podcast Anticipation

Passage: Gen 11-13, Heb 5.
Theme: Obedience, Promise, and High Priests (Getting back to god)

Tuesday, January 6
On the Road

Passage: Gen 14, Psalm 110, Heb6-7
Theme: Melchizadek

Wednesday, January 7
Birthday Laundry

Passage: Gen 15-17, Heb 8
Theme: Good covenant, Perfect Covenant

Thursday, January 8
A big podcast day

Passage: Gen 18-19, psalm 11, Heb 9
God loves the obedient, and hates disobedience.

Friday, January 9
Home Alone and taking Show Notes

Passage: Gen 20-21, Heb 10
Theme: Shadow of the perfect covenant

Saturday, January 10
Breakfast and snowed in

Passage: Gen 22-23, Heb 11
Theme: Faith fulfilled

listen and find out more about the daily topics. Find out who’s in it, and what’s happening in each reading. Keith’s comments and summarization are not devotionals, or a claim to know it all. It’s just what he has taken away from the daily reading. Feel free to comment, and either challenge a point, or ask for more info about it.

Quest ep 1.5 Introducing God

Keith is joined by co-host, Nathan Caldwell. Meet the hosts for a quick word on the background of each. Keith is a long time Christian, and a regular guy, with a regular job. Nathan is a missionary pastor, and both want to relate to you where ever yiou are in ,life.

Faith should reach a point where you leave the dogma of your parents and teachers behind, and explore for yoursrelf for what’s fake, and what’s real.

Join the discussion. Everybody is at a different point in their walk of faith, and dealing with religious matters. Drop us a line with some personal advice. Ask a question about what’s next in tyour new faith. Ask that burning, hard to answer question, nd we’ll see how to best respond.

Nathan shares an outline from the bible about knowing what truth is. We can be assured of an absolute truth, and the bible can be held as trustworthy in matters of historical and spiritual truth alike. Simply believing in a fact you make up yourself, or in your own opinions and experiences can be a dangerous, and life threatening thing. Our knowledge is limited to our perspective. God is bigger than his creation, and we can stand above our created world, and begin to understand matters better when we get a glimpse of how God sees things. We get that glimpse from what we learn from the pages of the bible.

Does it take lots of wisdom and learning? No, even a child can understand. Need more knowledge to satisfy? Matters of God are as deep as you want to go. Keep seeking and growing.

Remember, we want to hear from you. Comment, send an email, whether here, or on Nathan’s site, Protectors of the Book.

Quest 01 God Almighty, and Creator

Introducing the podcast that tries to seek for truth about God, the Bible, and life. In this first installment Keith takes a look at the first point in the Apostle’s Creed. This foundational creed dates back to the earliest statements of faith.

To find what the bible says about God being Almighty, and creator, the words of Job are given a glance, since he seems to have the most to say on the mightiness of God. Interesting since he wasn’t in the family of Abraham, and is famouslhy known for the torment he went through. He at least knew that as crazy as life got, God was still in control.

Next time, look for a new segment. The topic will shift toJesus and the scriptures.

Feedback! Please send in any comments, suggestions, recommendations, or requests to be a guest on the show. If you don’t see a form on the Contact page, feel free to use this comment section to let me know.

Alive 03 Military Families

Get caught up with the hosts

We had a new shower installed. Now we can get a clean start with the Christmas holidays. hanks to our youngest son, and his brother in law. Keith also talks bout getting caught up on hiw other podcat, the Retro Radio Podcast. Check it out for some free, family friendly entertainment.

Main Topic: Militry Families, and coping with seperation.

Keith recounts the perspective from that of the military person. Also a little history of his first days reporting to his first duty station after boot camp. Seperation for short periods for guard duty, trips to the field, and being separated for his first wedding anniversary.

Robin talks about support groups, and substitute families for the military wife to draw on. How to get support when no official groups exist, and both Keith and Robin talk about readjustments on returning. Then there’s the topic of seperation anxiety for kids as well. Lots to be aware about, but not always easy answers. Communicating, and a little consideration for the others involved go a long way.


We got our first responce… sort of. A positive word from a listener on Twitter. Thanks for thinking our first podcast was cool. I hope we keep making them that way.

Send in your comments and feedback today. Use the comment form, or visit our Contact page to send us an email.

Alive 002 Christmas Traditions and Memories

Recent news involves furniture that’s new to us. Also dealing with a visit with grandkids, phone and cable installers, and laundry.


We talk about Christmas traditions from before marriage, and how we blended them into our family. Stockings, visiting relatives, passing out and opening gifts, and more.

We remember early Christmases while in the military, splitting leave time between families. Traditions are always being remade, particularly with the death of a family member.

As Christians, how did we deal with telling kids about Santa Claus. Bottom line, have fun with it, but be truthful. There’s no need to ruin the beliefs of other kids and families who want to pursue including Santa. Being in on the secret can make it a fun thing.

To wrap things up, we share a few favorite Christmases, and worst Christmas moments. Special gifts, being away from home on Christmas, and kids puking on the boss. A mixed bag of bummers and blessing.


None yet, but a home on the web is being worked on to be a small network of podcasts, and a place to send emails or comments. If you’re reading this on the web, you’ve already found it. Why not drop us a line,

Alive 001 Communication

In this pilot episode, Keith and Robin introduce their intentions of doing this podcast about marriage. Learn what will be discussed in future installments ♠as they invite you into their kitchen for a few moments of conversation.

Robin shares a little about our recent move, grand kids, and having to travel 50 miles for new tires. Keith tells about finding a dead church rat… the hard way.

The main topic is about the importance of communication in marriage. When, and how to do it and minimize fights. How to have a healthy discussion, and not letting the sun go down on your anger. Does the bible really mean that when it says that in Ephesians 4:26?

Finally, we encourage you to send email comments and suggestions. Your input will make this be a truly informative podcast. From the web site, look for the “Contact” link, and tell us what’s on your mind.