If you already have the TeamTalk5 chat client installed, click this direct link.

Having trouble? The link should work for most devices using the Teamtalk5 chat client. Sometimes it doesn’t, so manual settings are listed here. We use the public server, and passwords are for privacy while a chat session is in progress.

Need more information on the Teamtalk client? First time participants will need to visit the Bearware web site to download the client software. Versions are available for nearly all computers and devices. Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Need manual settings for the room?

  1. Open the Teamtalk5 client.
  2. Connect to the TeamTalk Public US Server:
  3. Look for, and join this room: (Notice the uppercase letters)
  4. Enter this password (Notice the lowercase letters):
  5. Enjoy the chat.

What time do we meet? Good question, we’re still developing a schedule.

  • Live chat during Quest for Truth: Monday at 10:00AM Central Time.

Other times for hangouts could be coming, it depends on you. We can’t have a chat if nobody shows up. Let us know when you might want to chat, and we can try to be there. Sessions may, or may not be recorded.

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