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Robin and Keith share personal experiences and pointers that have helped them to stay married for over 30 years.

Alive and Still Married 37 Random Crazy News

Recording in a slightly different studio, that means we moved from the kitchen to the living room, we share a few late breaking happenings. Nothing too exciting, just rainy weather, basement floor drains that are backing up in the high water table, and the same old frustrations with support from the VA.

Stepping away from the typical theme of family and marriage, we take a look at a few headlines involving strangeness with animals, people who should know better, guns at school, dragons, guitars, and all that just in time for bad news for criminals in Maine. It seems that funds for court appointed lawyers has run out. I wonder if they have a family plan, or discounts for group rates?

Oh wait, it gets worse for one unfortunate golfer as he encounters a rabid fox, and a sky diver who got tangled in the airplane landing gear. A dumb crook is picked up on petite burglary… is that a real charge? There’s no shortage of animals in the news. You might feel comforted by a donkey on campus, and if you want to live snake free, move to Alaska… unless your crazy neighbor has a pet python who got loose.

Even if you’re having a bad day, doesn’t that make you a little more glad that it isn’t worse?

Recipe with Robin. She shares a quick and easy way to make Corn Custard.

To wrap up, we give the answer to last week’s trivia question… which nobody responded to. I guess it was another hard one. Get your pencils ready, and hover your mouse pointers over the comment section to drop us your answer for this week’s trivia.

Which book in the bible starts with the phrase: “The revelation of Jesus…”

  • 1 John
  • Jude
  • Philemon
  • Revelation

We leave with a few words of the day that didn’t stump Robin, and an app for iPhone to change the way you look in your selfies.

Alive and Still Married 36 Grandparents Raising Kids

After a week off, Robin tells how having 6 grandkids in the house for a week distracted us from our regularly scheduled programming. The kids and babies have all returned home… well, except one. Due to complications the we don’t feel the need to go into, we have found ourselves in temporary guardianship of him. The matter has sparked our topic for the day, when grandparents find themselves once again raising kids.

Main topic

Robin uses online sources to use as our discussion points. We talk about reasons that might lead to having a grandparent take charge of raising their grand kids. Regardless of the reason, emotional feelings of guilt, inadequacy, or resentment can creep in. Empathy is called for to understand each party from child, to parents, to grandparents roles, and handling the changes. Grandparents may face the need to raise kids on a fixed income, or find they have 2 or more kids on average, per grandparent to provide for. House rules need to be made up front, with input from the grand kidss, but be flexible to modify rules to be fair on both sides of the rule.

Grandparents also give up freedoms to come and go as they please. They find themselves having to consider schedules of the children and school activities. Being involved in, and engaged with homework assignments is important for anyone raising kids, and actually blends the best of both worlds of public education with home schooling. The changes, grief, emotion, and culture shock doesn’t have to be as difficult when all parties involved can recognize their responsibility in the new arrangement.

Recipe with Robin? Sorry, not this time, but we do have a word of the day, and trivia. We must have stumped listeners last week on the trivia, but we share the answer.

Get ready to send in your answers… In the 8th plague, what animal covered the ground in Egypt. Was it:

  • Scorpions
  • Worms
  • Locusts
  • Snails

If you think you know, drop us a line using email, our Contact page, or in the Facebook group: HPNCast Community or even our voicemail number, (401)753-4844. Feedback of all kinds are welcome.

Alive and Still Married 35 Overworked Love

The show is a little late this week, and we fill in some background on the delay. Trips, doctors, and printing up some mailings for another group we’re involved with, but here we are.

Robin reads off a few more marriage quotes, and the topics regarding love are on a more upbeat tone. There’s still plenty of deep things to ponder.

The recipe of the week is: Busy Day Cake. A simple recipe to mix all the ingredients up quick, and pop into the oven in a hurry. Listen in, and have your pencils ready to jot down the instructions.

Trivia and word of the week. There’s no word this week, but we have some responses from our trivia question from last time, Listen for the options of who had the most developed biography in the old testament. If you know, drop us a line. There’s also a quick bonus question.

Alive and Still Married 34 Wedding Quotes and Blessings

Get caught up with Robin’s jobs around the house, then enjoy our random topics.

It’s all about weddings, love, marriage, and real relationships. Quotes are from a web site, Wedding References, and the topics of marriage, love, and weddings are the main focus today. Some are humorous, some are poetic, and some can find roots in the biblical outlook on marriage. All have their deep meaning, and nugget of truth. We discuss them, but if you have some insight to what any of them mean to you, all you need to do is drop us a line. Comment on the Facebook groupp: HPNCast Community, write an email, or use our voicemail number: (401)7534844.

Robin’s recipe of the week is: Eggplant Parmesan. If you’ve never had eggplant before, this is a good one to start out with.

We give our trivia answer from last week. You know… the one that nobody responded to… Although it takes some time for us to remember what it was. Stay tuned for the word of the day, and the trivia question for this week.

Submit your answer to the trivia question in any way you wish. Through Play in new window | Download (Duration: 49:22 — 22.6MB)

Join us at the kitchen table, slightly noisy refrigerator and all, and listen as we discuss a few basics of marriage. The topics work in any relationship as well. At home, with kids, parents, and even at work. After we get warmed up, we focus on 3 foundational points.

1. Be glad for what you have. Proverbs 5:18

Let your fountain be blessed, and rejoice in the wife of your youth,

Sometimes a great start in the youth of life might lead to frustrations and problems later. Conflict is normal, and OK, as long as you work through it to grow together. Nobody becomes the grumpy one all by themselves. Both parties play a part over time to lead to where they are now. Can things be made the way they were? Possibly not, but at least appreciate where you are, and who you’re there with. Work to make the relationship the best you can make it. Remember the good times, and the good in the other person.

2. Be humble, not self centered. Philippians 2:3

Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.

Be considerate of the other person, even when you don’t want to, but do it with a humble attitude. Be their number one fan. Listen to complaints, and show love. Identifying a problem is the key. Don’t worry about fixing things, just be sympathetic and patient. Rejoice in the things your spouse finds victory in. try to fix it in one sitting. There could be more than just the

3. Attitude makes the difference. Colossians 3:19

Husbands, love your wives, and do not be harsh with them.

Being harsh might also mean bitter, regardless, tone of voice and body language speaks volumes over any words that are spoken. Say it, but mean it, and show it. Soft words go a lot farther than those said grudgingly. The kind of emotional love that makes a great romance fades. It comes and goes. Be a student of your spouse, and remember their good traits. Write them down, count them off, name them, but do what it takes to refresh your attitude, and get back to strengthening those bonds of that close relationship.

Robin also shares a recipe for Beginners White Bread. Listen for the recipe. Make it, and drop us a line to tell us how it worked out.

There’s no word of the week, but send in your answer to the trivia question.

What kind of animal did Esau hunt?

A. Lion.
B. Snake.
C. Deer.
D. Bear

Note: Bible verses are from the English Standard Version (ESV).

Alive and Still Married 32 Persistent Kindness

We’re back after close to being out of the podcast world for a year. Robin and Keith give a quick overview of events in our lives in the past year. Summer camps, activities at church, new grand baby, and more.

To transition to the main topic for the day, we end up adding a mini topic on the decline of marriages, and people who either don’t stay together, or don’t bother with getting married. What kind of confusion might that present for future generations?

Managing to arrive to a point, we discuss the importance of recognizing the work the other spouse brings to the marriage and family to keep it going. Often it seems the other person isn’t contributing much at all. Often you’d be wrong. How can a married person show kindness and some consideration?

We’re running out of time, but we bring back the segments of Recipe with Robin, with her version of: Potato Soup, with Greens.

As we get ready to close it out, Keith brings a quick word of the week.

Alive and Still Married 31 Empty Nest Transition

We have a guest in the kitchen studio, our son, Chris contributes as we talk about our topics today. Robin has put and to our noisy refrigerator, so things should be a little quieter.

After getting caught up, and hearing about a mission outreach that Robin participated in, we get right to the main topic.

In response to a question from the the HPNCast Community,
our Facebook group, Robin presents our topic. Thanks to Michael Prince of who asks:

What was the adjustment likewhen the kids grew, and were gone? What are some things you did, or wish you had done to help in the transition?

We may be a good example of what not do do. Launching kids isn’t always text book perfect. They sometimes don’t move out right away. They sometimes make long term, return visits to the nest. For us there was a revolving door that only ended in the past year and a half. It’s not always a bad thing, and comes with different levels of stress. The end goal is to have intentionality, and responsibility to move out, and stay out.

The best thing to do is prepare your child to have a strong faith, and ethical code to be able to weather the storms of outside, and most likely false world views. A faith that is theirs, and not one based only on what mom said, or what dad tells them.

From the kid’s perspective, it may seem forceful to be tossed out of the nest. However from the parent side, it can be just as hard to see kids fall down. Let them, but work in love to help them get back up on their feet. Remember that their habits and priorities won’t be your own, just respect that style difference as they find their way of responsible living.

Isn’t the empty nest lonely? It can be, but again, we may not be the best to address that topic. We haven’t been without kids for all that long.

Recipe with Robin.

Ham Salad Sandwiches. Robin, and our guest, Chris share the ingredients, and tips on how to put it all together. Plus a bonus cookie recipe… but they cheated and made it from a mix.

Tidbits of Trivia. To wrap up, Keith shares a few details of trivia.

Don’t forget… contact us through the web site. Or try out our new Facebook group: will get you there.

Alive and Still Married 30 Favorite Places

At long last, we’re back to recording. Since our previous show at Christmas, we put together a group on Facebook. Do a search there for Heltsley Podcast Network, to check it out. Join, and take part in the discussion in the small, but growing community.

The new group is where we got the topic for today.. There were some other good responses as well, so stay tuned to upcoming episodes.


We have lived in a variety of places over the years, and we were asked which was our favorite. That’s a tough question, since there has been both good and not so good things about each place.

Robin reviews all the places, and we talk about what we like about the places we lived. Maybe we ought to invent our own place where we could roll them all together. I think we’re pretty happy where we are… but then again… If money were no object, might there be a place we can decide on going?


There isn’t any trivia, or words of the week, but you won’t want to miss this weeks recipe.
Robin even has a bonus breakfast treat.

Alive and Still Married 29 Christmas Critters and Baby

Another of those mash up shows that everybody loves so much. OK, nobody has ever actually told us that, but Keith is lazy, and he just needed something to do with the leftover bits of our last installment. Enjoy this aftermath of our Christmas episode last week.

What random things make their appearance at the breakfast table this time?

    Christmas flower and China hutch

  • Cancelled pageant
  • Taking care of Josh and therapy
  • Chores Deer and Robins swap shop
  • Squirrel fur boots
  • Exerscise and shifting hourglass
  • Recipe: Green fluffy stuff and fruit cake
  • Novels, Manicure, and Getting work done

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HPNChristmas Special 2015

Christmas Story

As read from these selections.

  1. Isaiah40:1-11;Luke 1:26-38
    Mary’s Visit to Elizabeth

  2. Luke1:39-55;67-79
    Mary’s Praise
    Zechariah’s Prophecy

  3. Matthew1:18-25;Luke2:1-14
    The Nativity of the Messiah
    The Birth of Jesus
    The Shepherds and the Angels

  4. Luke2:15-20;Matthew2:1-12;
    Wise Men Seek the King

  5. John3:16-17

    Reading is the show is from the HCSB, and any errors are strictly by the reader.

    Merry Christmas.