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Robin and Keith share personal experiences and pointers that have helped them to stay married for over 30 years.

Alive and Still Married 28 Confused Christmas Preparations

It’s actually a rambling show of random bits of life at our breakfast table. Fire up your favorite brand of morning beverage, and sip along with us as we tlk about:

  • Vehicle performance.
  • Sleeping in and clogged drains
  • Christmas work to do
  • CPAP White Elephant and Snake updates
  • Endangered Christians and religious wackos
  • Gender confusion and jobs
  • Job or education
  • Butt kicking baby
  • Borrowed lawn mowers
  • Classified Mowers and fridges

Yes folks… for anyone who makes the right offer, you could find yourself being the proud owner of the world famous noisy refrigerator who likes to barge in on our podcast. Be the envy of all your family and friends… and maybe even a few of your enemies. Just use our handy Contact page to send us an email… use the commenting forms on this page… notify us through our official Twitter gash tag #hpnaolive… but just let us know. Even if you’re not interested, let us know that as well. We just like hearing from you.

Alive and Still Married 27 All About Jobs

From our previous installment where we discussed random topics at the kitchen table, we gravitated to some of our more favorite and least favorite jobs. Enjoy more of our kitchen discussion.

Some of our ideal jobs have been some of the least paying, but fun and rewarding in their own way. What makes a good job match for us? What makes it not be so cool?

What do you have to say on the topic? We’d love to know. Drop us a line, leave a comment, or send an email to tell us. Do you have a job we would be a ood match for? Even bett3er.

Recipes with Robin.

Be sure to learn how Robin makes her orld famous sugar cookies. It’s easy, and you get to have a lot of fun being creative in rolling them out, cutting them into shapes, and decorating them the way you like.

Alive and Still Married 26 Kitchen Table Topicse

In reviewing our big list of topics that we planned when we started the podcast, we discover that they’re mostly covered. Some got the full attention in an episode. Others were at least mentioned in passing as we discussed other things.

Enjoy our little show bout random items ranging from the role and importance of sex in a marriage, to things that go wrong, regrouping after set backs in a relationship, and more.

We have the answer to Robin’s trivia questions. And the winner is… Jill! Your prize is an all expenses paid visit from Keith. What? You think I’m kidding? I’ll be moving in for two weeks, so have plenty of food, and a decent broadband connection. And by all expenses, it means I get to freeeload off you the whole time.

Keith shares a few trivial tidbits on how we ggot our modern English bible translations. Which is best? Is the bible a glawed book? Historical? Inspired? Hey, it’s just a few tidbits, it would take a book to paint a more accurate picture to dive into this topic.

I hope you enjoy this installment of our talk at the kitchen table.

PS: In case anybody should get the wrong idea about Jill, and Keith… For the record, she’s his sister. Not some homewrecker who Robin needs to worry about.

PPS: And if people think the winning of the trivia quiz is stacked so family members can win, its only because you didn’t send in your answer. Try it sometime. I promise. No unwanted Keith’s will show up on yor doorstep. Not even a wanted one. We might be able to work out a cool prize of some kind though.

Alive and Still Married 25 Thankful, with Nathan and Susan Caldwell

We talk about being thankful by taking a look at the marriage vows, and what happens when those hard times hit. Ranging from who takes care of the bank book, to unexpected illness, and death of family members.

Some things just can’t be anticipated, but being supportive and understanding is the key to making it work. When it comes to the unlikely ways we meet, and become a couple, there’s plenty to be thankful for.

Recipe time

Robin and Susan share favorite recipes. Tune in for some yummie ideas on making chocolate pie, and more.
Trivia today is about Thanksgiving in America. We didn’t do so hot. See if you do any better.

Alive and Still Married 24 Opposites Attract

Forget the weekly updates… this is more like monthly update, and getting close to bi-monthly update. We’re finally able to record again after a long break.

We share a little about the reason for the delay between podcasts, and critter updates. This time the fun involves snakes. The friendly, non-poisonous common garter snake. Harmless, but they can go and do what nature designed rthem to do, and hybernate in a nice hole in the groung. Not our house. Although, we might have a new project on our hands. We could make llittle snake skin accessories for Barbie… Nah… let Barbie buy her fancy belts and shoes somewhere else. Robin has also been doing aquatic therapy, to help with controling her pain.

Keith gives the answers to the word quiz from last episode. Rather than another quiz, Robin and Keith go through a word list, and discuss the definitions and usage.

Recipe with Robin. Easy Chicken Pot Pie. Listen and learn how she makes this simple dish that you can mix up. and have ready to serve in ,minutes. Allit takes is some vegetables of your choice, either fresh or canned chicken, your favorite shredded cheese, and some biscuits.

Main Topic: Opposites Attract.

Robin talks about different types of temperaments, and how more than one kind can show up in a person. Sanguin, melancholie, extravert, flegmatic, and others. What are those terms anyway?

What about the concept of opposites attracting? Emotion and personality types may do well to attract. It makes life interesting. In general it works better to be more alike than different.

Weaknesses in a relationship don’t show up until later. That annoying little trait went unnoticed at first, or the charming thing one person does may become an annoyance at a later time. Conflicts might be better described as a conflict un weakness. Robin has an example or two… OK, a lot more… to demonstrate these concepts.

Is there any hope to manage conflicts? Agree on ground rules ahead of time. Namely that divorce is not an option. No disagreement is a threat to a marriage. Its not who you are, or the disagreement, but what you do about it. Try to step back, and take an objectivelook. Leave the past in the past, and move forward.

Trivia Alert

We wrap up with some trivial fun. Fun daily trivia can be found on Michael Gallager’s blog, Trivia of the Day.

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Alive and Still Married 23 People Who Don’t Stay Together

Getting caught up with the hosts, learn about how visits to doctors, back pain, and work on other podcasts have kept Robin and Keith busy.

We get right into the main topic right up front. Why do people not stay married as long as they used to? Or why do people choose to not get married at all?

Matters of financial, or other benefits from the government can drive a wedge to make it more convenient to stay seperate. Legal issues, or complicated past relationships can make the decision difficult. Keith recaps a couple of scenarios where he traces how a life long marriage path leads, and one where the comittment is tosed aside to follow the easy decision to be free to do whatever you want. Is it worth it ti nae te convenent decisions, and follow the easy path of lesser resitence. The right decision is most often not he easy one.

We discuss the lack of dedication, and the ease at being able to divorce. We admit that we can’t address the issue from poersonal experience, and try to make sense out o how acts of love get forgotten, and what might be done to exercise our skills of showing love, even when the feeling isn’t there, or the other person doesn’t respond or recirpocate. Stick with it. It’s worth the effort, and a bad marriage can turn aroiu nd.

The emppty nest syndrome, once the kids are all grown, isn’t immune to divorce. Just because kids are adults doesn’t always make it easier when mom and dad split. What makes a couple drift apoart, is it the sudden cha ge, or does te rift grow over time, and go unnoticed. Dating each other, and making time to keep up on personal relationship is th thing to invest time in.

Wha makes a marriage? A piece of paper filed in a courthouse? A ring? Those things are tangible things too make the marriage covenant real. Its the ongoing, daily journey of loving, making amends, forgiveness, qnd continuing develop;ing the relationship,

What can you do when the decisions in life haven’t been ideal ones? Start now, and though the right decision could put you in a bind, the long distance road to recovery is worth it. Sure, the convenient thing is easy, but nothing will change. This is all easier to say than to do, but We’re not professional counselors, or psychologists, just people who hqfe been married a long time, and trying to figure out why things go wrong.

Shifting the format a little, we turn to the fun stuff.

After School Snacks, designed for moms to have her little helper pitch in to cook this yummie treat. Crackers, pizza sauce, cheese, and warrm p the oven to finsh the job.

Bacon Tater Bake. Another fast and easy treat to whip up.

Finally, Keith shares a few bits of trivia before wrapping up the show.

Now its your turn. Rise to the challenges. Send us your feedback on our marriage topic, respond to the word of the, or comment on the trivia.

Word of the day is provided by

Trivia provided by Michael Gallager.

Alive and Still Married 22 Get Married or Go To Jail

Can they do that? Have a judge force a young couple to get married… or else? We’ll talk more about that later, in our main topic.

First, get caught up with Robin as she finally has her busy Summer behind her. The first order of business… to collapse, and sleep all day long. Keith tells about that boring techie stuff that keeps him busy, and getting back to almost being normal again. Shameless plug alert: Keith’s other podcast will be having some special guests soon, so you may want to see what’s going on with the other feeds on the Heltsley Podcast Network.

We continue with our new segments. Get a couple more words of the day to add to your vocabulary. Robin shares another recipe. Peanutbutter Cookies, made without flour. Be sure to have a pencil handy, and a finger on the pause button as you jot down this very simple recipe.

The main topic comes from a recent news story that might fall under the category of judges who over step the bounds of their office. In Texas, a man who was before the judge for assault on his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend was asked whether she was worth it, and as part of his sentrencing was given the option to spend 15 days in jail, or promise to get married within 30 days, as well as seek counselling and write out bible verses. Should writing bible verses be part of the penal code?

What do you think? Is it the judge’s position to force the marriage? Robin shares more details of the story, so give us a listen, discover what we have to say about this wierd marriage situation, and tell us where you stand.

Feedback… There weren’t any takers on the trivia challenge, but Keith shares the answer to last week’s trivia. Can you answer the trivia question that Robin is asking this week? Be sure to send in your answers, wrapped in hundred dollar bills. Enter as many times as you like… just kidding. Send in your answer for free by using the Contact page, or emailing us directly.

Alive and Still Married 21 Vacation Fun at Camp and Bible School

With our busy Summer schedule winding down, we talk a little more about Robin’s experience at her two weeks at camp. First with older girls, and last week with younger girls.

This week she’s in full swing leading the kids in Vacation BibleSchool (VBS). We even have a house guest who is helping her with the daily preparation, activities, and teaching. She has been able to reach about 3 to 5 times the number of kids who typically attend weeklySunday School classes.

Due to listener request we start a new segment. The w9rd of the day. Get ready. We have a challenge for you. Email us the definition of the word thatRobin mentions. show your support, and let us kknow you’reout there.

Here’s another new segment. Recipes with Robin. Get your pencils ready, hit the pause or rewind button for… Chocolate Fudge Brownies.

Robin moves into our main topic. She shares a few of the lessons learned at camp, responsibilities, rewards, and motivations. The girls leqarned how to serve others in doing their camp chores. Did they always do the job the best? No, but a sense of accomplishment was impoortant., and learning new skills.

We start to ramble, so t’s time to sign off. Send your feedback to meet our easy challenges. We even include an extra challenge at the end.

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Alive and Still Married 20 Importance of Church in the Marriage

After most of the Summer activituies, Robi n and Keith are gback with some uopdates, and to touch base on our topic. There’s still some busy days ahead for Robin as she heads back out to camp with girls from age 9-12. Then she goes right into a week of Vacation Bible
School. Keith tells a little about his trip to Chicago, and why he had to make the trip.

Our topic seems simple on the surface/. A couple ought to go to the same church… right? What if they are not only members of different congregations, but from totally different denomi nations. We have a real life example of a couple, who remain nameless, as with other specific details, to protect privacy of the people inbolbed. Is leaving your church and denomination a ticket straight to hell? Aren’t we all one body in Christ? We offer our view of the significance of various denominations, and the unifying factor that faith in Christ alone has in the big picture of the Kingdom of God.

Of course, the important thing is developing a biblical relationship in loving god. The closer you get to him, the closer you get to your spouce. You also get a better idea of how he sees people, and the best way to relate to them as well.


Got a word of advice, suggestion, remark, correction, or any area we might have missed, or didn’t represent well? Tell us. We can read your remarks in the show. Remember, we aren’t professional counsellors, we just share from our personal experience from being married for over 30 years. We did it… you can too… well if we all libve long enough… u know what I mean… right? Just listen, enjoy, and help us ,make this the bbest podcast possible.

Alive and Still Married 19 Weddings And Vows

Hear about our busy recent activities. You’ll see why there has been a slight lapse in getting episodes out. Visiting grand kids who arrived in waves, church kids staying over, and other family events.


Inspired by a recent wedding of one of our nephews, we talk a little about the different kinds of ceremonies from the red neck… to the highly formal. We also talk about receptions, and the various elements of the wedding ceremony and vows that people do. Big wedding… small wedding… it doesn’t matter. It’s no garantee of having a successful marriage. We discuss a few things that are important. It boils down to serving the other, instead of expecting to be served, not letting problems fester, and doing a lot of overlooking annoyances.