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Robin and Keith share personal experiences and pointers that have helped them to stay married for over 30 years.

alive ep8 Our Valentine Story

Welcome to the friendly podcast that we do from our kitchen table. Keith says hello, Robin says hello, and our noisy refridgerator says hello too.

Get caught up on our lives from the past week, and how our podcast schedule got a little mixed up last week. Robin had been recovering from her pain doctor, and some medicine adjustments. Doctors, doctors, and more doctors/. Don’t worry too much though, Robin is feeling much better after her last round of treatments this week.

Moving on to the main topic, we talk about why Valentines day is important to our lives. We recap some of our back story that led up to our meeting each other, and what put us in the same place at the same time. Friends, church, youth groups, and a little old fashioned matchmaking got the ball started.

Valentines day was a key moment in getting together, not once, but twice. Through the years, Valentines day has been both a good time to go on dates when we had the money, and babysitters. It has also been a day to slip in with all the rest when we just couldn’t afford to go out.

After the rambling conversation, it’s time for…

Feedback from listeners.

We have a comment, and a request tpo address. The comment is to clarify a statement we made on an earlir show about church denominations not being important. The request is briefly addressed, but look forward to a future show to dig in more deeply about what its like to cope with a person with disabilities in the family.

Alive and Still Married ep7 Special: Interview with Roscoe Myrick of Date Night Podcast, Part 1

Keith introduces the topic of the interview, andthe difference in the usual podcast format. Also, apologies for the funky echo in the interview audio.

The interview includes the topics of netting each other, and getting married at a young age. How to get to know each other, and explore similarities and differences. Match ups sometimes work out naturally, but all take effort, and don’t always work out. How do you know what kind of questions to ask? Comfort zones are an important factor, and knowing where to draw lines of compromise.

As we talk about the concept that valuable things in life come at a price, somehow ewe find a bunny trail of doing well in school. Sometimes you can slide by, but challenges can be used to hone life skills. Speaking of bunny trails, Keith shares how he learned Spanish, and some living conditions in Panama. What other stories of our cute little woodland critters might come up?

There’ll be more to come with the interview, but after we do a regular podcast later in the week. Be sure to drop us a line to tell us what you think of this special installment.

Contact us! If you would like to have a question addressed on the show, be sure to send an email. We’re putting out feelers for people who would like to be a guest host. It doesn’t matter where you are in a marriage, we’d like to hear from you. Single, just getting into a relationship, learning to adjust to the trials and triumphs in marriage, we’re only a few computer clicks away.

Alive and Still Married 06 Doing Things Together

What’s been going on lately in the ongoing drama with Keith and Robin? Pain, tragedy, and funerals… such fun? Robin puts a positive spin on the pitfalls of life. Cutting up a fallen tree branch. Bunnies that have come and gone.

Topic: Doing Things Together.

Is it necessary for a couple to do everything together? Balance in being together, and having time to yourself is important. Shared family meals are good for the marriage, and in staying in touch with what your kids are doing. Robin remembers times of having time alone, and away from the kids was impoortant to her. Keith tells that spending too much time with your spouce can be helped by having your own space. Robin shares the importance of finding shared events that a couple can enjoy together. Going on regular dates doesn’t necessarily mean going on expensive dates. She and Keith share a feew of their favorite dating memories. Also good times to talk with the kids.

After a break, we come back, and try to rremember what we were talking about. What should a couple talk about on a date night? Kids, work matters, or something else? Keith shares a way to find something that’s neither. Talk about what your passion is in life, but how to you figure out what that is? Keith has a simple exercise to help find it out.

Feedback Time

Nobody has told us anything latey, so Keith gives listeners a homework assignment. Tell just 1 person about the show. Be sure you use the tools on the web page to contact us, tell us what you would like to have discussed on the show. We’re not professional counselors, but at least we hope that you’ll find us entertaining.

Alive and Still Married 05 Religious Differences

First, the tired Keith and the unperky Robin talk about their laundry adventure in the church house. Water supply issues mean they filled the machine by hand, with water buckets. Robin also shares a quick word on her pizza party with the children and youth of the church. Lots of fun, and the kids are good pizza chefs.

Topic: Religious Differences, or Being Equally Yoked.

It ties in as an addition with our discussion in episode 4, where we talked about the things a new couple ought to know about their mate before they get married. We share our own experience as having the same religious backgrounds, but explore what to do if things aren’t so smooth

What if you find yourself in a relationship where one person is a christian, and the other is not? Should you break it off before commiting to be married? What if you find yourself married and in that situation?

According to bible teaching, the father in the home is the spiritual leader. Being unequally yoked may not allow for that to happen. The spiritul level of the father tends to set the tone for the houseold, regardless of the mother stepping up into the role to ensure kids are taken to church, or in having family devotions. It doesn’t mean it can’t produce cjhildren with good religious training, but it still can affect how the kids practice it.

What about if the couple in the marriage are from different denominations? Which will become the church to affiliate with? In our opinion any christian denomination can be the right choice, as long as the body of believers you find teaches and preaches the gospel message. Keith explains his view on what the bible says on the importan ce of Jesus, his coming to earth, and the burial and resurrection. The defining factor that all christians need to hang their faith on. The rest is method, technique, and ways to keep on living a life that pleases god. Got questions, or need clarification on the matter? You know what to do, contact us and tell us.

As Robin and Keith discuss the area of both people having the same religious beliefs, Robin takes a side road. The topics of finances, and communication is used to show how cooperation, or a swapping of chores is an ongoing thing to sort out. After touching a hot button topic, Robin returns to say that it’s important to investigate what a church teachees, and not rely only pon the sign on the door, or the denomination it’s affiliated with.


We acknowledge a few comments that we recieved. We didn’t have the computer handy to read them, but we try to tell what was said in them. Thanks Pam, and Lauri.

Alive and Still Married 004 Things I Wish I Knew Then

Get caught up on some happenings since the last podcast. In particular a week of doctor visits, a van break down, and Robin watches water freeze. Thanks to a miscommunication between the insurance company and the towing company,.

Has the cold weather caused Keith and Robin to become Seventh Day Adventists? Huh? It’s just because of having church services in our rural area canceled due to the weather.

Improvements to the web page. Now you can use the contact form to email us your feedback. Also be sure to check out the other new podcasts on the site. Geeky stuff… blah, blah, blah.

Main Topic: Things I Know Know that I Wish I Knew Then… Or, the things that we would tell a couple who are looking to be married.

Self help books, counselling, meet the family, meet the friends. The 5 Love Languages gets a recommendation from Robin and Keith. Understanding the opposites that attract, and why it’s also important to share even more in common ground on core belief systems, and family matters.

Take measures to avoid marrying the wrong person. Before marriage, your options are wide open. Once you’re married, you are committed, and the person you’re with is the right person for you. Does that mean things can’t go badly? No, but the more worthy option is to work it out, and stay together. Seem hard? It is, and it’s OK to get outside counselling. It’s important to consider as many things about your potential mate, and those hang ups before going into marriage. It’s OK to bail out, and minimize the emotional energy before the life commitment is made.

Breaking down into rambling means it’s time to wrap it up.


We want your feedback. This is your place in the show to have a say in the matter of marriage or family matters. We’ll read your input, and try our best to respond to you. Use our Contact Page, where you can respond to us, or any of the podcasts in the network.

Alive 03 Military Families

Get caught up with the hosts

We had a new shower installed. Now we can get a clean start with the Christmas holidays. hanks to our youngest son, and his brother in law. Keith also talks bout getting caught up on hiw other podcat, the Retro Radio Podcast. Check it out for some free, family friendly entertainment.

Main Topic: Militry Families, and coping with seperation.

Keith recounts the perspective from that of the military person. Also a little history of his first days reporting to his first duty station after boot camp. Seperation for short periods for guard duty, trips to the field, and being separated for his first wedding anniversary.

Robin talks about support groups, and substitute families for the military wife to draw on. How to get support when no official groups exist, and both Keith and Robin talk about readjustments on returning. Then there’s the topic of seperation anxiety for kids as well. Lots to be aware about, but not always easy answers. Communicating, and a little consideration for the others involved go a long way.


We got our first responce… sort of. A positive word from a listener on Twitter. Thanks for thinking our first podcast was cool. I hope we keep making them that way.

Send in your comments and feedback today. Use the comment form, or visit our Contact page to send us an email.

Alive 002 Christmas Traditions and Memories

Recent news involves furniture that’s new to us. Also dealing with a visit with grandkids, phone and cable installers, and laundry.


We talk about Christmas traditions from before marriage, and how we blended them into our family. Stockings, visiting relatives, passing out and opening gifts, and more.

We remember early Christmases while in the military, splitting leave time between families. Traditions are always being remade, particularly with the death of a family member.

As Christians, how did we deal with telling kids about Santa Claus. Bottom line, have fun with it, but be truthful. There’s no need to ruin the beliefs of other kids and families who want to pursue including Santa. Being in on the secret can make it a fun thing.

To wrap things up, we share a few favorite Christmases, and worst Christmas moments. Special gifts, being away from home on Christmas, and kids puking on the boss. A mixed bag of bummers and blessing.


None yet, but a home on the web is being worked on to be a small network of podcasts, and a place to send emails or comments. If you’re reading this on the web, you’ve already found it. Why not drop us a line,

Alive 001 Communication

In this pilot episode, Keith and Robin introduce their intentions of doing this podcast about marriage. Learn what will be discussed in future installments ♠as they invite you into their kitchen for a few moments of conversation.

Robin shares a little about our recent move, grand kids, and having to travel 50 miles for new tires. Keith tells about finding a dead church rat… the hard way.

The main topic is about the importance of communication in marriage. When, and how to do it and minimize fights. How to have a healthy discussion, and not letting the sun go down on your anger. Does the bible really mean that when it says that in Ephesians 4:26?

Finally, we encourage you to send email comments and suggestions. Your input will make this be a truly informative podcast. From the web site, look for the “Contact” link, and tell us what’s on your mind.