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A personal journey out of moral blindness, into revelations from God.

Faith Journey 22 Genesis 1.6-13 Dividing and Gathering

To summarize the context: God existed, and exists outside the realm of time. He’s eternal, he created time, and everything we know, out of chaos and disorder. Darkness fled as light sparked change. Creation began by dividing, and collecting.

Creation through division, sorting, and gathering.

Day2 Waters are Divided. Sky and Water are formed.
(From my personal notes on original language text. Not to be considered as authoritative translation.)

GEN 1:6 and said, elohim,
become, an expanse, in center, (of)the seas,
and be, dividing, between, waters, to waters.

7 and making, elohim, eth – the expanse,
and dividing, between, the waters, from under, the expanse,
and between, the waters, which, from above, to expanse, and was – set.

8 and called, elohim, to expanse, heavens,
and became – evening, and became – morning, day, two.


  1. Who: Elohim
  2. Doing what: positioning, establishing,
    speaking, calling by name,
    bisection, sever, center, amid),

  3. To What: firmament(sky, expanse),
    water(fluid in wide senses),
    set(is so, right, established)

Thoughts: God is separating, defining, and positioning materials to come together to be further made into earth as we know it.
Water became separated with air, or expanse between bodies of water. Some water was placed above and the rest below.

  • Water above was to become rain to fall, clouds, etc.
  • Water below was to be water to form seas, and continue to be divided.

From an imaginary vantage point on the future surface of earth, the perspective would be of water so thick in the air as clouds that light penetrates, but no distinct shapes of sun, moon, or stars would be discerned.

Beginning with the dividing that light initiated, division has extended to dividing water. An expanse of air splits it apart.

Though still fluid, like matter is gravitating together.

Day3 Dividing Water into Sea and Land. Vegetation Springs to Life.

GEN 1:9 and said, Elohim,
be tied, the waters, from under, the heavens, , unto – place, one,
and be appearing, dry ground, and was – established.

10 and called, elohim, to dry land, earth,
and to collection, the waters, he called, seas,
and saw, elohyim, for – good.

11 and said, elohyim,
be sprouting, the earth, sprouts, glistening,
from seed yielding, seed,
trees, fruitful, making, fruit, to own kind,
which, seed – in it, upon – the earth, was – so.

12 and brought out, the earth, sprouts, greenery,
seeding, seed, to own kind,
and tree, making – fruit, which, seed – in it, to own self,
and saw, elohyim, for – good.

13 and was – evening, and was – morning, day, three.


  1. Who: Elohyim
  2. Doing what: speaking,
    dividing, naming, appointing(establishing), seeing.

  3. What: waters, dry land, seas, earth.
    vegetation(green things), seed, same kind, trees, fruit, produce

  4. Concepts:

    be gathered,


    established (


    is so,


    to place(

    a location,

    a spot),



    sprout (

    as a noun)(grass, herb, tender shoots, vegetation

    as a verb: growing, sprouting)


    any green thing,



    greenery, etc)


    produce, fruit, etc)


    Again, focusing on the perspective of the surface of the forming earth, waters are further separated, and land appears between the bodies of subdivided water. .

    Gathered, or collected, is described with two words. First as in being tied, bound, or twisted together. The next is to collect, or gather, like a caravan. Divisions are made, and like material gravitates together.

    Boundaries are set for land and sea.

    As soon as dry land appears, things begin growing. producing seeds to grow more of the same kind. Trees producing fruit to grow more of the same kind.

    God said it, the earth sprang forth, and it happened.

    He saw it, it was good, another day. Day 3.

    PS: Notation commonly used in my scripture notes include commas (,) to separate original language words. Hyphenated words retain the hyphen (-), and parentheses surround a word or phrase that doesn’t appear, but can be implied by the tense of the original word based on prefix, suffix, or other grammatical indications. At the trade off of sounding clunky, the original word order is used.

Faith Journey 21 Reboot into Genesis 1.1-5

After an absence of a year and a half, a reboot, and a renaming is overdue.

In the past, I shared a slice of life each week, with a daily bit of bible reflection. It was a lot more work than imagined, with a longer show than I wanted to present. On this go round, I still have it as a goal to post something on a weekly basis. It just won’t be something as ambitious as racing through the bible in a year.

It’s one thing to read, and absorb, but more work to take notes, and even more to turn around to share it in a coherent way in public.

My goal is to be brief. In file size, and time presentation. Brief in the bit of scripture to focus on, and if that means this journey through the pages of the bible take years, so be it.

The tools at hand I intend to use are ones that any seeker of what it all means might have at hand. Just a bible, a dictionary, and other texts to compare versions. I actually have some original language texts, and Strong’s Greek and Hebrew dictionary. The idea is to go minimalistically. If God reveals himself through his word, even if the words were written down centuries ago, and the events are both foreign and ancient, it should be evident enough to clearly understand.

I cringe at starting at the beginning, but why not? I don’t think I’ll stay here long, but here’s the reboot of my personal journey and thoughts about the message, and revelation that can be found in God’s word.

Genesis 1
(My rough notes taken from the Hebrew language. I’m not a translator, consider these personal notes.)

Creation Out of Chaos
1 in beginning, created, elohyim,
eth, the heavens, and eth, the earth.

2 and the earth, was, waste, and empty, and darkness, on – face, the waters.

Who: Eloahyim (God)
Doing What: crating (heavens and earth)
When: Beginning
formless (waste, laid waste),
void(empty, unrecognizeable),
dark (darkness(destruction, death, sorrow),
waters (abyss, seas, fluid, shapeless, disorder)
Consider this while absorbing the words in the following verses in the creation account. Envision yourself as an imaginary man standing on the place where the earth would soon be formed.

Existing outside of time, God created time. The box of time and space we live in was created in an instant, by a being with a past in eternity before time, and he’ll remain eternal after our box of time and space ends.

Using shapelessness, chaos, and disorder in darkness, he created a plan for order. Water is fluid and shapeless, but the beginning of matter gravitating together. God’s spirit hovered, overshadowed it, as his plan was formed.

Day 1 Light, Dark, and Creation by Divisions

3 and said elohyim,
become, light,
and became, light.

4 and saw, elohim, eth – the light, for – good,
and divided, elohim, between, the light, between, the darkness.

5 and called, elohim, unto light, day, and darkness, he called, night,
and was – evening, and was – morning, day one.

Who: Elohyim (God)
Doing what: speaking, naming(called by name), dividing(separating, distinguishing)
Doing to What:
day(complete light/dark unit,
light part is day), light(happy, bright),
night(turning away from light), dark(sorrow, death),
evening(dusk, sunset),
morning(dawn, sun rise)
Created by words. Echoed in John 1:1, reveals the eternal nature, and place that Jesus has.
The created light is good, but not perfect. It has shadows,

God’s perfect light has no shadow from turning. Created light is good, not perfect. It’s absence creates shadows, and darkness. Dark exists as light is turned away.

A division is distinguished. Two extremes. Where light is, there is no dark. Where dark is, light hasn’t reached yet, or has been turned away. No gray, no in between. In an instant it’s morning and light. Darkness will return, but only once light has done its work to energize and brighten.

God names the light and dark. Later, naming rights went to man, which people still practice. Somethings are set in order as only the creator can do.

  • A day is the light part of time.
  • A day is the complete cycle of dark followed by a light period.
  • A day can also be used in a span of time. As in the days of Moses, or the day of Jesus. Back in the day… etc.

Evening. the moment when light departs, and darkness begins growing. The first day, had its evening in eternity. The time where God’s forming plan to create began.
Morning. The instant when light breaks over the horizon, and darkness flees. The first morning bursting out of darkness at the creation of light. The final day, ending in an eternity with no evening or darkness.

At some point, a turning of light occurs, the coming of the night of the next day. The dormant, dark part where plans for the next day’s creation will burst forth.

PS: In my notes on original languages, I tend to avoid uppercase letters. Commas separate original language words, since often they use tenses, or attached prefixes, or suffixes that are better translated with multiple words. A dash means the original word was hyphenated. Parenthisis means an implied word that isn’t there, but either is needed to make the phrase flow better, or is implied from the tense of the word. I learn as I go, so variations could show up.

Bible Journal 20 Obey God, Honor Each Other

More about my boring life, but some birthdays could
be the start of some busy adventures.

Sunday, May 17

Typical Sunday

Went to church, relaxed at home.

Passage: Deuteronomy 17-18; Proverbs 7. alternate: Psalm 107, Mark 4, leave off Deut 18.
Theme: Honoring God by Obedience to the Law.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Deuteronomy 17. Honoring god through sacrifices, and laws of government.
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Bible Journal 19 Trust, Obedience, and Blessings

Closure on the squirrel adventure, ordeals with floods, and changing streams with the daily reading plan, Lots of curve balls of life tossed our way

Sunday, May 10

Mothers Day

Mike is here, and in church with us today. Dave will bring all his family afterwards. Probably will be here around 1PM, or so.

Squirrel report. Mysteriously, no sign of him. Maybe he just got out on his own. The disturbing thing is… where? Will other critters get in that way?

Passage: Deuteronomy 4, Titus 3.
Theme: Amazing Obedience.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Deuteronomy 4. Listen up. Stay obedient to god. You’ve witnessed for yourselves what happens when people don’t. They fall away, dead.
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Bible Journal 18 Invasions and Payback

The week of the squirrel, which adds another layer to the meaning of the word, ‘Invasion’ in the title of this installment. Don’t worry, there’s closure for the squirrel, but you can either wait for next week to hear more, or read my blog,
God never changes, always obey his word. Sometimes he changes his mode of operation, or the deal we have on the table with him. It can be hard, fearful, uncertain, but no matter how we see it, always obey the word of god.

Sunday, May 2

Saturday With The Kids

Messed up this entry. Lost my notes, and gpot the Sunday reading in last week’s show. Not to be left out, here’s a summary of Saturday of last week, then the rest of the week as usual.

I know the Jeremiah reading is right, but don’t know which Psalm goes with it. Better luck next year, skip it, and move on for now.

Passage: Jeremiah 41-43,
Theme: You Asked For It, Do It.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Jeremiah 41. Officials assassinated. Those rumors of assassination turned out to be true, and all the officials were killed. A caravan of 80 men arrived in the city, road weary from travel, with things to sacrifice in the temple. They were also lured in to be killed, and they were. All but 10 of them who begged for their lives, claiming to have stores of food hidden.

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Bible Journal 17 Chaos and Promise of Hope

A week of comparing bad examples of obedience and faith, to good examples of obedience and faith. Also some interesting happenings with unwanted visitors in the house. Stay tuned as the developments with the critters continue. You could also check out my blogs to see what I’ve posted there. or
the blog of my Retro Radio Podcast on

Sunday, April 26

ASunday Open Mike

Having an open mike night at church later. Robin’s practicing for it. For some reason, my throat has been dried out all day. Not tempted to sing in the least. Hope its better tomorrow though, got plans to chat with Nathan C.

Need to work on some writing that I didn’t get to last week.

Actually had to miss the open mike. Robin was suddenly having a spell of being too adhy to move much.

Passage: Jeremiah 29-30, 1 Thesssalonians 4.
Theme: Rest and Restoration for the Obedient.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Jeremiah 29. A letter to the exiles who were carried away.n Build houses, buy land, marry, and give in marriage. Take part in the communities where you are, praying for the prosperity there. Note: in other words, you’re in it for the long haul. Don’t believe any false prophets who may try to tell you otherwise.
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Bible Journal 16 The Price of Truthful Living.

A week of house guests, driving people around, and catching up o sleep, and podcasting. Then there’s the bible experience. Prime examples of obedience, or the lack of it, and how goe responds to that obedience.

Sunday, April 19

Sleepy Sunday

Haven’t been sleeping well lately. dID A LOT OF NAPPING TODAY. Z

passage: Jeremiah 14-15, Colossians 1.
Theme: God of Those Who Understand.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

A quick summary thus far. God’s people had left him. They followed after idols, and were rebelling to repent, and obey god. n

Jeremiah 14. The drought in the land is hard. There’s no water to be found by man or beast, and the vegetation is drying up in the parched land. Jeremia prays and laments to god to ease up. Don’t forsake us, the people called by your name.

God says. These people wander. Its time to call them to account. Don’t pray for them. I’m not listening to them, and I’m not accepting their offerings.

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Bible Journal 15 God Wants You Back

A week of visitors, and crazy technology issues. Not to mention a consistent call from God that he wants you back. Here’s my week in the bible, and how I summarized it.

Sunday, April 12

Movie Night

Tired today. Didn’t get much sleep last night for some reason. Made it through church, then went home for an all day nap.

Movie night. Showed the movie, Courageous. Not a favorite. Has a good message, but can be hard for me to follow what’s happening.

Getting for the upcoming week of writing challenge with

Passage: Luke 24, Psalm 47.
Theme: Joyful Resurrection.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Luke 24. Finally able to tend to jesus, the women went to the tomb at daybreak, the first day of the week. it was empty, they were perplexed, and saw an angel. The angel reminded them this is what he talked about. The men were told, then john and peter went to see.

Two unnamed disciples were going to Emmos, and jesus walked with them teaching about the messiah from Abraham, the prophets, and psalms. it wasn’t until they broke bread together in a house at the end of the day that their eyes were opened, and they recognized him. The went back to jerusalem to report to the 11

While they were telling these things, jesus appeared, and showed them the marks in his hands and feet. he was given some fish to eat, then began teaching them. Telling from the law, prophets, and psalms all about him, the resurrection, and opened their minds. his suffering, resurrection, repentance, forgiveness to be taught from jerusalem to the world.

They were told to stay here until a sign would come. he blessed them, then went up to heaven. They worshiped, were joyful, and were continually in the temple.

psalm 47. Clap your hands all you people sing to god with joy. God is great and gives our inheritance.

he ascends with a shout. praise him, praise him. God is king, and he reigns.

Monday, April 13

Rainy Monday

Raining this morning. Probably no laundry today. Robin needs to run an errand or two. If the weather clears up, we may go tinker with some lawn mowers.

Trying to do some early work regarding writing, and reading. Filtered emails. Making headway at taming things.

uh-oh. my shift key quit working. Great, besides not getting all the uppercase letters, it’s going to make it a pain to select text. Wonderful.

Passage: Jeremiah 1-2, Galatians 1.
Theme: Straying from Truth.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Jeremiah 1. A priest of a certain line, and living at the specified time leading up to the captivity, had a vision.

From before the womb, Jeremiah was meant to be a prophet. he didn’t think his gift was in speech, and that he was too young. God said, go and tell, and he put the word in jeremiah’s mouth, and promised to protect him.

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Bible Journal 14 From Repentance to Redemption

A week of being restored, and regaining atonement to worship in the temple. Place this along side the price for the true sacruifuice of life to be eter nally redeemed for service in the spiritual kingdom.

Sunday, April 5

Happy Easter

Had a nice sunrise service. We had the group, Humble Servants come to sing. I don’t know how they do it. They take no money for their travel, or expenses, but do a great job at singing and telling their word from god.

Funny moment. Just as the final note of their praise music faded away, a cell phone recieved a text message. The voice of Yoda could be heard loud and clear in that moment of silence as the pastor got ready to start his sermon. “Hmm… a message from the dark side, there is.” Not missing a beat, and after the laughter died down, the pastor started with these words, “It looks like Satan has been listening in, but he’s going to have to hear more”.

Bonus to the funny moment: It was pastor’s wife with the cell phone.

Afterward, we had to go to Altamont to help David sort through the garage.

Managed to squeeze in some podcast updates for retro. More to do.

Bible Stuff.

Passage: Ezra 6, Psalm 66, Luke 17.
Theme: God is at Work, Now.
Who’s in it and what’s happening:
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