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Bible Journal 13 Kingdoms New And Old

All sorts of technology adjustments, and getting caught up on the swing of things this week.

Sunday, March 29

Technology Rebellion

Didn’t know it, but Continue reading Bible Journal 13 Kingdoms New And Old

Bible Journal Closer To Repentance

A week of changes, and getting back to normal routines in real life. In the bible, there’s some readings that also reflect becoming restored, and getting back to a normal and right place with God. Here’s how it all shook out…

Sunday, March 22

Life Goes On

At about 7:10PM last eve ning, the wait ended. Lloyd was completely healed, and we went to stay with Robin’s mom overnight. The first night in at least a week that she spent in her own home, and slept in a bed.

Today, the family began the prep for funeral arrangements, and we’re hanging out. I spent some time reading a magazine while they were out. Now everyone is standing by.

Bible Stuff.

Passage: Nehemiah 3, Luke 3.
Theme: Fruits of Laboring on God’s Mission.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Nehemiah 3. The walls and gates of the city are rebuilt.

Rather than credit to tribes, various current families are listed, alo ng with the segment of the wall or gates they worked on.

One notable thing was “the Tekites made repairs, but their nobles did not support the work of their masters”. Apparently at least some of the leaders didn’t get on board with Nehemiah and gods work.

However, “Shallum the son of Hallohesh, the official of half the district of Jerusalem, made repairs, he and his daughters”.
Note: Wondered if any in this list of families was in the geneology of Jesus. Not sure, but I don’t think so. Various repeat names, and names borrowed from other tribes like Levi, Simeon, and others.

Some families worked on more than one section. The important thing is the grassroots level of the work. People of all walks of life, merchants, leaders, priests, craftsmen, and lots of plain old people. Coming together for a purpose, and with a mission. Small goals adding together to accomplish the end goal.

Luke 3. At a point of time, when several governmental leaders, and priests are listed as being in office, John recieved his call from the holy spirit. He began his mission of repentance, according to Isaiah’s words about preparing the way. Making the road straight, filling the valley, and flattening the mountains, etc.

John also warned that the proof was in bearing fruit, not simply falling back on a heritage as a son of Abraham.

The people were confused by that concept, and folks ranging from tax collectors, to soldiers asked what they should do. He told them not to extort, or take more than their share, nbut be content with their wage. Share.

When thought to be the Messiah, John made it plain that he was not. That greater one would come to cut through the clutter, and burn up the chaff.

John taught many other things, but got the notice of Herod, who tossed him in jail.

During that time though, Jesus came to be baptized, and the instance of the dove, and the voice from heaven happened.

Jesus was also about 30, and his geneology is given.

Note: It starts with Joseph, but appears to go down a different branch at his grandfather’s generation than Matthew reports. Can this be that of Mary’s side? Could be, nbut why does it start with Joseph. If it switches to Jesus maternal grandfather, why?

Monday, March 23

Morre Arrangements

For me, it/s more like just being there. Visitation tomorrow evening, and the next mormning at Watson Baptist Church. Funeral to follow in the afternoon.

In an Internet and cell phone dead space until Wednesday night. We’ll head back after the funeral. Chris has an eye doctor appointment in STLouis on Thursday. Probably won’t be up for more than a quick touching of base with messages Wednesday, so probably a full day of serious catching up on web activity on Thursday.

Bible Stuff.

Passage Nehemiah 4, Psalm 123, Luke 4.
Theme: Tested.
Who’s in it, and what’s going on:

Nehemiah 4. The diligent work of the people is challenged by Sandbalot and Tobias, men from the lands of Lot. Teasing that they won’t get it built in a day, as if they were trying to get it done that fast. Or as he was planning to give them a day before trying to tear it down. Even trash talking their workmanship. If a fox jumped on it, the wall would fall.

What did Nehemiah do? He prayed that god would take care of them. Bring disaster on them. Show them who’s boss god. And the people kept their morale, and the wall was built to half its height. Presumably in that day.

Now others joined in the taunts, and the people were on their guard. The workers were growing tired. The enemy looked for their chance. Non working Jews acted as spies to warn them of the danger for their lives from all around. Nehemiah stationed people in the gaps, with whole families. Armed with swords, and encouraged that god would fight on their side.

With the sneak attack alerted, the enemies nbacked down. The workers returned, with half working and half to stand guard. Even so, the builders, and those carrying away rubble did it armed and ready. The sound of a trumpet would rally the rest to come running.

It was a big job, but they kept at it. Staying inside the rebuilt walls, always staying dressed, armed, and ready, and workoing from sun up to sun down.

Psalms 123. Look to god in the heavens.

We’re watching you, waiting for your grace on us.

People hate us, and oppress us. Show grace on us.

Luke 4. After Jesus was baptized in the Jordan, the holy spirit led him in the wilderness for 40 days. In his weakness and fasting, satan came to tempt him. First with turning stones into bread to eat. Jesus answered with words of scripture.

Next, satan showed Jesus all of his cities, promising him all their power, riches, and glory. Just bow down and worship. Jesus again came back with scripture.

Then Jesus was put ontop the temple, and told to jump. His angels would catch him. Jesus again used scripture as his defense.

The devil left him… for now.

Note: I wonder if the final anti christ will go through the events of Jesus life, in parallel. If so, how will his temptation story go? Will he fall for the trick of feeding his hunger? His selfish, fleshly needs? That’s not wrong, is it? He’s just getting something to eat, and excersizing a little creative power to do it. Would the anti christ be shown all the cities that satan owns? Would he fall for all that power, money, and control? Would he exersize a little princely power and do a faith leap into a mosh pit of angels… you know… just to have a little fun? Hey! Look what I can do!

Jesus concquered, and returned in the power of the spirit. News spread, and he began teaching.

In his hometown of Nazareth he read from Isaiah, ”


He had the people’s attention as they stared in amazement. Who is this? Where did our home boy learn this stuff? Jesus proclaimed these words are now fulfilled. They didn’t respond well to his claim that a prophet isn’t welcome in his hometown. Though the ran him out and tried to toss him off a cliff, he walked through their midst, and left.

Elsewhere in Galilee, he taught with authority, healed the sick, and cast out demons. The demons recognized him, but were commanded to be quiet as they were cast out. The were silenced. Note: Imagine that. Enemies of god, but still subjevct to the command of Jesus.

The people were amazed, and word of Jesus exploded.

From there, he went to the home of Simon’s mother in law, healed her, and she got up and began serving them.

That evening, many more sick were brought and healed. Many more demons cast out, recognizing him, and commanded to silence.

In the morning he left to preach the gospel in other cities. It was his mission. He kept preaching in the synagogues.

Note: Other gospel writers fill in some details. John has Jesus first miracle turning water to wine. Apparently before his meeting jJohn the Baptist. Others indicate that Andrew and the other disciples were called right after his baptism, and went with him. Did he break away then for those 40 days? Right after his 40 days, he is recorded as going to Galillee, then to Nazareth. Is this when he called his disciples? After his first sermon and healing, he went to Capernaum in Galillee, and to heal Simon’s mother in law, so he had his disciples by then. Answers, or just confusions that raise more questions. I don’t think it’s out of the question to have the disciples called before the 340 days. It fits with Jesus feeling the need to seperate himself from people and even his disciples for some personal time.

Tuesday, March 24

Morre Arrangements


Bible Stuff.

Passage: Nehemiah 5-6, Luke5.
Theme: Opposition From Within.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Nehemiah 5. As if it weren’t enough, conflict comes to Nehemiah not from the enemy outside, but from within his own people. What is this famine all About? Why is there a food shortage? Note: I don’t think it was a weather thing. It was likely people like Sandbalot who may have been harrassing workers in the field, damaging crops, and the like. It would make it hard to get good crops, and keep up on paying the bills.

The people, presumabley those not working on the wall, wanted to get grain. They were in a bind since they have already mortgaged all they had.

It made Nehemiah mad, and he calldd the leaders together. They were apparently the ones who were buying up the lands, holding the mortgages, and even selling the people into slavery to other nations. It went against what Nehemiah, and others like him were trying to do. There was apparently factions who gave money with a mission to buy back enslaved citezens. And here was the source of the flood of enslaved people. Stop it! Give them back their stuff, and stop contributing to the problem. They were taken to the priests to make their vow good.

Nehemiah had been appointed governor of the land, apparently for 12 years. The whole time he had been granted an allowance from the king, but refused to use it. Instead, cultivating the productivity of the people, the nation, and resources. The whole time continuing to build and improve the wall and city.

Nehemiah 6. The wall had been rebuilt, all but hanging the gates, and Sandbalot was back to cause trouble. He tried to get Nehemiah alone, with intentions to kill him. When Nehemiah wouldn’t leave the work on the wall, he turned in a false report to the king to tell how Nehemiah was trying to make himself king and rebel. Nehemiah knew it was bogus, and said so. He also prayed to god for strength.

Note: Following god doesn’t make the work easy. Nehemiah overcame leaving his office as cupbearer. Initial threats from enemies. Recruiting workers, Keeping them motivated. Challenges of selling their own as slaves. More outside trouble, and likely ongoing motivation issues. He said why should he leave, and have the work stop? What? The governor leave, and the work stop? Didn’t he have foremen? Was there that much of a motivation problem that his presence would have drained the activity on the wall? If not for the aledged conference with Sandbalot, his assassination surely would have.

Sandbalot and Tobias even tried hiring inside people to get Nehemiah to believe that his life was in danger, even within the safety of the walled city.

The wall was finally complete, and caused the enemies to have an uh-oh moment. They clearly knew it was because god was in it. It took 52 days. The whole while many letters from inside to the enemies were sent, because Tobias was related to a Jewish family.

Luke 5. Apparently my previous note on what the time frame in calling the disciples needs adjustment. It appears that the disciples began to be called here. After the baptism, after the 40 days in the wilderness. So, that means he knew of Simon’s mother in law, before he went to call Simon. Interesting. It still works out. It could be something like this: Andrew and others saw the baptism, then later, an undetermined time, they asked John the baptist about it and went to follow Jesus. From the time they asked, they could have lost track of where Jesus went to. In the wilderness to fast of course. Then later spotted him to ask where he was staying. Then they could’ve followed him. Andrew certainly would’ve known about Simons mother in law, if zJesus didn’t. From there, we arrive here.

The crowd pressed around him, and he got into Simon’s fishing boat to preach to them. Afterward, he had Simon go to the deep water to cast his net. Humoring the master, since they hadn’t caught anything in the prime fishing time at night, he caught so many that he had to call for help to haul them in. Jesus promised that he would now fish for men, and Simon left his nets to follow.

In a city, rather outside it since a leper couldn’t be in it, Jesus healed him telling him not to tell. Word still spread. Crowds followed Jesus, and it was his custom to go to a deserted place to pray and get away.

Pharissees from all over were gathered to hear him, and a paralized man was lowered through the roof. Jesus saw their faith, forgave sins, and the pharissees got bent out of shape, because no body can forgive… except god. To put some practice to his words of forgiveness, Jesus healed the man, and all were amazed.

Levi the tax collector is called. He threw a party with his tax collector friends, and the pharissees got all uppity over it. Jesus made his claim that he came for the unrighteous, that they might repent. Not for those who were already OK.

The pharissees also griped that Jesus disciples didn’t fast, like they and John’s disciples did. Jesus claimed that when the bridegroom is present, it’s not time to fast. However, when he’s gone, they’ll fast again. He told other parables about new and old wine skins, new cloth on old cloth, and new wine compared to old wine.

Wednesday, March 25

Funeral and Back Home

Went to a qquick viewing for family, before the funeral ceremony. Then to the grave side ceremony. I liked the fact that the family didn’t wait, and draw out the viewings. Getting Lloyd’s body in the ground quick and simple. Only one brother couldn’t make it, but he was too far awqay. If he had said he could make it back, the funeral would’ve been delayed for him.

It was great to be there, and be supportive of the family, but it’s so good to be home. The worst thing for me is being utterly cut off from the world of technology, and everybody I know. No cell phone coverage to let my brothers and sister know what was going on, which also means no messaging, email, or other online interaction via ccell data. No wi-fi access to touch base with anybody I know. A total blackout of information for me while there.

Robins mom is holding up well, but for now she’s surrounded by family. Once the crowd is gone, is when the grief will probably really hit her. Told Robin to stay in touch on the phone, and we can try to make more visits. Sue is looking to move, probably closer to Effingham, but where she can still go to church where ashe’s going in Watson,.

Got a lot of message filtering done. Putting off the big day of catch up until tomorrow.

Bible Stuff.

Passage: Nehemiah 7, Luke 6.
Theme: Counting and Calling.
Who’s in it, and what’s going on:

Nehemiah 7. Census time. Lots of people and numbers listed.

The wall was done, complete with gates. People were assigned as guards, priests, and other governmental positions. The city was secur4ed, it was large, with few people. None of the houses were rebuilt yet.

God called Nehemiah to count the people who were there. He found the book of geneology, and added this to it. oe

The people who returned were counted by their cities. Not exactly tribe or family. The Levite count was done seperately. Finally some who claimed to be Jewish, but had no record of geneology to prove it. The were accepted but the group claiming to be Levites were considered unclean, until they could prove their geneology, or until an appointed ppriest used the urim and thumin to cast lots to decide,

There were over 42k of them. Other things were also counted including their animals, money, and other resources.

Note: It says that some were in other cities, and that by the 7th month they went to live in their cities. Assuming that they were all together to build, got counted, then left. Thaat would also serve to reduce the inhabitants in Jerusalem, making even fewer people.

Luke 6. Various teachings, clashes with the religious leaders, and calling of the 12 disciples.

Jesus is accused of having his disciples rubbing heads of grain in the field to be able to eat. It was the sabbath, and no work was tpo be done. He invoked the celebrated instqance of David eating the show bread, meant only for priests. Clarifying that the day is to serve man, not man serve it.

He healed on another sabbath. Knowing the hearts of the pharissees, he declared the question of being right to good, or evil on the sabbath. Taking the wind out of the qaccusation before they could object.

At that time he went to pray all night, and in the morning officially called his 12 disciples. Which are all named here. He apparently had more people following him, but earmarked these.

Many people came from the regions all around to be healed, and have spirits cast out. Just to touch him caused healing power to come from him.

Jesus then taught his disciples about who is blessed for their troubles and afflictions, as well as woe to those with benefits now. Sounds like Lukes version of the sermon on the mount as told in Matthew.

Love and bless without cursing. Give without taking, tturn the other cheek. Even evil people can return good for good, but learn to return good when being given bad.

Don’t judge or condemn. Instead pardon. By your standard of measure, it will be given back to you.

Parables of blind leading the blind, students not being better than his teqacher, speck in the eye and log in the eye, good fruoit not bring bad fruit, being known by your fruit. What comes out, comes from the treasures stored up inside a person.

If you call me lord, why don’t you do as I say? More parables: Hearing and doing is like a house built on rock. It stands. Hearing and not doing is like a house built on sand. It falls flat.

Thursday, March 26

Appointment For Chris

Chris came home with us after the funeral. He has an appointment in St Louis, and Robin is taking him there. We had some trouble understanding whether his appointment was confirmed or not. Robin texted to say it was OK, and they’re getting it taken care of. Also not sure what the treatment is all about, or what the observation afterward is all about. He’s having an infusion, whatever that is. I’m sure I’ll find out once they’re back.

Good grief. What a mess in the office. Spent a good hour and a half tracing wires, making sure each device had power and signal. Short story, after the recent data adventure, this was the first day back in the office, and lots of things didn’t get hooked back up properly. And of course, I messed things up even worse in trying to find all the cables and untangle things. Lovely.

More thrills with the laptop. couldn’t get it to fully fasten into the docking station. Kept losing power since the battery was nearly dead. Been getting signal from the wi-fi, but can’t connect to the Gateway tower, or external drive.

More laptop adventures due to the network suddenly not working. Sounds like this will be continued tomorrow.

Bible Stuff.

Passage: Nehemiah 8, Luke 7.
Theme: Power in God’s Word.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Nehemiah 8. The people read god’s word, and worshipped.

Note: it calls Ezra the scribe, and Ezra the priest. Was he both, or was there 2 Ezra’s? I think it’s the same person. Regardless, he read the words from the books of the law.

People listened for hours. They stood for the reading, they raised their hands, they went to their knees and bowed to the ground. The couldn’t get enough of it as the Levite teachers esplained the words.

The people wept, apparrently for grief over what the law said, and their own shortcomings in it. Nehemiah, and the priests encouraged them to be joyful, to consider this a holy festival, that the word of god has been restored. People were commanded to eat, drink, and send food away to those who didn’t have any. They did it.

Digging deeper, the leaders with Nehemiah read the law to find it was time for the feast of booths. They sent a proclamation to all the returned captives on how to celebrate this feast. Everybody made tents to live in for the feast. It was the first time since the days of Joshua since these feasts were last observed. Wow, that’s a long time. Not even in the time of David, or Solomon? Wow, that’s hard to comprhend.

Luke 7. Jesus is on the move.

The centurian’s servant is healed. We learn it wasn’t even the centurian who came, but messengers were sent from him. Jesus was on the way to do this for this friend of the Jewish people. Then messages came to say not to come, since the centurian wasn’t worthy to have Jesus in his home. That all it would take is to have Jesus say the word. Jesus told the crowd around him, about that amazing statement of faith, and healed the servant from the distance.

Going to another city, a funeral procession was coming out. Jesus raised the son, the only son of a widow. People were amazed, and word spread like crazy of his healing.

Despite all the healings and miracles, even John the baptist wanted to clarify doubts. He sent messengers to ask Jesus, who basically said, “Look around, what do you see? Tell it to John”.Actions speak as loudly as words.

Jesus then prophesied about John. Declaring him to be the prophet who was told of in the scripture. Hint: if that’s true, then connect the dots to know that Jesus is the Messiah. The followers of John, who had repented and were baptized… got it. The pharisasees and scribes, who were never baptized… hated and resented the teaching. They didn’t get it.

He makes comparrisons between himself and John. What did you expect to see, and what did you get? The answer is there, just recognize it. People came to see a prophet, and got John living roughly and sparsely in the wilderness. In Jesus they found him in the cities, hanging with tax collecters, and called him a glutton and drunkard. Look past the preconcieved labels. Look at god’s activity.

Jesus agreed to dine at a pharisse’s house, when a woman came in with perfume, and washed Jesus feet. Weeping, kissing, washing with her tears, drying with er hair, and anointing his feet with the perfume. The pharisse was offended at the woman, and thought if Jesus knew her past, he wouldn’t let this happen.

Note: Simon the pharisee thought what he knew of the woman, but without using words. Then Jesus spoke up with an answer.

Parable: Two men owed money, one a lot, and the other only a little. If both debts are forgiven, who will love it more? The one owing most, of course, is the answer from Simon.

Jesus explained what just happened here, pointing out Simons shortfall, and the outpouring from the woman. He didn’t provide the courtesy of a foot washing , and had apparently shown little emotion at Jesus presence. The woman’s outpour of a loving action demonstrated the depth of her sins, compared to the relative few of the pharisee. Still Jesus forgave her, an act that everybody knows that only god can do. By implication of the parable, where both debtors are forgiven, I presume that Simon was also forgiven, he just didn’t understand it to the level as the woman.

Friday, March 27

Kids Are Here

Robin came home from dropping off Chris yesterday, and brought home 3 of David’s kids. Isaac, Rahiem, and Marcus stayed the night, and will likely stay til Sunday. In a bit, Issac has to leave for a eye doctor appointment, not sure if he’ll be back, or go home.

Figured out my network troubles yesterday. The DDSL router had the phone line unplugged. It also has a power switch.

Evangelism Conference

Spent the night in Decatur. Had an evening conference, with breakout session last night. Lots of gooed info. Bottom line, make a personal lifestyle change, then get others onboard.

Grandkids had come over Friday. Rahiem was being disobedient, so had to stay home when Robin had to take Isaac to his doctor appointment. So it was just Isaac and Marcus. Had some fun, but had to go to the office to get some quick work done. Posting stuff to the retro podcast to finish the month.

Bible Stuff.

Passage: Nehemiah 10, Luke 9.
Theme: Service in the Temple, Service in the World.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Nehemiah 10. Rededication to the feasts that god prescribed.

As if it were a huge signature block, a list of the officials, tribal leaders, priests, and Nehemiah all sign off on this proclamation. It was to be diligent in keeping all those feasts, and required sacrifices that god told the people to do as a perpetual remembrance. All those things that hadn’t been done since the days of Joshua.

It was taken on oath, that a curse fall on them if not kept. Daughters not to marry outside the nation, and both sabbath days, and sabbath years kept. Especially the levites, priests, and leaders, but everybody.

All the continual offerings to temple service, sacrifices, show bread, etc. Even bringing in firewood for the priests to burn the sacrifices, considering it part of offerings of the firstfruits of the land. All to keep the priests employed in honoring god, serving in the temple.

Luke 9. Amid various healing and casting out of demons, the disciples are called together, and sent out to do the same. They had power and authority, and were sent without taking extra clothes or supplies Trusting the people of the town where they travelled, they were to shake the dust friom their feet if they were rejected.

Herod heard of all these miracles, thinking it was John that came back to life.

Meanwhile, the apostles returned, and reported back to Jesus. His conference, as he pulled them aside was interupted, but Jesus healed the sick who demanded his time.

The disciples wanted the people to go away, so they could get food somewhere. Instead, Jesus told them, “You give them something to eat”. He then broke 5 loaves and 2 fish, and fed the 5000.

Finally alone, Jesus prayed, and asked the 12 what others were saying about him. A prophet, a reincarnated miracle man. Who did the disciples say he was? The son of god. Jesus hinted at his future death, and the gospel message, but told them not to tell anyone about his true identity, yet.

Teaching on the first being last, losing life to gain it.

A week later, Jesus went on the mount, and was transfigured in the presence of Peter, James, and John. They were covered in the cloud, and heard a voice praising Jesus as the son.

The next day, Jesus casts out a demon that the disciples couldn’t. This kind coming out only with much fasting and prayer.

As people marveled, Jesus again reminded his disciples that he wouldn’t always be around.

An argument about greatness started in the ranks of the disciples, but he settled it by calling a child to him. Telling that anyone who recieves faith as a child will be in the kingdom. The least will be great.

John complained that someone else was casting out demons. Jesus responded that if he’s not against you, he’s for you. Note: You, instead of me.

Running up on resistance, the disciples wanted to call fire from heaven for revenge. James and John, the same ones who were arguing about greatness, though it wasn’t clear here it is in other gospel writings. Jesus had to tell them they didn’t know what spirit he had, that they were following. He was called to the world for salvation, not condemnation.

Fast approaching his time, people wanted to follow, but Jesus put them off with the responces about foxes having dens but he didn’t, let the dead bury their dead, and not to say goodbyes but to go and tell.

Bible Journal 11 Big Things Are Brewing

Big things in the bible readings, as good news is restored to God’s people. Big life events also were going down in our lives. It caused me to get behind in recording, but not in losing diligent in reading the word.

Sunday, March 15

Phone Call From Tony

Robin was feeling the need for rest, especially after her busy schedule that start last Thursday.

Got home, stretched out and relaxed. While Robin dozed, I got a phone call from Tony, and we talked about doing a podcast together.

Read and studied up on some topics for consideration for the Quest for Truth podcast. Hung out a little on facebook, messenger, and looked at emails. Talked a little bit to a friend from way back,. and the possibility of having him on the podcast.

Passage: Psalm 61, Numbers 30-31.
Theme: God is My Strength.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Psalms 61. When I’m weak, be my strength, my rock, my shelter. Praises to god who lives forever.

Num 30. Moses tells the tribal leaders the law of a vow. All men must kep vows. Women can make vows, but if the husband doesn’t agree, he can veto it, and she won’t be held accountable to keep it. If he voids her vow, he takes her sin upon himself.

Num 31. Roll the clock back a little, and get the details of how the Midianites in chapter 27 were paid back. After the women enticed the men, and god commanded them to take vengence on them.

Led by Phineas, the ark, and the trumpets, the 5 kings of Midian, Ballam, and all the men were killed. Women and children were taken, as was the plunder.

When Moses saw the captives and plunder, he was angry. He claimed it was Balam who told the women to entice the men. All the male children and all the women who were not a virgin were all killed.

Everybody who killed somebody, and all the captives waited outside the camp 7 days to be purified. lPlunder that was metal had to be purified by fire, and things that couldn’t stand fire had to be purified by passing through water, Leather, wood, animals, etc.

God commanded that the plunder be counted, and half given to the Levites. Out of the people, 1 in 50 were given to the Levites.

All the items taken are listed, and counts given of who got it all.

Monday, March 16

Close To Home

Upsetting news. Close to bed time last night Robin got word that her dad was going to the hospital, and might not make it through the next few minutes, let alone through the night. He has been having health troubles for some time now, and we’ve been wondering at each holiday or family gathering, if this will be his last. Robin hastily packed some overnight things, and went to be with him.

I’m staying home, holding down the fort I suppose. So far, her dad is hanging in there, but still in grave condition.

While Robin is in Effingham, she’ll be running some extra errands, and getting some repairs on the van.

Passage: Psalm 144, Nunbers 32.
Theme: The Battle is the Lord’s.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Psalms 144.Blessed is god, my rock and fortress in times of battle. My deliverer and shield. Why do you care about people so much?

Our days are like smoke, limited and weak. Send out your strong hand, and defeat my enemies.

Deliver me from the lieing enemy, I’ll sing to you.

May our kids be strong pillars, our fields and animals abundant. Blessed are those who belong to the lord.

Num 32. The leaders of Rueben and Gad had lots of livestock. They saw the land they were in was good for cattle, and begged to let themhave it, and not cross over the Jordan.

Moses told them they still need to go to war with the rest of the nation, and not sit here. It would be a discouragement to the people. Just as the spies discouraged the people all those years ago.

Do you want that? The wrath of God? The possibility of having god send us all to wander for another 40 years?

The Ruebens and Gads assured Moses that all they wanted was to set up sheepfolds, and establish cities for the women and children. They’d be glad to go qand kick some butt.

Moses agreed, as long as they fought until all the land was subdued. Otherwise it was on them, and their sin would find them out.

Moses, the Reubens, the Gads, and the Joseph Ephraims all announced their plan to the people, so everybody would know what was going on. Then a bunch of cities, and the people who built and lived in them are listed. The lands included the land of king Og as well, and apparently the Joseph Ephraimns were to settle there.

Tuesday, March 17

Robin Gets More Pain Relief

Robin decided to stay gone again to be in town for another pain procedure. She’ll have Chris drive her home, so she can get some rest.

Recorded a podcast, and had an interview with Michael Prince. Sounds good so far, but I’ think it picked up Jaws at inappropriate times. Gotta do some post production on it.

Passage: Numbers 33, Psalm 9.
Theme: On the Virge of Inheritance.
Who’s in it, and what’s tgoing on:

Num 33. An appendix of sorts, where Moses has listed every campground along the 40 year journey. No indication of how long each stop was, just the places.

Starting with a glorious and triumphant departure from Egypt.

Making at least 3 stops before reaching the Red Sea. Then dozens of meandering places, until reaching Mt Hor where Aaron would die at age 123. The 40th year of wandering.

At this time the Canaanites knew they were coming. Still more camps, something like 10 more to reach the banks of the Jordan.

God has a word for the people. Get the people out, destroy their templles, idols, and religious artifacts. Distribute the land acording to the size of the tribes. If the people aren’t moved out, they’ll become a thorn in your side. You’ll be in danger of becoming just like them, and face being driven out yourselves.

Psalms 9. Thank god, and be glad.

God causes the enemies to stumble and perish.

God lives forever, and judges the people rightly. He’s a stronghold for those who are his people, those who put their trust in him.

Praise and declare his works. He delivers the oppressed. He shows grace to the afflicted. The wicked are snared.

The wicked will return to the grave. Judge them, and put them in their place.

Wednesday, March 18

Data Transfering Day

And I mean a day. Noel came over just after noon, and we got set up to knock out that much anticipated data transfer. The stuff from the old drive is moving to the Terabyte drive, but at the data rate its moving, it’ll take close to a full 24 hours. To be continued tomorrow.

Chris had stayed over after driving Robin home yesterday, and Dave came to get him after he got off work. He brought the boys with him. They all ran in, and straight to grandma. Right past unkie Chris, and grandpa. Then they played with toys. Finally a few wimpy hugs came, without as much enthusiasm. We know where their sympathies are. As if we didn’t already know.

Passage: Numbers 34-36, Psalm .
Theme: Prepare the Way.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Num 34. God dictates the borders of the land.

The southern border, and where it goes is defined.

The west border is the Mediterrainian Sea.

The north border is defined. Note: To run past Mt HJor? Is this a different one? I thought this was near where they were located at the southern end of the country. It was one of their last stops, and not far from the land of Edom.

Finally, the east border is described.

Since 2 and a half tribes, Rueben, Gad, and Mannesseh, had already recieved their land, the other 9 and a half tribes splits the restdc d

God gives the role call of the current tribal leaders from each tribe.

Num 35. God again commands that since the Levites were to recieve no land, that cities in each land, with surrounding pasture lands, were to be given them for a perpetual inheritance.

The cities of the Levites were to have pastures that extended 2K cubits, or 3K yards from the cities on all sides. Six cities of refuge were to be appointed, and at least a total of 48 cities, or more. Larger landds offering more cities, and smaller lands offering less.

God describes the purpose of the cities of refuge. So anybody, native, or stranger, can flee if he commits manslaughter. Unintentional murder, not premeditated. The blood avenger was authorized to put to death the murderer, who deserved to die.

As for the man slayer, he is to go to his city of refuge, and stay there as long as the anointed high priest lives. If he’s caught outside the boundary of that city, the avenger of death is within his rights to put him to death.

To be a perpetual law about murderers, several points are made. The number of witnesses required, No ransom, or bond can be made to set a killer free, intentional or unintentional killer. Lifeblood is required for life.

Num 36. The people of Mannesseh had a problem with their family of daughters. Sure, they would inherit land now, but would they lose it, and blend in with the trib of their husbands in the future?

God gave the obvious command, marry anybody you wish, as long as they’re a member of your tribe. Land will surely pass down by the husbands lineage.

Those daughters did just that, mtheir cousins and extended relatives in the tribe.

Psalms 108. Praises and sing to god, day or night, for his loving kindness. Deliverer, and answerer of prayers.

God measures out the promised inheritance. He sets boundaries where he wishes.

If god put me someewhere, who can rip me out of it. If he sends me somewhere, who can stand in his way when he puts me there Deliverance by man is useless, it’s only in gods power when he clears the path through our adversaries.

Thursday, March 19

Data Challenge Part 2

Not much to say. Didn’t get a lot done, other than watching data bits fly from one drive to another.

Although I did get the HPN on twitter, fixed a file that wasn’t uploaded right, and fought with Thunderbird to get an email account to load.

Robins dad is doing very poorly today. I think he’ll be moving to hospice tomorrow, and all there is to do is keep him comfortable to his last.

Passage: Psalm 119
Theme: Seeking and Loving God
Who’s in it, and what’s going on:

Psalms 119.

Blessed are the righteous, who seek after, and obey gods ways.

Stay pure in the riches of gods word. Don’t stray far from the treasure of the teaching of the law.

To live is to long after the word of god. I’ll remain loyal to god, despite the pressure from princes.

My soul grieves, mourns, and lays in the dust. Your word strengthens and revives me.

Give me understanding, since it makes me love you all the more, and want to keep your laws.

Send lovingkindness and truth, because it’s the ammunition I need to defeat kings, and those who would battle me with words. Your words and laws are liberating.

Your word is a comfort when the arrogant deride me. I can be righteously indignant in the face of the wicked.

Be gracious to me. When I strayed, I soon returned to you. The wicked surround me, but I’ll stay in the camp of those who are for you.

You have dealt well with me. I did wrong, I went astray, and deserve what I got. I learned from my mistake, and it made me wise. Don’t let the arrogant win, despite the ground I gave them.

May others see my example, and be glad. I’m not perfect, but I want to keep learning about you. Even in affliction, your ways are just and right.

My soul languishes for salvation. The arrogant have dug pits for me, revive me according to your lovingkindness so I can continually testify for you.

Your word is settled for ever in the heavens. The Earth stands because your ordinances are forever. All things are yours, and your law is my delight. Enemies seek to destroy me, but I consider your testimonies.

I meditate on your law, and it makes me more wise than my enemies. It gives me wisdom that goes far deeper than my teachers.

Your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path. Revive me in my afflictions. My life is in hand, but I’ll always love your laws, even to the end.

I hate the devious, but I love your word. Shelter me, sustain me, keep me safe, and remove my enemies far away.

I’ve tried to be right and just, don’t let the enemy defeat me. My eyes long for you. Teach me your ways, give me wisdom. Take action against the lawbreakers.

Your testimonies are wonderful Your words make the simple understand. Establish my feet, shine on me, rescue me from my oppressers.

God you are right, and your ways are upright. I love the purity of your words, and I’m zealous for it. I’m small, hated, and despiszed, but I love your laws.

I’m crying to you lord, save me. Show your lovingkindness and revive me. The wicked draw near, but they are far from you.

See my affliction, rescue me. Redeem me, revive me. The wicked don’t seek you. Yo9ur word is true and everlasting.

Princes persecute me without cause, but I stand in awe of you. I praise you all day. All my ways are before you.

Listen to my cry for wisdom. Deliver me, teach me to sing of you. I choose you, I long for you, I’ve gone astray like a lost sheep, come and find me, because I havebn’t forgotten about you god.

Friday, March 20



Passage: Nehemiah 1, Luke 1.
Theme: Kingdom Restored.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Nehemiah 1. Nehemiah tells about a visit from his brother, and some other men from Judah. The people who are in Jerusalem are distressed, and the city walls are broken down.

He sat down and wept for days, and prayed to god. Nehemiah confessed the sins of his fathers, and begged that god would listen, and restore.

Nehemiah states his job title as cup bearer to the king in babylon.

Luke 1. Luke’s mission, to record the historical events of Jesus as accurately as possible.

The story of a childless priest, and his Levite wife is started.

During the rare term of temple service, Zechariah saw the angel of the lord. A son would be born in his old age, ad be a prophet in the spirit and p0ower of Elijah.

Zechariah didn’t believe the words of Gabriel, so his words were taken away.

The people noticed that Zechariah was taking a long time doing his duty behind the veil. His muteness was understood that he saw a vision. He completed his time in temple service.

His wife Elizabeth found out she was pregnant and hid herself for 5 months. Enjoying her blessing from god.

In the 6th month of Elizabeth’s pregnancy, Gabriel went to Mary, her cousin with another message. She would give birth to the Messiah. Even more marvelous, since Mary was still a virgin at the time.

Mary immediately went to Elizabeth for a happy reunion. Elizabeth called Mary the mother of her lord, and the baby leapt for joy in her womb.

Mary rejoices at the lord chioosing her as the humble servant to be so blessed. She praises god for remembering his people. Taking down the kings, lifting up the humble, taking from the rich, and satisfying the hungry.

She stayed 3 months, then returned home.

Elizabeth gave birth, her neighbors rejoiced.

On the 8th day, the boy was circumsized, and named John. Then Zecharias was able to speak. He prophecied about the great work of god to come. Redemption, salvation, and mercie from those who hate them. That John would be the prophet of the greater one to come.

John grew, became strong in spirit, and lived in the wilderness until his ministry was to begin.

Saturday, March 21

Hanging On

Robin dropped me off at Chris apartment yesterday. I’ll probably hang out here for the indefinite future.. She thinks her dad is just waiting for his sister to get to town. At this point in hospice, he’s doing better than mom did. She didn’t last more than about 24 hours, maybe less. Now that I think of it, it was the next morning, so maybe 12 hours or so.

Hanging on, and waiting.

Passage: Nehemiah 2, Luke 2
Theme: The King Declares It, Make It Happen.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening.

Nehemiah 2. A particular day is named when Nehemiah is before the king to deliver his cup of wine. The king noticed there was something wrong. Nehemiah was visibly sad.

Note: Imagine the king seeing his cup bearer looking poorly. It’s the cupbearers job to sample the wine, and make sure it’s not poisoned. Imagine his relief to know it was just a bout of sadness.

Now Nehemiah feared, but he still made a crazy request. His homeland has been burned and ransacked. If he has any favor with the king, let he give me stuff.

Note: In front of the queen and everybody, I imagine Nehemiah suddenly had a lump in his throat, the deer in the headlight stare, and whipped out a fast prayer to god for wisdom. Then came his inspired request.

The king asked what can be done. Nehemiah asked to make a trip to his homeland to rebuild it. The king asked how long, and Nehemiah t

Safe passage was made, accompanied by a troop of the army. No problems, other than Sanbalot and Tobiah heard it, and hated what was happening.

On arriving at Jerusalem, and not telling anhyone of his plans, Nehemiah explored the extent of the damage under cover of night.

Nehemiah met with the Israelite priests and officials to lahy out his plan to rebuild, and that the king has blessed the venture. Only Sanbalot and Tobias made fun of them, accusing them of rebelling against the king. Nehemiah confronted them to declare that god is in it, so they’re doing it.

Note: I looked it up. A Horonite refers to a city in Moab. Moab and Ammon were the descendants of Lot.

Luke 2. A different king makes a different decree, and the stage is set for prophecy to be fulfilled, and god to do his work. Mary and Joseph were on their way to Bethlehem, where her baby would be born.

Nearby there were shepherds, and at the moment of the birth, angels appeared to proclaim what was going on. The shepherds went, saw it, and it was exactly as the angels said.

As commanded by the angel to Mary earlier, he was called Jesus.

On the 8th day, the law was kept, and Jesus was circumsized, the purification ceremony done, and being the firstborn he was dedicated to god.

A righteous and devout man, Simeon was there. He revealed that god told him he wouldn’t see death until the Messiah would come He was now prepared to die as he prophesied. Mary and Joseph were amazed at the prophecy.

Annah, an aged prophetess, from the tribe of Asher, also prophesied.

Note: Some claim that Anna was the mother of Mary. The bible never lists who Mary’s mother is. Even here, Anna is said to be of the tribe of Asher, not Judah. She is a prophetess, a holy woman who was always in the temple, but in no way was she the mother of Mary.

When the sacrificing and ceremony were complete, they went home, and Jesus grew. He grew strong, wise, and the grace of god was on him.

Every year they made the trip to observe the passover in Jerusale m. When Jesus was 12, he got left behind, and was found in the temple. Asking questions and giving answers that amazed the teachers. Jesus kept growing in favor with men and god.

Note: It isn’t here, but in Matthew it tells of the wise men visiting. The visited in a house, and boys 2 years and under were killed. This implies they came on a later year, but likely within the following two years or so.

Saturday, March 22

Life Goes On

At about 7:10PM last evening, the wait ended. Lloyd was completely healed, and we went to stay with Robin’s mom overnight. The first night in at least a week that she spent in her own home, and slept in a bed.

Today, the family began the prep for funeral arrangements, and we’re hanging out. I spent some time reading a magazine while they were out. Now everyone is standing by.

More family members are due in, and more arrangements need to be made.

Passage: Nehemiah 3, Luke 3.
Theme: Fruits of Laboring on God’s Mission.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Nehemiah 3. The walls and gates of the city are rebuilt.

Rather than credit to tribes, various current families are listed, alo ng with the segment of the wall or gates they worked on.

One notable thing was “the Tekoites made repairs, but their nobles did not support the work of their masters”. Apparently at least some of the leaders didn’t get on board with Nehemiah and gods work.

However, “Shallum the son of Hallohesh, the official of half the district of Jerusalem, made repairs, he and his daughters”.

Note: Wondered if any in this list of families was in the geneology of Jesus. Not sure, but I don’t think so. Various repeat names, and names borrowed from other tribes like Levi, Simeon, and others.

Some families worked on more than one section. The important thing is the grassroots level of the work. People of all walks of life, merchants, leaders, priests, craftsmen, and lots of plain old people. Coming together for a purpose, and with a mission. Small goals adding together to accomplish the end goal.

Luke 3. At a point of time, when several governmental leaders, and priests are listed as being in office, John recieved his call from the holy spirit. He began his mission of repentance, according to Isaiah’s words about preparing the way. Making the road straight, filling the valley, and flattening the mountains, etc.

John also warned that the proof was in bearing fruit, not simply falling back on a heritage as a son of Abraham.

The people were confused by that concept, and folks ranging from tax collectors, to soldiers asked what they should do. He told them not to extort, or take more than their share, nbut be content with their wage. Share.

When thought to be the Messiah, John made it plain that he was not. That greater one would come to cut through the clutter, and burn up the chaff.

John taught many other things, but got the notice of Herod, who tossed him in jail.

During that time though, Jesus came to be baptized, and the instance of the dove, and the voice from heaven happened.

Jesus was also about 30, and his geneology is given.

Note: It starts with Joseph, but appears to go down a different branch at his grandfather’s generation than Matthew reports. Can this be that of Mary’s side? Could be, nbut why does it start with Joseph. If it switches to Jesus maternal grandfather, why?

Bible Journal 10 Obedience Wins, Grumblers Lose

Another week of thrills and adventure in my boring life. Cleaning frenzy, Tupperware, and party aftermath. Enjoy the ride as you listen in.

Sunday, March 8

Sunday Relaxing and Forgetfulness

Went to church, as usual. Came home, relaxed, and forgot about movie night, until it was too late.

Also had some ftp problems, and made it so filezilla won’t work on the laptop anymore. Uh-oh. Gotta redo the settings I messed up, but they all look alright. Loaded the ftp app from NCH for now. Working OK.

Bible Stuff.

Passage: Numbers 17-18, Psalms 135.
Theme: Authority and Gifts to God.
Who’s in it, and what’s going on:

Num 17. After the recent defiance of god, and challenge to the authority of Moses, god commanded the grumbling leaders to all bring their staff. The one that would sprout, would be the leader.

Left over night, Aaron’s rod not only sprouted, but sent out branches, and had already ripe almonds on it. The rod was kept as a sign to stop all future gripes about authority.

The people still grumbled that they were dieing.

Num 18. God put the sin of the nation on Aaron, and the Levites, but they alone were chosen to do temple service. No layman was authorized in doing any of the duties of the temple. God was very emphatic about this.

God also emphatically gives the offerings, sacrifices, and devoted things that the people bring to the Levites. All the sons and daughters can eat and have it, since they don’t have an inheritance of lands. The gifts should be treated with respect and the honor they deserve. Rules about the firstborn dedications are restated.

The laymen were told to stay clear of the tabernacle. Only the Levites were called to serve.

The levites were commanded to tithe from the tithe that was brought to them. Aaron got that tithe, but the rest that was left was all theirs as compensation.

Psalms 135. Praise the lord, praise him, praise him. God is good.

God is great, and does what he pleases. He commands the forces of nature.

He took the firstborn, and delivered from Egypt. He defeated other great kings.

Bless and praise the lord all the nation, the priesLevites, and all who believe in him.

Monday, March 9

Another Laundry Day

Doing laundry a little early this week. Trying to clean house for the big Tupperware party this Thursday. Got Christmas decorations finished taking down, and oput away.

Trying to catch up a little in writing, reading, and posting. Won’t be able to record the journal from last week until tomorrow.

Was going to try to record with Nathan C today, but the laundry and cleaning took priority.

Bible Stuff.

Passage: Numbers 19-20, 2 Peter 1.
Theme: Getting Close to God. v;lk
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Num 19. God commands to tell the people about the sacrifice for consecrating and purifying the priest to enter the temple for service, and about the washing ceremony involved.

Rules for touching a dead person, and the cleansing rituals for the layman are given.

What to do when in contact with a corpsse that died in a hiome, or on the battlefield, or amny dead body in general. How to be cleansed.

The one knowingly refusing to go through the cleansing after contact with the dead is to be cut off.

Num 20. In the first month, the people moved to a new place, and Miriam died there. Note: Since the tabernacle was nbuilt, and the march to the promised land, to this place has taken at least 11 months. The first sacrifice was on Month 2.

The people grumbled, since there was no water in this land. Also about no fruit, or other food in the land. God gathered them at a rock. Note: This rock is compared to Jesus, since it would give water (living water) to the people.

God told Moses to say to the rock to give water. Instead he struck it twice with the rod. It was the act that would keep Moses from seeing the land. The rock still gave water.

Moses then sent messengers to get permission to go through the land of Edom. The land of Esau. The Edomites refused, and enforced it with armed men. They weren’t allowed to pass at all, whether staying on the highway, or keeping from drinking from the waters, or passing through the fields.

Instead, they turned, and went to Mount Hor. Aaron and his son went up on the mountain with Moses, at gods command. The ephod, and special clothes of Aaron were stripped, and transferred to his re0placement. Then Aaron died and was buried on the mountain.

2 Peter 1. From Simon Petrer, to those who have recieved faith by the righteousness of Jesus.

I’m going to tell you what you already know. But my time on earth is short, and this is important so you’ll remember it after I’m gone.

We didn’t make up a fiction, but were really there to witness Jesus. We saw his baptism, and the dove on him, and the voice saying he was well pleased.

Prophecies were fulfilled. Like a lamp in the darkness. Know this, prophecies are not from men interpreting, but originate from god’s inspiration.

Tuesday, March 10

Laundry and Cleaning

Still early, but going to head to the laundromat to wrap it up with bed sheets, and towels. Shouldn’t take too long. Then whatever random cleaning Robin has in mind.

Hoping to get back in the office to record, and touch base with the retro podcast. Want to put together some clips for the Josh Rolph podcast. Since he mentioned me on his show.

Bible Stuff.

Passage: Numbers 21-22, 2 Peter 2.
Theme: False prophets.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Num 21. People are taken captive out of fear, when they passed near to a particular Canaanite king. The people prayed, and god gave the kingdom into their hands.

Marching around the country of Edom, the opeople grumbled at how long it was taking. Why have we come here to die in the wilderness. God granted their wish, and sent firey serpents to bite them. Looking on a bronze statue of a serpent somehow healed the ones who looked on it.

They then went on to the wadi’s between Moab, and Arnon. Apparently as mentioned elsewhere in a prophecy or other, but not sure where, or why it’s its significant.

Next stop was near a well, so god could give them water.

The people sang about the well, then a string of places they stopped is listed.

At the land of king Sihon, of the Arnon, the same request was made. Let us cross, staying on the highway. Sihon brought out his army, but god let the Israelites beat him. Lots of verbiage to tell of prophecies, and how Sihon took the land from Moab, and it’s no restored. The Israelites would possess it, and live in it. Note: A reminder, Moab and Ammon were the descendants of Lot.

Then they turned to head toward Mount Bashan, the land of king Og. He was also given over to the Israelites, and they possessed his land as well. Note: Later, these would be the lands of Rueben, and they set the stage as a holding ground for the people as they began the battles to move into the promised land. Bashan would be known in poetry as a great place for cattle.

Num 22. The people camped in the plains of Moab, across from Jericho.

Balak, the king of Moab feared the people, though he had no reason to, they were to take the land across the river, not his. He contacted Balam, a well known and reliable prophet to come and curse the people.

Balam took their offering, and prayed to god as what he should do. God forbid him from cursing the people. But did Balam listen? He seemed to.

Then Balak sent more impressive, higher up representatives. He took their money, and mission, but god warned him to say only the words he would give regarding the Israelites.

It still made god mad when Balam went on his donkey to join up with Balak. The donkey had a vision of the angel of god blocking his path. He refused to go further.

Then the lord opened the eyes of Balam, and let him see what nearly happened to him. He was allowed to go, but reminded to speak only the words that were given him.

Balak and Balam hooked up, but the prophet told that he could only do what god told him to do. Sacrifices were offered.

Then they saw a portion of the people from a high place. t

2 Peter 2. Watch out for false prophets, and their sensual, exploitative ways. Their deceptions are as old as time, and still active.

If god did not spare the angels, but threw them into pits of gloom, and also didn’t spare the world of Noah’s time, or destroy Sodom a nd Gomorrah, while sparing Lot, then god knows how to protect the righteous from temptation. To keep them until the day of judgement.

The false ones fly in the face of where angels fear to tread, or that dumb animals have more sense than to go. They fall after the way of Balam, who was tempted to curse the people, while his dumb donkey saw, and spoke.

Like springs without water. They misguide, enslave, and entangle people. Arrogant, vain, full of fleshly desire. Those who fall away, and become entangled again find themself in a worse state than the first.

Wednesday, March 11

Catching Up On Podcasts

After a frenzy to clean house, do laundry, etc, Robin is going to Altamont to do some shopping,. I stayed ghome, and am trying to stay ahead of the podcasting game,.

I got the journal finally recorded, and uploaded, but still need to post and link it. Doing that next. Got some updates to retro done, up until the 21st. Want to look more ibnto the study of Job.

Bible Stuff.

Passage: Numbers 23-24, 2 Peter 3.
Theme: Desppite False Prophets,God Fulfills His Promises.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Num 23. The offerings and prayers to attempt to curse the Israelites.

Balam went to offer 7 bulls, and 7 rams, and god refused to let the Israelites be cursed.

Let’s try a different hilltop, and see another part of the crowd. Another 7 bulls, another 7 rams, and god says, no cursing.

Finally a third hilltop, the same sacrifice, and the same refusal to curse the people.

Note: after 42 animals, 3 sacrifice sessions, and huge efforts in wanting your answer to be true, if god ain’t in it, it ain’t happening.

Num 24. This time, the final time of sacrifice, god gave Balam a definite oracle. He let Balam see the people as he saw them. He saw the beauty and potential strength the tribes possessed. He saw the blessings god had for them. Knowing that all who bless them will be blessed, and all who curse them woil.l be cursed.

Balak interupted the vision. Hello. Balam, remember me. I’m the one who hired you to curse those people. Whose side are you on here? Don’t you want all the riches and honors I promised you? Balam could only remind Balak that he could do nothing, other thabn report what god says.

The distant future is told. How a star from Jacob will come to strike the heads of Moab, Edom, and others. How can anyone survive, unless god calls him to be on his side. Unkless god has ordained it.

Then Balam and Balak parted ways.

2 Peter 3Stir up your minds to listen to what the prophets told. They said a time would would come when people would do evil. Know it’s true, because what they told of the past things are also true. Mockers will come to say, where are these last times. where is this second coming you talk about. It was the same way in the days of Noah, just before the flood.

Know this, if god promised it, it will come. he isn’t slow, as some count slowness. To him a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years is like a day when it passes. Not willing that any should perish, but that all might repent. The day of the lord will come like a thief in the night.

Though the heavens be burned up, our hope is in the new heaven and earth. Being the called ones, the ordained ones of god.

Be dilligent in faith, righteousness, and found that way by god.

Thursday, March 12

Nathan’s Birthday

The day for the big Tupperware party is here… but first…We called Nathan to tell him Happy Birthday. He isn’t having a good day. Lots of time on the road, and no home time to match. He’ll be working through his birthday, well into the weekend, then expected to hit the road again on Sunday. Hope he gets his days off he’s asking for. Even if it’s later than he expected.

Took care of getting some podcasts uploaded, posted, and linked. Thought It was already uploaded and waiting, but still managed to take care of it. Robin started cleaning, the bathroom, and downstairs. I broke away and helped with some food prep, and cleaning for the evening event.

The party went well, with a nice turn out. Robin had enough in sales to get a lot of free stuff, and we spent about $60 ourselves.

Bible Stuff.

Passage: Numbers 25, Psalm 106.
Theme: Winning Battles.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Num 25. The Israelites are approaching the promised land, they had just won two battles, and defeated two kings and their armies. They defeated the attempt of Moab to call on spiritual powers to curse them, a battle they were totally unaware of untill a later time. And now, a final turning away from god, and rebellion against obeying him.

Some of the men were tempted by women of Moab to worship their gods. Moses ordered the judges of the people to kill them. They did, but it was appare ntly not enough.

As if it weren’t bad enough to go there to lust after the women, one man brought his lady back to the camp. While people were weeping at the tent of meeting over the fiasco, Phineas, inspired by god himself, ran them through with a spear. And a plague that had swept through was stopped. See? It wasn’t enough for the judges to kill their people. Men miss things, but god’s plague took care of several thousand who might otherwise be missed.

God assures Moses and everyone that the fast action that Phineas took was right. Phineas, a son of Aaron would be praised through the ages as a man of excellent character.

God now commands to strike the Midianites for their dirty trick against the nation.

Note: Huh? Is it Moab, or Midian? Are they the same, or is the name interchangeable? The kingdom wasn’t defeated though, just struck. In the past, Israelites died due to their own grumbling, disobedience, at the hand of god through plagues, firey serpents, or even the ground opening. Here, though the people deserved the punishment of death, and the Midianites lured out those disobedient desires, they were to pay the price for their trickery.

Psalms 106. Praise god, and his lovingkindness. he is good. Blessed are the righteous.

Remember me, save me, prosper me. Include me in the rejoicing of your glory.

We have rebelled. Just like our fathers did in the wilderness. Not understanding, not remembering, and stubborn. Still god delivered the nation despite them.

They quickly forgot, and fell prey to their cravings, and god gave them what they asked for.

The earth opened, the fire consumed, The grumbled in their tents, they worshipped the calf, and Moses had to stand between to save from God’s wrath.

They joined themselves to eating of idols of the dead, and a plague stopping only at the action of Phineas.

They provoked god at the waters from the rock, even causing Moses to mis speak.

In the land, they didn’t fully displace the people, leqarning to sacrifoice their kidds. Polluting themselves. God would turn them over to the oppressing nations, and a cycle of low and highs resulted. Deliverance and rebellion.

God always heard their cry, and remembered his covenant.

All he ever wants is to hear the words of obedience:

Save us, O LORD our God, And gather us from among the nations, To give thanks to Your holy name And glory in Your praise.
Blessed be the LORD, the God of Israel, From everlasting even to everlasting. And let all the people say, “Amen.” Praise the LORD!

Friday, March 13

Tupperware Aftermath

Its the morning after, and we actually don’t have much to clean up. Robin washed up dishes last night, and there isn’t much else to do other than re-organize the dinning room tables and chairs.

Relaxing, and moving slow after the mad dash of party cleaning and prep.

Trying to get caught up on podcast listening, and maybe even recording something with Robin later.

Bible Stuff.

Passage: Numbers 26-27, Psalm 90.
Theme: Eternal Inheritance.
Who’s in it, and what’s going on:

Num 26. After this last killing off of the rebellious, God commands to take another census of the people.

Each tribe is listed, with each of the families that were born to that tribe. Some notable families, like the ones of Reuben who joined with the Cohathites to be swallowed up by the earth are mentioned. Also a few daughters in the families were noted.

Bottom line. There were just over 600k men over age 20. Close to the same as were counted after the march out of Egypt.

God commands Moses to divide the land, using lots, and the larger tribes to get larger tracts than the smaller tribes.

The Levites are numbered seperately. Those 1 month and older. With a slightly different listing of their geneology, we find a little over 20k. Also, we’re reminded that only Caleb and Joshua were the only ones from the old generation to cross the Jordan.

Num 27. A few daughters of the tribe of Joseph and Mannaseh had a problem. Their father died in the wilderness, and they had no brothers. Would they be cut off from a portion of the land? Moses goes to god to find out.

God sets the precedence for a daughter to inherit land, if there are no sons. Also what to do if no kids are left to inherit the land.

God then calls Moses to the top of a mountain, so he can see the land, then die.

Moses first wanted a change of command, so the people wouldn’t be without a shepherd. God tells how to ordain Joshua, who will take a part of the spirit that Moses had. He is to consult Eliazar to find out what god commands, then do it. Notice the difference? Joshua didn’t have the same direct relationship. He would have to get the word from the priest, who had to cast lots. Still, it was the way god dictated.

Psalm 90. A prayer of Moses. Recognizing God’s creative power in eternity.

A thousand years to god is as yesterday when it passes. Or a watch in the night.

Our sins are before god. We have 70 or 80 years of sorrow, then we’re gone. Teach us to number our days to live for god.

May our joy be to be obedient. Let us know we’re doing right, that our days of joy equal our days of sorrow.

Saturday, March 14

Family Breakfast Concert Cathy Adkins

Robin stayed at the breakfast long enough to grab a bite, and take the kids to their Missions event in Springfield.

Getting some office time. A man at the breakfast approached me about the pews in the auditorium. Need to research what they’re worth, to know what to charge him for them.

Bible Stuff.

Passage: Numbers 28-29, Psalm 50.
Theme: God, Tell Me What You Want… What You Really Really Want.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Num 28. God commands this reminder for the people. They are to remember to bring the regular offerings and sacrifices. Each one is detailed as to what to bring, and in what amounts for each.

Burnt offerings, sabbath offerings, morning and evening offerings, monthly offerings, and the offerings for passover and other holidays. The people are told these things, so they’ll know what to bring, when to bring it, and why.

Num 29. More descriptions of the animals to sacrifice are layed out,

Burnt offerings, sin offerings, drink offerings, grain offerings, and akll the bulls, sheep, goats, grain, and wine to go along with each sacrifice, for each day of each festival. All this in addition to any offerings for vows, thanksgiving, peace offerings, or free will offerings.

Why god? What’s this all about? So the people will also know about the sacrifices, and not lay the entire burden on the priests to remember, and dictate. Everyone is responsible for remembering to do their part in offering.

Psalms 50. Stand by… God’s coming, and it’s judgement day. The heavens and earth, and all nature that we’ve seen every day of our lives declares him.

Listen up. You’re burnt offerings are fine, but I don’t need them. All the animals of the wild belong to me. The cattle on a thousand hills. Your thanksgiving, your vows, calling on me in the day of trouble, these are more important to me.

To the wicked. Why do you talk about my laws, the ones that you tossed aside. You love the thief, the adulterer, you lie, and slander. You thought my silence meant I was on your side, and just like you.

If you don’t want me to tear you apart, get this and get it straight… The one who offers thanks, and the obedient one is who I honor.

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Bible Journal 09 Worship and Praise Because Grumbling Doesn’t Pay

Still working out keeping things streamlined, and tame the length of the episode. I think I’m doing it. Here’s the events, and Bible journey of my life for this week.

Sunday, March 1

Snow Day

Snowed in. Staying home. Talked about things we’ve been reading lately.

Called my brother, Terry. He had been admitted to the hospital for bronchitis and pneumonia. Thinks it could be COPD, or whatever that acronym is. Doing better now.

Spending the afternoon laying down, and reading books.

Passage: Numbers 5-6, Psalm 116.
Theme: Vows and Honor to God.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Num 5. God commanded all the unclean people to leave the camp. Particularly those who had a discharge, had contact with the dead, or were lepers.

The law of restitution demanded the amount, plus a fifth be given to the wronged person, his family, or if no next of ken is left, then to the priest.

In the case of an unfaithful woman. If she hasn’t been caught in the act, but suspected, she is taken to the priest, and made to drink a special mixture of water. her guilt would find her out.

The ceremony with the holy water was to aleve jealousy of the husband, and put any guilt on the offending woman.

Num 6. The Nazarite vow, and how it works.

It could be either a man or woman. The most significant thing in this vow of dedication and seperation is that no grape product was to be taken. Nothing from the grape, vine, to any fermented product of it.

He was to not cut his hair. Or go near a dead person, not even a close relative.

If a person should drop dead next to him, he was to start the vow over again. His consecrated head of hair was to be shaved after 7 days, and take two doves as a sin and a burnt offering. The vow started again with sacrifices of a young lamb for a sin offering.

After the completion of the vow, extra offerings are made. A burnt offering of a lamb, a sin offering of a ewe lamb, and a [peace offering of a lamb. . Plus an offering of cakes and oil. The priest was to wave parts, and in the burning of the offering, the person was to once again shave their hair to burn it on the altar as well.

This is the minimum offering, and he is to give whatever else in addition that he can, while under his vow.

God then gave this special blessing for the priestsP:

The LORD bless you,

and keep you;
The LORD make His face shine on you, And be gracious to you;
¶The LORD lift up His countenance on you, And give you peace.´

Speaking these words on the Israelites would also return a blessing on themselves.

Psalms 116. Love the lord as long as I live, because he hears me. The fear of death and sorrow came, and god came to the rescue when called.

Gracious, compassionate, he preserves. He rescues from death, stumbling, and alarm.

What can I pay god for his favors? Pay my vows. Precious is the death of his godly ones. I’ll pay my vows. Praises and thanks.

Monday, March 2

Shovelling Out

Lots of snow, but I think it has stopped. Time to head out to shovel a path. Sneak peaks at an extended forecast indicate warmer temps, like in the 60’s to 70’s could be in store before the end of the month. Hoping that radio announcer is right abut that.

Not much else planned to day.

Passage: Numbers 7, Psalms 136.
Theme: Giving Thanks.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Num 7. Going back to the time of the first sacrifice in the newly constructed tabernacle, this the perspective of the people in the nations. Forget all the descriptions of purifying ceremonies, and rituals. This is the parade of animals, and wagons of shekels and grain offerings. Listed by tribe, with all the numbers of how much was brought in. What a BBQ. A litany that goes on for 89 verses.

Psalms 136. A list of things the people gave thanks for, ending with the phrase: For His lovingkindness is everlasting.

The promises, and deliverance of the people through the ages. Some of these events happened later in the history of the Israelites, but the worship attitude here is still what they must have been feeling on this first use of the tabernacle and altar.

Tuesday, March 3

A Day of Messages

Hanging out. Staying on top of messages. Talked to Jill for a while, and cancelled going to her house today. Too much snow and ice. Main streets are good, but her country lane might be a problem

Listened in on the Hines conference call. Got some good info about Macintosh, and running windows in it.

Also got word on an interview later in the month for the quest podcast. And a heads up on the next Super hero podcast with Nathan C.

Passage: Numbers 8-9, Psalm 97.
Theme: Worship God in Purity.
Who’s in it, and what’s going on:

Num 8. Still on the scene of the first temple service, god commands to light the lights.

Places every one. The priests are washed, the animals to ordain them ready, the people gathered.

Let the temple service begin. The Levites were to be special firstborn for all the nation. Just as god claims all the firstborn as his. He again states that the firstborn represent the price of the firstborn that died to be released from Egypt.

The presentation, the purification, and acceptance as firstborn, and the priests went inside the temple.

Again, the requirement to be age 20-50 for active temple service is given. Those over 50 were to retire, but could still assist in temple service.

Num 9. God again dictates to keep the Passover at it’s appointed time. But some were unclean for touching a dead body.

After consulting god, Moses reported it was OK to observe the holiday outside the camp. This was also for any who were travelling, and couldn’t make the return trip to worship in the temple. The observance could be done the following month. Not unclean, or not travelling, and perfectly able to go to temple? No excuse.

In very emphatic ewords, it’s stated that the pillar of fire and cloud settled on the tent of meeting. When it lifted, the packed up and left. When it stayed, they stayed, be it days, months, or a year. ted yi

Psalms 97. God reins. Rejoice. He’s covered in fire and cloud. The earth trembles, the mountains melt.

Idol worshippers should be ashamed. Gladly worship the god most high.

Do you love god? Then hate evil. He delivers, be glad and thankful for his holy name.

Wednesday, March 4

An Early Morning

Got up a little early. OK, I got up when the Alarm went off, which is on time, I guess. Spent time in the office to use up some of those satelite data bits. I now have a nice sized chunk of the Lux Radio Theater collection.

Not sure what else I have on the schedule today. Letting Robin sleep in, which could be just a little bit more, or for a while yet.

Passage: Num 10, Psalm 68.
Theme: God Moves , Enemies Watch Out.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Num 10. Two silver trumpets to blow signals. Both means a call for the people to gather, 1 for the priests only. An alarm means the east camp moves out, second alarm is for the south camp to move. Signals for peace and gladness, as well as signals for war.

The cloud moves, Year 2, Month 2 , Day 20. The first move, and the marcdhe th y

hing ord4er followed. Right down to the final tribe, and the rear guard.

Moses father in law had still been visiting, and though invited to go, Jethro set out for his home in Midian.

The first trip was apparently only a 3 day journey. Moses had begun the habit of saying: “Rise up, O LORD! And let Your enemies be scattered, And let those who hate You flee before You.”

Then when the cloud stopped, Moses would say: “Return, O LORD, To the myriad thousands of Israel.”

Psalm 68. Arise god, and drive the enemy away. Make them melt. Let the righteous be glad, sing, and shout.

Father of the fatherless, a judge for the widow. Makes a home for the lonely, prosperity for the prisoner. Only the rebellious live in a dry land.

When god marches, the eartgh quakes. In your goodness, you provide for the poor.

God commands, and the enemy flees. Among the sheep, you cover like the wings of a dove.

God dwells high in a mountain. Strong with chariots. Blessed be god, who hears, and saves. Delivering us, and crushing the enemy heads.

All will give honor and glory, coming from the far reaching lands.

Sing praises to majestic god. Blessed be god.

Thursday, March 5

Walk in Doctor Visit

Been needing a new CPAP machine, since my old one got fried. I called yesterday, and the clinic said they could get me in as a walk in, if I came in between 8AM and 1PM.. Made the journey, got the machine, and visited with Jill on the way back home.

Didn’t do much else. We had to track down a faulty electronic circuit where the coffee pot plugs into. Robin didn’t see any switches in the fuse box flipped, and they all seemed to be labled fairly well. It turned out to be the GFI, Ground Fault Interface, circuit at the kitchen counter top.

With all the circuit breaking fun, I went up to the office to chevck on the Gateway, and wireless networks. Reset and rebooted them. Stayed to listen to some Lux Radio Theater movies, downloaded the rest of the collection of them, Plus some other shows.

Passage: Numbers 11-12, Psalm 81.
Theme: Grumbling vs the Joy of Worship.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Num 11. The people cried out as if out of adversity, and hard times. God got mad.

They were greedy, wanted meat, and vegetables, not appreciating the mannah and provisions of god. Mannah is again described, with how it looked, was prepared, etc.

Moses heard the weeping, knew that god was angry, aned had his own complaint at the wearisomeness of being caught in the middle.

God told moses to gather 70 of the trusted leaders to represent all the tribes. He would ordain them with the holy spirit, the same spirit that came to Moses, and they would help bear up under the burfden. Note: Does that indicate the load of stress that Moses was under? Carrying the burden of 70 men? No wonder he was stressed. Delegation.

God continued… tell the people who want meat… I got your meat right here. You’ll get meat alright, more than you asked.

The men were gathered, and the spirit covered them, causing them to break out in prophecy. Even a couople who didn’t make the meeting, and were still in the camp prophesied. This didn’t last long, but was important to identify those who were called.

Then Joshua the son of Nun, the attendant of Moses from his youth, said, “Moses, my lord, restrain them.”

But Moses said to him, “Are you jealous for my sake? Would that all the LORD’S people were prophets, that the LORD would put His Spirit upon them!”

As for the food, a wind blew in a flock of quail that covered the ground for a day’s journey around the camp, and 3 feet deep. Note: a day’s journey. How far can you walk in a day? Typicall this would be 10 miles over rough ground, and maybe as much as 20 miles or more on even griound. People rushed to gather it, but before they could eat it, god’s anger flared, and they died with the food still between their teeth.

Num 12. Aaron and Miriam had gotten jealous of Moses, and felt they were just as much a -prophet as he was. They got onto him for marrying a Cushite woman. Note: the people of Cush and Put would be known as the land of the Ethiopians. She was likely a dark woman.

God called them out, and laid it on the line. Moses was humble, if he was anything at all. God told about the spevcial relationship Moses had, that no other porop0het ever had. Seeing god, and talking directly to him, etc. Miriam was struck with leprosy, and Aaron begged for her to be reunited to god’s favor.

She was given time to heaol outside the camp, and when her week was up, the camp moved out.

Psalms 81. Sing and shout for joy to god our strength. Blow the trumpet, observe the feast days and laws of god.

God lifts the burden of his people, and admonishes the ungodly. God rescues, just have no other gods other than him.

Thjose who refuse to listen, god gives them over to their stubbornness, and the consequences of it. He would love to rush to their aid, but only if they return to obedience.

Friday, March 6

The New Breathing Machine

It took a trial run with the new machine to really see how I like it. It shouldn’t matter, but we were rushed out of the clinic due to the busy day, and those with scheduled appointments taking precedence. Got the machine plugged in, hoses vconnected, and it works. The mask is different. I already don’t like it. Took off the chin strap, it doesn’t swivel to make it easier to roll over, and have the hose move. The nose piece seems a little too big. I wonder if I can opick them off, or if the nose pads are replaceable by smaller ones. Nope, not possible.

After a nights sleep. It gets the job done. During the night, the mask kept irritating my nostrils. It wasn’t as restrictive to roll over as I thought, but I still don’t like the solid construction of the hose. That’s going to have to stop, or I’ll either wear sores, or just stop wearing the mask.

Not much else planned today. Just a little food shopping. Robin can handle that without me.

Passage: Psalm 95, Numbers 13-14.
Theme: Recognize God’s Gifts, Praise Him.
Who’s in it, and what’ happening:

Psalm 95. Sing, shout, and praise joyfully to god our rock. Give thanks to god the creator, and owner of everything.

Worship, bow down, He is ours, and we our his. Be tenderhearted, not hardened. God hates a hard heart.

Num 13. Spies are commissioned to be sent, listing them by name and tribe.

Moses issues the order to report on the land, people, and cities. They went, and explored. Even gathering grapes, and other fruit.

They returned after 40 days, and it was show and tell time. Lots of fruit, the people were as giants, with fortified cities.

Caleb said, ‘lets do it!’ The rest gave a bad report. -It’s too hard, they’re too big, we’re too small, it’ll never work.

Num 14. The people cried, wept, and grumbled. Why didn’t we die in Egypt? Why didn’t we die in the desert? Lets just give up, and go back.

Moses and Aaron fell down before the people, who were intending to stone them. Caleb and Joshua stood between them, and again gave a good report, begging the people stay faithful to god Then the pillar of fire flared up from the tent of meeting.

God said, “how long are you people going to do this. Moses, I’m going to strike them down, and make my nation from you.” Moses gave a long, emp0assionate plea to preserve the nation. What will the Egyptians and Canaanites think? That god couldn’t save these people?

God forgave the people on Moses behalf, but told that everyone who was alive to see his signs, plagues, and miracles thus far would die in the wilderness. Only Caleb and Joshua would survive to see their inheritance in the promised land. Saddle up, get ready to go and wander.

God said , “Just as you said, you’ll die in the wilderness, all the numbered men, except Caleb and Joshua.” Note remember, that number was over 600K.

The people were worried, ‘what would become of their tender young children.’ God claims that they’ll be the ones to get the land, but they would be burdened first by the payment of having to wait for this generation to drop dead. 1 year of wandering for each day they scouted. 40 years.

The spies that gave a bad report all died of a plague.

The people mourned, and mustered an army to face the enemy. Come on! We’re ready now! Lets go! But Moses told them not to bother, they’d be wiped out. God has already moved on, and is no longer in this project. They didn’t listen, and the army faced the enemy withiout god. They got their butts whipped.

Saturday, March 7

Fun With Kids At Church

Spent the morning with kids at church, and the fun day Robin had planned. Did a study on David and Goliath. There’s nothing I can’t do, when god is in it. Being empowered by god.

Nathan C submitted a short follow up to my earlier post on the quest podcast on the topic of Hell. Haven’t listened to it yet, but I know what he wanted to say. It will be short, and to the point.

Passage: Numbers 15-16, Psalm 7.
Theme: Challengers of God.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Num 15. The people are told that when they eventually enter the land, to offer a sacrifice. The numbers of animals grqain, oil, and other items are listed for the various types of offerings.

The same applies for the alien as for the native. One law for all.

The first fruits of the produce of the land is for god.

If it gets neglected to keep the sacrifices and offerings, instructions to be forgiven are given. God knows that people make errors. Unintentional sins of the natoion, or a person, and what to do. For intended sin, that person should be cut off.

A man was found gathering wood on the sabbath, and god commanded him to be stoned. He was.

God commands tassles be put on their robes, to remind them to do the commands of god. Obey god, not yourselves.

Num 16. A band of rabble rousers, led by Korah, a son of Levi felt Moses had gone far enough. They were at the brink of the promised land, god was here, the people were here an overthrow in the leadership was due.

Moses tried to talk sense to the men, but they felt he hadn’t come through on the promise to be taken to the land flowing with milk and honey. They refused to hear him, or meet with him.

Moses got mad, told them to bring all 250 of them, with their incense burners. The group was largely Levites, but also some of Ruben’s tribe.

God told Moses and Aaron to stand aside, he’ll kill them all. But Moses asked to not kill all because of the unruly ones. God told the congregation to step aside then.

Moses warned the earth would open to swallow the unruly ones. It did. The crowd fled, and god sent fire to consume the 250 with their incense burners.

God commanded the burners be collected from the ashes, since they were still holy. They were pounded into sheets to cover the ark, as a reminder that no layman can come near and act as priest.

Are the people satisfied yet? The next day they grumbled that it was Moses and Aaron who caused the deaths. God got mad, sent a plague to kill the people. Moses had Aaron light his incense, stand betweeen the spreading polague, and the rest, and stopped the plague.

Psalms 7. Take refuge in god, deliver from my enemies.

If I’ve done wrong, let them catch me, and trample me to the ground.

Stand between the raging, and me. Judge. Let the evil be stopped, and preserve the righteous.

God sharpens his weapons of war against the unrepentant wicked. What goes around, comes around, and the wicked man falls prey to his own traps.

Thanks and praise to the righteousness of god.

Bible Journal 08 The Higher Standard Of Holiness

Striving for a more streamlined, and shorter podcast episode. Here’s all the notes that’s fit to print, but the audio strips it all down even more. Listen to find out what Keith finds is the important take away message, from this take away summary.

Sunday, February 22

Frosty Stuck Van

OK, a minor event, but the highlight of the day. Right in there between a nice worship service at church, and an afternoon nap.

Passage: Leviticus 16-18, 2 Corinthians 13.
Theme: Being Holy, Consecrated.
Who’s in it, and what’s going on:

Lev 16. Lots of sacrifice stuff. Remembering the context though, Aarons sons had just been killed disgracefully by god for unauthorized fire. Aaron couldn’t do his part in the sacrifice ceremony because of it, and I’m sure his grief and attitude had a big part in it as well. This is good though. Life isn’t perfect, and priests are human. This is what is needed to be forgiven, atoned, purified, and move on along.

Through Moses, god commanded Aaron to stay out of the holy of holy place, his cloud would be there, and Aaron would die. He was to gather the proper sacrifice. Two goats, one chosen by lot to be for god, and the other as a scapegoat. He was to bathe, put on his special clothes, and offer the bull as a sin offering for hinself. The goat for god is offered as a sin offering for the people, and the scapegoat set free in the wilderness.

Sacrifice for the sin offerings is done as usual, with incense, blood sprinkling, etc. Nobody is to be in the temt of meeting at all while this is going on.

Confession of all the sins of Israel are said over the goat, then a handler takes it to the wilderness to releAse it. It carries the sins of the nation on it.

Atonement has been made in the holy place. Aaron is to undress, bathe, and put on his clothes. Not sure if it’s the sAme or his regular clothes. The scapegoat handler also bathes and changes clothes. Relationship in the holy place can continue.

This atonement ceremony was to become a special sabbath on the 7th month, 10th day for priests to be atoned.

Lev 17. Apparently sacrifices were being made outside the camp, and offered to pagan gods. God commands those people to be cut off. Only sacrifices brought to the temple were to be acceptable. Killing an an9imal was still killing, and the blood of that animal would be on the hands of the misguided sacrificer.

This even extended to the stranger, or alien in their midst. Sacrifice in the holy place only.

The command to not eat blood is given. Life is in the blood, and that’s what makes the sacrifice worthy. It’s what atones. Even beasts in the field authorized to eat need to have the blood poured out before eating.

Life is blood. Even eating an animal in the field, people are to wash themselves, their clothes, and be unclean until evening. To do otherwise makes them to carry their guilt.

Lev 18. I am god. Do not worship the gods of Egypt where you came from, or the gods in the land where you’re going, Worship me only.

Sexual sins are defined. Who you can’t see naked, or marry. Dad or mom. Step mom, sister, step sister, or grand daughter, aunt, whether the sister of a parent, or mqarried to the brother of a parent. Daughter in law, sister in law. A woman and her daughter, or that woman’s daughter in laws, that’s just plain lewdness. Don’t marry a woman to get to her sister as a rival, not while she’s alive.

Also doing it with a woman on her cycle is wrong, as doing with your neighbors wife. Don’t offer your kids to pagqan gods. No sex acts with same sex people, and none with animals.

These are the behaviors that the people in the land are doing, and the reason they’re being kicked out. Cut off people from your midsts when they’re found doing these things.

2 Cor 13. Paul reports his intent to return yet again. Coming in the authority of god to keep them in favor with him.

Test and examine yourselves. See if you’re faithful, and that Jesus is in you. Paul counts them as strong, and himself as weak. Let the power of god shine through those weak spots. Just work to be completed.

Build up, not tear down. Rejoice, be complete, unoited, comforted. Greet one another with a holy kiss.

Grace, love, and fellowship of god, Jesus, and HolySpirit.

Monday, February 23

Another Pain Procedure

Robins follow up pain procedure. It went pretty well. I didn’t tag along today, but stayed home and took care of podcast work. Glad to see that Mike dropped off Robin before heading to take Chris to his doctor appointment. No need for her to sit in the van,and wait in the single digit weather.

Passage: Leviticus 19-20, 1 Peter 1.
Theme: Staying Pure by Obeying Gods Commands.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Lev 19. God speaks, and sets out specific commands to pay attention to. Honor parents. Keep the sabbaths. Don’t turn to, or make idols. w

Peace offerings need to be followed completely. Eat the food from them, but not once the 3rd day arrives. If you do, cut that person off, his guilt is on him.

The rule for the harvest. Leave the edges untouched for the poor to gleen from.

Don’t steal, deal falsely, lie, or take the lords name in vain.

Don’t oppress anyone. Namely the less fortunate, give the hired man his due wage, don’t curse a deaf man, or make a blind man stumble.

Be fair regardless of how rich or poor a man is. Don’t slander, or threaten.

Don’t hate in your heart, correct your neighbor, but don’t curse him. Don’t take revenge, instead love.

Don’t cross breed cattle, or cross plant crops, or make garments of two kinds of cloth.

A unique sexual offense. If a man lays with a slave girl of a neighbor, and she was neither redeemed (as a wife), or set free, they aren’t to be put to death as is the typical punishment. Instead, a guilt offering is made by both.

A unique law for orchards in the new land. Plant fruit trees, but the fruit is forbidden for 3 years. The 4th year the hqarvest is sacrificed to god, and the 5th year belongs to the people.

Don’t practice pagan habits. Don’t eat blood, divination, fortune telling, don’t change your hair do to resemble them. No cutting or tattooing.

Don’t force your daughter to be a whore. Keep the sabbath. Worship me.

Honor the aged.

Treat a stranger as a neighbor.

Be fair in business dealings, using fair weights.

Lev 20. More laws, direct from god.

No offering kids to pagan gods. Stone them. God himself will cut them off. If people stand by, condoning it, god will cut them off too.

People going to fortune tellers will be cut off. Be holy, as god is holy.

Curse parents, and be put to death.

Adulterers, and those who break the previously mentioned rule for who to avoid in sexual relations will be put to death. Both parties.

If nakedness of the afore mentioned relations, or that of a woman on her cycle are uncovered, those people will be cut off.

Follow the law. Don’t do these practices, and god will make you prosper. Be holy as god is holy. You are a people set apart.

A man or woman who is a medium is to be put to ddeath.

1 Pet 1. From Peter, to the scattered christians in various lands. Those who god foreknew.

It’s god’s mercy that caused us to be regenerated, and have the hope of resurrection with Jesus. To gain an imperishable inheritance in heaven. Protected by god, by faith, for a future mission. Rejoice, your trials are temporary. Trials being the proof of your faith, as gold purified in fire. Faith that ends in the glory of salvation.

Salvation that prophets sought, wanting to know when messiah would come. The gospel has now been announced, and has arrived. A thing that even the angels sought to know.

Be prepared, stay sober, stqay focused on the revelation of the grace of Jesus. Don’t resort to your old ways of life. Be holy as god (the one who called you)is holy.

Call god the judge, your father. Your redemption was a far higher price than silver or gold. It took the blood of Jesus to pay. He was foreknown before the foundation of the world, but not to be revealed until now. Through Jesus, we can come to god. The god who raised him to glory. The thing to extend hope and glory to you.

Obey the truth, purify yourself to love your brothers. Fervently love from the heart.

You are born again with an imperishible seed. Through the living word of god. Flesh is like grass, and flowers that fade and die. The word of god that has been preached to you lasts forever.

Tuesday, February 24

Chris Visits

Chris stayed over after his appointment at the doctor’s office, but Mike took off yesterday afternoon. Robin did our Alive and Still Married podcast from the office, and I got it posted after lunch. Studying up on what to talk about at an upcoming event next month.

Passage: Leviticus 21-23, 1 Peter 2.
Theme: Holiness A Higher Standard.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Lev 21. God speaks to the priests through Moses.

Priests are to hold a higher standard, and have no contact with a dead person. Only a direct blood relative, parent, child, wife, brother, or a sister if she has been a life long spinster. Priests were not to cut their hair in the style of those pagan people in the land. They were not to marry a widow, divorced woman, or a prostitute. UIf their daughter were to become a prostitute, she would defile the priest, burn her. Being holy, as god is holy.

The high priest was not to mourn for even a close relative, or even touch the body while he was in service. He had been anointed in service, and was holy to god. He also had to abide by the ban on marriage to divorced or widow women.

Priests with physical defects were not serve in the temple service. A list of blemishes are given. Crushed, damaged, or missing body parts, illnesses, etc. He could still eat of the sacrifices, but just not offer them at the altar services.

Lev 22. The word to the priests continues. The holy gifts, or the sacrificed animals, were to be handled with utmost respect. They were holy. No unclean priest could eat it if he had any of the emissions or discharges mentioned in earlier passages. Or leprosy too. He could wash himself, and his clothes, be unclean until evening, then participate.

People who could not eat it were, strangers in the land, no hired man, no layman. Only those born in the house of the priest, or a slave that was bought free and clear. As for a priest’s daughter, she could not eat if she married a layman. Only if she married a Levite, or remained unmarried. If she became widowed or divorced, and had no child, she could return to her fathers house and eat it. If a man ate it unintentionally, he had to give the value of it, plus a fifth back to the priest. Also a guilt offering was due. The gifts are holy, and not to be defiled.

Word to all the priests, and all the nation. Animals to be offered for any reason had to follow the same physical requirements as mentioned for the priests. No crushed, damaged, bruised, or missing parts. The only exception was the free will offering. The animal could have a member that was a little longer or shorter than the rest.

Rules about the animals to sacrifice. No young animal 7 days or less were used.It could be taken on the 8th day, but it’s mother was not to also be sacrificed on the same day. A reminder about the thanksgiving sacrifice is given, to eat it all on one day.

Don’t profane these things, be holy as god is holy.

Lev 23. God focuses on the people of the nation. Here’s the holy feasts that are to be kept.

The sabbath. Work 6 days, rest on the 7th.

Month 1, day 14, the Passover. Followed by feast of unleavened bread on day 15. Eat leavened bread for 7 days. The first day being a sabbath rest, 7 days of presenting an offering to god, and the 7th day a sabbath of no work.

Feast of Firstfruits. Once in the land, the sheaves of the early harvest is brought. The sheave is waved, an animal is sacrificed, and a grain offering for god is described. Two tenths of an ephah, oil, and drink offering. Until this day, you can’t eat of the produce of the fields. Always do it this way.

From the day after the sabbath of the wave offering, count 7 sabbaths, 50 days later. Now a new grain offering to god is made. Two loaves of leavened bread, two tenth of an ephah sized are brought to god. Animals with their grain and drink offerings are also brought, 7 year old lambs, 2 bulls, and 2 goats as burnt offering. Sin offering of 1 goat. 2 olambs for peace offering. The priest waving the part that is his. This day is also to be a sabbath. No laborious work. Do this forever.

The command to not reap to the edges of the fields and orchards is given. This is for the poor.

Month 7, day 1. Trumpets blow, a sabbath begins, and sacrifices made.

Month 7, day 10 is the day of atonement. A sabbath with a sacrifice. No work, make atonement to god. Don’t want to do it? That person is to be cut off. Want to work? Risk destruction by god. Do not work. Always observe this.

Feast of Booths, or tents. Month 7, day 15, this is a sabbath, no working. For 7 days present an offering to god. On the 8th day is a sabbath of no work, the assembly comes to offer a burnt offering to god.

These are the holidays that god commands, and the things to do on them, sacrifices, etc.

More description of the feast on month 7, day 15. First day is a sabbath. , For the 7 days, take tree leaves, palms, willow branches and the like, and worship god for 7 days. Do this forever, live in tents for 7 days all the natives of Israel. It’s a reminder of living in tents in the wilderness. Moses told the people all this.

1 Peter 2. Start with a clean slate. No malice, deciet, hypocracy, envy, and slander. Crave the kindness of the lord as a newborn craves its mothers milk.

Jesus as the rejected stone, yet being the precious corner stone is covered. A living stone for building a spiritual house. The old testament is quoted, “BEHOLD, I LAY IN ZION A CHOICE STONE, A PRECIOUS CORNER stone, AND HE Who BELIEVES IN HIM WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.” Believers understand thuis, unbelievers stumble on it, and reject it. They’re appointed to doom.

A chosen race, royal priesthood, holy nation, and gods own people. You had no nation, but now you’re called to it, recieving mercy. ?

Hold a higher standard, stay away from fleshly lust, it destroys the soul. Maintain good behavior that even the unbeliever will recognize gods glory.

Obey kings and governors, and human laws that punish the wrong doer, and praise the right. Do right and silence words of evil men. Be free, but use that power for good, freely submit to be the slave of christ. honor all people, other brothers, and honor god. and king.

Slaves, obey masters, the evil ones as well as the good. It pleases god, to see you bear up while suffering unjustly. What benefit is it to endure qwith patience? You find favor with god. Jesus suffered, don’t be surprised to find yourself following his example. He gave his life for you, what can you do for him? You were straying, it’s time to come back.

Wednesday, February 25

Babysitting and Baby Surgerytook Chris home, and did some baby sitting. Dave took baby Joshua for a much needed hernia surgery. Everything went well, and the recovery is doing good. Chris had an adventure with a lost apartment key, but it all worked out in the end.

Passage: Leviticus 24-25, 1 Peter 3.
Theme: Price for Redemption
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Lev 24. Moses passed on the command from god, to all the people in the nation. Bring in the oil to keep the lampstand continually burning.

Rules for the show bread is given. How much, how long it is to sit out, and who is to eat it. 7 days, and on the sabbath, the priests get it,

The description of a legal case appears. Two men fought, and one of them cursed in the struggle. He was locked up to wait on word from god, as what to do

. He was half Egyptian, his mom from the tribe of Dan, and his dad Egyptian.

God commanded the man be taken outside the camp, and be stoned to death by the congregation. An example of the seriousness to not take the name of god in vane, and blaspheme.

A reminder that to kill a man meant the killer was to be put to death. Killing an animal meant replacing the abn8imnal. Doing injury to someone meant inflicting the same harm back on him. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, etc. This is a single standard, not only for Israelites to do, but it applies across the board to the stranger and aliens in the mix.

Moses abnd the people did it. The man was led outside the camp and killed.

Note: it was the entire congregation, not a single man doing the killing. It had been instructed and ordained by god. Also the act of stoning meant that nobody could know for sure which of the stones did the killing blow. They were thrown at a distance, at least a few yards, so the people were insulated from the uncleanness of the dead body.

Lev 25. God commands the people to have a sabbath year, once they’re in the land. He describes how it will all work. Work 6 years, do not plant or harvest in the 7th. It applies to all strangers, aliens, and hired hands in the land. Even the animals were to take the year off.

In the sabbath of sabbath years, or after 49 years, the 50th year was a jubilee. No harvesting, and all debts are cancelled. People are returned to their family lands. On both the sabbaths, and jubillee the people could eat the food from the fields that happened to be there, just no usual planting or harvesting work.i

The rule for lending is explained. It’s based on how many years are left to the jubillee. You’re really borrowing and lending on the potential crops until that year.

God says to do this so the land will stay productive. You won’t go hungry, you’ll be secure. If you’re worried about what to eat in the sabbath year, just know that the sixth year will produce enough to last for three years. For the 6th year that you’re in, for the 7th year of rest, and for the 8th year as crops are being put back out and can be harvested.

The land is gods land, not to be sold permenantly. Thus, provide for the redemption of the land.

If a man becomes poor, a kinsman gets first shot at buying the land. The land is bought back at the crop value price between the sale, and the current moment. If he can’t come up with the price, it stays as it is until jubillee, then the land goes back to the original owner.

Redemption of houses. In a walled city, the seller has a year to buy it back, then it becomes the permanent property of the buyer. Houses in towns not walled are considered to be in the field, and fall under redempotion rights as land in the jubillee. A house of a Levite can always be redeemed by him, at any timne. A levite house reverts to him in the Jubillee. The Levite fields shall not be sold.

If a countryman falls on hard times, take him in. Feed him, clothe him, not for profit but for what he needs. Don’t charge interest on him, and he isn’t to profit from the generosity.

If a countryman sells himself to you, treat him as a hired hand, not a slave. Let him go in the Jubillee, he and his sons. Note: What, not the wife?

Don’t sell thmane countryman in a slave sale, he’s still god’s man. Buy and sell slaves from the pagan nations. The pagan slaves can be passed on as an inheritance. A permanent possession. Don’t be severe on a countryman.

If a countryman finds himself sold to a stranger in the land, he has redemption rights. A kinsman, or even the slave himself should he become prosperous can buy him back. The price is again based on the number of years to Jubillee. Regardless of coming up with the price, he is to go free in Jubillee.

You are gods servants. Do these things.

1 Pet 3. Wives, submit to your own husbands. Even if they are evil, do this so your example might win them overNot the outward appearance of beauty. Work on having the inner character that reflects god. This is the way of the holy women of old. Model what they did.

Men, live with an empathetic spirit, honor her as a fellow heir.f l things,.

In summary, be harmonious, sympathetic, brotherly, kind, and humble in spirit. The secret to life is to keep from telling decietful things. Turn from evil, and seek after the ways of doing right, and after peace. StThe eyes of god are on the righteous and he pays attention to them, but he is against the evil doer.

If you do right, who can be against that? But if you suffer for doing right, you are blessed. Don’t fear, but keep christ sanctified (set apart) in your heart. Tell your testimony of hope in a tender way. Those who slander you will be shamed.

It’s better to suffer for doing right, than for doing wrong. Jesus suffered, paying a price he didn’t deserve. He went on to free those of old, from the time ppreceeding Noah.

Note: Is this a comparrison of the flood, covering the earth and Noah emerging, to baptism and the person emerging? A new character, freshly washed to salvation. Not the washing of the dirt from the body, as much as a cleansing symbol of the spirit. Also that Jesus went to those locked away to witness to them, that they might believe. Tyhis offer then seems to only be extended to those before Noah.

Huh? Baptism now saves you? Not the physical act so much as a change of the conscious mindset. Done through the power of the resurrection of Jesus. Make an appeal to god to get that change.

Thursday, February 26

Snowy Day

Not doing much of anything today. Got a solo podcast for quest out there. Got some recording done that Nathan C wanted me to do. Going to try to put together a show on relating super heros to bible teachings. It’s his baby, but I’ll be here to do what ever he wants with it.

The weather doesn’t seem all that bad, but the snow closed a few schools this morning. Just hanging out in the living room, and watching TV with Robin. Her dad isn’t doing too well. We were planning to go for a visit this weekend, or next. He went to the hospital today. So far so good. He seems to be better than the last time he went.

Passage: Leviticus 26-27, 1 Peter 4.
Theme: Suffering for Good or Evil.
Who’s in it, and what’s going on:

Lev 26. Certain commands given again. Have no other gods. no idols. Observe the sabbath. If you’ll do this… productive land, peace, security, no war, and strong against the enemies. God will confirm his covenant. I’ll live and walk among you, the god who broke the bond of slavery to Egypt.

If you don’t obey… Terror will fall on you, a pestilence to cause you to waste away. The produce of your land will be eaten up by your enemies. Enemies will rule over you, and you’ll be terrified at every little thing. Punished 7 times for sins, pride and power gone, sky like iron and land like bronze.

Still going to rebel? 7 times the plagues. The beasts of the field will move in to attack you.

Still hostile towards god? He’ll strike with 7 times punishment. Threats from armies, poverty, extreme hunger.

Still disobedient and hostile? God himself will opunish 7 times. Canabalism, torn down holy places, rejected offerings. Your land desolate, and you are scattered.

During the desolation, the land will get the sabbath rests it never had. The ones taken captive will be fearful, even of a twig in the wind.

However, if they should confess their own sins, and the sins of the forefathers, admiting disobedience, hostility, and returning to humility, I will heal the land, and remember the covenants with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. In all the captivity, I will really never forget them, and will be ready to take them out. 0

And so, these are the laws that are established.

Lev 27. God’s word to the people on the value of a man, woman, or child, dedicating for a vow.

In shekels: People from age 20-60. Men=50, women=30. Age 5-20. Males=20, females=10. Age 1month-5years. Males=5, females=3. Age 60+. Men=15, women=10. Priests could devalue, if the person was too poor to afford the vow.

For animals, one presented for offering could not be exchanged or substituted. If it were, both the original animal, and the new one were both holy. For unclean animals, the p0riest is to set a valuation, and that’s what it is. To redeem the unclean animal, add one fifth to its value.

For houses consecrated to god. The priest values it. To redeem it back, ad a fifth to the valuation.

For land. The price is based on the amount of seed it takes to plant it. Then on a sliding scale, based on the distance to jubillee. Consecrated land is redeemed for a fifth more than the value. Rules for land that is consecrated, and was bought or sold from another, reverting in the jubilee, and who gets it are all listed.

A firstborn animal already belongs to the lord, you can’t consecrate it again. Unclean animals can be redeemed, or sold if the redemption can’t be come up with.

In short, anything set apart for god can’t be sold.

The tithe, or tenth item to pass under the counting rod, is gods. It doesn’t matter if its good or bad. Redemption? See above.

These are the commandments

1 Pet 4. Christ suffered, the one who suffers in flesh has ceased to sin. Don’t live for lusts, but for the spirit. No wild drunken orgies or carousing.

The end is near, so keep sober and fervent in love for one another. Be hosp0itable, use your gifts. Whether speaking or serving, do all for the glory of god.

Don’t be surprised by the ordeal or testing of faith. Suffering as

Christ did will result in rejoicing with him. Being hated for Jesus is to be blessed. Suffering for a crime is shame, but there’s no shame to suffer for Christ. Judgement starts with the house of god. What will become of those outside it? If its difficult for a good man to be saved, what will become of the sinner? The suffering entrust their souls to a faithful creator.

Friday, February 27

Another Do Nothing Day

Another day in the life of a hermit, with nothing to do. Got up and did some bible reading, podcast listening, had breakfast. and took a shower. Now I’m writing. No other plans.

Had a phone call this morning to say that Robins dad was kept over night in St Anthony’s. We knew that, but he’s in the ICU ward, and will be staying a little longer than just overnight. Trouble breathing, has a DNR, trouble with infection. Hoping he pulls through, but aware it could go either way. Temporary healing vs permanent healing. It’s in god’s hands.

If I haven’t already mentioned it, I compared last years jurnal activity to this years. I’m pleasantly surprised. I thought I did better last year than I did. Not bad for an unstructerd go at it. I did something like a writing every other day through May. Better than I remembered. Then I nose dived from June on out with only about 5 entries per month. Glad to see my diligence this year is far better. Accountability makes a world of differenvce.

Passage: Numbers 1-2, 1 Peter 5.
Theme: Sober Leadership.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Num 1. God commanded a census be taken on Year 2, Month 2, Day 1 after their deliverance from Egypt. All the current heads of each of the 12 tribes is listed.

Each tribal leader was commissioned to count all males age 20 and up. The lineage being down through the father. This age group being considered the age to fight in a war.

Each tribe is named, and a count given.

Grand total 603,550. Only the Levites were not included.

The Levites job was to tend to the tabernacle artifacts, carrying it, tearing it down, setting it up. No layman could handle it, or they’d die. Each were to stay to their own camp assignment, with Levites around the tent of meeting.

Num 2. Camp assignments, each with its own banner and leader.

East, and first to set out. Judah, Isachar, Zebulon.

South. Rueben, Simeon, Gad.

The tent of meeting, with the Levites.

West. Ephraim, Manneseh, Benjamin,

North. Dan, Asher, Naphtali.

That’s how they did it.

1 Pet 5. From elder to elder, lead as shepherds, by an example of forgiveness, to volunteers. Not by compulsion, meaning by force. When the chief shepherd returns, he’ll reward. Younger ones, church members, submit to leaders, and humbly love one another.

Be humble to god, he’ll lift you up. Throw your cares on him, he cares for you. Be sober and alert for the devil, he’s crawling around just waiting for his chance to devour you. Resist him, you’re not alone in this struggle. Suffering is only for a little while, and god will perfect, strengthen us as he calls us home. Part of his kingdom forever.

Final greetings to and from named saints. Greet one another with a kis of love.

Peace to all in christ.

Saturday, February 28

Winter Weather and VBS Training

Another day for leadership training. This time for VBS leaders, and once again the weather man is predicting nasty weather. Robin and pastor set out in the van, but the weather isn’t due until this afternoon. The weather advisory will last until tomorrow afternoon. A heavy snowfall is expected, so we’ll have to see how it looks in the morning for church.

Listening to podcasts this morning. Bible stuff, comedy stuff, whatever pops up in the apps. Got a lot done yesterday for the retro site. Gotta get files uploaded, and things posted.

Passage: Numbrers 3-4, Psalm 138.
Theme: Behavior in the Presence of God’s Holiness.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Num 3. At the same time, remember it was Year 2, Month 2, Day1, the families of Aaron and Moses are numbered.

Note: Huh? I thought they weren’t commanded to be numbered. They actually weren’t counted as part of the nation at large, but their numbers are still important in doing their special job, and recieving their own special inheritance.

Aarons two sons were struck dead, and there were no sons from them. God calls all the Levites together to be claimed as Aarons sons. No layman were allowed to be part of this special band of brothers.

God claims the entire tribe as his firstborn. Just as the individual firstborn through the nation. It’s a symbol of the firstborn who died in Egypt to pay for their release.

The numbers begin. All males 1 month and older. Note: Not limited to those 20 and older.

Gershon. West of the temple. Duties: Tabernacle, tent, hangings, and screens.

Kohath. South. Duties: Ark, tables, lampstand, and utensils.

Merari. North. Duties: Frames, bars, pillars, sockets, pegs, and cords.

Moses, Aaron, and his sons. East. Duties: Performing the duties of the sanctuary. No layman could come near.

God agains commands the Levites be counted and listed. Over 22K. Being considered the firstborn of the nation, a shekel ransom is required. Moses collected it, and duely returned to Aaron for temple use.

Num 4. God now commands a census of those between age 30-50, to be the ones in active temple service.

The marching orders are given. What to do in packing up camp. Great detail in taking down the hangings, veil, and covering the ark, table, lamp, and all the artifacts with skins or cloths.

Specific people, and their households, are named to handle certain chores. Eleazar handled the incence, and oils for lamps, and anointing.

The Kohathites were not to be cut off. Meaning that though they dealt with the coverings, they were never to look at the ark.

The family of Gershon was to carry the curtains, screens, veils, skins, etc.

The family of Merari. was responsible for carrying the boards, bars, pillars, sockets.

Specific duties in each area were issued by the household head, for those between 30-50.

The actual numbers for the four families are listed. The total being over 8K… out of the total 22K.

Psalms 138. Thanks and praise to god. Bowing to the temple, you answer me.

The kings of the world give thanks to hear your word. Singing the high words. The exalted knows the humble, but the proud from a distance.

Though I walk in trouble, you’ll revive me. Your hand will strike the enemy, and save me. You show lovingkindness, not forsaking the work of your hands.

Bible Journal 07 Demand for Holiness

Mixing personal updates, with words from the bible, and sharing it any who are willing to give it a listen.

Sunday, February 15

The Lingering Valentine

Decompressing from Valentines day, sharing a little about what is fast becoming our favorite meal since the move to the church house. Also some techie happenings with power strips and a new app on the phone.

Also getting snow, with more on the way. .

Passage: Exodus 39-40, 2 Corinthians 6.
Theme: Obedience and Approved.
Who’s in it, and what’s going on:

Ex 39. The craftsmen also made the finely woven garments for Aaron and the priests.

The ephod of gold, blue, and scarlet. All the pieces for it, and the fasteners. Just the way god described.

All the gem stones, engraved, and placed to represent each of the tribes of the nation.

The breast piece, in all its ornate detail. The gems were engraved and set in gold to represent the tribes, and all the gold cords and fasteners.

The robe, and the work at the hem. The jingle bells were all just as the lord had designed and commanded.

The tunics for all the priests, and the caps. Also the turbin for Aaron as well, along with the gold plate to be worn on the head.

With all the work done, it was brought to Moses for inspection and inventorhy. Artifacts for the ark, the coverings, curtains, veil, fasteners, boards, bars, pillars, poles, tables, utensils, lamp, oils, altar, incense, wash stands, the special clothes, and more. It all passed Moses inspection, and got his blessing.

Ex 40. God commands to get all the temple fixtures anointed, and consecrated for service. The tent, ark, mercy seat, altar, and the priests all had to be purified, and consecrated. Moses saw to it, and got it done.

At the appointed day and time, Moses assembled all the pieces of the tabernacle, and all its furnishings.

With it all built, the cloud descended on the temple, and the glory of the lord filled it, so that even Moses had to leave it.

The cloud was plainly seen by all, and as long as it settled on the temple, they didn’t travel. On the day the cloud would lift, the camp was packed up, and were led by the cloud as to where they would go next.

2 Cor 6. Working u nited with god, don’t take the grace of god in vain. On the acceptable day, which is now, I listened to you. On the day of salvation, which is also now, I helped you. Don’t be offensive, and give the ministry a blackeye. Be good servants of god in all things. Endurance, hardship, affliction, stress. In beatings, prison, storms, labor, sleeplessness,in hunger. In purity, knowledge, patience, kindness, in the Holy Spirit, in genuine love. In truth, in gods power, with weapons of righteousness. Glory and dishonor. Evil and good reports. Regarded as liars, yet truthful. Unknown and well known. Dieing yet living. Punished yet not put to death. Sorrowful yet rejoicing. Poor yet making many rich. Having nothing yet possessing all things.

We have spoken freely with heart open wide. If you’re restrained, its you doing it.

Don’t get bound up with unbelievers. They don’t hold to the same standards. Gods ways are not theirs. Seperate yourselves, don’t be unclean, be gods alone.

Monday, February 16

Dishes and Dozing

Catching up on dishes, and houskeeping chores. Getting some final touches on Quest for Truth 7.

Passage: Leviticus 1-3, 2 Corinthians 7.
Theme: Purification Old and New.
Who’s in it, and what’s going on:

Lev 1. Word to the priests. The people are to take a firstborn from the flock, in good condition. The priests are to ceremoniously lay handds on it, kill it, cut it up, and burn it in a particular way.

Specific instructions for the parts to be burnt, smoked, or carried out of the temple. Blood being splattered around. Particular methods for bulls, others for goats and rams, and others for a dove.

Lev 2. The offering of grain and oil offerings. Some burnt for god, another portion for the priests.

Grain offerings could be baked, cooked on a griddle, or in a pan. The priests gave god his portion, and the rest was theirs.

These offerings could contain no leaven or honey. The first fruit offerings could, but not this one. It did need to contain salt in it though.

An offering of the early ripened things needed to be roasted, and some was to be just for burning to god.

Lev 3. Peace offerings followed much the same rules. Firstborn of the flock, could be male or female, the innards, head, and legs followed a slightly different process though. Rules seemed the same for bulls, goats, and sheep, with burnt portions for god, and the rest for priests.

In calling out a goat offering, the specification of all fat offering belongs to god, and that no body is to partake of the blood. It represents the life.

2 Cor 7. Paul calls for the believers to be cleansed in spirit.

He wronged no one, and say these things not as a condemnation, but as a call for unity.

In his travels, Pauls group had been oppressed with conflict from the outside, and their fears from within. They found the joy of god despite the discomforts, and news from the Corinthians brought evwen more encouragement. Paul wsas sad to hear his letter caused sorrow, but glad that the sorrow led to repentance. At least god’s sorrow leads to salvation, where the world’s sorrow only leads to death. It’s so awesome to hear the Corinthians changed their ways.

Everything we read, and the enthusiastic, good report that Titus brought is all the more reason for comfort and joy.

Tuesday, February 17

The Adaptive Living Meeting

Waiting for a meeting with a person from the VA, about setting up some goals to achieve before going to the Hines Blind Rehab Center HBRC(. Mostly adaptiving living skills.

Passage: Leviticus 4-6, 2 Corinthians 8.
Theme: Give ithin your means.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Lev 4. For unintentional sins, transgressions, first if a priest sinned. The priests were to kill a bull in a particularway, sprinkling its blood outside the veil area, pouring it all out at the altar. The fat and innards were burned in a similar way as the other sacrifice, but the flesh and the rest of the bull were to be taken to a clean place outside the camp to be burned.

If the assembly as a group commit a sin unintentionally, the same kind of thing is to be done with a bull.

If a leader sins unintentionally, a goat is killed by that leader. The procedure is similar to that already mentioned. Blood sprinkled, poured out at the altar, and burned outside the camp.

For a common person, a female goat or sheep is killed. The procedure is again similar to that already described.

Lev 5. A list of sins that are considered unintentional. If a call for witnesses is made, and somebody knows something, but doesn’t come forward. If an unclean thing is touched, whether beast, or creeping thing. Touching a human ujnclean thing. Swearing thoughtlessly, whether to swear for good or evil. Once the sin is pointed out, the guilt needs to be confessed, and a female goat sacrificed.

Note: In today’s world, a young goat or sheep might cost $2300 to $400. Kinda puts the cost of a transgression into perspective. And that cussing jar at work, where you drop in a quarter? A little u nder priced, isn’t it.

If a goat can’t be afforded, a pair of doves for a guilt offering will do. One as a sin offering, and the other as a guilt offering. The instruvctions to the priest are given in how this sacrifice is to be done are given. Blood spilled, and the offering burnt, etc.

If he can’t even afford the couple of coins to buy the doves, then a grain offering can be used. The priest is given instructio n on how to prepare the offering, and burn it. The flour is to have no oil or incense, the priest takes a handful, and the rest of the tenth of an ephah is burned.

If the person sins against a holy thing, the value of a ram in shekels is to be brought, plus an extra fifth to go to the priest.

Not knowing of a sin is no excuse, and the guilt remains. Making the offering lays the guilt on the priest for him to atone for it.

lev 6. For intentional sins. Those that include: is decietful with an item entrusted to him, robbery, extortion, found lost property and lied about it, swearing falsely. The item or value of it will be restored, plus a fifth more. He then must bring a ram for his guilt, and the priesyt make the atonement.

Fire is to burn continually, the offering left on it over night, and in the morning the priest is to change into fresh clothes, is to shovel the ashes out to the clean place outside camp.

The rule for the grain offering is to offer a handful to god, then the rest, with oil and incense is for the priests. All males of Levi can eat it. It’s holy, and all who even touch it are holy/.

The grain offering of the priests. Half is gods, the other half for the priests. Prepared on a griddle, bring the baked pieces to god. The annointed priest offering it entirely in smoke, burned entirely, not eaten.

On the sin offering. The priest who offers it eats it. Anyone touching it is holy, eat in a holy place in the temple. The blood splaters need cleaned up. The cooking pot broken, or if a bronze pot, scour it. Every Levite male can eat it. Meat with brought to the holy place must be burned with fire.

2 Cor 8. Let me tell you about the church in Macedonia. They’re poor, in poverty, but they gave in excess of anything we could even ask for. Giving beyond their means to support the Jerusalem church.

You all have in abundance, so keep in mind all that Jesus has done in becoming poor, to make the world rich. You began your fund raising a year ago, and the time is near to complete it. Give of what you have, not what you don’t have. As with the mannah in the wilderness, he who gathered a lot didn’t have too much, and he who gathered a little didn’t have too little. Titus is coming, a trustworthy and approved man. Show him, and the brothers traveling with him.

Wednesday, February 18

Laundry Day

Just one of those chores that need doing. Listen to some of the unique ways that Keith and Robin handle it with no dryer, and very chilly weather.

Also tried to keep on top of posting things to the Retro Radio Podcast. Getting behind. Too sleepy to concentrate, as I worked well into the evening.

Passage: Leviticus 7-8, 2 Corinthians 9.
Theme: Offering.
Who’s in it, and what’s going on:

Lev 7. The description of the guilt offering. The blood is to be sprinkled on the altar, the fat and innards offered to god. All very similar to other sacrifices. The flesh to be eaten by the priest males in a holy place. Also the skin of the animal belongs to the priest who made the atonement. The grain offerings baked, or cooked belong to the atoning priests. The dry grain offerings go to all the male priests.

Peace offering. Goes along with the thanksgiving offering, includes cooked grain and oil offerings. Leavened bread is included. Belongs to the priest presenting

The flesh of the thanksgiving offering must be eaten that day, with none left over. If it’s a free will offering, it is eaten that day, and the next, but leftovers on the 3rd day are burned. Eating it on the 3rd day is offensive.

Flesh touching any unclean thing is to be burned. It’s only for people who are clean, and any unclean person eating it is detestable, and should be cut of from the people.

God warns to never eat the fat or blood of an animal. Not even ones that die, or are torn by wild animals.

God also commands the one bringing a peace offering to bring it to the fire himself. The fat and such are presented by the priests, and the wave offerings go to the Levites. The thigh and breast of the animal ordained by god to go to the priests. Thus is the conclusion of the burnt offering, grain offering, sin offering, guilt offering, ordination offering, and peace offering.

Lev 8. God further commands Moses and the priests to take their consecration sacrifice before the gathered people.

After purifying washing, Moses put the special clothes on Aaron.

Anointing oil was put on the altar, and all the utensils. The other priests dressed in their special clothes, and caps.

The sin offering was performed. The bull killed, its blood poured at the altar for atonement. Fat and certain innards burnt. The bull, hide, and other junk was burnt outside the camp.

The one ram was cut up, and prepared as instructed as a burnt offering to god.

The second ram being an ordination for the priests. Blood on the right ear, thumb, and toe. The pieces burned, or waved as instructed, and priests laying hands on it.

Blood and oil was sprinkled on Aaron and the priests to consecrate them.

The priests ate the boiled meat, and bread in a holy place. They were not to leave the tent of meeting for 7 days.

2 Cor 9. It goes unsaid that the people of Corinth were ready. Funds were to be collected by trustworthy men, and given freely and generously.

Be generous and cheerful, not sparingly or grudgingly. Let god prove his a bundance and blessing on both the giver, and the recipient.

Thursday, February 19

Walking in the Snow

Hung around in the kitchen a while, just talking with Robin, and trying to get the kids from church registered for a missions trip. Walked down the block to pay the water bill. With the recent snow fall, the van was plowed in. Not nearly as bad as Michigan kind of being plowed in, but enough to make it difficult to drive through.

Put on finishing touches for posting the Alive podcast. An interview show.

Been listening to a collection of Elvis hits while I get all the office work done. Don’t be cruel… you hound dog. Love me tender. hey, its because I love you too much, and all shook up, teddy bear.

Passage: Leviticus 9-11, 2 Corinthians 10.
Theme: Taking Holiness Seriously.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Lev 9. The priests had done their consecration ceremony, lasting 7 days. Now on the 8th day they were to do a sin offering for themselves, and for the people. The people were tpold which animals and grain offerings they were to bring. It would be made so the glory of god might come down.

The people brought the required things. Aaron sacrificed just as instructed, burning the required parts, and carrying away the others.

The priest offering, the people’s offering, and the grain offerings were all performed.

The peace offering was made with the ox and ram. Cutting, burning, waving, and all the instructions that Moses had dictated.

With the offerings made, Moses blessed the people. Then the glory of the lord came out, and his own fire from the cloud consumed the animal parts on the altar. The people shouted, and fell on their face.

Lev 10. Two of Aarons sons brought out the burning incense, but offered the fire improperly. They were struck dead. God said that his holiness needs to be respected, and Aaron wasn’t to be upset by the infraction and loss of his sons.

The sons, still in their tunics, were carried outside the camp. Aaron and the priests were told not tpo mourn, and not to step outside the consecrated tent of meeting, or they’d die.

God told Aaron and the priests not to drink wine or be drunk in carrying out their duties. Don’t ever do it, and make a distinction between the holy and the profane.

Moses instructed Aaron and the priests to carry on. Eat the grain and meat offerings as instructed.

Moses was upset that a goat of a sin offering wasn’t eaten as it was supposed to be. Aaron explained that in his state of loss, it would have been a disservice to have done so. Moses agreed.

Lev 11. God tells about the unclean animals that can’t be eaten. Split hooves, or not. Cheewing the cud, or not. And which combinations of those factors makes for a clean, or unclean animal.

Animals in the water are indicated as clean or unclean. Fish with fins and scales are fine, but the rest are not.

A list of birds that are unclean is given. Certain insects are forbidden, and others indicated as clean.

Touching the animals, or their carcass makes a person unclean until sunset.

Swarming, or creepy crawly things are unclean like the mouse, lizard, and even crocodiles. If a carcass of one should fall on you, you’re unclean, if they land on something, it needs to be washed. If a clay pot, it should be broken. If it falls on seed, its OK unless water has been put on it.

Even a clean animal, when it dies, the carcass is unclean. A person touching, moving it, or eating it, needs to wash his clothes and be unclean until sunset.

The swarming things that crawl on their belly, walk on 4 feet, or have many feet are detestable. Don’t be detestable. Rather, be holy for god is holy.

This is the law of the clean and unclean, and the animals to eat and not to eat.

Note: Notice that all the unclean animals are ones that are either predators or scavengers. Carnivores or omnivores. Not sure about rabbits, or the insects mentioned though.

2 Cor 10. Paul points out his way of being meek when face to face, yet there’s times to be bold for christ. We aren’t to walk, or make war in the way of the flesh. Destroy speculations about god, and punish internal disobedience. Note: Internal to those within the christian body.

Don’t look at outward appearance, but through the filter of how jesus sees it. Any authority a leader has is to build you up.

Note: Paul hints at a possible thorn in his flesh that he has complained famously about. Some think it might be poor eyesight since he wrote in one letter that they know it’s him by his distinct handwriting. Here he mentions that his appearance is weak and speach cobntemptable.

Don’t compare yourselves to others, but to your own self. If there’s a praise or boast, give god credit. Don’t commend yourself, but let god do it.

Friday, February 20

Shopping at Wal-Mart

After breakfast, we spent the morning out shopping. It was pretty cold, maybe not single digits, but the wind made feel that way. By the time we got home, and put things away, it was a matter of relaxing before Robin had to go to a weekend conference for youth directors and pastors. She’ll be back later, and going back tomorrow for more.

Passage: Leviticus 12-13, 2 Corinthians 11.
Theme: Purification and Falsehood.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Lev 12. A description of purification for a woman after childbirth.

For a boy, bring him on the 8th day for circumcision. Then continue in impurity for 33 days. For a girl, remain impure for 66 days.

At the end of the purification, a year old lamb is brought as a burnt offering, and a dove for a sin offering. If too poor, 3 doves are brought. The priest atones, and she is pure.

Lev 13. Detailed instructions for identifying leprosy, and what is not leprosy. Also infexctions boils, burns , scales, exema, or baldness, that could lead to, or be the beginning signs of leprosy.

The leper was to wear torn clothes, uncover his head, cover his face, and shout out unclean.

Garments or leather could have leperous spots, and had to be vburned. Even if the spot didn’t spread, if it didn’t go away over time, it was to be burned.

If the spot fades, but doesn’t go away, the spot is ripped out, and the garment is clean. If it comes back, the garment is burned. If it doesn’t come back, wash it again, and it’s clean.

2 Cor 11. Paul presents a foolishness. A word play to illustrate his point. He compares his work as presenting the church as bride to christ. He fears the bride will be led into temptation as Eve was by the serpent. Watch out for others preaching a different gospel, or a different spirit. Paul professes to be on equal footing with the other apostles. If he’s unskilled in speech, he has knowledge.

Reminding the Corinthians that he preached without pay, but was supported from other churches. Going out of his way not to be a burden. If christ is in his words, they won’t be stopped.

Paul will continue, to counter the false prophets. The disguise themselves as true, just as satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

Don’t think me foolish, but if so then consider my boasting as my view of Jesus. Tolerate it if anyone abuses you. Paul claims his tie to being a descendant to Abraham and Israel, and also of Jesus. he recounts the number of times he has been beaten, ship wrecked, in various dangers from men and the elements, in hunger and thirst, cold and wet, and always concerned for the churches.

Any of Paul’s boasting is in his weakness. God knows his stories are true, namely one where he escaped in a basket put over a wall.

Saturday, February 21

Snow an Ice

The training event for Robin went well enough last evening, but by the drive home, it was so icy that it took 2 hours for the 1 hour trip. This morning, she would have to leave out at 7:30AM, to get there in time. Slippery roads, and the chance of road delays caused her to back out. Not thrilled at missing the good training. No refunds, but she’ll get a credit to attend a future training event. Taking it easy while getting ready for Sunday School tomorrow, assuming it isn’t canceled for the weather.

Going on a hunt through my stupid desktop to find the wireless tab that sendds signals to my wireless headset. Dropped it with my stupid fingers last night when trying to put the headset away and use the regular speakers. Multiple annpoyances to say the least.

Passage: Leviticus 14-15, 2 Corinthians 12.
Theme: God’s Atoning Grace.
Who’s in it, and what’s hqappening:

Lev 14. Purification procedure for the leper, once identified as clean.

Go to the priest, and be examined outside the camp. Two birds, string, and hysop are called for. Note: hysop is a kind of evergreen, and the branch commonly used as a paint brush, or an application tool.

The one bird is slain in a clay vessel, over running water. The leper is sprinkled with the blood, and the live bird is set free.

The leper washes his clothes, shaves all his hair, and is now clean. He can enter the camp, but can’t go in his house for 7 days.

On the 7th day he washes and shaves. Then on the 8th day offers 2 male lambs, a female lamb, with a grain and oil offering.

The priest offers the ram and oil as a sin offering. The other male lamb is the guilt offering. Some of the oil sprinkled for god, the rest used to anoint the head of the leper. All this to atone the person.

After the sin and guilt offering, the burnt offering of animal and grqain is made.

If he is poor, substitutions can be made. Doves or pigeons for the sin and burnt offerings, but still need a lamb for the guilt offering.

God continued, giving instructions for once they get to their land.

Should a house develop a spot that could be leperous, call the priest. Empty the house so it won’t spread. After a quarantine, if need be tear out the bricks and plaster with the spot.

If the spot comes back, tear down the house, carry it to an unclean place outside the city. Entering the quarantined house makes a person unclean until evening. Man and clothes should be washed.

If the spot is gone, purification is done. Similar to purifying a person, two doves and paraphenalia are called for. A bird is killed in the clay pot, house and other bird sprinkled with the blood, and the live bird set free.

Lev 15. Law about a man with a discharge is defined, and told to the people.

Note: This seems to be for something like a continuing discharge, not a regular bodily bathroom function.

Any bed, or thing the person laid on or sat on is unclean. If that person spat on you, or if you touched any unclean bed, saddle, or other sat upon item it made you unclean until evening. If that person didn’t wash their hands and touched you, you were unclean. The clay pot he washed in was to be broken, or a wood vessel had to be washed.

On being declared clean, he was to be purified similar to the leper. Wash, but no shaving involved. After 7 days take 2 birds for sin and burnt offerings to the priest.

For an emission of semen, whether alone, or with a woman, he is to wash the entire body, and be unclean until evening. The woman too, if one is involved.Sleep with a woman, but no emission, no problem.

For a woman with a discharge, or a menstrual cycle, she is unclean for 7 days afterward. During her uncleanness, don’t touch her, or anything she sits or lays on, it’s unclean. Don’t touch it, or be unclean until evening. Wash clothes and bathe to be purified. If a man actually lays with her, he’ll be unclean for 7 days, and all he sits on or lays on.

If a woman has a discharge, other than a regular monthly cycle, that lasts for a long time, she’s unclean the whole time. After it stops, she’s unclean for 7 more days, and on the 8th day is purified by taking 2 doves to the priest. They are offered as a sin offering and burnt offering as previously described, killing one, sprinkling blood, and the other flying free.

Keep the unclean seperate, and notable to worship in the tabernacle. Don’t defile it.

2 Cor 12. Paul claims that boasting isn’t profitable, but sometimes you just gotta do it. In doing so, he would rather boast about the accomplishments and visions of others. Like a man he knew of who had qa vision qand an unspeakable word from heaven. He tells of his weakness, a weakness of his thorn in the flesh. God’s grace is enough for that weakness, so to brag about the weakness is to brag about god’s power and grace. When I’m weak, then I’m strong.

I was a fool for you, at your control. I should be held in the same level as the other apostles, though I’ a nobody. The proof is that the signs of a true apostle were performed among you.

The only way you were treated inferior was that I was no burden to you.

I plan to return a 3rd time, and still have no plans to burden you. I seek you, not what you have. its parents who take care of the child, not the other way around.

Sneaky me, I took you in, but it’s clear that I never taken advantage. Even Titus and helpers that were sent never took advantage of you.

We’re not here to defend ourselves, but to tell about god. I don’t want to find you unready, or in turmoil and conflict.

Thematic Plan

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Bible Journal 06 Physical Temple, Spiritual Worship

Live vicariously through Keith’s life as a hermit. Endure the boring details in life, with a dose of interesting words from God. Or at least hear it the way Keith summarizes it.

Sunday, February 8

Hanging with Mike

In preparation for Robin’s pain procedure, Mike came over, so we hung out and got caught up on his new living arrangements, and job.

Passage: Exodus 26, 1 Corinthians 15.
Theme: Where God Lives.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Lots of details that get skimmed over, so if you’re interested, read the passage for yourself.

Ex 26. Description of the curtains, the designs on them, dimensions, and how to join them together. Detailing the number of curtains to use, and more on the connecting rings, and how to piece them together. Even the bronze connectors, and how to flap the excess together for its purpose.

Details to use boards at the sides of the tabernacle, and how they are to be joined with silver sockets. Plus dimensions for each of the walls. Acacia boards, and bars covered with gold, and how they are to be fitted together.

Instructions for making a veil to partition a place for the ark and mercy seat. Table and utensils on the outside of the veil.

1 Cor 15. Paul sets out to tell about the gospel that is what has saved us as believers to begin with. He tells it as he sees it. Jesus died, was buried, and raised on the 3rd day.

We know Jesus was resurrected because he was seen of Peter, the apostles, hundreds of people at once, then finally to Paul. Many of these witnesses are still living at this time.

How can you preach any other fact than the resurrection? If Jesus wasn’t raised, our teaching and our faith is in vain. We are false prophets, and The dead in Christ are dead. If Jesus is just for a good way to live on this earth only, we are to be most pitied.

Paul asserts that Jesus did indeed rise. First Adam brought death, second Adam brings life. First to arise is Jesus, followed in subordinate order all the believers until the last one enters the body. Then comes the end, and the final judgements on the evil who deserve it. Everything will then be subject under his feet. When all has been subjected, then Jesus will take his place under subjection of god himself.

Mormon Alert: If you don’t believe baptism has no power, why are you baptizing yourself for the sake of the dead. If you weren’t so concerned, why bother? Why put yourselve in danger 24/7? Note: Mormons claim the power to be serrogates to baptize those who are dead. Paul neither confirms, nor denies this practixce other than to acknowledge the significance of baptism.

Paul claims to die to self every day. Is he decideing to fight lions for the fun of it? Why not give it all up, and eat drink and be merry? Associating with bad company erodes morale standards. Sober up, stop sinning, and tell those who have never heard of god.

How are the dead raised? What do the new bodies look like? Paul relates the heirarchy of flesh to spirit. It’s not a physical flesh that is planted in the ground to be raised, but a spiritual planting.

Perishable, dishonorable, weak, physical bodies are planted, and imperishable, glorious, powerful, spiritual bodies are raised. Just as real as the physical body is, so is the spiritual body. The physical has to come first, then spiritual. Reinforcements to Adam and death, with Jesus and life are made. Whether earthly or heavenly, we bear the mark of the one who we belong to.

The fleshly will not inherit the kingdom of god. Here’s a mystery: Not all will die, but all will be raised. On the last day, the dead rise first, followed by the rest. Death will be swallowed up in victory. Sin is the sting of death. The Law is its power. Victory is through Jesus.

Hold fast in god. Abound in the work of god, it will never be in vain.

Monday, February 9

Pain Procedure

Had an early start to get Robin to her doctor appointment. We were an hojur early, Mike dropped us off while he and Chris ran some errands. Robin had a nice nap after being prepped and taken back for her injections. Afterward, she kept napping as the anesthetics wore off. No pain, at least on her right side. Made an appointment in 2 weeks to have the left side done. Hope it all works out to keep pain away, and not use so many drugs.

A puppy incident of marking his territory and a freshly scrubbed floor in the house is shared.

Passage: Exodus 27-28, 1 Corinthians 16.
Theme: Service to God.
Who’s in it, and what’s going on:

More details skimmed over. Gotta love those details.

Ex 27. Descriptions of the altar, built of acacia wood, hollow, covered in gold.

Dimensions of the court, the hangings, fasteners, and so forth.

Ex 28. Aaron, and later his sons, were to wear the special garments described here. Intricate details of the ephod, scarlet, blue, and gold. Gems representing the 12 tribes on the shoulders, 6 to a side.

The breast piece of judgement is described with the 12 stones listed, 4 rows of 3 stones to be worn over the heart. The urim and thummin were also in the breast piece. Descriptions of the fasteners, gold braid, and cords.

All priests were to wear linen tunics, caps, and sashes, also an undergarment that extended from waist to thighs to keep from being exposed there.

The hem of the ephod was described, having jingling bells.

1 Cor 16. Paul offers the suggestion of saving money aside each week to support the home church back in Jerusalem. That way he wouldn’t have to worry about delays in collecting money once he arrived. A trusted person would then take the funds on to Jerusalem.

Paul intended to stay over through the winter, not planning to simply pass through.

Timothy was endorsed, welcome him, then send him on his way to meet Paul.

Apollos will be on the way as soon as he’s done where he’s currently at.

Be alert, steadfast, mature as men. Love.

Other ministers are endorsed to submit to, and treat well. Also a vgreetings from various people and churches. And a personal greeting from Paul.

Tuesday, February 10

Another Boring Day

Late breaking news from yesterday include a call from my co-host on the Quest for Truth Podcast. Mike went home, and listened to some shows archived on the home network server.

Passage: Psalm 133, Exodus 29, 2 Corinthians 1.
Theme: Set Apart for God’s Service.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Psalm 133. Worshipping in unity is great. Like anointing oil on the head, or like dew on the ground.

Ex 29. Aaron and his sons were to be purified before serving in the temple. Bull, ram, and grain offering set, the ritual washing and dressing oin the special clothes. Anointed with oil.

The procedure of killing the bull is given. Laying on of hands, burning parts, disposing of unclean parts.

Rams are similar in the laying on of hands, but differ a little on the burning, not mentioning any unclean parts, but presumabley still the same. The blood of each the bull, and each ram pouring out or sprinkling in subtly differing manners.

Certain animal parts, fat, blood, and grain offerings are to be burned up as a pleasing sacrifice to god.

Breast and thigh parts are to be waved, and be for portions for the priests. Note: Later we’ll learn who exactly can eat these wave offerings, and how they’re dealt with.

The holy priest garments are only to be worn for this purpose of sacrificing. Worn only by Aaron and his sons.

The ram ordination meat, and the grain offering are only for the priests, eaten on that day. Left overs are burned the next day.

This ordination ceremony of consecration goes on for 7 days. A bull offered every day. One lamb and grain offerings in the morning. The other with grain offerings each evening. This is what it takes to consecrate priests. It’s to remind the people of the holiness of god who delivered them.

2 Cor 1. Paul the apostle, and Timothy the brother. To the church at Corinth.

Grace and peace from god and Jesus.

Blessed is god and jesus who comforts us, so we can comfort others. Christ was afflicted, and we are as well, qualifying us to be your comfort. Sharing in pain.

We want you to know the depth of our pain, near to death, so you know where we’re coming from. Being so low, it was only god’s strength to give credit. Your prayers got us through.

Our confidence is from god, not of trust in the fleshly world. We want you to understand these words.

Paul states how he had intended to come, as planned in his previous letter. God had changed the plan, and where god says go, you go.

We weren’t trying to get your hopes up. Stand firm.

Wednesday, February 11

Podcast and Editing

Recorded a podcast with Robin, but computer sluggishness delayed editing.

Tried to read a pdf of a book, the Trail of Blood on the laptop, but is garbled. It was a free file from I guess I need to find it, and grab it again. Get ready for a little rambling to learn what the book is trying to point out.

Passage: Exodus 30-32, 2 Corinthians 2.
Theme: Rebellion and Forgiveness.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Lots of detail in measurements and worship rituals.

Ex 30. The dimensions for the ark are given again, with instructions about proper incense offerings, and a warning against improper offerings.

Moses is told that when a census is done, to pay a half shekel for every man. The same price for rich or poor. It’s a reminder of the atonement price.

A bronze wash basin was to be set up for the priests to wash themselves. Improper washing before a sacrifice could result in death.

The recipe for the holy anointing oil is given. It’s to be used to anoint the altar, all the utensils, the wash basin, the priests. It is not to be put on a layman, used outside the altar service, or put on the body. Strictly to be used in service to god.

The recipe for the holy incense was given. Also to be used only in the temple service. None like to be used anywhere else.

Note: Later when sons of Aaron died for use of improper fire, maybe it was some of these rules they broke.

Ex 31. God lets Moses know that he has called skilled craftsmen who know how to design the temple fixtures. The gold, metals, the wood, and linen artifacts. Turn them loose, and let ’em go/.

The important thing for Moses to focus on was the sabbath. Make sure the people know to keep it, don’t do work on it, or die. Note: This is at least the third mention of this important command. It was to be a perpetual symbol of their religion.

When all god’s wordds were done, he gave Moses the stone tablets. Written by his own finger.

Ex 32. Meanwhile, back at the ranch… The people had begun to believe that Moses had left them, or maybe died. They asked Aaron to take over, make them an idol to worship. Aaron asked for their gold rings, made the golden calf, and said they could start worshipping it tomorrow, as the god who delivered them from bondage.

Up on the mountain, god had seen what the people did, and warned Moses. God claimed to want to kill them all, and make a new nation from Moses.

Note: I think was saying this more to play on Moses own emotions, to soften the blow, and get him hinking rightly. God had just told how he called the skilled craftsmen. His plans to build the temple service seemed already on the path. Still… god could easily have called other people if he wanted to.

Sure enough, Moses came back with the right responce. After all we’ve been through? Come on god, work with us here. What will the Egyptians think if you wipe out these people? What about all those promises to the nation? And of course, god repented, or turned, from his plan he just told Moses.

Taking those tablets that god himself made, Moses met up with Joshua where he had left him on the mountain. Joshua heard the noise from the people below, and thought a war was going on. Moses knew better, and told Joshua, but still, his anger burned when he saw it. The tablets were smashed, the calf destroyed, ground into powder, and the people made to drink from the water where the gold debris was disposed in.

Moses confronted Aaron, who said, you know how these people are. They wanted an idol, so I had them give me their gold, I threw it into the fire, and this calf came out.

The out of control people caused Moses to command the Levites to strap on swords and go through the camp, killing the men. Then the command to dedicate themsel ves.

Moses told the people that he was going back on the mountain to ask atonement from god. Moses asked for the price to fall on him, but god said that the judgement will fall on the individual who deserves it. The angel of the lord went before the people, and god caused folks to die for their own misdeeds.

2 Cor 2. Paul wants to come to the Corinthians in joy, not sorrow. He knows his last letter claimed that he was sorrowful over heir deeds, but he didn’t want them to be that way, just to make right changes.

In some veiled language, Paul mentions a punishment done to one in their midst. Regrettable, but don’t over do it and let Satan win. It’s time to start forgiveness.

Note: I wonder if the man was the one with the sexual relation with his mother in law.

Paul tells why he was delayed in his arrival. He got side tracked going to Troaz.

He gives thanks for the work done there. A sweet fragrance to god, in the souls that were saved there. Definitely a worthy side trip.


Thursday, February 12

Home Alone Overnight

The day started with a simple trip to St Louis to take Chris to his eye doctor appointment. Short story for him, his eyes are better, and holding steady. He went home, but Robin found out our grand baby was in the hospital.

Robin will stay overnight to give mom a break. It’s not the virus they thought it was, so he ought to be coming home quickly.

Still on a Shirley Temple kick as Ido various podcasting chores.

Passage: Exodus 33-34, 2 Corinthians 3.
Theme: Fading Glory.
Who’s in it and what’s going on:

Ex 33. God tells Moses to get up, and move camp towards the promised lamd. He won’t go inside the camp, or some of the stubborn people would die from his holy presense.

When the people heard these words, they went into mourning. Moses would pitch a tent outside camp that became known as the place of meeting. People would go there when they wanted to seek god. The cloud would descend there when Moses was present, and joshua would necver leave the tent.

Moses acknowledged that he would go where god wanted, and the nation was god’s. However, he called on his favor that made him privileged to know god’s name to learn who would accompany him.

God responded in grace and favor to Moses request to let him see gods face. God said he’ll give favor to who he likes, but nobody can see his face and live. Instead, he covered Moses with a hand, and only let him see his back.

Ex 34. Moses was commanded to return to the mountain. He was to take 2 stone tablets like the ones before. Moses went up the mountain with the tablets he cut himself. God would issue the words again, but only Moses could come. No person or animals could even be in the fields, grazing in front of the mountain.

Miracles would be done for this people that have never been seen before as a covenant. This would be a fearful thing.

God says, “Listen up. Pay attention. I’m taking you to that new land, but do not follow their gods. No idols, no practices of their ceremonies or sacrifices.

You have your own feast, that of unleavened bread. The firstborn are all mine.

The sabbath is to be strictly observed. The feasts of firstfruit, and the feast of harvest are to be observed.

No blood sacrifice is to be mixed with the unleavened bread sacrifice. Nothing is to be left overnight. First of the first fruits are to be brought to god. Don’t boil a young goat in its mothers milk.

God commanded Moses to write down his words on the tablets. The covenant in the ten commandments. Moses didnt know it, but when in the presense of god, his face glowed. Aaron and the people pointed it out, and he put on a veil. From then on, his face glowed after being in god’s presense.

2 Cor 3. Paul seems to ask if he is becoming a stranger to the people, and in need of a fresh letter of recommendation. He says the people themselves are proof of his teaching, and the words written in their hearts are the covenant.

It’s the word of god, through jesus. Words that are spoken by the indelible holy spirit.

If those stone tablets of Moses could be seen with glory, and the presense of god make the face to shine, and that physical law leads only to death. How much better is the spirit given law, and it’s higher elevation that leads to life.

We have a confident hope that doesn’t fade away. Not like the glowing face of Moses that glowed, but faded over time. There is no veil for us, only liberty. With unveiled face, we’re being transformed to resemble his glory.

Friday, February 13

Email and Online Catchup

Got some early word for the day. Baby Joshie, or Squeaker, is doing better. He did have a respiratory virus, but not the more serious one they thought. Breathing treatments, anda good nights sleep with grandma Robin seems to have helped.

It’s still early so lots more news could happen.

At breakfast, I had some peanut butter on toast. Yummy, but the thing that gets honorable mention is that in cleaning up, I looked for the jar lid. Couldn’t find where I put it. Every time I searched, I kept finding my empty pill box for yesterday. Finally, I gave up and decided to put the pill box away and take my pills for today. As soon as I reached to look for the pill box… my hand landed right on the peanut butter jar lid. I guess I just gotta stop looking for what I want.

Passage: Exodus 35-36, 2 Corinthians 4.
Theme: The temple, Physical and Spiritual.
Who’s in it, and what’s going on:

Ex 35. Apparently back from getting the commandments again, Moses calls the people together.

He recounts what the commands are all about, and tells them to do no work on the sabbath. Not even lighting a fire.

Note: This is clearly considered one of the most important commands. I think this is at least the forth time it’s specified.

Next, Moses shifts to what he was told about building the tabernacle.

The people were told to bring a free will offering. All the various precious metals, material, skins, gems, and things needed to build the tabernacle, and its fixtures.

Moses calls for the skilled craftsmen to step forward and volunteer to fabricate all the parts of the temple. From the curtains, ark, its coverings, the poles, rings, table, altar, and all the utensils and incense requirements that Moses lists out here.

The people left, and were moved to bring anything they had that would be needed.

All the variety of items are listed out, even linens that the skilled women wove. Men and women alike all brought their free will gifts.

Moses then commissions the men that god named specifically to him earlier to be in charge of the project.

Note: It doesn’t say, but I wonder if those men came forward without the prompting of Moses, or if he approached them to tell them that god mentioned their names. Either way, it was a good match up.

Ex 36. Every skillful person got busy. Every skillful person in the camp came forward to do the work. So many people came forward with so many materials and tallents that Moses had to command them to stop coming.

The tabernacle was under way. Not just plans in Moses head, or written down on paper, the workmen were making it take shape. All the dimensions, and all the required materials were all being fabricated, and pieced together.

Besides all the curtains and skins for coverings, the boards and fasteners that held the structure together, and gave it shape were built. All the intricate detail of the patterns on the veil, the gold, the cherubim, and the like were attended to.

2 Cor 4. We take the ministry seriously. The gospel we preach is as pure as we can make it. If it remains a mystery, its because the holy spirit has kept it a mystery to you.

We are like clay vessels that contain treasure of gold inside. The value isn’t us, but god. We may be stricken down for god, but the message of Jesus will still go on.

This faith, and grace is the glory of god, sent that you might believe. God calls his apostles.

Even though our outer selves, our bodies, are breaking down, our inner spirit is alive. It’s all about the things that aren’t seen. The seen things are temporary, but the unseen things are eternal.

Saturday, February 14

Valentines Breakfast

had a breakfast at church this morning. The mens breakfast invited wives to join in again for Valentines. Thought we might go out later, but didn’t. Thought it might be nice to watch a movie together, but just did the usual TV watching.

Got some uploads done for Podomatic, and Libsyn feeds. Holy cowl, what a bear to do it on DSL, even with no other data transfer going on. Gonna have to make sure to do it using the satelite. Somehow, the retro original I had slotted to go out this week later, went out today. O well, people got 2 shows in one day.

Passage: Exodus 37-38, 2 Corinthians 5.
Theme: Temple Built with Hands.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Ex 37. The ark of the covenant is made, with all the trim, gold, angels facing each other, the rings, the poles. It all took shape, just as designed.

The table, with its rings, poles, and trimmings was made. All the utensils of gold for it as well.

The lamp, with all the branches, bulbs, and ornate fixtures, all in one piece took shape.

The altar of incense was made, also with its rings, poles, and design. Made of acacia, and covered with gold. Even the incense was made.

Ex 38. The altar for burnt offerings was made from wood, covered in gold. The rings, p0oles, and all the fixtures were all made.

The bronze wash basins were made.

All the court linen hangings, with designs, fasteners, and the like were all fashioned.

All these were made for the temple service, to be done by Aaron and the priests. Made by the the two craftsmen that god appointed.

The amount of the silver, and bronze for the temple fixtures is given in tallents and shekels.

2 Cor 5. Even if our earthly temple is torn down, we have a spiritual temple. One not built with hands that’s eternal. We groan now, for the one that is to come.

While at home in the body, we are absent from the lord. We walk by faith, not by sight. Whether at home, or away from the lord, to be pleasing to him. We all will pass judgement before Jesus, recieving reward for our work, or lack of it.

motivated by the fear of the lord, we try to persuade men. We’re an open book to god, amnd we hope we are to you too. Not to pat ourselves on the back, but to make you proud of us, and to pass that legacy on to others. If we’re beside ourselves, we’re crazy for god. If we’re sane, we’re sane for you. Jesus is in control. One died for all. All have died, and he is the one who died for them all. So the living ones might live for him, the one who resurrected them.

We no longer recognize an earthly power. Though we once knew Jesus this way, we now recognize him in his spiritual authority. Believers are now transformed into something new. Old things gone, new things have come. Ordained by god, reconciled to Jesus, we now have the ministry to reconcile others.

We are ambassadors for christ. God begging you through us. Be reconciled. The sinless one became sin in our place, so we could be reconciled to god.

In wrapping up, Keith gets on another side note about whether God predestines, or preselects his people, and whether Jesus died for all, or only for the limited number of the chosen believers.


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Bible Journal ep05 Laws, Grace, And Gifts.

Sunday, February 1

Podcast Interview

Recorded an interview to be used on the Alive and Still Married podcast. Movie night at church, but backed out at the last moment 5to watch the Super Bowl instead.

Passage: Exodus 14-15, Psalm 114, 1 Corinthians 8.
Theme: Victory in God’s Power.
Who’s in it, and what’s going on:

Ex 14. After their feast, God directed Moses to turn back, andmake pharoah think they were wandering aimlessly.

Pharoah, and the people hardened their heart once again, went out in chariots, and came to the Israelite camp near the sea.

The people saw the Egyptians coming, and were afraid. “Moses, we’re gonna die. I knew we shouldn’t have left, we told you to leave us alone back there in Egypt”. Moses just said, stand back, don’t fear, and watch what god can do.

God said to Moses, why are you all crying, march to the sea. Hold your rod out, and the people will march across the sea. Its so pharoah will know my power.

The angel of the lord, or the cloud and fire moved between the two camps to keep them separated.

God sent an east wind to dry a path through the sea, and the waters stood on either side like a wall. The people moved through, and when pharoah saw what was going on, chased after. The angel of god in the cloud confused them though, made them fear, and head back.

Apparently at daybreak, all the Israelites had crossed, as 3well as the Egyptians. As they turned to race back to the path across the sea, Moses was told to raise his hand. When the army of chariots were in the sea, the waters collapsed on them.

Thus god saved his people, and they renewed their fear, nd worship of god and Moses.

Ex 15. The song that Moses and the people sang. Praises to god for casting their enemy into the sea. God is powerful, and great. The enemy was prideful, but god struck them. The people in the surrounding land have heard, and fear us. God is delivering his people. The lord reigns forever.

The Egyptians drowned, but the Israelites walked on dry ground.

Miriam and the women echoed. The horse and rider have drowned in the sea.

From there Moses took the people to a place where the water was bitter. When the people complained, god told him how to throw a branch into it, and make the water sweet.. The place was called Marah, meaning bitter.

God gave his first command, obey me, and I won’t bring plagues on you like I did the Egyptians.

Next, they came to Elam, a place of water, and trees.

Psalm 114. A psalm that celebrates the migration from Egypt, and how the waters parted to let the people cross.

Praising the act of getting a pool of water from a rock.

1 Cor 8. On the matter of meat sacrificed to idols. We have knowledge, but it makes us arogant. Love builds up. If you think you know all about it, you don’t. Love god.

Idols, and so called gods are nothing. Only God has real power. The God that we can come to know because of Jesus.

However, not all men can understand this. Not all are as mature. The mental attachment to the meaning of the meat to the idol can’t be broken by them. Seeing a believer eat such meat could make the brother stumble. Don’t have his downfall or destruction on your head. A wound on that weak brother would be like wounding jesus.

Monday, February 2

Groundhog Day

Halfway through Winter. Trying to wrap up the recording of Bible Journal, but not having much luck. Took down the last of the Christmas decorations.

Passage: Exodus 16, 1 Corinthians 9.
Theme: God’s Provision in the Face of Grumbling.
Who’s in it, and what’s going on:

Ex 16. Leaving the oasis they camped at in Elam, the people set out. Now they complained they were hungry. Why did we leave those pots of meat in Egypt? Really? They were slaves, what pots of meat?

God says that he’ll rain bread from heaven. He tells Moses the rules, and that it’ll be a test of the faithfulness of the people. Gather this bread, and double on the 6th day since it won’t fall on the sabbath.

Moses told the people what was about to happen. Stop griping, and get ready, you’ll have meat tonight, and bread in the morning.

Quail came and covered the camp that evening. In the morning dew covered the ground. and when it evaporated, a flaky crusty stuff was left. Moses told the people this was the bread. Gather an omar of it per person. Don’t keep it over night. Everybody had enough, but some disobeyed, kept some, and worms ate it and made it smell bad.

The 6th day came, and Moses commanded them to collect a double portion. “Cook what you need today, but save some aside for the sabbath”. No worms came, and it didn’t turn fowl.

On the 7th day, some people went out to collect the food, but found none. God said to Moses, why do they disobey. I told you how this works. Stay home and rest on the sabbath.

The people called it “what’s this”. Mannah or ma=what nah=this. Moses was commanded to save an omar jar of it to be added to the contents of the Ark of the Covenant. An onar being a tebnth of an ephah… oh… that explains it.

1 Cor 9. Paul declares in question form, that he’s indeed an apostle, that he has seen the lord, and that the Corinthians are his people.

Apostles have rights to eat and drink, to take a wife. As peter (Cephas) does. Paul and Barnabas seem to be getting discriminated against , and he reminds people of the command that an ox can be unmuzzled to eat what he wants as he plows the field. A vineyard planter, or shepherd get the benefit to enjoy the produce of that plant or animals grapes, wine, or milk.

This isn’t just Paul saying this, it’s in gods law. He would have every right to claim to be sustained from his efforts in leading the flock. However, he claims to not do this.

Paul isn’t asking for monetary compensation. It’s all about the gospel. He does it for it’s own reward, but if he’s paid, its on him to be a good steward of that.

He is free, but puts himself in position as a slave to serve all men. Serving jews, gentiles, and the weak, so that all may come to christ.

Many people run a race, but only 1 wins. Train as if you plan to be the winner. Go for the eternal reward, not the earthly and perishable reward. Train with purpose.

Tuesday, February 3

Unlucky Podcasting Day

Troubles in podcast recording persist today. Take 3, but stll hade to do that take in stages.

Passage: Exodus 17-18, 1 Corinthians 10.
Theme: Grumbling, Correct Behavior, and God’s Provision.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Ex 17. The Israelites were led to camp in a place where there was no water. They quarreled, and accused Moses of leading them in the dessert to die of thirst. “Why are you grumbling at me?” Moses wanted to know, and he brought the words to god. God commanded Moses to stand on a rock at Mt Horeb, and strike it. Water gushed out.

Amileck must have thought the people were easy prey, and came to attack them in this place without water. Moses had Joshua go to lead the people into battle. Meanwhile he would stand on the hill with his hands raised. While his hands were up, they were winning, while he lowered them, they were losing. It took the help of others to hold Moses hands up, and eventually they won.

Note: Moses didn’t consult god in how the enemy would be defeated. He just came up with the dramatic, and visual sign of holding up his hands. Possibly, god might have done something as good, and less taxing on Moses while he fought the battle for the people. Still, he honored Moses choice and worked through it.

God instructed Moses to write this down in a book. Dictating to Joshua Amileck is blotted out, the lord is his banner.

Ex 18. Jethro, Moses father in law, had heard of the triumph in the deliverance of Israel, and the events in the desert. He brought Zipora, and Moses 2 sons.

Note: Previously only one son was mentioned. Possibly the second was born during the time the plagues were happening. They would have unfolded over the course of a year or so.

When Moses heard of his father in law coming, he went to meet him. They got caught up on the events in coming out of Egypt, and Jethro worshipped god, validating that he is indeed all powerful. Aaron and the tribal elders also sacrificed.

As Moses sat to judg the people, Jethro watched and asked Moses what he thought he was doing. Work smarter, not harder, or you’ll burn yourself out. Let the tribal leaders, and men you can trust decide over the small cases, and bring the hard stuff to you. Groups of thousands, hundreds, fifty, and tens.

Moses did it.

1 Cor 10. In case you didn’t know, our fathers in Israel were baptized under the cloud, in in the sea. All ate the spiritual food, and drank a s;iritual drink. Paul claims the rock that gave the water was Christ himself. With those who god was not pleased, they died in the wilderness.

Note: Hmm… an interesting viewpoint on the 2 Christian sacriments of baptism and communion.

These biblical events serve as ahn example for us, to not be tempted to do the same thing. Don’t do the same evil, immoral things, the same grumbling, or tempting god. God will provide a way out when you’re tempted, and he never leads you into temptation.

Flee idolatry. Share with fellow believers when you partake of the sacriment of the bread and cup of the lord’s supper. Don’t partake in the false worship when idolaters have heir neals of neat.

All things are lawful,

but not all things are profitable or build up. Put the good of others ahead of your own.

For example, the meat offered to idols is OK, since ideols are fake. They aren’t god. So if you buy meat, don’t ask where it came from, just enjoy it. However, if someone poihnts out its from an idol sacrifice, for the sake of that person, don’t eat it.

Whatever you do, do it to honor god. Don’t be an offense either to believers, or unbelievers, but above all be honorable to god. A good example so that all men might be saved.

Wednesday, February 4

Kitchen Helper

Need to keep up on office chores, but Robin is particularly achy today. Tried to be on hand to help out. Previewing OTR shows to work on show notes for later in the month.

Yea! Just got word that Alive and Still Married is hnow on iTunes.

Passage: Exodus 19-20, 1 Corinthians 11.
Theme: Coming to God Directly as Priests.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Ex 19. Three months after being delivered, the people were led to a new place. God called Moses to get an official word on the mountain. I have a word for you to obey, and if you do you’ll be my special people.

Moses called the elders to him and asked, “will you do it?” “We’ll do it,” they said. Moses told god, “they say they’ll do it”. God said, “good, gather round the mountain, and I’ll descend on it”.

“First tell the people to consecrate themselves, wash themselves. I’m coming in 3 days. Set boundaries, and if man or beast cross it to touch the mountain, they’ll die.” Moses saw that it was carried out.

Thunder, lightning flashes, trumpets, and the people were terrified. Moses spoke, and god answered in thunder. God reminded the people to stay back. Only Moses and Aaron were called near.

Ex 20. Ten Commandments.

I am the god who delivered you. Have no other gods.

Don’t make idols in any image.

Don’t take the name of god in vain.

Keep the sabbath. Rest from the work you do on the other 6 days.

Honor your father and mother.

Don’t murder.

Don’t commit adultry.

Don’t steal.

Don’t bear false witness.

Don’t covet.

The people were terrified by the trumpets and thunder, and stood back, keeping their distance. No mnore. Moses, you talk to god, then talk to us yourself. This is too scary for us.

God specified to Moses that no other god should be worshipped but him. No other god should be sacrificed to. The proper types of altar is dictated. When travelling, an altar of earth is fine. If stones, only uncut stones. The altar shouldn’t be built onsteps, lest the nakedness of the priest be exposed.

1 Cor 11. Imitate Paul, just as he imitates Christ.

Hold to the Christian traditions. Paul compares a christian relationship to one between men and women. God is the head of Jesus. Jesus is the head of men. Men are the head of women. Then a description of the custom of head covering, or not covered is reviewed. Though not automatically familiar today, these things were a no brainer and customarily done in Paul’s day. To him, it is an anology of the heirarchy of how we are to subject ourselves to each other, and to god.

Note: Don’t get bent out of shape in women submitting, or head coverings. Paul isn’t trying to bring rules on our heads, but to use something that currently existed to teach how we fit in with god, bnot so nuch with each other.

This instruction also wasn’t given as a praise, but to point the lack of orderliness the Corinthians had. Mahem. The lords supper wasn’t being distributed evenly or equally. Some were gluttons qand getting drunk, while others went starving. Hey people, eat and drink at home. This is a sacriment meant for remembrance.

Paul reminds them of the proper method of performing the lords supper, just as he got it from god. Instructions on the bread, and the cup, and doing it in rembrance.

Eating and drinking this sacriment in an unworthy manner makes that person guilty of the blood that Jesus shed. Judge yourself. It’s better to abstain than to partake in an unworthy state.

Wait for one another, partake equally, and at the same time. Go home and eat if you’re hungry.

Thursday, February 5

Home Alone to Podcast

Zapped some satelite data before the reset of bandwidth. Did some podcasting, and Robin is off to yet another doctor appointment.

Been doing some research on denominations and church history.

In brief: From the Luther camp, we get the Lutherans and the German church. Calvin, a contemporary founded the Presbytarians. His student, Armenian founded the Episcopal, which became sanctioned when Henry the 8th wanted to split from the catholics. The Episcopal, or Anglican church caused seperatists groups. Wesley, who spawned Methodists, and Pentecostals. John Smith, who sought connection to the Anabaptists. He wanted to get back to bible as authority, and believer baptism. It didn’t work out, since the believer baptism is about the only thing they had in common. Smith spawned 2 camps of Baptists, General, and Particular. General being based on Armenian teaching of free will, and loss of salvation. Particular leaning toward Calvin, and belief in bible authority, saved by grace, always saved.

Passage: Exodus 21-22, 1 Corintghians 12.
Theme: Laws or Gifts of the Spirit.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Ex 21. Let the laws begin.

Hebrews who come to serve as a slave are to be released, without pay, after 6 years. If he came single, he leaves single. If he came with a wife, he leaves with her. Any wife, or kids during the slavery period stay. The man can opt to stay, if he wants to stay with wife and kids.

A female can’t leave slavery, but the owner can’t sell her off to a foreigner. He can take her as 3wife, or for his son. She can only be freed if she isn’t given to anyone as wife.

A murderer nust be killed. Unless it was accidental manslaughter, then a place will be appointed to go.

If you strike mom or dad, you’ll die.

A kidnapper will die. Doesn’t matter if the person has been sold, or is still in his possession.

Curse mom or dad, and die.

If a man strikes another, but he doesn’t die, pay for his lost time, qand care.

If a slave is struck and dies at the hand of the master, punish, but not by death. It’s his property.

If men fight, and a pregnant woman gives premature birth, and no harm is done, the husband cabn ask for damages. If damage, the the rule of eye for eye, tooth for tooth is dealt.

If a slave, male or female is beaten, and loses eye, or tooth, they are to be set free.

If an ox gores a man, kill it, but don’t eat it. If the owner neglects to control his animnal, then he’ll be punished.

If a man digs a pit, and an animal falls in, he is to pay restitution for the lost animal, and he keeps the dead animal.

If an animal kills another, the living one is to be sold and the profit split.If the animal is known to cause problem, and the owner doesn’t control it, hje’s liable, paying ox for ox, and the dead animal is his.

Ex 22. If a man steals an ox or sheep, and eats it, he pays 5 times for ox, and 4 times for sheep.

If a thief dies during his break ibn, no pun9ishment. If he gets away, and the sun has come up, can’t kill him, but make restitution.

If a grazing animal strays to anothers field or vineyard, he pays with the best of his own field or vineyard.

If a fire breaks out, and burns across thorn bush hedges, and straw or crops are burned. The one starting the fire is liable.

If property or money is left for safekeeping, and it’s missing. The thief pays back twice the amount. If no theif, the owner of the house goes to the judge to deternine about the breech of trust.

If an animal is left in the care of someone, and it dies or is injured, determine if it was neglegence, thieves, or wild animal. Restitution is made, unless it was a wild animal.

If the loss to animal happens, restitutionb is nade. If the owner is with it, then no restitution.

If a man sleeps with a virgin, he has to pay the bride price for her. If the father doesn’t want to give his daughter away, the bride price is still paid.

Kill witches.

Kill people having sex with animals.

Kill people sacrificing to idols.

Don’t oppress or mnistreat foreigners, widows, or orphns. When they call out, god will hear them.

Don’t charge interest on money lent to your people.

Don’t curse god, or your leaders.

Don’t delay in offerings, or dedicating firstborn.

Don’t eat roadkill. Animals torn in the field.

1 Cor 12. On gifts of the spirit. A Holy spirits can never say that Jesus is cursed, and evil spirits can bnever say Jesus is llord.

Various gifts, ministries, and affects, but only one spirit, lord, abnd one god. All have the holy spirit.

Wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, prophecy, discerning spirits, tongues, intrepreting tongues. Whichever is given, its all from the same spirit.

One body, many parts. One spirit baptism, drinking of one spirit.

Many members, all with different jobs: an eye, , ear, hand, foot. Not a body of all feet, but each part equally important in its way. Suffer together, rejoice together.

In christs body there are: apostles, prophets, teachers, miracles, healing, help, administrators, various tongues.

All are not apostles, teachers, or miracle workers, etc, are they? Instead, earnestly desire the greater gift of the spirit.

I’ll show you a more excellent way.

Friday, February 6

Forgetful Me

In my downloading frenzy to use up satelite data, I forgot to write journal notes yesterday. Doing it today.

Spent most of the morning with Robin. Doing… I forget what it was. Just spending time together.

Passage: Exodus 23-24, Psalms 99, 1 Corinthians 13.
Theme: Truly expressing worship
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Ex 23. Don’t bear false witness by joining with an evil men, or going along with the masses.

Stray or overloaded donkey. Return it, or relieve it.

Don’t pervert justice. Keep far from harming a brother in need.

Don’t take a bribe that can cloud the mind.

Don’t oppress strangers.

Work the land, but let it rest on the 7th year. Let the needy and animal eat from it.

Work 6 days, rest on the 7th. Including animals, servants, and strangers. sPEAK THE NAME OF NO OTHER GODS.

Celebrate 3 feasts. Unleavened bread, Harveast of 1st fruit, and End Harvest.

Don’t offer blood with unleavened bread, or let fat sacrifice sit over night.

Bring the choice, firstfruit to god.

Don’t boil a goat in it’s mothers milk.

A guardian angel will lead you into the land. Obey his voice.He’ll be unforgiving, but obeying him will make your enemies his enemies. He’ll fight for you, drive the people out from before you. God will work to prosper you, increase your life and productivity in that land.

Ex 24. Moses, Aaron, and various of the elders were called to come nearer to worship. Only Moses was to come all the way to god.

Moses heard the word, told the people, and they said, “we’ll do it”. Moses wrote down the words, an altar was built, and they worshipped. Sacrifices were made, Moses read the words he wrote, and the people again affirmed that they’d do it and obey.

Moses then took Aaron and the elders close to god, who seemed to be standing on a road of sapphire. None were harmed, and they communed with god.

God called Moses to the mountain top, leaving Aaron in charge to judge. Joshua went along as the cloud covered the mountain.

Psalm 99. God reigns, and is on his throne, let the people tremble and praise. He is holy, just, fair and right.

Priests Moses and Aaron call on him, and he answers. God spoke, they obeyed. Worship him.

1 Cor 13. Speaking without love is noise. Knowledge and faith without love is nothing. Giving and charity without love is worthless.

Love is patient, kind, not jealous, not boasttful, or arrogant. Love doesn’t act ugly, has no hiddebn motives, doesn’t pick fights, it ignores a wrong done

Love never fails, where other gifts fall short. Those other gifts of prophecy, tongues, knowledge, etc are imperfect, but love is perfect. A child seeks childish, imperfect things. As an adult, seek the perfecdt, mature things. We’re imperfect now, but one day we’ll be perfected. Abide in faith, hope, and love , but the greatest is love.

Saturday, February 7

Robins Kid Day

Kids and youth at church are having another day of fun, music, crafts, and tacos I didn’t go, but got the benefit of left over tacos. Trying to catch up on general office chores, writing bnotes, then getting busy posting to the retro site.

Passage: Exodus 25, 1 Corinthians 14.
Theme: Artifacts of the church, physical and spiritual.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Ex 25. God told Moses to gather from the people certain materials. It was to be used to build the tabernacle, and other fixtures in it. Precious metals, and even skins from certain sea mammals.

Measurements, and a general description of the ark, or box, is given. Also what is to go in it.

More details of what the ark will look like, including the angels that adorn the mercy seat are given. God will descend on it, and speak with Moses as he’s on the seat.

A table to be used for the show bread is described, as are the utensils for it. Like the ark, rings and poles are to be used to carry it.

The lampstand, with all its branches, and cus to decorate it are described. The gold lampstand being made in a solid piece.

1 Cor 14. Pursue love, desire gifts, especially that of prophecy. Tongues isn’t for speaking to men, but is for sppeaking to god. Men don’t understand the mystery in his voice. However, prophecy speaks to, and builds up other men. Tongues is cool, everybody should do it, but propheccy is better. If you speak tongues, intrepret it so everyone present will benefit.

Think about it. If Paul were to come, speaking a tongue, who would understand. It takes prophecy and revelation to get a message across to other men. Without communicating an intelligible message, it’s just a noise. Anybody can make a noise on a flute, or trumpet, but it takes a knowledge to produce music from it. If you’re eager for a gift, seek one that will build up the church.

If you seek tongues, also seek intrepretation. Tongues is prayer from the spirit, but leaving the mind empty. What good is that? Pray in spirit and mind, sing in spirit and mind. How will the ungifted know what’s going on? Paul isn’t belittling tongues, but he’d rather speak 5 intelligent words than thousands of uninteligible ones.

Don’t be childish in thinking, but be an infant in doing evil. Calling on scriptures, Paul says that people of strange tongues will speak to this people, but they won’t listen.

That tongues are a sign for the unbeliever, and prophecy a sign to the believer.

Note: The unbeliever doesn’t understand it, but the tongue is a sign. Prophecy is clear speach that the unbeliever can understand, and is something of a shorthand or symbol for the believer… maybe?

The proof is that if the whole church all spoke tongues, a visitor wouldn’t get anything from it. He’d think they were all mad.

If all spoke prophecy, the unbeliever would be convicted, called to account, his secrets disclosed to him, he would have to worship god, and declare that god is among you.

Whatever your gift is, use it to build others up. When people speak, limit it to only 2 or 3, and then go in turn. If tongues are used, someone has to interpret. Let 2 or 3 prophets speak, and someone pass judgement on what they said. When a revelation is made, keep silent. Above all, learn and build up. God is not a spirit of confusion but of peace.

Women are to remain silent in the service, but to ask their husbands in private.

A spiritually gifted person will understand this is as a command of god. If not, then you won’t.

Prophecy over tongues. Bottom line, seek god, and orderliness.

Bible Journal ep 4 Deliverance and Proper Judgement

Having a rough start this week recording the episode. Feeling tired, accidentally deleting a nearly finished episode, what else can go wrong to delay getting this posted?

Sunday, January 25

Relaxing and Music Night

Just taking it easy, and practicing harmonica for a song in tonights open mike music night. It went pretty well.

Passage: Exodus 1-2, 1 Corinthians 1.
Theme: Gods Chosen
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Ex 1. Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt 70 in number, but by the time all that generation died, the people had continued to flourish, and were multiplying in the land. A king came to power who didn’t know Joseph. He and the Egyptians said, “Hey, there’s more of them than there are of us.” They put the shepherd people under hard labor. But the worse the labor, the more the Israelites multiplied, And spread out.

Pharoah made plans to kill the boys at the time of birth, but the midwives feared god more. They didn’t do it, and god provided safehouses for them, and the population of Israelites grew.

Note: This pharoah seems to have just come on the scene, after the people had been there for at least a few hundred years. Moses was in the group of doomed boys, but he apparently had an older brother and sister who were old enough for them to remain alive when this was to take affect. unless an earlier pharoah put them under bondage, and a newer one was worried enough to kill babies.

Ex 2. A Levite man, and a Levite woman had a baby, and kept him for as long as they dared. At age 3 months she put the boy in a basket, and sent him down the river. His older sister followed the basket to see what would happen.

Pharoah’s daughter and her entourage of maidens went to the river to bathe. She found the basket, recognized the crying boy as a Hebrew, and had compassion for him. Miriam asked if she could get a Hebrew woman to tnurse the baby, and the daughter agreed. The boy was named Moses. Did he ever get a Hebrew name? Doesn’t look like it.

All grown up, Moses tried to play peace maker. Breaking up a fight between a Hebrew and an Egyptian, he ended up killing and burying the Egyptian in the sand. Later in trying to break up a fight between Hebrews, they asked if he would kill them too, and bury them like the Egyptian. Knowing he was found out, and fleeing the wrath of Pharoah, Moses went to Midian.

Coming to the aid of 7 shepherd daughters of the priest of the land, Moses ran away marauding shepherds. He also helped them to water the flock. Hearing of the deed, the priest invited Moses to live with them, and married his daughter, Zipora.

During the time of Moses absence, pharoah died, but the people were still distressed. They called to god, and he heard them.

1 Cor 1. Paul writes this letter. To the body of believers in Corinth. Grace and peace from god and from jesus.

He is thankful for their growth in the faith, and being included among the saved ones, those believing in Jesus.

He has encouragement for them to agree, and be in unity. Some claim a denomination, being baptized by one person or other. It’s not about that, but about the gospel. Jesus wasn’t fragmented, but offers salvation for all.

To outsiders, what christians believe seems foolish. To those who are among the saved, we know. God makes the wise ways of men foolish. His wisdom is above anything we can hope to make sense of. His most foolish ways are well above man’s highest wisdom.

Remember the moment you were called to salvation? There weren’t many who were wise, or mighty, or noble. God has chosen the foolish, the weak thing, the low thing to overthrow the world. If there’s anything to boast about is only that were chosen to be in christ.

Monday, January 26

Bye Bye Bunnies

The bunnies we took in on the previous episode have now departed to their new home. It was nice to have them, but good to see them go to a new and better home.

A fallen tree branch was cut up, and removed.

Passage: Exodus 3-4, 1 Corinthians 2.
Theme: Authority, Word from God
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Ex 3. Moses was out tending the sheep of his priest father in law, when he saw a burning bush. He turned aside to see the bush that didn’t appear to be getting consumed. The angel of the lord appeared, and spoke to him, telling Moses that he was the god of his fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Moses was commanded to take off his shoes on the holy ground, and he was terrified to be in gods presence, coverring his face.

God has heard the cry of his people at the hand of their oppressors. Time for deliverance has come. Moses was to be the one to ask Pharoah to let the people go. A sign is given to bolster his confidence, and prove to the people of god being behind Moses.

Moses asked what he should tell the Hebrews. They’re going to ask what god’s name really is. God replied to say that he is I Am Who I Am, and gave the message to assure the people that he has heard their cry. Deliverance to the promised land is to be made. Moses was to deliver this message to the tribal leaders . To pharoah, the message was to be able to sacrifice a 3 day journey away. God knew that pharoah would never comply without some pressure. God promised to handle the miracles to convince pharoah, and a voluntary plunder would be given the Hebrews. Egyptians would have favor on them, glad to see them go, and give whatever the Hebrew women would ask.

Ex 4. But what if the Hebrews don’t believe that Moses was sent by the god of their fathers? God gave him the sign to change his staff into a snake, and back again. Hey, it impressed Moses, and he fled from the snake. Too bad Eve didn’t do that.

God gave more signs in case people didn’t believe the first, they ought to believe once the next 2 are given. Changing his hand to leprosy, then back. Then to turn the water to blood by pouring Nile water on the dry ground.

Note, these are signs to get the Hebrews to believe.

Moses had the excuse that he has never spoken well, and still isn’t good at it. God assured him that being creator of the body, he would be in control of Moses words. Still, Moses balked, making god angry, but putting the job of speaking on Aaron. Moses would tell Aaron, then Aaron would speak publically. God would be in both their mouths.

Doing the proprer cultural thing, Moses went to his father in law to tell about the need to return, and was sent away on good terms. Taking his staff, donkey, and family, Moses set out.

God gives Moses a heads up that Pharoah won’t be easy to convince, but to keep doing the signs that Moses will be empowered to do. Ultimately taking the firstborn of Egypt to pay the price for Israel, God’s firstborn people.

Along the way, the Angel of the Lord was going to kill Moses because his son wasn’t circumsized. His wife Zapora did it, and called Moses a name. Bridegroom of Death.

Note: Why did this happen? In other nations circumcision is done, but at different ages, sometimes as late as 8 to 13 years. Maybe Moses was going to wait, or maybe he had no plans to do it. Being something ordained in God’s covenant with Abraham, it should’ve been done at 8 days old.

God told Aaron to meet Moses on his way. The brothers shared notes on their mission. They called the tribal leaders together, and Moses did his sign to convince them. The people were convinced, and glad that god had heard them, and fell on their face to worship.

1 Cor 2. Paul came without fancy words, or claiming special wisdom, only with the message about Jesus. I’m just like you in the fear and trembling department. All I have is a demonstration of the power of Jesus.

Paul doesn’t claim to hav a worldly governmental wisdom, but a godly one. One that has been unheard of, or imagined. One wrapped in mystery. Not learned from men, or earthly sources, but directly from god. Wisdom revealed by the work of the holy spirit.

Wisdom of the spirit is foolishness to the natural man. A spiritual man appraises, or judges all things, and nobody can judge him. Natural man can not know the mind of god, but we know the mind of christ.

Tuesday, January 27

Casual in the Bible

Slept in a little. Actually just lounged in bed to do some morning podcast listen9ing and bible reading. Did some early reading on the upcoming Sunday lesson.

Passage: Exodus 5-6, 1 Corinthians 3.
Theme: Wisdom in Speech
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Ex 5. After having success in convincing his Hebrew brothers, moses and Aaron go to talk to Pharoah. let my people go, so we can sacrifice 3 days away in the wilderness. Hopes are dashed when pharoah replies, who is god? I don’t know any god. Get back to work making brick. And do it without straw. Gather your own, and keep making the same number of bricks. The added labor ought to take your lazy minds off your sacrificing.

The task masters, and tribal leaders brought the bad news, and the people scrambled to find straw. After a couple days of falling behind quota, the leaders were beaten in front of the people by the task masters.

The leaders appealed to pharoah, placing the blame for the short quota on the Egyptians. Presumably the ones who usually provided straw. ‘Don’t want to hear it,” said pharoah. Now get back to work you lazy people. On the way out, the leaders talked to the eagerly awaiting Moses and Aaron to learn what was said. The leaders cursed them for making them a stink in the nose of pharoah.

Moses went to god in prayer to ask: What happened? Ever since you brought me here, all I’ve managed to do is make pharoah mad at us.

Ex 6. God answered Moses to say: Just watch. Pharoah has to be forced, but once he reaches his breaking point, he’ll not only let you go, he’ll eject you from the land.

God continued. Moses, you’re special. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob knew me, but I never told them my name. It’s time, judgement has come, and it’s time for deliverance. Pharoah needs work, and things will get worse before they get better. Be assured that the people will be taken back to the promised land, flowing with milk and honehy. Moses told the people, but they were too despondent to listen.

God then commanded Moses to returmn to talk to pharoah. Moses complained that if his own people aren’t listening, why should pharoah. I can’t alk good anyway. God reminds him to take Aaron along to talk. Go to the people and pharoah to tell them to let my people go to sacrifice.

A numbering of only the tribes of the first 3 sons, and sons are begun. pausing for a more detailed description of Levi. With the extra detail, it looks that Moses was the great grandson of Levi, who died at age 137.

On the day that god told moses to talk to pharoah, and Moses complained about his not talking too good…

1 Cor 3. Paul had trouble speaking too, but his dealt with being limited by the ability of immature christians. They need milk before reaching the goal of eating meat. Yet the people were still immature. Breaking into denominational factions of Appollo, and others. Aren’t they all workers for the same christ? Doing different chores in growing and harvesting? They’re different parts of the same body, but doing the same work.

Each worker does his part, but its god who is at work. The leaders are the workers, and the individual believers are the field. Its still god that does the work of maturing.

Paul lays his part, a foundation, on the foundation of Jesus. Each man then layers on his part. Are you building with precious stones, metal, wood, or straw? In the light of day, the work will be found out. When tested by fire, the real value and quality of the work and materials will be found out. Worthless things burned away, and durable work remaining. If your work is burned, you’ll suffer loss, though you will still be in the kingdom.

You are a holy temple of god, with the holy spirit living in you. Woe to the one who destroys that holy temple.

Don’t lie to yourself, and say that you’re wise in the world, and that’s enough. Subject yourself to be fools for christ, and your wisdom will explode exponentially. Worldly wisdom is foolishness to god. He can see through it. That wisdom and logic is nothing to god. All things belong to god. If you’re a believer, you belong to christ, and he belongs to god.

Wednesday, January 28

An Early Start and Robin Visits the Doctor

Got up early so Robin could make her doctor appointment, and I got an early start in the office. Working on the Retro podcast.

Passage: Exodus 7-8, 1 Corinthians 4.
Theme: Obey God when Life is Rough.
Who’s in it, and what’s going on:

Ex 7. God told Moses his working model. Moses stood in the place of god, and Aaron was his prophet to pharoah. They were to repeat the command to let my people go, but pharoah wouldn’t listen until god’s hand struck him into submission. Moses and Aaron did it.

God gave them a heads up. Pharoah wants to see a sign, do the snake thing with Aarons rod. Pharoah had his magicians do it. But Aarons snake ate theirs, which made pharoah mad and kicked them out.

Then god told Moses to meet pharoah at the Nile when the king went there in the morning. Tell him that god has sent you, and to let the people go. That you’ll use the staff to strike the water. It’ll turn to blood, the fish will die. Even more all the bodies of water, rivers, streams, resevoirs, even pots and bowls holding water will turn to blood.

Moses did it, the water in all the land was blood, the fish died. Pharoah had his magicians reproduce the blood to water trick, and continued to be stubborn. Water remained blood for 7 days.

Ex 8. Moses was commanded to return to pharoah with the message to let the people go. If not, frogs would come from the river and over run the land. Pharoah was stubborn, the frogs came, the magicians reproduced the feat, and pharoah refused.
Pharoah had enough of the frogs, and called for Moses to remove them. He even agreed to let the people go if the frogs were gone. Moses asked when pharoah wanted to comply.
Pharoah wanted the frogs gone the next day. Moses said it would be so, and went out to pray to god with Aaron. Frogs on the land died, leaving mounds of dead frogs to polute the land with stink. With the frog threat over, pharoah hardened his heart again.
Now Aaron was commanded to strike the ground with his staff, causing gnats to arise, and cover the land. Magicians tried to reproduce it, but couldn’t. They called it the finger of god, and appealed to pharoah to comply. Nope, not gonna do it.
God told Moses to meet pharoah at the water again. Pharoah was commanded to let the people go, or flies would swarm the land, causing nuisance to man and beast, but also ruining the early crops. This time, god would keep the plague from the land of Goshen, where the Hebrews lived. The flies came the next day, as promised.
Pharoah caved in, and agreed to let the people go, and sacrifice, but in the land. Moses was firm, no it has to be a 3 day journey. Pharoah agreed, and told Moses tomorrow they could go, and have the flies gone, and say a prayer for him while they were sacrificing.
Moses left, prayed for pharoah, and to lift the flies. God did it, but when pharoah saw the flies were gone, he hardened his heart.

1 Cor 4. Be trusted stewards. Don’t pass judgement of yourself, but let gods judgement pass through you.
Paul applies this figurative image of a vessel, an empty channel to pass the gospel through it to himself and Apollo. Don’t exceed what was written, or become arrogant, boastful, or prideful.
You’re already filled, already rich. Apostles are kings, you are fruit, o that you would also be kings. Kings are spectacles, beaten, condemned, fools for christ. We are weak but you are strong. We both are poor, homeless,. When mistreated, we bless, when persecuted we endure.
This isn’t meant to shame, but admonish. Speaking as a father. Imitate my example, and that of Timothy. I’ll come soon, and match the power of the boastful with the power of the gospel. What do you want? Me to come in an attitude of love, or of punishment?

Thursday, January 29

A Day of Podcasting

Running a little behind, but got in a recording session with Robin and another with BNathan Caldwell.

Editing didn’t go so well. Robins session for the Alive and Still Mqarried episode went OK. Nathan’s had the middle of the show missing, the whole show was gone except a few minutes of it. We’re calling it a dress rehearsal, and doing it agaibn this week.

Passage: Exodus 9-11, 1 Corinthians 5.
Theme: God Judges the ungodly.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Ex 9. Plagues.

Repeatedly, Moses approached pharoah with the message, Let my people go. There was a warning of the plague, with a specific time it would hit. Egyptians were affected, but Hebrews were not.

Livestock had a pestilence that killed them. Pharoah’s heart was hardened.

Soot from a kiln was thrown into the air, causing boils on every man and beast in the land. The magicians stopped standing in the face of Moses, since he was a god figure to pharoah.

Note: Did it also affect Hebrews? It doesn’t say.

The lord hardened pharoahs heart.

God said through Moses, Let my people go. I’ve been toying with you so far, so you can see my power. I could’ve struck you down. Get ready for a hailstorm that will kill any man or beast left in the field. Those Egyptians who feared the lord listened, but the hail came, and killed those left not undercover.

Thunder, hail, and fire killed men, livestock, and even plants in the field and trees.

Pharoah called for Moses. I’ve sinned, pray for me, make it stop, I’ll let you go. Moses made it stop, but told pharoah, yeah right, you’ll harden your heart just as god said. It stopped, and sure enough pharoah sinned, and hardened his heart.

Ex 10. God told Moses to go back to pharoah. The plague thing had gotten so ridiculous, as to have become a mockery to be passed down to the Hebrew generations.

Moses and Aaron put the ball in pharoah’s court. How long are you going to keep this up? Let my people go, or locusts will cover the land, and eat up any crop that hadn’t come up yet when the hail hit. They left, but pharoah called them back to let them go. Who all will be going? Moses replied, everybody, young and old, men and women, man and beast. Pharoah said, only the men.

God told Moses, that’s not negotiable, call in the locusts. Locusts covered everything, giving the land a dark appearance. Everything green was eaten. Pharoah called for Moses, asked to be prayed for this one sin, and a wind blew the locussts out as quick as they were blown in. Then pharoah refused again.

Moses was commanded to raise his hands, and call in a darkness so thick it could be felt. After 3 days of only the Hebrews having light, pharoah called for Moses. OK all the people can go, but the livestock stays. Moses said, nope, we need the animals. Pharoah kicked him out, threatening to kill Moses if he sees his face again. Moses left saying, you’re right, I won’t see you again.

Ex 11. Apparently out of sight of pharoah, but in the sight of his people, this word came to Moses. One last plague, and pharoah will eject you. First, go trick or treating, and the Egyptians will give you valuables, and jewels. They’ll do it out of favor.

God will pass through the land, killing all firstborn from pharoah to slave girl, and of livestock. Moses stormed out.

God reminds Moses that all these things had to be shown to pharoah to show his power, and to move the minds of the people to send the Hebrews away. It’s all to prove god’s glory.

1 Cor 5. Paul marvels at a sexual sin among the people. One worse than what the gentiles do.

Paul has already judged that this man be turned over for satan to destroy his body, so his spirit may be saved.

Boasting about this sin is not good. Its the kind of old leaven that leads to malice and wickedness. Instead use the new leaven of Sincerity and truth.

I previously warned to avoid sinful people. I didn’t mean those outside the church, but people like thiss who are in the church. Avoid this person, judge only those within the church. Its up to god alone to judge those outside the church.

Friday, January 30

Trip to the VA hospital in St Louis

Was able to make a last moment appointment, and get in at the VA hospital for an eye exam, and the rest of the things needed to apply to return to Himes. Met Keven Jacques, the VIST cooridnator, and he submitted my application electronically. Now its a matter of getting a confirmation letter from Hines, and waiting for an open room there. It could take 3 monthsk, but it could take a lot less.

A mostly good trip. All the exams and paperwork was done to apply for a return trip to the Hines BRC. The only snag in having the clerk in the travel pay window give us a hard timne,. It’s mostly worked out, and now the ball is in our court to get the processing of it done.

Had a visit with my brother, and got home later than planned.

Passage: Exodus 12, Psalm 105, 1 Corinthians 6.
Theme: Ways to Honor God.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Ex 12. God appoints this month to be the official new year for the nation. Moses is told how to conduct the first passover meal. Killing a young lamb of either sheep or goats, with the blood on the door posts. A Further explanation of how the food should be prepared, and eaten quickly is given. No food should be left over, and if there is, it ought to be burned. They were to eat this fast food meal dressed, and ready for travel. The reason for the blood was also further explained, marking those houses to be passed over by the angel of death. This is to be the 10th day of the 4th month.

The description of the feast of unleavened bread is dictated. Starting on the 14th day where leavened bread is eaten for 7 days. On the 7th day, all leaven is removed, and only unleavened bread should be consumed.

note: If the 10th day is the day the firstborn were killed, and they were ejected from the land, it would be a 3 day journey into the wilderness, as aMoses kept demanding of pharoah, then they would camp, and begin this festival on day 14.

Moses told the leaders about the fast food meal, but went on in more detail to explain what the blood on the door was all about. Use hysop to sprinkle it on the door posts, and that it was a sign to be passed over while the other firstborn were being killed. Stay inside. Observe this forever, passing down the tradition to generations. When children ask what this all means about the passover, the adults are to answer that it’s a reminder of the smiting the Egyptians, and delivery. The people bowed, and worshipped.

All the people obeyed, and did it.

The Egyptians were struck at midnight as promised. Pharoah called for Moses in the night, and kicked him out, sending all people and flocks, just as requested. All the Egyptians were also glad to send them away.

The Israelites had already asked the Egyptians for goodies.
They had already had their fast food meal. About 600k men with women, children, and countless livestock had to move quickly, with not even enough time to make provisions, or let the dough finish levening in the bowls. Taking their stuff, and going.

After 430 years in Egypt, their departure was indeed a night to remember.

God further ordains who can partake in this celebratory meal in the future. Food is to stay inside the house, not shared outside. Only family members, or slaves who have been circumsized. No outside hired hands, or strangers passing through. The lamb is to be cooked, and bones not broken. If the sojourner does want to partake, he has to be ccircumsized, and follow the same lawas as the people.

The people did it. God brought them out.

Psalm 105. Thanks to god, praise him, sing to him, Glory and be glad in him. Seek him. Remember his marvels, judgements, and what he has done for Israel. He is lord god.

God is faithful to his covenants with Abraham and Isaac, confirming it with Jacob. He protected and delivered the Israelites in wandering through their land.

Famine came, Joseph had his feet in irons, but when it was time, God called him to serve. The people grew until they were stronger in number than their enemy.

God made the Egyptians hate his people, then sent Moses and Aaron to perform miracles in the land of Ham. Each plague is reviewed as coming at the voice of god calling it. He said it, and it happened, or god struck with a plague. He brought them out with silver and gold, and with Egypt glad to see them go. God spread a cloud over them, fed them with quail, watered them from a rock, delivered with a joyful shout, delivered back to their land.

1 Cor 6. Isn’t there any discernment or judgement in your body of believers? You take a case to court of a worldly judge. The day is coming where the saints will judge the world, even angels. Settle disputes among yourself, rather than taking each other to court in the world.

You’ve already been defeated when you’re defrauding each other.

The unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom.

Not the fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals,
nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.


Such were some of you, but you were washed by the blood of Jesus.

All things are lawful for me, but not all things are profitable. Or just because I can do a thing, doesn’t mean I should do a thing. Don’t let the thing master you. Use your body to honor god, not please itself. Just as Jesus was raised, we will be raised. We are parts of Jesus, so why would you defile your part of his body? Join yourself to god, not sexual pleasure. Flee that immorality, and don’t pollute your body, the temple of god. Live up to the price god paid for you.

Saturday, January 31

Relaxing, and Prepping for Sunday

Just relaxing, getting caught up with online messages, reading up on bible readings, going over lessons for tomorrow.

Bible Stuff.

Passage: Exodus 13, 1 Cor 7.
Theme: Being sanctified.
Who’s in it and what’s going on:

Ex 13. God commands that all firstborn belong to him. Sanctify, or set apart every firstborn of man and beast as God’s.

Moses reminded the people to remember this day of deliverance, and feast of unleavened bread, to continue observing it after they returned to the land of milk and honey. Teach your son about it. The celebration is as a sign on your hand, forehead, and in your mouth.

Moses clarified what it means to redeem the firstborn. A firstborn animal not redeemed had to have its neck broken. All human males had to be redeemed. What is this redemption? Circumcision is implied. Do they do that to animals? A lamb was to be sacrificed for the offspring of a donkey. Another rite to teach to your son, and that it’s a reminder of pharoahs stubbornness, and the loss of the firstborn. A sign on hand, head, and mouth.

God led the people away from the Philistines, and into the wilderness. The philistine way would be shorter, but there would be war, and the people weren’t ready for that. The people marched out in military style, taking the bones of Joseph with them. God led them in a pillar of cloud and fire that was constantly with them.

1 Cor 7. Paul claims it is good to not have sexual relations, but for those who don’t feel that way, get married and go for it. One man for one wife, with the man having authority over the wife, and the wife having authority over the husband. Don’t deny, or abstain from those sexual intamacies, other than in a dedication to prayer. Paul thinks the better way is his, without sex, or a mate.

Note: Hmm… not gonna happen Paul. Where would future generations be without married people. Sorry, I can’t agree that the celebate life is for everybody, and isn’t necessarily the better way. Each are equally well, for the people they’re designed for.

Paul encourages single people to stay single, and celebate. But marry if sex is that important to you.

Speaking from a command from god, paul ordains that a woman can’t leave her husband, but if she does to remain unmarried, or reconcile with her husband. Men, don’t put your wives away with divorce.

When unequally yoked, stay together. The unbelieving one is sanctified, under grace, blessed through the believing one. It’s also good for the extending of sanctification to the kids. if the unbelieving mate wants to leave, let them go. How do you know whether you’ll bring them to salvation?

On circumcision, remain how you were when god called you.

On slavery, be content where you are, you’re christ’s freeman. If you can become free, that’s OK. A freeman is christs slave. Either way you were bought with a price. Don’t be slaves of men.

On virgins. Stay that way until marriage. Bottom line, stay as you are, but it’s no sin to be married. Its just that a marital relationship brings a world of relational troubles.

By troubles Paul makes a comparison. The single man, or virgin have their mind set on god. The married person is foremost concerned with family matters, and has divided priorities. This is not to be a restraint, but to let you know what you’re getting into.

If a man wants to give his virgin daughter in marriage, it’s OK. If he doesn’t want to, and keep supporting her, that’s OK too.

The marriage covenant is only broken by death, then it’s OK to remarry. However Paul thinks he has the mind of god to endorse staying single.

note: Again, Paul might think his way is best, but I’m sure that he would agree that you shouldn’t abandon marriage, or keep from seeking it if the celebate part of remaining single is too much.


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