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Bible Journal ep03 Good, Evil, And Prosperity.

Get ready for more observations of Bible stuff, as Keith shares his journey through the bible. Also take a quick peek at how he uses accessible technology to make it all happen. Accessible technology? What’s that, and why is Keith even mentioning it? The answers lay inside, so download the show, and listen.

Sunday, January 18

Computer Sunday

A quiet day of processing notes, and easy listening to old time radio turns into a frustrating computer challenge.

Passage: Genesis 36-37, 1 John 4
Theme: Love God and love your brother.
Who’s in it and what’s gooing on:

Gen 6. The geneology of Esau, his sons, their tribes, and resulting kings. Yawn. As Esau’s family grew, he moved from the promised land to a place just outside it. His nation became called Edom.

hese are the sons of Zibeon: Aiah and Anah — he is the Anah who found the hot springs in the wilderness when he was pasturing the donkeys of his father Zibeon.

You know Anah, right? I’m glad that whole donkey episode clears it all up perfectly for you. Who could forget that?

Gen 37. The generations of Jacob. At least the story of how his favorite son Joseph, was lost to him, thinking him dead.

Joseph was 17 and a tattletale. Was he justified in his bad report? It doesn’t say. He was Jacob’s favorite, a child of his old age. I need to revisit the math, but he would’ve been between 45 to 50 at the birth of Joseph. The brothers hated Joseph.

Joseph had a dream of his brothers bowing to him. A second dream had his dad and mom also bowing. It was enough to irrate Jacob as well,.

Later, the brothers had the flock at Shekem, and Jacob sent Joseph to get a report,. Why would Jacob be so concerned? Remember that Shekem is where Dinah was raped, and they killed all the males of the household.

When they weren’t found, Joseph talked to a stranger who direted hin to Dothan.

The brothers saw him coming, and plotted to kill him. Reuben stood up, and changed the plan to just toss Joseph into a pit.

Judah had an addition to the plan. They sold Joseph to a caravan of Midianite traders.

Rueben was upset to learn what happened in his absence while watching the flock The brothers covered it up by letting Jacob be,lieve Joseph died at the hands of vicious beasts,. Jacob mourned, and couldn’t be comforted. What nobody knew was that Joseph was sold into slavery to Potifar, chief of the Egyptian guard.

1 John 4. Don’t fall for every whim. Test the spirits to see if they’re from god. Ones of god will confess Jesus has come in the flesh.

Love one another. Love is from god. The sign he loves us is that he sent his uniquely born son into the world. Not because of our love toward him. The son who was the full, complete payment to appease god’s demand. Because god loved us this way, can’t we return his love? Now, we have the holy spirit to be with us as assurance,.

Whoever confesses Jesus is the son of god, has god abiding in themm. Abiding in gods love gives confidence in the day of trial.

Fear and love don’t mix, since fear means punishment. Hate and love don’t mix. How can you hate your brother who you can see, but love the god who you can’t see?

Love god, love your brother.

Monday, January 19

Reading and Reviewing

An easy day in the office, reviewing notes for podcasting, listening to old time rock n roll, and trying to stay on schedule.

Passage: Genesis 38-39, 1 John 5.
Theme: You can’t go wrong by sticking to God.
Who’s in it, and what’s going on:

Gen 38. At the time of the disappearance of Joseph, Judah’s story is told. He had taken a wife from Canaan, had 3 sons, and his wife died. The sons were spaced out enough that the youngest was significantly younger than the others.

Judah found a wife for his first son, a woman named Tamar. The oldest son was evil, and god took his life before he had kids.Son #2 was given Tamar to have a namesake for his dead brother, but didn’t like the idea of raising another man’s son. He made sure that he never deposited his semen in her. God didn’t like that and killed him too. The youngest son was too young for marriage. Tamar was told to return to her fathers house and wait.

Then, Judah’s wife died, the youngesst son had grown up enough, and Tamar had seen she was being forgot about. Seeing her chance, she went to where Judah was with his flock, put herself in his path, dressed as a prostitue, and he made a deal to sleep with her. His payment was to leave his wallet and personal items for her to hold as she waited for something from the flock. She disappeared with his tokens of Id.

Word came that Tamar was pregnant, and the shameful deed demanded she be burned. In being brought out, she identified the father of her child with the trinkets she took. Judah seeing the error was his let her off the hook, but never slept with her again.

There were twins in her, and at the birth, a hand was thrust out, a ribbon tied to signify the firstborn. The hand drawn back in, and the other baby came out,.

Gen 39. Meanwhile, back to Joseph. He had been sold to Potipher, and gained such favor that he was in charge of the household. The house was blessed because of Joseph, and he could be trusted fully with everything.

Joseph was attractive, and Potiphar’s wifewanted to sleep with him. He tried to appeal to her judgement with words, but her insistence led to him having to flee from her grqasp. He slipped out of his outer garment that she held and fled. Still, she reported to Potiphar that the clothing in her hand was proof that it was Joseph who attacked her.

Potiphar believed his wife, and had Joseph thrown in jail. Now it was the jailers turn to find favor with Joseph, and put him in charge of all he had authority to do as a jailer and prisoner.

1 John 5. Whoever believes Jesus is the Christ is born of god. Loving god is to love his children. Loving the children is proof that we are god’s. Its his command, and an easy one.

The testimony is that Jesus came in water and blood, and the spirit testifies to that truth. Believe the men who witnessed these events, but more so, believe god’s testimony through his spirit.

Be confident that he listens to us when we ask him.

Pray for our brothers in sins not leading to death. All sin is unrighteous, but one leads to death. Don’t pray for that one. Just the one that doesn’t lead to death. Huh?

No one born of god sins. But he keeps him, the evil one can’t touch himn.

Side note: Wait a minute! That’s too many vague pronouns there. Who is he, who is him, which him are we talking about? Is it just Jesus, or does it apply to all believers who are sinless?

I get it that the evil one can’t touch this sinless one, I don’t understand if this is an application across the board, or only Jesus.

He keeps him? God keeps/protects Jesus? Or is it Jesus who keeps/abides in god? Or is it the individual believer, rather than just Jesus in that mess?

Back to the passage: We know that we’re in the god realm, and the world is satan’s realm. Got it.

Jesus has come, the son of god, gives us understanding. We can be sure we’re in his kingdom.

Guard yourselves from idols. In other words, anything else but a direct link to god, through jesus is plain old wrong.

Tuesday, January 20

Laundry overload

A partially working washing machine leads to a day of filling the machine by hand, with lots of buckets, and other contaibners. Long day.

Passage: Gen 40-41, 2 John 1.
Theme: Acknowledge God. instead of Your Own Abilities.
Who’s in it and what’s happening:

Gen 40. A cup bearer and baker of pharoah are tossed in the same jail where Joseph is. The jailer put Joseph in charge of them, and one night after some time being there, they both had a dream on the same night. Seeing they were troubled, Joseph offered to have god interpret the dreams if they would tell him.

The cup bearer goes first, telling of 3 grape vines, and putting the cup back into Pharoah’s hand. Joseph tells that means in 3 days, the man will be restored to his job. And to remember Joseph, that he was sold for no right reason, and in this land was also in jail for no right reason.

The baker tells of 3 baskets, with birds eating the bread from the top one. Joseph says that in 3 days he’ll die by Pharoah having him hung, and birds eating his flesh.

Sure enough, it happened, but the cup bearer forgot Joseph.

Gen 41. Two years later, Pharoah has his dream. Seven cows eaten by the 7 skrawny cows, and still appearing skrawny. Seven stalks of wheat eaten by 7 dried up ones, and still dried up looking. The magicians, or wise men, were told, but nobody could intrepret what it meant.

The cupbearer remembers, and tells about his dream in jail. How Joseph correctly intrepreted the dream of the baker as well.

Joseph is sent for, shaves, changes his clothes, and tells Pharoah that its god who intreprets. Pharoah then relates his dreams of the cows and wheat.

The dreams are intrepreted, and Joseph offers advice on what to do to store up food for the coming bad years.

Pharoah is impressed with the wisdom of Joseph, the divine spirit in him, and installs him as a high official in the kingdom.

Joseph went and did what he proposed. Grain was stored in such abundance, he had to stop counting it. Abundant as the sand on the shore.

Joseph had 2 sons in the days before the famine. Manasseh, Causing to Forget. Ephraim, Double Fruit.

The famine hit, and Joseph was in charge of distributing the food. Egypt was the only land in the whole area where food could be found.

2 John 1.Heavy on symbology. John the elder to the chosen lady and her children. Elder is a formality in addressing from a church leader to the children, or the individual members. Chosen lady, or the body of believers, seems to imply that god fore knows or predestines who his elect will be. Not only the elder, but the true one loves the children. The truth, or true one means god. Those who love the truth also love the children. Meaning all his christians love all the lady’s christians. For the sake of truth (god) that abides in us. Grace, mercy, and peace of god and Jesus with us. Jesus the son of god in truth and love?

Was glad to know the children were living up to their christian calling.

This is no new commandment. Love one another.

Love is walking in his commandments.

Many liars are in the world who don’t acknowledge Jesus as coming in the flesh. This is anti christ. Don’t lose the ground you’ve gained, or the full reward. If a person doesn’t abide, or obey the teaching of Jesus, he doesn’t have god. The one who obeys has both Father and Son. If any one has a different teaching, don’t greet him. To do so means you participate in his evil deeds.

I have many things to write, but I’d rather say it in a face to face meeting.

The children, or christian members, of your chosen sister, or church of the elect, greet you.

Wednesday, January 21

Laundry overload Part2

Wrapping up the left over laundry, and crazily getting caught up in the office.

Passage: Gen 42-43, 3 John 1.
Theme: Obedience, Prosperity, and Reconciliation.
Who’s in it and what’s going on.

Gen 42. While the brothers despaired, Jacob heard about the food in Egypt and sent his sons. All but Benjamin, because he felt harm would befall him. And his prediction would be correct.

Joseph recognized his brothers, but disguised himself, and spoke sharply to them as he interrogated them.

The brothers had come, bowing to him, and it made Joseph remember his dream. Still not recognized, Joseph began accusing them of being spies. They spilled the beans on the age old story. They were 12 brothers, but one is behind with dad, and the other is no more. Joseph tested them by putting them in jail for 3 days, claiming by bringing Benjamin would prove they weren’t spies.

Released on day 3, the brothers left Simeon in jail as Joseph request. They discussed the matter of Joseph being sold, and that this is payback for the blood on their hands. Joseph heard hem, but since he used an interpreter, the brothers didn’t realize he understood every word. Joseph turned his back, wept, recomposed himself, and commanded them to go for Benjamin. Loading their bags, Joseph also put their money back in them.

Stopping after the days journey, they stopped to feed the animals, found money in their sacks, and knew something was going badly.

Getting home, the brothers told Jacob of the incident. The lord of the land wants Benjamin to prove they aren’t spies, while Simeon is held as prisoner.

Jacob grieves that Joseph was lost, now he counts Simeon as lost, and frets that if Benjamin goes, he’ll be lost as well. Rueben vows to kill his own sons if anything should befall Benjamin. By now, all the sacks have been found to contain money. But Jacob isn’t willing to comply, and send Benjamin.

Note the key players. Simeon, Reuben, Joseph, the incident of selling into slavery. In the account, it was Rueben who didn’t want to kill Joseph. It was Judah who spoke up with the idea to sell their brother. Simeon wasn’t mentioned at the time, but being the hot head that he was, he could very well have had a part in it. Remember that he and Levi killed all the Shekem clan. At that telling, we don’t hear what Joseph said or felt, he likely had a part in Joseph’s selling too. From today’s account we know he plead with distress. The accusation, the tossing the brothers in jail wojuld be just a taste of being mistreated with no right cause.

How long did they take in the delay to return to Egypt? From the telling, only 1 bag of grain was opened on the return trip to feed animals. Each brother seems to have had his own bag and animal, so the one bag was used for 10 animals and people. How long would the trip have taken? A month? More? Less? Assuming it was a month, they waited until all the grain was gone before going again. They would need to leave provisions for the family left behind, and the food wouldn’t last as long as it did for just the brothers on their trip. How many more was that? It surely didn’t take them the full 9 months of the remaining 9 bags of grain to leave again. Maybe 6 months? That would leave 2 bags to split for the brothers to make the return trip, and leave food for Jacob, and those with him. That’s just a guess.

Genesis 43. The famine raged on, and Jacob breaks down and lets the brothers go back with Benjamin.

To soften the blow with the lord of the land, Jacob sent what little gifts he could. Almonds, honey, the previous money, plus more money to buy grain.

Joseph saw the brothers brought Benjamin, decided to throw a party for them at his house. Simeon was released, but the brothers imagined the worst. Why was this man taking them to his home? The brothers were honest in trying to tell about the extra money found, the gift, and all to the house steward. Apparently he was also interpreter to Joseph who told them not to worry. The money was accounted for. It was their god who gave it back to them. Since their gift was one of food, the brothers brought it as a contribution to the feast.

Joseph then asked about dad, and when he saw Benjamin, he lost composure, and had to go to his room to weep in private. Cleaning himself up, the feast began. Places for the brothers arranged by age, and Benjamin getting 5 times as much as the rest.

3 John 1,. The elder to Gaius.

Well wishes for prosperity. Love to hear of christians living in the truth of the gospel.

Whatever you do for a fellow christiahn, especially a stranger, is being faithful. They have given good report of your love. Send them away in honor. They have travelled on faith, and accepted nothing from nonbeleivers. Support such men, fellow workers of the truth. Truth meaning god, or the gospel.

A church leader who John names rejects the words from the elder, who will call him out when he comes. He is inhospitable, and puts christians out of the church.

Don’t imitate evil, but imitate god. If those don’t imitat god, they aren’t of him. Another named person has received good report from everyone, and from the truth.

I could write more, but I want to tell you face to face.

Peace and greetings.

Thursday, January 22

Sneaking Up on Retro

After falling behind on posts to Retro Radio Podcast, January is done. Whew. Looking ahead to what to do in February.

Passage: Genesis 44-45, Psalm 4.
Theme: Trust God, Even in Bad Times.
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Gen 44. After the party, Joseph sends the brothers on their way, but not without another trick to make them squirm. He put their money back, and his silver cup into Benjamins bag. Then sent his servants after them.

The brothers didn’t understand. Why were they being accused again? A Silver cup? May that one die, and the rest of us be slaves. OK, the men from Joseph said, you asked for it. Sure enough the money is found, and the silver cup with Benjamin. Back to Egypt they go.

The brothers confront Joseph, and beg that they all be slaves. Still playing his role, Joseph only wants Benjamin as his slave, the others can go.

Judah had been the spokesman, and he continues. He recounts the story of why they told Joseph of his younger brother. The attachment Jacob has for his two favorite sons, that Joseph had been thought torn to pieces, and Benjamin is all he has left. To not return with him will greatly harm their dad. That Judah has promised to take the blame should that happen. Judah being the one who sold Joseph, is now taking responsibility.

Gen 45. Joseph couldn’t contain it anymore. He didn’t turn his back, or leave the room. This time he sent the Egyptians out, and weept openly in front of his brothers. Admitting who he was. His weeping so loud that the household servants heard him from outside the room. How’s dad? Tell me more.

Joseph told his brothers look, it’s really me. He then went on in detail what he knew about the famine lasting 5 more years. How god was in his being here, despite the evil they may have intended. Go, get dad, and come live in the land where he’s so prosperous. I’ll take care of you, don’t worry. He kissed and made up with them, especially his brother Benjamin.

Even Pharoah agreed, and was favorable to it. He sent wagons for women and children to ride. Leave your property, and come here. There’s plenty of new provisions.

No holds were barred, and provisions for the return trip were lavished on. The brothers got new suits, and Benjamin even more. Away they went to get it done.

Joseph sent them on their way saying not to fight. Jacob got the news, revived, and was thruilled to see Joseph again.

Psalms 4.Answer me god, and be gracious.

How long will I be hated, how long will men tell lies? Know this, god sets apart his godly man.

Tremble, stop sinning, pray. Sacrifice rightly and mean it. Trust god.

People are saying what good is it? Show them god. Give gladness and safety, especially when it looks like there’s no reason for it. Gladness that exceeds the feeling when times are good.

Friday, January 23

Did I skip a day somehow

Nope, just the busy laundry days made me write the same date twice. Fixed it, moving on, and recorded an unplanned, solo Quest for Truth podcast.

Passage: Genesis 46-47, Psalm 5.
Theme: Provisions and Protection of god.
Who’s in it, and what’s going on:

Notice that Jacob had been renamed to Israel in a previous chapter. In intervening passages though, he resorted to going by Jacob. Is this because he hadn’t been living up to gods promises? He balked at acting when Dinah was raped, he played favorites with his wives and sons. He had idols in his mix, remember he told his people to purify themselves, and remove the idols so he could meet god. Here he is Israel once again as he seeks word from god. There’s a back and forth in these verses between Jacob and Israel, should we read anything extra into that?

Gen 46. Israel travels, but pauses at Beersheba to get a word from god. Assurance of protection is given, promise to grow the nation, and Israel will meet a peaceful end with Joseph.

Jacob rose from there, and took all his family, down to the grandkids, and all the animals to Egypt.

The sons, and their sons are listed by each wife. Leah, Zilpah, Rachael, and Bildad.

Judah leads the way to Goshen, the land that Joseph prepared for them. After a tearful happy reunion, Israel says he can die now that he has seen Joseph again. Joseph also oprepares them on what to say when meeting Pharoah. Shepherds were the bottom on the Egyttian pecking order. The clan brought their flocks, so that was going to be a good thing.

Gen 47After his playing ambassador, Joseph introduces a few representatives to Pharoah. His dad and 5 brothers.The dialog goes just as he prepared them. They settle in the best land… for sheep… and Pharoah offers the job of tending his own flocks to them. As long as they’re worthy.

Jacob met Pharoah, who is amazed at his long years, 130. Jacob politely claims that it’s nothing compared to the long lives of his forefathers. The family leaves and settle down. Joseph sees To it that they’re taken care of.

The famine raged. Joseph kept doing his job. When people ran out of money to buy food, he came up with the plan of buying food with their livestock and land. Thus, Pharoah ended up owning all the land and livestock, except for the Egyptian priests.

A tax was then set up where in the future, the people paid a fifth of the future income to the government as tribute.

Jacob lived another 17 years. He made Joseph swear to him to take his bones back to be buried in the promised land.

Psalms 5Hear my groans for help lord.

You hate and despise all manner of evil and boasting.

Lead me on the path to you. Not the way of the evil and flatterers. Let them fall by their own evil plans.

Let all who take refuge in you be glad. Protect them. You protect the righteous like having a shield.

Saturday, January 24


Spent the day with grand kids. Listen to a humorous story involving what one of the kids said.

Passage: Genesis 48-50, Psalm 6.
Theme: End of Life, Passing the torch.
Who’s in it, and what’s going on:

Gen 48. Joseph gets word that dad is about to die. He takes his 2 sons, and Jacob gives a blessing, predicting his prosperity in the future nation. Jacob and Israel are used here intermittantly.

Israel calls Manasseh and Ephraim to him for a blessing, and to accept them as his own sons, with Joseph’s tribe now split in 2. Though Manasseh was older, the younger got the main blessing.

Joseph tried to correct the matter, ensuring the birthright went to the elder. Israel insisted, saying he knew what he was doing.

Gen 49. Jacob calls the rest of the brothers in for their blessings.

Reuben, Look a Boy, is firstborn, first in power and dignity. But he defiled his father’s bed, nd loses out on the birthright.

Simeon, Hearing, and Levi, Attached, bear the sword, and are wrathful hotheads. A curse on their unjust anger.

Judah, God’s Darling. Will be praised by the brothers, bowed down to, he’s a lion, and in control of all the luxurant best.

Zebulon. A safe haven, a port for ships.

Isakar. A donkey laying down. Why work when you can rest.

Dan, Judge. A judge among his people. A viper who strikes at passing horses, causing the rider to be thrown.

Gad. He’ll be raided, but he’ll raid right back.

Asher, blessed, Happy. Will be rich, and have dainty food goods.

Naphtali. Like a doe let loose, A silver tongued sweet talker.

Joseph. A blessed vine, overflowing with produce. Though attacked by archers, by the hand of god he’ll hold his own against them. Blessed and fruitful in people as well.

Benjamin. A ravenous wolf. Tears apart in the mnorning, and divides the booty at evening.

After the blessings of his sons, Israel explicitly told them all his desire to be buried back in the family burial plot. He wanted to lay with his fathers, their wives, and at least Leah who he buried there. Then he died.

Gen 50. Joseph wept, and had his doctors embalm Israel in the Egyptian manner.

After the official, ceremonial time for mourning was over, Joseph requested of Pharoah to let him go bury his father. Permission was granted for the request of Israel.

Joseph, his entire household, and the households of all the brothers all went to bury Israel. oaOnly leaving their flocks, and little ones in Egypt. The sight was so impressive that the Canaanites marveld at the sorrowful Egyptians.

The brothers worried that with dad out of the picture, that Joseph would get even for their wrong doing to him all those years ago. They claimed that dad told them to tell Joseph to not hurt them. Joseph was heart brokenm, and wept. He had forgiven them long ago, and was apparently only hurt that the brothers still thought of him that way. Joseph assures them that he’ll continue taking care of them all.

Joseph and the brothers households stayed on in Egypt. He made it clear that he wanted his bones carried out when the time came to leave the land. Joseph died at age 110.

Psalm 6. Don’t be angry with me god. I’m dismayed. How long will this keep on?

Rescue me lord. There’s no mention of god in sheol.

I’m weary of crying and grieving.

Get away from me, and be ashamed, you sinners. The lord has heard my weeping.

What a confusing week in the bible. At least that crazy writer of 2&3 John, could have been more clear on what he meant.

As promised, here’s info on tghe Thematid Bible reading opklan I use:

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Bible Journal ep02 Growing in God

Here’s the daily commentary on life from my perspective, and a survey of what I’ve found in the bible this week:

Sunday, January 11

No church and football playoffs

Just filling in some details about some some bAd weather, cancellations, and watching football.

Passage: Genesis 24-25, Heb 12
Theme: Rejecting the birthright
Who’s in it, and what’s going on:

Gen 24. Abraham commissions his oldest, most trusted servant to get a wife for Isaac from his people. He had apparently just learned they were still around as the short lineage at the end of the previous reading. Details are given in what to do, and the events that transpire. Pains in the details are taken to show that the hand of god is in the wife selection. Laban and the folks seem to be greedy, and not wanting to let anything go that may benefit them. They recognize god at work, but want to delay in saying their goodbyes. The deal is made and agreed to, and Rebekah returns with the servant. Isaac takes her as his wife in his mothers tent.

Gen 25. Abraham remarries. Lots of sons were born, but Isaac remains his sole heir. Abraham died at 175. Ishmael and Isaac join together to bury Abraham, and blessings are transferred to Isaac. Generations of Ishmael given, followed by those of Isaac.


  • Isaac born, Abraham is 100, Sarah is 90.
  • Isaac at 29, Sarah dies, Abraham about 120.
  • Isaac at 40, marries Rebekah, Abraham about 130.
  • Isaac at 60, Esau and Jacob born, Abraham about 150.
  • Isaac at 85, the boys at 25, Abraham dies.

The story of the twins who are born so different, caused trouble from birth, thru life, and causing Isaac to think they’d bring the death of him. Esau selling his birthright, despising it for a meal.

Heb 12. Cast off all that keeps us from god, and run the race he has set for us. Be willing to endure hate and violence from men. Gods discipline is hard, but worth it. The discipline of a father who wants his son to succeed. Discipline looks bad in the moment, but produces joy and righteousness. Keep bitterness, or the immorality that made Esau sell his birthright out of our life. He learned too late what he lost, but couldn’t get it back, dwespite weeping bitter tears. As Christians we aren’t brought to an untouchable mountain, only fearing the sound of gods voice. Instead we come to the mountain of god where Jesus is the mediator. Don’t refuse him, and give up a kingdom that can’t be shaken. God is a consuming fire, and there’s no escape for those who refuse him.

Abraham lived long enough to see his grandsons, but was it long enough to witness the sold birthright? Or the later trickery? Probably not. His physical heirs were here, and his blessings were being passed on to his heirs. Esau was born into the blessed family, but didn’t see the importance of his birthright. He became a nation, but one that didn’t last. He was forever outside the nation of gods people.

How much more important is the spiritual kingdom? Sons are now adopted from all nations, through Jesus. It’s not a small thing, but one we take for granted as we live in the momentary blessings in life. What comes next? Train for it, be prepared for it.

Monday, January12
Monday Monday

Just a blah kind of Monday.What? A plug for one of Keith’s podcasts? Imagine that!

Passage: Gen 26, Heb 13
Theme: Be honorable in all things
Who’s in it, and what’s happening:

Gen 26. A famine tempts Isaac to go to Egypt, but god promises to extend blessings to him in a land that he’ll lead Isaac to. In the Philistine land, Isaac repeats Abraham’s example of passing his wife off as his sister. She isn’t taken, but the king finds them out, then publically warns the people off of bothering them. God blesses Isaac in the land, making him wealthy.

Apparently at Abrahams death, the Philistines filled his wells. As Isaac dug them again, there were disputes at two of themn, but not at the one he named Rehoboth.

God renews his promise on Isaac. Abimalech, though hating Isaac, comes to make a peace treaty since even he can recognize god at work.
All is well, right?> We are told that at age 40 $Esau married two Philistine women, a source of grief to his parents.

Heb 13. Example of real worship. Hospitality to strangers, remembrance of prisoners and neglected. Work towards a honorable and undefiled marriage. Free from greed. Trust god, not fearing men. Learn discipleship of faith, pass it along to others.

Jesus is consistent, a perfect offering for sin. Seek the permanent kingdom to come. Sacrifice of praise to god, not neglecting doing good and sharing.

Be honorable in all things.

Isaac was graced with the blessings and promise that were passed down by Abraham. Was he honorable in all things? He lied about his wife, was ready to leave the land for Egypt, loved Esau who caused him grief.

Jesus is a far better promise, and sacrifice. We ought to worship and honor that covenant far above physical promises and blessing.

Tuesday, January 13

Web Page Breakdowns

Geeky overload that is mostly skipped over or summarized.

Passage: Gen 27-28, Psalm 67
Theme: Blessing and provision.
Who’s in it, and what’s going on:

Gen 27. Isaac is old, and blind, thinks he’s about to die, and wants to bestow the blessing on Esau. Rebekah hears about it, and helps her favorite son, Jacob, trick his way into it while Esau is out hunting. The ruse works, Jacob is blessed, and though he weeps with bitter tears, Esau can’t get it changed to him. He isn’t without a blessing, but a lesser one. Esau holds a grudge, and plans that as soon as Isaac dies, he’ll kill Jacob. Rebekah tells Jacob to flee to her brother Laban. She appeals to let Isaac let him go, and get a wife from the family, and not one of the greivous local women.

Gen 28. Isaac sends Jacob away with blessings to find a wife. Even in transferring the blessing of Abraham on him, to become a nation to possess the land. Trying to be more pleasing to mom and dad, Esau takes a wife from Ishmael, rather the Canaanites.

meanwhile, on his travels, Jacob dreams about the ladder. God himself promises to populate the land by Jacob, and protect him. Jacob sets up a stone, names the place Bethel, and vows that if he does indeed return, then he’ll worship god, and offer tithes.

Psalm 67. God be gracious, shine on us. Your ways and salvation known on earth. Let the people praise, nations be glad, joyful. Judge in righteousness. Praise, productivity, blessing.

Wednesday, January 14

Chilling Out and Cancelled Appointments

Somehow ccomments here, and the above reading get overlooked. I blame technical issues that caused me to lose my place.

Passage: Gen 29-30, Psalm 127-128
Theme: When God is for You, You Can Only Succeed.
Who’s in it, and what’s going on:

The story of Jacob arriving in Labans land, and his growing in wives, herds, and kids.

Gen 29. Jacob makes an impressive appearance by lifting the stone well cover, and watering the flocks. Trying to impress Rachel, a cutie of a shepherd girl. Hubba hubba. They kiss, he shouts, and weeps. Meeting the family, and arranging the marriage ends with Jacob being tricked.

14 years later Jacob has 2 wives, with their 2 hand maids. No kids are recorded as coming along until all the wives are in hand, and the baby wars begin. Or does it?

Though Jacob had to wait 7 years for Leah, Rachel was given after the wedding week to Leah. He just had to continue working for 7 years.

Timeline is fuzzy, but assume at least a year between each birth. Yeah, I know it takes 9 months, but figure recovery time, and round it off to a year.

  • At year 8 Rueben is born. Look a Boy.
  • Year 9, is Simeon. To Hear,.
  • Year 10 is Levi. Attach
  • Year 11 is Judah. Celebrated.
  • A pause long enough to know that the babies have stopped coming.

Gen 30. Meanwhile Rachel demands that Jacob giver her a baby. He gets mad, because it’s not up to him, it’s up to god. Maybe during the above timeframe, maybe during that last year, maybe afterward, Rachel gets the idea to let her handmaid have babies for her.


  • Year 12, Bildad has Dan. Judge.
  • Year 13 Bildad has Naphtili. My Wrestling.

    Possibly during this time, when Leah saw she stopped having babies, she also jumped on the bandwagon, and gave her haindmaid, Zilpah.

  • Year 12? Maybe 13, but lets stick with the fuzzy timeline and say year 14. Zilpah has Gad. Fortune, A Cutting, Distribution.
  • Year 15 Zilpah has Asher. Happy, Blessed.

    A pause is given to tell about Reuben giving mandrakes to Leah. Then she had babies again. There still could be some overlap, but probably not more than during the yeqar Zilpah was carrying Asher. Otherwise, why would she keep letting her handmaid have babies?

  • Year 16 Leah hasIshakar. He’ll Bring a Reward.
  • Year 17 Leah has Zebulon. Habitation.
  • Year 18 Leah has a daughter, Dinah. Justice.
  • God then gives Rachel a son in year 19, Joseph. Let Him Add, or Adding.
  • Year 19, or later, Jacob then asks Laban to send him on his way. His wealth has grown, and its time to make his own name, and not keep contributing to the Laban family wealth.

A deal is struck, and Laban settles on dividing the flock, and getting the speckled and black sheep.

Jacob creates a mating ritual for the sheep, so the strong reproduce. Great wealth and prosperity is added to Jacob.

Psalm 127. Unless the LORD builds the house, They labor in vain who build it;.If god isn’t protecting you, no security measures will help. Work hard all day for hard won food, but god delivers food while his man sleeps.

Children are a gift, a reward, a blessing, and not shameful.

Psalm 128. Fear the lord, walk in his ways.

Happy, well, fruitful is how god blesses that man.

Well wishes for long life and prosperity.

Thursday, January 15

A Computery Kind of Day

Adventures with hard drives, and data rexcovery.

Passage: Gen 31-32, Psalm 32, 1 John 1
Theme: Forgiveness and Reconciliation.
Who’s in it, and what’s going on:

Gen 31. Jacob is getting bad vibes from Laban’s sons. They claim that he’s running away with the family herds and wealth. Laban hasn’t been seeing Jacob in such great favor anymore.

The Lord came to Jacob to send him back home, and promise to protect him.

Jacob explains it all to his wives. The working of god in blessing the increase of the flock, the changes in the bargains between Jacob and Laban, and the command to go home.

The wives agree that it’s time to go. The flocks are gathered, and they head out.

Laban found out 3 days later, and felt deceived by not being told. He caught up with Jacob, but not after a warning from god to watch what he says to Jacob. He claims to just want to have a sending off party for the family. Laban seems OK with the departure, especially with the word from god to not intervene. All he wants is his household idols back.

Jacob swears that the one who may have taken them should die. He didn’t know that Rachel took them. He also didn’t know that she would indeed die before he made it all the way home. The idols never were found, since Rachel pretended to be on her monthly time, therefore unclean, and her tent wasn’t searched as completely as it could’ve been.

Jacob then has reason to be both angry, and content with Laban. He then tells how he had been more than a loyal employee for the past 20 years. Remember the timeline from the previous writing? Its pretty close, and even accounts for a longer gap between kids than just a year.

He claims that 14 years was the price for his wives, and 6 was for his flock. If it weren’t for the lords intervention, Laban would have sent Jacob on his way, but empty handed, and with no flock. Laban still claims that the daughters are still his, as well as the kids, and all the flock. Still, he suggests a peace treaty, and a stone is set up, a meal had, and the place is named Gilead. The monument signified the boundary of their landds.

Gen 32. As Jacob went on, he had more visions of angels. He also sent messengers ahead to give Esau a heads up of his return. Probably remembering the threat of death from years ago. Esau is reported to be on the way with 400 men. Uh-oh. Jacob goes into battle damage mode, and separates into two camps to minimize losses of an attack by Esau.

Jacob prays: God, you promised me. You made me rich, and told me it was OK to go home. Protect me.

He sends hundreds of livestock in 3 waves ahead. It was to be a peace offering to soften the blow with Esau. Jacob sends his wives and their camps across the river, but he stays to spend the night, and wrestle with a man from god. His name is changed to Israel.

Psalm 32. Forgiveness, covered sin. Groaning under the guilt of sin. Confession. Forgiveness. Protection. Deliverance.

Understand this, trust in him and rejoice in the lord.

1 John 1. We’ve seen it, heard it, witnessed it. The Word of Life, who was from the beginning, and with god. This is so you can be included in the fellowship.

Here’s the message: god is light, if you walk in the dark, you’re not part of him.

Jesus blood cleanses us of sin, if you sayu you have no sin you deceive yourself.

If we confess our sin, Jesus is faithful to forgive and cleanse us. If we say we have no sin, we call him a liar.

Friday, January 16

Taking Care of Business

Late night at the computer, looking into complications with a yahoogroup. Should I stay, or should I go?

Passage: Gen 33-34, 1 John 2.
Theme: Forgiveness, Reconciliation
Who’s in it, and What’s going on:

Gen 33. Jacob makes a final gesture to Esau, and goes on before his two camps of wives. He bows to Esau, but Esau declines the gifts. All he wants is a happy reunion. Jacob insists on giving his gifts, and a celebration takes place.

Gen 34. The story of how Dinah was raped, but loved and offered marriage by Shekem. Jacob kept silent on the matter, waiting for his sons to return with the flock. They were indignat, and righteously angry. However, they dealt treacherously with the clan. Pretending to strike a deal for marriage, the tribe was entirely circumsized. While they were healing up, Simeon and Levi raided them, killing all the males, and plundering their women, children, and property. Not good. It upset Jacob, making him worry about what the neighbors would think. Though right to be angry, the sons could have, and should have acted differently. They should have checked their anger, and worked out a solution after the emotions burned down.

1 John 2. A warning to not sin, but if we do we have an advocate with Jesus. The full, complete payment to satisify all anger god may have against us for our sinfulness. His payment covered not only the elect, but that of the whole world.

How do we know we are his? Obey his commandments. If you say you’re his, but don’t obey, you’re a liar.

This is not something new. Just something with light in it.

When you’re enlightened, you’ll show love to your brother. Otherwise, in the darkened state, you’ll hate your brother.

Children, fathers, young men, you’re forgiven, you know him, you’re strong, and you’ve overcome the evil one.

Worldly lust of the flesh, or the eyes, and boastful pride of life is not from the father.

Worldly ways are dieing, or temporary, but those who do gods will live forever.

The end is near, many anti christs have come, watch for false prophets.

Word to the wise. Jesus is truth, and anyone who denies him is a liar, and anti christ. Denying Jesus is to deny god.

Confessing sin is the sign you belong to the father. Claim the promise of eternal life that jesus himself promised. Don’t be deceived, abide in him.

Saturday, January 17

Pizza Party

It was Robins show, and I was slacking. My job was to carry heavy stuff, but I might have helped more if she wanted. i was content to just sit in the corner, and surf the web with my iPhone. I will say this, those kids are good pizza chefs. More on computer victories.

Passage: Genesis 35, Psalm 17, 1 John 3.
Theme: Purification and presentable to God.
Who’s in it, and what’s going on:

Gen 35. Jacob has returned to the promised land, and after his reunion with Esau we don’t find him going to meet with his parents. Instead, god calls him to Bethel. He tells his people to put away their gods, and purify themselves. Hmm… he must have eventually learned of Rachel’s theft of Labans. Apparently there was a lot more than hers.

As they travelled, the people around them feared Jacob’s caravan. Maybe after hearing of the Dinah incident? Also along the way Rachel’s nurse died and was buried.

God promises blessing, and the land.

Travelling between Bethel and Ephraim, Rachel dies in childbirth, Ben-Oni, or as Jacob called him… Benjamin is born.

Rachel is buried at Bethlehem. Later when Jesus, Mary, Joseph fled to Egypt, and the babies are slaughtered, an OT reference is given about Rachel weeping for her children. Since Ephraim and Bethlehem are towns of Judah, Leah’s sonm, this seems odd. But knowing that she’s buried here it makes more sense.

Travelling past there, Reuben sleeps with Bildad, Jacobs concubine, and Rachel’s handmaid.

A list of sons, and which wife they came from is listed. Then Jacob finally reaches his fathers land to meet Isaac. Isaac dies at 180, then Esau and Jacob bury him.

Psalm 17. David prays for god to recognize his earnest attempt to be pure and righteous.

Show love. Keep me in your favor. Protect me.

Enemies surround me. Fight for me.

They’re satisfied with being secular. I’ll only be satisfied by god.

1 John 3. God claims those who love him as his children. not the secular.

Those who hope in him, purify themselves. There’s no sin in god.

Actions are proof of what’s in the heart. Righteous is as righteous does. Sinners are from the devil. Jesus came to destroy the work of the devill.

Love one another, don’t act with the jealousy of Cain.

The world hates you, born from death to life. If there’s no love, he abides in death.

Jesus died for us, we ought to be willing to die for our brother. The secular won’t do that.

Don’t say it, do it. Love.

God knows the heart, don’t trust the doubt of the emotions.


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Sunday, January 4
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Monday, January 5
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Thursday, January 8
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Friday, January 9
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Saturday, January 10
Breakfast and snowed in

Passage: Gen 22-23, Heb 11
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